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You might think that a big house would be the most aspirational but these chic small spaces really reboot the dimensional mindset. These four high-end, style abundant apartments have given us a real case of studio envy. Small yet perfectly formed, these upmarket places have everything the heart desires in terms of modern home comforts and deliciously luxe aesthetics. Made-to-measure elements ensure that everything just flows and satisfyingly fits every last nook. Rich wooden accents and dark notes bring soothing warmth and weight to the palette of each modestly sized interior. The tonal combination creates a look of confidence, edge, and utmost sophistication.

Visualizer: Michael K  

This studio apartment is separated into two distinct halves with the introduction of a decorative screen. The screen extends between the foot of the bed and the back of a loveseat on the other side. Looks like the owner might have trouble getting a seat though–might be time to invest in some cat furniture!

The geometric Muxarabi screen allows shared light between the two different zones, whilst building privacy and definition.

The couch looks onto a kitchen dining area with a mid century modern style  round dining table.

An understated dining pendant light shines upon a solid black decorative vase on the tabletop. The dark addition helps link the light wood table in with a set of dark dining chairs.

The kitchen itself is a rich wood finish with modern framing detail. The integrated oven carries the black accent theme through from the adjacent dining area and the black sofa.

The style of vanity chair in the bedroom is sparked from the same line as the dining room chairs. The bedroom storage is a continuation of the wooden kitchen cabinet aesthetic. These visual links create sleek cohesivity across the small living space.

A soft grey platform bed rings the changes in the decor palette.

A unique wooden bedside table flanks each side of the upholstered bed. Black table tops tie in with monochrome throw pillows and sheets.

To make up for the lack of TV space in the living room, a large wall mounted television resides on the bedroom side of the decorative dividing screen.

A piece of the Muxarabi has been utilised as an attractive backdrop behind a simple vanity mirror.

Architect: Kseniia Tkachenko  

The next studio apartment, located in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, has an area of 51 square metres. A chic modern sofa extends in front of an elegant shelving unit, filled to its top with decorative items and books. Nesting coffee tables build height in the front of the lounge arrangement.

A slatted screen separates the sleep zone from the lounge area in this studio, along with a split level floor device.

Behind the slatted screen, a floor bed design is turned to face toward the view. The large window brings in cloudscapes and nature at first light.

A breakfast bar is built around a partial dividing wall between the bedroom and the kitchen. Attention grabbing stools bring in a flash of satisfying colour and a tactile element.

The surrounding L-shaped kitchen is a white slab front design with dark accents.

A minimalist cooker hood complements the clean white kitchen aesthetic.

A modern toilet and hand basin model matching silhouettes in the bathroom.

Slatted accent walls play with the sense of scale.

The tap above the bathroom sink extends directly out of the mirror for a streamlined finish.

Storage units line the hallway.

Purple poufs add a hit of unexpected colour.

Visualizer: Lia Zavoloka  

The next studio home has a calming essence, sprung from a white and light wood tone palette.

A cane hanging chair casts shadows across a pale chevron floor and a round jute rug.

The modern sofa cuts off a dining kitchen, forming individual zoning.

A textured white pouf cosies up alongside the swing chair.

Wood cladding wraps a closet volume between the home entryway and the bed.

Wooden kitchen bar stools bring the natural element to the white kitchen.

A brass pendant light and tap add elements of warmth and lustre to the ice white kitchen.

Smooth white marble is featured in both the kitchen and the bathroom, though inside the bathroom the fixtures and fittings contrast in striking matt black.

Designer: Zrobym  

Our last tour takes us inside of a 45 square metre studio, located in Minsk, Belarus. Seductive lighting and textiles characterise the space.

A floor bed is raised onto an elevated platform, accessible via steps with integrated storage. The bespoke piece gives the studio a sense of grandeur.

On the other side of the room, a gaming chair pulls up to a custom desk design.

The hero piece of this stunning studio home is a slatted arch feature that visually divides the kitchen from the lounge.

LED strips have been slotted between the undulating slats to build an ultra modern and captivating effect.

The kitchen itself is a good size, which is enhanced further by good natural lighting. White cabinets beneath the window exaggerate this sense of light and space, whilst darker units in the foreground set down a confident border.

Two bar stools look out of the kitchen, into the lounge.

Little terracotta pots live on the kitchen peninsula, vibing with the warmth of the rich wood facing. See some unique planters here.

The illuminated slatted arch rushes straight into the home entryway to create a dazzling first impression.

The same slatted wood colours the bathroom.

Floor plan.

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