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I’ve been spending time with my daughter this week since she’s home from university for spring break. We’ve also had some power outages due to storms which has kept me away from the computer so we’ve been making comfort food and huddling under blankets, it’s been cozy and relaxing.

I stopped by my local pottery studio to check on some pieces I made and was so delighted to see more of my creations coming out of the kiln. I started this hobby eight months ago, taking classes and learning all the stages and techniques for turning clay into ceramics. Here’s a glimpse at my dimpled texture watercolor trays, the blue ones reminds me of pool or lake water. They have an abstract wavy edge which adds to their appeal, I’ll be selling a series of these in my shop later this year.


Below are more ceramics in lovely hues and motifs because aren’t we all craving more spring color?!

roma dinner plates

handpainted abstract mugs / pastel bowls


glazed vases


mini vases / dash stoneware


 botanical serving platter

bloom bowl

painted spring platters

  watercolor dinnerware / matte pastel vases

taffy breakfast set

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