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Living with a little colour and character adds a bright, upbeat feeling to each day. This selection of three modern home designs is jam-packed with ways to incorporate colour and personality into a new decor scheme, or onto an existing neutral backdrop. We’ll see ideas for colourful living spaces with multicoloured modular sofas and eye-catching accent chairs. Bedroom designs come to life with unique wardrobes, lighting, and colour-infused workspaces. An eclectic dining room exudes creativity and originality, where every mealtime feels festive. We’ll also soak up inspiration for supportive interior design concepts along the way, which add stylish finesse to the fun factor.

Visualizer: Wen Wen a Jin Gai Tu Jiang  

A striking black and white rug sets down an eye-catching base for our first featured living space. Two black wireframe pendant lights complement the rug’s bold black linework. See more pendant light inspiration.

The curvaceous, sculptural lounge chair is a Serie Up 2000 chair by Gaetano Pesce for B&B Italia. It snuggles up close to a floor-to-ceiling bookcase to make a cosy reading nook. A slimline LED floor lamp provides reading light.

The living room is split into back-to-back lounge areas. Bookcases line both ends of the room.

A muted blue accent chair is tucked into the embrace of an L-shaped corner bookcase.

A multicoloured tufted sofa gives the living room a burst of bright personality. Abstract line art adds a creative touch above the fireplace.

Next to a full wall of bi-fold doors, an artist’s studio has been fashioned. The easel faces out towards an inspirational view of the landscape. A glass partition wall lightly separates the studio from a formal dining room.

A linear suspension light hangs above the modern dining table. LED strips illuminate a wall of wooden bookshelves.

In the bedroom, a round rug lays down a soft island beneath a greige upholstered bed. Abstract artwork complements a bright orange bedside table lamp and a matching bedroom chair.

A blush pink kid’s chair and pink desk lamp colour the workspace. Fitted wardrobes display an arch motif with a pink fluted trim.

Visualizer: 森林空间  

In our second featured interior, a round rug sets down a bold black and white pattern. An eclectic and colourful array of lounge chairs and tables make up a fun furniture arrangement. A decorative wall mirror adds interest to a plain white living room wall.

A concrete ceiling adds an industrial canopy over the whole colourful scene.

An abundance of mature indoor plants burst lush greenery into the decor scheme, sprouting from beautifully decorative pots.

Modern works of art make up a gallery wall in the hallway. White marble baseboards underline the gallery walls with a stripe of luxe.

The kitchen diner is a feast for the eyes. Chairs of all different styles come together to furnish the eclectic dining room.

The plain black dining table is tagged onto the end of a wildly-veined marble kitchen island.

Black base units surround the colourful dining area with an L-shaped installation. A wall of green upper units and a red backsplash bring bright contrast.

A freeform rug pools beneath the eating area. Colourful artwork hangs as an attention-grabbing focal point.

Visualizer: Denis Chapohly  

Our final featured home design has a relaxing essence. A deeply cushioned couch appears irresistible under the soft glow of a modern living room floor lamp.

In daylight, the colourful accents in the room spring to life. Disney-themed artwork stands out behind the sofa. A small red side table draws colour into the centre of the room.

The modular sofa has two-tone upholstery, which breaks up its large mass.

A grey living room rug takes a backseat to the brighter aspects of decor in the room.

Indoor plants add their own splash of vibrant colour.

Opposite the sofa, a TV wall is backlit to create an atmospheric glow.

A black floating media unit thinly underlines the wall-mounted TV and sound bar. An indoor plant adds texture to the focal wall.

In the open plan kitchen diner, kitchen bar stools are highlighted with pastel blue framework.

Pale blue-grey pendant lights hang in a uniform trio above the dining island.

The blue bar stools are reflected in a metallic support panel beneath the kitchen island, which doubles their colourful influence.

With the living room lights down low, the kitchen becomes a beacon of mood lighting.

Behind the kitchen bar stools, the main kitchen installation stands in an L-shaped arrangement of smooth white and wood units.

The home entryway has a minimalistic aesthetic. Coats are tucked away in a wall mounted wardrobe. An illuminated shoe storage nook keeps the walkway tidy.

A full-length mirror and an entryway stool are paired to fashion a convenient dressing area for outdoor clothes.

In the bathroom, white marble tiles clad the walls and bathtub with natural pattern. Two bathroom mirrors fetch a fashionable racetrack-shaped motif.

Beige walls separate out the WC area.

Recessed LEDs shed mood lighting down the white marble onto the bathtub.

Matt black bathroom fittings punctuate the white backdrop.

A second bathroom is decorated with a simple square tile backsplash. The understated white wall tiles allow a colourful terrazzo floor treatment to take the spotlight.

A custom-made bathroom mirror fits the vanity space perfectly. A linear vanity unit completes the streamlined look.

Brown grouting cuts around the white tiles in the shower space design. A brown ceiling caps the white bathroom with rich, solid colour.

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