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Tranquil coastal views inspire the deep blue accent decor of this 120 square metre home design in Odessa, Ukraine, visualised by Estic design. Ocean blue accents, light wood and soft white prove soothing to the soul, whilst modern furniture builds clean and comfortable open plan living. Blue accent pillows pull in calming colour inspiration from the wide panorama along the living room and master bedroom, whilst in the blue bathroom, fixtures combine with colourful lighting to create an energised vibe. The kid’s room receives splashes of fresh blue in the shape of space themed wall decor, and a playful kid’s bed design with an integrated reading nook.

Deep blue accent cushions enliven neutral white and light wood tone living room decor, adding a current of interest along the modular sofa. A large area rug pulls the seating arrangement together into a cosy set, clearly zoning the lounge from an open plan kitchen diner design.

An indoor plant provides lush green contrast with the marine blue elements.

Nesting coffee tables place a tactile natural timber weight at the centre of the layout. The bare wood creates rich balance with the deeply coloured textile.

Origami makes a graceful attention grabber on top of the coffee table book.

In the interests of keeping the light space looking clean and simple, a floating tv stand has been installed to keep floor space clear and open.

A modern black end table overlaps the ottoman section of the modular sofa, bringing an orb table lamp closer to the action. See more ideas for unique end tables here.

Sprouting elegantly high over the chaise lounge, a slender floor lamp complements a slatted wall with its matching black finish.

Black gloss backs the slatted wall panels to add depth and reflection to the living room dining room combo.

One end of the kitchen island is dedicated to dining. A linear suspension light defines the eating spot.

The rectangle dining table pushes out from under the island’s thick marble countertop, extending the light timber aesthetic of the base cabinets.

Four mid century modern chairs pull up at the table, which settles in front of the window’s blue ocean view.

Sheer curtains diffuse the sunlight, and softly frame the coastal panorama.

Moving into the master bedroom, plush blue pillows add colour to a plain grey bed set. White and wood panels make up a two-tone modern headboard design with low level bedside units widely winging each side.

Contemporary bedroom pendant lights cascade over one bedside, creating a gentle division of space between the bed and neighbouring dressing area.

Matte black electrical sockets stand out against the snow white headboard upholstery, adding an extra beat of black alongside the cubist pendant.

Sunrays play over the ribbed face of an architectural column. White voiles billow romantically at the balcony door, revealing glimpses of sparkling blue waves.

Shelf lights illuminate the dressing area’s glass closets at night, adding to the soft glow of the low hanging bedside lights.

A grey rug is layered upon oak laminate flooring to soften the path around the bed.

The dressing area/walk in wardrobe design is a spacious U-shaped layout that opens wide to the sleep space. It’s dark decor provides a tonally split aesthetic with the dreamily light bedroom.

A round pouf drops an attractive blue accent into the dark side of the room, as if adding a cool drop of that captivating ocean view.

Blue accents wash into the luxurious bathroom design too, where they colour a modern linear double vanity unit and an unusual towel heater by the bathtub.

Blue accents come alive after dark with colour changing LED ribbons around the vanity mirror and shower screen.

Alternatively, the lighting can be changed to a soft golden glow to aid relaxation.

A black toilet is tucked away from the main flow of the bathroom, where it camouflages against a dark wall, along with a matte black flush plate and bidet attachment.

White gypsum wall panels add ribbed texture behind the colourful double sink bathroom vanity.

The view alone sets a blue feature behind the bathtub.

The freestanding bathtub is set on a concrete slab, which extends to wrap the opposite wall in one seamless sweep.

A black tray table is ideal for gathering soaps and fresh towels by the tub.

The last room of the home is the kid’s room.

A unique kids’ bed has been combined with a round reading nook to build a wall of whimsy.

Space themed decor brings fun to the other side of the room and a kid’s play area.

A kid’s chair and table set makes an arty area with a custom chalk board that reaches all the way to the ceiling. A natural woven rug is complemented by rattan toy baskets, which slot snugly under a floating wall unit.

A Carrie LED Table Lamp stylishly lights the little table.

Art supplies are stored neatly in a bucket set inside the kid’s tabletop.

The sweet lamp makes the art table into a great reading spot too…

… Although, that circular burrow looks way too inviting. A small wall sconce chases away the shadows inside.

Parts of the unique headboard design break away, growing a blue silhouette of their own.

A mature indoor plant adds a refreshing outdoor feel to the children’s room.

A circular hanging chair brings an element of the playground home too.

Smooth wooden cabinet fronts warmly finish the entryway, spotlighted under directional track lights.

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