Boiler grants – are you eligible for a free or reduced boiler?

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A free boiler grant might sound too good to be true but the reality is that these do exist. Thanks to government grants there are boiler grants out there that could be yours without you having to pay a penny. Of course getting one means you need to fit a certain criteria to be eligible.

It’s worth looking into this if you think there is even a chance that a boiler grant could apply to you. Since boilers can often break down suddenly, perhaps when you’re not financially ready, it pays to have this grant as a support option.

While new sources of heat for the home, like heat pumps, are due to start appearing more, they won’t be mainstream for a while. As Jamie Luck of Baltic Consulting points out: ‘There will still be a need for natural gas for the foreseeable future. Although not ideal, its effects will hopefully be lessened with the blending of renewable hydrogen gas into the existing network.’

Read on to find out what a boiler grant is, how a boiler grant works and – crucially – if you can get a free boiler and how you go about it. This guide aims to make the whole process simple so you’re not only saving money with your new boiler but time too.

What are boiler grants?

Boiler grants are available from the government. Eligible people are able to get subsidised or even totally free boilers in their homes. This isn’t just for broken boilers that need replacing though, this can also apply to inefficient boilers.

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If you’re struggling to heat your property, the government has set aside funding that will help you stay warm. That could mean that your currently inefficient boiler, that’s costing you a lot to run, could be replaced with a new A-rated energy-efficient model to help you save on utility bills. A new boiler could save you £300 per year on your utility bills while also keeping you cosy and helping the environment too.

Since the 2016 ECO Scheme (Energy Companies Obligation), homeowners and private tenants can replace their old or damaged boiler for free or subsidised. This falls under the Affordable Warmth Obligation (a subsection of ECO). While the grant is for a new boiler it can also be used to fix an older boiler, improve insulation of a boiler or home and so on. The bottom line is that it’s your right to be warm and if you can’t afford that, the government has funding to help.

For boilers that aren’t broken, it’s worth noting that your boiler must be at least less than 86% efficient to qualify for a replacement.

Who is eligible for boiler grants?

There are quite a few criteria for those that are eligible to receive a boiler grant when you need to replace a boiler. If you meet the necessary requirements you could be in for a new boiler, or other heat-saving upgrades. One way to find out if you are able to apply for a boiler grant is to use the website calculator at Simple Energy Advice. To be eligible for a boiler grant you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an England, Scotland or Wales homeowner or a private tenant (not in a social housing by local authority)
  • Your boiler must be older than seven years (newer can be repaired)
  • Received income-related benefits (universal credit, working tax credits, pension credits, child tax credits, income-related ESA and JSA)

To expand on the benefit types which apply to allow you to receive a free boiler grant these are:

  • Child Tax Credit
  • Income related Employment Support Allowance
  • Pension Guaranteed Credit (excludes Savings Credit)
  • Income based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Income Support
  • Universal Credit
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Attendance Allowance<
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Severe Disablement Allowance
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits
  •  Ministry of Justice Benefits
  • War Pensions Mobility Supplement
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • Child Benefit

People in receipt of pension credits and child tax credits, where the annual household income is less than £16,010, will automatically qualify for a replacement boiler grant. It’s worth noting that if you don’t qualify for a free boiler, all hope isn’t lost. You may still be entitled to a discounted price on a new boiler. Also, some local authorities offer their own schemes through the Eco Flex Grant. These are ideal for those who don’t receive means tested benefits but are on low income.

For those in social housing, if the home has an energy rating of E, F or G, you may qualify for an insulation grant. If the property has not previously had central heating then you may also qualify for a free boiler grant.

I’m a renter, do I still apply?

Both homeowners and tenants who rent are eligible for boiler grants. This is presuming they are receiving one of the benefit types mentioned above. One factor that will prohibit tenants is if they are in local authority run social housing. Landlords with low income tenants may also apply for the ECO scheme benefit and may find they are eligible for a free boiler replacement or at least a heavily discounted unit.

Which firms offer boiler grants, and which don’t?

The free boiler grants, as part of the ECO Scheme, are carried out in conjunction with the government, by the ‘big six’ energy companies in the UK. These are British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, SSE, Npower and Scottish Power. Some smaller companies also offer the ECO3 benefits, which can include a boiler. These include Avero, Eon, Ovo, SO, Ecotricity, Pure Planet, Utility warehouse, Utilita, E, Shell Energy and Utility Point.

The ECO3 scheme currently runs to 31 March 2022, having started this phase in December 2018. Expect the ECO4 phase to start in April 2022 and run until 2026. The companies involved may change at this hand-over point. Also consider if there is going to be a boiler ban in 2025.

What kind of boiler qualifies?

The free boiler grant applies to any older style boiler in a home, meaning it can be gas or oil. An upgrade will be to the most environmentally friendly option that, likely, still uses the same system.

There is also a boiler upgrade scheme, announced in October 2021, which is able to offer up to £5,000 towards a new boiler. With many costing around the £2,500 mark, this should be more than enough to cover nearly all homes. The upgrade scheme applies to gas and oil boilers and they will be replaced by the most low-carbon heating system available. It could mean a heat pump is used instead of a boiler which will remove the reliance on gas, saving money and helping the environment.

Will I get a new or replacement boiler?

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Since the scheme only applies to older boilers, you won’t get an exact replacement. If your boiler is seven years or older, you’ll be getting a new model. As such the new model will be more efficient as the tech has moved on fast. No matter what efficiency rating your boiler has, the new model is required to be A rated under the ECO scheme. That means you will get a model that is one of the newest and most energy efficient.

The brand can vary though, depending on who is providing your boiler. Leading UK manufacturers Baxi and Gloworm have worked on totally new boiler models to create super energy efficient boilers which are available as part of the scheme. While the boiler will be totally new, based on the income of your household, you may be required to pay towards the installation of that boiler, in some cases.

There is also the option of a new heat pump. As Mesh Energy‘s Doug Johnson says: ‘The government is launching the BUS (boiler upgrade scheme) in April 2022. This provides a grant to help existing homeowners replace their gas boilers with heat pumps.’

How do I apply for a boiler grant?

The process of application is actually fairly straight-forward. You can go directly to the energy companies or use a specialist third-party option which will do the leg work for you. In fact, the application can take just a few minutes to get started.

You’ll need to give your postcode, initially, to see if your area is eligible or not. The next step is to answer a few basic questions about your home living status and benefits received. If you qualify, you will be asked about the fuel type in your home, insulation, boiler status and age as well as giving any boiler problems in a description box. The final step is to enter a few personal details. It’s that simple.

The process after your application can vary in time depending on who you use. Some companies claim that you know if you have been granted your boiler within 24 hours, with installation within the week. This will be done by a professional boiler fitter who makes sure it is Gas Safe Registered and secure.

Often these will also install a new thermostat and energy monitoring kit along with the boiler. They will also carry out a free energy rating assessment of the property to show the improvements made.

Will I have to pay to get the boiler fitted?

white kitchen with beams

Image credit: Future plc/Colin Poole

The boiler grant is available to cover the cost of the boiler. Depending on who you go for this may also cover installation, but not in all cases. For example if you were to use a company like Eon, you’d be paying £395 which includes the boiler and installation by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. This scheme also gets you free cavity wall insulation and a free loft insulation grant. All that adds up to an energy saving, depending on boiler age, that could be as much as £350 per year.

While the boiler itself is replaced, this won’t cover any extra pipework or radiators. So if you have a different type of piping, for example, where that needs replacing to work with the newer boiler, this cost will be extra. Likewise, if you want to install more energy efficient radiators, that’ll be down to you to cover the cost.

It’s worth paying for insulation as part of the upgrade, or claiming it where possible. As Baltic Consulting’s Jamie Luck points out: ‘Insulating homes is always worthwhile, we are big advocates of a ‘fabric first’ policy. It is important to get professional advice on what is the best option for the specific property build; what would be acceptable for a 1960s bungalow may actually cause damp issues in a Victorian terrace.’

If I have issues after installation, what do I do?

As a general tip, Keith Bastian, CEO of renewable home heating provider Fischer Future Heat, says: ‘Solutions to issues with damp include keeping spaces well heated and ventilated. But, if you leave windows open while you have the heating on in your house, you’ll be wasting a significant amount of money and energy. Breaking small habits like these will help to save you money in the longer term.’

Will I have to pay back the boiler grant?

No, you won’t have to pay anything back as this is a grant and not a loan. That means the money is being provided by the government, which is claimed by the energy company which pays for the boiler and installation up front. So you won’t have to give any bank details or money, except in the case where there may be a charge, like the example above.

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When You Want Chic But Chill, Look for the Best Beanbag Chairs

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Bean Bag Domino

We know, we know: You likely don’t associate beanbag chairs with high style. But we’re also guessing that you’re thinking of those crushed velvet or baseball glove numbers from childhood. Today’s beanbag chairs have gotten a major glow-up. There are structured models for elegant yet comfortable seating, plus others that come in a host of bespoke fabrics, like thick-pile velvets and Belgian linen. Beanbag chairs are also an excellent way to outfit a welcoming environment: “Any low-profile seating signals cozy, loungelike, laid-back vibes,” says designer Hollie Velten of Spaces by Hollie Velten. “Sometimes the right beanbag-filled sofa can rival an expensive Togo sofa or another iconic ’70s piece.” 

So whether you’re channeling designs from 50 years ago or simply looking for a playful way to upgrade your living room furniture, don’t rule out this humble, eminently movable option. Read on for the best beanbag chairs of the moment, from structured to super-squishy.

Our Favorites

Best Stripes: Majestic Home Goods Bean Bag Chair Lounger

Material: Polyester | Color: Black and white | Filling: Polystyrene (50 percent recycled)

What we like:

  • Machine washable
  • Structured design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Worth noting:

  • Not many color options

Why we chose it: Structured design with a South of France aesthetic.

Beanbag chairs are often oversize, which means a brightly printed cover can sometimes read as a bit garish. But Majestic Home’s version toes the line without going overboard: Its black-and-white–stripe pattern works well both poolside and indoors and adds a bit of Hollywood Regency flair. It’s also constructed with a high back, which makes this chair ideal for those who don’t want to struggle much to get in and out of a seat.

Best Structured: Serena & Lily Newport Lounger

Material: Polyester-cotton blend | Color: Various | Filling: Polystyrene beads

What we like:

  • High back
  • Elegant design
  • Only 10 pounds

Worth noting:

  • Limited color palette

Why we chose it: Classic beanbag comfort in a more structured model.

For a beanbag chair that is a bit more polished than your average model, Serena & Lily’s is ideal. With its high back; a chic, neutral color palette; and streamlined design, this one looks as at home in a playroom as in a primary bedroom. And at only 10 pounds and with an included grommeted rope handle, it’s easy to move from room to room.

Best Custom Fabrics: Restoration Hardware Grand Bean Bag

Material: Various | Color: Various | Filling: Expandable polystyrene

What we like:

  • Child-safe locking zipper
  • More than 100 fabric options
  • Large size

Worth noting:

  • One of the pricier models
  • Professional upholstery cleaning recommended

Why we chose it: A large beanbag chair that comes in an astonishing range of fabrics.

Ripstop nylon has its place in your home, but sometimes it’s not smack-dab in your living room. For a beanbag chair that’s as elegant as your sofa (and maybe even the same fabric), look into Restoration Hardware’s oversize version, which comes in 108 different fabrics and colors, from Belgian linen to bouclé to velvet. These chairs all also have a sturdy leather bottom; the thicker material mitigates wear and tear on the piece. For a more affordable version with several fabric options, West Elm carries a special-order beanbag, but note that it is smaller and has fewer ways to customize.

Best for Kids: Oyoy Corduroy Bean Bag

Material: Cotton | Color: Coral | Filling: Styrofoam

What we like:

  • Whimsical details
  • Lovely color
  • Appealing fabric for children

Worth noting:

  • Spot-clean only

Why we chose it: A stylish beanbag with a bit of cheek.

One of the best parts about decorating children’s rooms is adding a bit of whimsy to the design. And while any beanbag is generally a winner in a kid’s bedroom, we especially love Oyoy’s for its playful details. The cover is constructed out of a soft, corduroy-velvet, which not only looks sharp but is fun for little hands to touch. It’s also topped with a delightful pom-pom, making it a less serious option that is perfect for the little ones in your home.

Best Outdoor: Lujo Bean Bag Indoor X Out

Material: Acrylic canvas (Sunbrella)| Color: Various | Filling: Polystyrene

What we like:

  • Made of material suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Chic color options
  • Has a coordinating ottoman

Worth noting:

  • Beans ship separately from cover

Why we chose it: A rugged beanbag chair that looks as great on your deck as in your den.

We’re all spending a lot more time outdoors, so why not upgrade your alfresco furniture? Lujo’s beanbag chair is outfitted in extremely durable Sunbrella fabric, which is mold- and mildew-resistant, UV- and fade-resistant, waterproof, and machine washable. But thanks to the addition of mélange yarn in its construction, the fabric appears like (and has a textural depth similar to) wool, making it suitable for indoor use as well. We also love the brand’s lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, as well as the five-year warranty against fading and deterioration. 

Best Handmade: BohoLounger Oaxaca Boho Lounger

Material: Cotton-blend | Color: Various | Filling: Not included

What we like:

  • Comes in two sizes
  • Hand-dyed and hand-loomed material
  • Made to order

Worth noting:

  • Certain colors can sell out
  • Does not ship with filling

Why we chose it: A well-made product that supports a small business owner.

If you’ve been searching for a unique beanbag chair, there is no better place to hunt than Etsy. That’s where we discovered BohoLounger, a company that makes custom beanbag covers out of nubby, cotton-blend textiles sourced in Oaxaca, Mexico. Colors range from bright hues to neutrals, ensuring you can find a fabric that matches nearly any design style. Note, however, that this cover does not ship with filling. The upside of that, though, is that you can pick whichever type suits your design style best.

Best Colors: Fatboy Original Bean Bag

Material: Nylon | Color: Various | Filling: Virgin polystyrene beads

What we like:

  • More than 20 colors available
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely durable

Worth noting:

  • Less structured design

Why we chose it: An ultra-durable beanbag that comes in a rainbow of colors.

If you’ve been hunting for that perfect pop of color, look no further than Fatboy’s durable beanbag chair, which comes in an array of bright hues, from jewel tones to neutrals. We also love its durable nylon material, which renders it not only stain- and water-resistant but able to stand up to the rigors of even the roughest puppy or small child.

Best Alternative: Domino x Crate & Kids Renn Memory Foam Chair

Material: Polyester-cotton | Color: Peach | Filling: Polyurethane memory foam

What we like:

  • Unique fabric
  • Memory foam filling
  • Elegant channel tufting

Worth noting:

  • Only two colorways
  • On the smaller size; likely a better choice for children

Why we chose it: A chic seat for kids that’s halfway between a beanbag and a club chair.

For those of you looking for a child’s seat that is significantly more structured than a beanbag but not quite at the level of a regular chair, the Renn offers the best of both worlds. Constructed out of super-accommodating memory foam, there’s no fear of displacing too many filling beads (because there aren’t any!). We also love the chic fabric, which is made out of multiple complementary shades of peach and orange. And if we can give ourselves a plug: The chair is a part of Domino’s collaboration with Crate & Kids, and our chief content officer, Kate Berry, helped design it.


How We Chose These Products

These beanbag chairs were chosen by Domino’s market editor, Cat Dash, who searched high and low to find models that are durable, structurally sound, and way chicer than anything you may remember from earlier decades. We also tapped design experts Stephanie DeBrincat of Rockabye Mommy and Hollie Velten to share their knowledge on how to shop for beanbag chairs, plus proper care.

Our Shopping Checklist

Size and Shape 

“Your size and weight will determine what suits you best, but the available floor space is another important consideration,” says DeBrincat. “Generally a 28- to 36-inch diameter would suit the little ones best, and for adults, look for a beanbag around 45 to 50 inches in diameter, which can comfortably seat up to two people.” As for shape? DeBrincat says that standard round beanbags may be fun for kids in a playroom, but adults with back pain should consider bags with a higher back for more support.


“The fill density may be a matter of personal preference, but to ensure you have options, look for a beanbag with a zippered inner layer that allows you to adjust the fill level to your liking,” says DeBrincat. 

There are also so many options for the type of filling. “The most common beanbag fill is expanded polystyrene beans (EPS) or urethane shredded foam,” she adds. But if you’re looking for more sustainable materials, those are relatively easy to find as well. “Organic kapok fiberfill is an excellent substitute for conventional foam and bead materials,” notes DeBrincat. “This is the go-to option for low VOCs for improved indoor air quality, plus comfort and softness.” Other natural options, she says, include 100 percent organic cotton, buckwheat hulls, natural latex, and recycled materials.


“Because beanbags tend to get more aggressive use, the fabrication is important,” DeBrincat explains. “Look for quality stitching with double-stitched seams, a durable fabric (like cotton twill or a linen blend), and quality zippers concealed under a fabric flap.” Velten will also make her own bespoke bags. “I’ve reupholstered simple store-bought bags before to add something unexpected, like a grown-up print or fun corduroy for texture,” she says.


While beanbags may appear to be a casual, novelty item, they offer comfortable support when sized and filled properly. “A low-density fill may not offer enough lumbar support for long-term use, so consider keeping the maximum fill to maintain its shape and for optimized comfort,” says DeBrincat. “Properly filled beanbags will form around the natural shape of the body, creating an extremely comfortable and therapeutic seat.”

Ask Domino

Can you wash a beanbag chair? 

Yes! “Like most textiles in the home, beanbag covers come in washable options,” says DeBrincat. “Find a beanbag chair with a removable cover and an inner liner that securely contains the filling. This will allow you to easily care for and wash the cover regularly to prevent allergens and bacteria from building up on the fabric.” Regular vacuuming also removes dust and debris; helps maintain the fibers’ integrity; and can help extend the life and look of your chair.

Are beanbag chair bags bad for your back?

If you have back pain, look for a chair with good ergonomic and lumbar support. “A lounger with a medium-to-high back will provide additional support, while a dense fill will also offer more stability when getting up and out of the chair,” says DeBrincat. “Remember that most beanbags and loungers are lower to the ground than your standard sofa or chair. So keep in mind the strength and stability it will take to climb in and out of it with ease.”

How often should you replace the beans or stuffing?

“Over time, you will notice that your beanbag will start to flatten and lose its shape; standard beads contain air and will compress over time,” says DeBrincat. “A general rule of thumb is to add filling every two years.” It’s easy to find stuffing options with a quick Google search; Big Joe’s is one of the most popular and is widely available.

The Last Word

Beanbag chairs not only belong in spaces other than a kids’ play area, they sometimes can level up the entire design of a room. A customized chair in a sophisticated fabric or print can add just the right amount of playfulness and comfort to make any room feel more unique and welcoming.

Domino’s editors independently curate every product on our site, because we’re just as obsessed with a great deal and an under-the-radar discovery as you are. Items you purchase may earn us an affiliate commission.

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Tiny House Interior Designs With Cool And Interesting Features

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Tiny house interior designs with cool and interesting features are catching on among people of all ages. As a new living space, tiny houses offer clever storage options and custom features. The homes are easy to design, so don’t be afraid to apply your creative skills. You never know when you might find yourself living in a tiny glass house.

Tiny house interior

The minimal space brings out the best in each design. Every tiny house interior is unique and comes with built-in surprises.

Tiny House Interior Must-Haves

There are a few things tiny houses have in common. By design, they’re practical and smart. 

Tiny House Interior Must-Haves

Creative storage

A tiny house does not have large cabinets or storage spaces. Designers are creating storage solutions like drawers under a small staircase or hanging ceiling racks above. 

Multipurpose areas

Flexibility is key. Multipurpose areas with furniture that can switch functions or sliding walls are popular concepts are two features.

Loft beds

Most tiny homes have loft beds. They’re too practical to have anything else. A normal bed would take up too much space in the main living area.

Natural light

Tiny homes have windows and a glass door. With natural light, their interior spaces will seem bigger and inviting.

The Benefits Of Living Inside Tiny Houses

Living Inside Tiny Houses

Living in a tiny house offers many benefits. For example, the houses are easy to move because of their wheels and are often used as campers.

Tiny houses are cheap living options due to their low rent and utility expenses. 

You may not have enough space to store all of your belongings, so you’ll need to choose which ones matter most. It’s a good way to experience minimal living. 

Cleaning and maintenance are easy due to the small spaces. 

Simple Tiny House Interior Upgrades

There are many ways you can design a tiny house to make it practical and inviting.

Simple Tiny House Interior Upgrades

For example, you can try the following space saving ideas:

  • Storage under the stairs.
  • Indoor plants as decorations.
  • Colored and patterned accents.
  • Floating shelves.
  • Runner rugs.
  • A skylight.
  • Ladders.
  • Sliding doors.
  • Bunk beds.

The Best Tiny House Interior Design Ideas

By studying tiny house interiors, you see their design potential. Tiny houses feature custom interior layouts. With tiny houses, you’re free to pursue your creative abilities.

Here are some of the best tiny house interior designs:

Tiny Off-Grid Ursa House Interior

Tiny Off-Grid Ursa House Interior

The Ursa tiny house is by Madeiguincho. The house runs off-grid. Inside, it has a spacious living area, kitchen, bathroom, and two sleeping areas. The home offers 182 square feet of living space.

Tiny Farmhouse On Wheels Interior

Tiny farmhouse on wheels interior

This tiny house is from Handcrafted Movement and has a large interior. There’s a bedroom on the main floor and one above the bathroom. It has an open space living area, a kitchen, and dining room that share the main floor. 

Three-bedroom Tiny House Interior

Three-bedroom tiny house interior

Payette is a country-style tiny house by Tru Form Tiny. The 28 foot model is equipped with three bedrooms. One is on the main floor and the other two are loft bedrooms. They can be reached via stairs and have built-in storage.

Baluchon Nautical Tiny House Interior

Baluchon nautical tiny house interior

The Baluchon tiny house is built on a 19-foot-long trailer and has red cedar exterior siding. The interior features a nautical-themed decor. The living area is equipped with a wood-burning stove, and the stairs have storage cubbies underneath.

Pacific Harmony Tiny House Interior

Pacific Harmony tiny house interior

The Pacific Harmony tiny house has board and batten siding. Inside, it’s bright, airy, and spacious. It has a multifunctional space on the main floor. You have the option of using the space as a dining area or bedroom. 

Modern Tiny House Interior

Modern tiny house interior

This tiny house is filled with potted plants and greenery. It offers a boho and cozy vibe, and makes the interior feel welcoming. The house is designed by studio escape Traveler.

The Boehm Tiny House Interior

The Boehm tiny house interior

The Boehm tiny house by Movable Roots is lightweight and airy. Inside, are bright and neutral colors, big windows, and a practical floor plan. The living room couch has storage drawers underneath and a slide-out dog bed.

Tiny House With Draw Bridge

Tiny house with draw bridge

This tiny house on wheels by Greenmoxie has an unusual feature: a draw bridge. One side of the house folds down and becomes a deck, extending the interior living space. Inside, the house is warm and cozy. It has open shelves, wood, and quirky red accents.

The Hudson Tiny House Interior

The Hudson tiny house interior

The Hudson tiny home is by B&B Micro Manufacturing. It’s a mobile unit with a white exterior and modern farmhouse look. The interior is white, while the floor and ceiling are wood, creating a simple decor. The living room and sleeping area are the same. 

Craftsman-style tiny house interior

Craftsman-style tiny house interior

The Retreat by Timbercraft Tiny Homes offers a rustic living space on a gooseneck trailer. Its large interior and unique floor plan make this an exciting alternative to the average Airbnb. A cozy loft bed occupies the extra space above. 

Beach-inspired Tiny House Interior

Beach-inspired tiny house interior

What makes this tiny house special is the interior. The kitchen sits at the center of the floor plan with the bathroom behind it. The living and dining area sit on the opposite end. A loft bedroom with skylights sits above the main living space.

Spacious Tiny House Interior

Spacious tiny house interior

Tiny houses don’t look spacious, but this design by Park Model Homes is an exception. It has almost 400 square feet of space inside which makes it feel like a home. The tiny house features a combined living room and kitchen and has a fireplace and loft bedroom.

Tiny House With A Hidden Staircase

Tiny house with a hidden staircase

Studio Build Tiny has created a cool house on wheels. The tiny home’s interior is bright and stylish. It has large windows and glass doors. The staircase slides into the wall and out of sight. The hideaway staircase is a chic way to save space.

Expandable Tiny House Interior

Expandable tiny house interior

The interior space of a tiny house is limited, but in this example it can expand. The design by Mint Tiny Homes has two slide-out sections which allow more room. One section allows you to turn the sofa into a nook while the other adds bedroom space.

High-end Tiny House Interior

High-end tiny house interior

Studio Häuslein is known for its high-end tiny houses. The smallest one is 26 feet long and known as Little Sojourner. It has a welcoming interior with solid wood floors and big windows. The house has a loft bedroom and windows on either side. 

Tiny House Interior Designs Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Tiny House Road Regulation Dimensions?

When towing a tiny house on US highways and roads without a special permit, the house cannot be taller than 13.5-feet, wider 8.5-feet, or longer than 40 feet. If you include the towing vehicle, it cannot be longer than 65-feet.

To make it easier, remember the dimensions: 13.5′ high x 8.5′ wide x 40′ long.

How Much Does A Tiny House Cost?

On average, a tiny house will cost between $25,000 and $50,000. There are cheaper or more expensive options, and the cost depends on the size, style, materials.

How To Build A Tiny House?

You can build a tiny house from scratch. First, design a plan and then a structure. The building process requires multiple stages.  Watch the tutorials and videos like the one shared by Monika & Troy Hibbs to learn more.

If you’re serious, 2 story tiny house plans might be worth exploring.

What Is A Tiny House?

A tiny house is a dwelling that doesn’t require a foundation. The structures are like recreational vehicles. They’re a great alternative to Airbnbs and short-term rentals.

How Big Is a Tiny House?

A tiny house is smaller than 400 square feet and not bigger than 500 square feet. The average tiny house in the US measures 225 square feet.

How To Buy A Tiny House?

You can find many tiny houses online, or you can work with a company to build a custom one.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build A Tiny House?

It’s cheaper to build a tiny house than to buy a prebuilt one. On average, a tiny house costs $300 per square foot and that adds up to total costs between $30,000 and $60,000 on average. Building a tiny house costs less because you can do a lot of the work yourself

How Much Does A Tiny House Weigh?

On average a tiny house weighs 10,000 pounds/ 4,535 kg. This is the dry weight which is the weight of the house itself without any furnishing or additional features.

What Counties In Florida Allow Tiny Houses?

Florida is one of the friendlier tiny house states. The top counties are Sarasota County, Petersburg, and Orange County.

The following counties require a minimum square footage of 600 square feet: Suwanee, Dixie, Columbia, Levy, Pasco, and Hamilton.

Where To Park A Tiny House?

If your tiny house is RVIA certified you can park in permit-only areas just like an RV. You can stop at RV parks, public camps, and national parks.

Tiny House Interior Conclusion

Tiny houses are the latest trend to emerge in the living space sector. They offer thought-out interior living designs. They’re fun, practical, and versatile.

Tiny houses are more complex and intricate than you might think.

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Yarn and Bead Tassel Ornaments

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At the last minute I decided to embellish my tree with a dozen of these chunky yarn and bead tassel ornaments. I spied wood beads on sale at Michaels at 50% off and paired them with two colors of blanket yarn to create these ornaments with a boho vibe.


Each one takes just a few minutes and ten simple steps.


Supplies include chunky yarn of choice , 25mm wood beads, a variety of 10mm decorative beads, floral wire, scissors, a piece of 8×10” cardboard.

I’m sharing a video on Instagram Reels today to show the step-by-step process of making each one.

Written instructions below!

1. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard about 30-35 times. 2. Secure the tassel at the top with a 1 ½ foot piece of yarn to create the hanging loop.



3. Trim the bottom of the yarn with scissors to remove it from the cardboard. 4. Using tape to secure the end of the loop piece, insert it through the large 25mm wood bead.


5. Create a loop by inserting the yarn in the other direction through the wood bead. 6. Blend the end of the loop into the other yarn pieces.

7. Make a knot at the top of the wood bead to secure it in place and create the hanging loop. 8. Tie the top of the yarn with a separate piece of yarn to create a tassel shape.

9. Using floral wire, create a strand of decorative beads and wrap around the tassel. 10. Trim the bottom of the tassel so the yarn is even at the bottom.

Super easy! I finished a dozen in 2 hours while I watched a movie.

I love the combination of the yarn and wood bead textures!

You can use these as ornaments, as gift toppers, or make a beautiful boho garland with them too. 🙂

Soft Upholstery, Stone And Gold Adorn These Gorgeous Apartments

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A beautiful home need not ignore the comfort of its inhabitants. One of the best ways to create a comfortable and welcoming space is to include plenty of soft, luxe textures through the use of upholstery. The two homes featured in this post use a contrast of textures between polished stone, gold, large windows, and beds and sofas upholstered with soft, inviting fabrics. The designs that result from such contrasts are stylish as well as welcoming, truly asking guests to get comfortable and stay awhile. 

Visualizer: NOM BUREAU  

A large sectional sofa acts as a perfect meeting place for visitors and family in this Kyiv, Ukraine home.

A pair of matching, modern armchairs offer even more seating against a backdrop of floor-to-ceiling windows.

A large area rug creates a focal point and adds more soft textures to the room.

The square coffee table nestles into the nook of the sectional sofa, accessorized with glass tumblers and a
coffee table book. The gold on the tv wall provides a striking focus.

Neutral-colored ​​living room chairs have the clean lines necessary for a luxurious, modern look.

The open floor plan makes the main living space ideal for entertaining.

A unique floor lamp nearly disappears into the surrounding decor.

Because of the stunning windows, the darker gray colors don’t make the space feel smaller.

Any home with more than one level needs to pay close attention to its staircase design.

A creative sculpture is a focal point while also nearly blending into the wall with its color.

A stone, granite kitchen island is both practical and stylish.

The linear suspension light that hangs over the island is sleek and modern.

Moving into the luxury bedroom, the cool, gray color scheme carries through.

An upholstered bed and complementary
end of bed bench give ample resting places.

Using a floor lamp in the bedroom alongside other lamps gives the inhabitant multiple lighting stories to choose from.

The bedroom pendant lights are another example of lighting that can be used in this design.

The bedside table, topped by one of a few decorative vases is super simple but effective in its design.

Glass closet doors encourage organization and make the room feel bigger.

Using a bedroom rug under the bed is a nice touch for cold mornings.

When a bedroom has sleek hardwood flooring, rugs are nearly essential.

An unadorned gray stone bathroom lets the design flow from the bedroom.

A stunning glass bathtub acts as a showpiece in an otherwise monochromatic bathroom.

The amber glass lets light pass through.

The color of the tub is set off by the gray stone floor.

Side-by-side sinks complement the bathtub.

A double
bathroom vanity is a must-have in a luxury en suite bathroom.

A separate show area is a bit more practical than the freestanding tub for everyday use.

Visualizer: D3 Design  

The second home is a 120 square meter apartment in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova and a tufted sofa welcomes us into the home.

A wall-mounted television is a simple focal point for the living area.

An open floorplan means the design of all the separate living spaces must work together.

The soft, white upholstered dining chairs add an inviting touch to the main eating area. Use of gold is subtle but sensuous here.

A white marble kitchen island is a tasteful and luxurious option.

A flexible lighting rope hangs creatively from an overhead fixture.

A glass vase is always a welcome addition in the kitchen or any room.

Black, white and gray are anything but simple in this creative combination.

In the bedroom, a Ring light by Lee Broom
platform bed is simple and elegant.

A monochromatic plant makes a dramatic side table decoration.

Herringbone is a classic pattern for hardwood flooring and looks stunning here.

A white porcelain bathtub is a luxurious choice in the bathroom.

Twin, backlit bathroom mirrors crown a double vanity here.

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Best knife set 2021: reviews of knife blocks for every kitchen

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The best knife set will be used in your kitchen each and every single day. It’s not a purchase to make lightly, but you can only tell the quality of a knife after prolonged use to see how well the blades last. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of reviewing the best knife sets on the market from Robert Welch, Zwilling, Ninja, Viners, and Zyliss, to bring you our thoughts.

We have also covered the best chef’s knives in a separate guide, which will be a great all-rounder in your kitchen for chopping veggies or carving meat. These come individually though, and often the best knife sets will come with a chef’s knife included, alongside a bread knife, paring knife, Santoku knife, and much more.

Below, we’ve covered the best knife sets you can buy for your money on the market right now. That includes premium sets that come in stylish blocks, and loose knives that have safety covers to keep them stored safely in your drawers.

Best knife set: our top 5

1. Robert Welch Signature Book Oak Wood Filled Knife Block

Best knife set overall 

Robert Welch Signature Book Knife Block

Best for: Most kitchens
Carving, Bread, Cook’s, Santoku, Kitchen, and Vegetable/Paring Knife
Lightweight and ergonomic knives, easy and sleek knife block
Reasons to buy:
• Flush design is great for small kitchens
• Unique, stylish block
• Next-level quality

Reasons to avoid:
• Pricey, but worth it

The Robert Welch Signature Book Oak Wood Filled Knife Block is a brilliant choice for any kitchen. It’s stylish and expensive, but we think it’s more than worth the money. The unique book block design is eye-catching, and will sit flush against kitchen walls without taking up too much space – perfect for those without the largest kitchen.

As with most high-quality knives, you’ll have to wash this set by hand. It comes with a carving knife (23cm), bread knife (22cm), cook’s knife (18cm), santoku knife (11cm), kitchen knife (14cm), and vegetable/paring knife (10cm). There’s a knife for every task, from carving meat to slicing baguettes, and the handles are ergonomic and make chopping pretty enjoyable.

Ideal Home rated 5 out of 5 stars

2. Zwilling Pro 7 Piece Ash Self Sharpening Knife Block

Best knife set for serious chefs 

Zwilling Pro 7 Piece Ash Self Sharpening Knife Block

Best for: Home chefs who want something serious
Five knives, shearing scissors, self-sharpening knife block
Self-sharpening design, scissors for tough tasks
Reasons to buy:
• Knife slots marked clearly
• Self-sharpening design
• Generous sizes

Reasons to avoid:
• Takes up a lot of counter space

We think Zwilling makes some of the best saucepan sets and best non-stick frying pans on the market, but the brand is perhaps best known for its knife blocks. The Zwilling Pro 7 Piece Ash Self Sharpening Knife Block is forged from special stainless steel in Germany. It has five knives: 1 larding / garnishing knife (10 cm/61 g), 1 universal knife (13 cm/66 g), 1 meat knife (16 cm/128 g), 1 chef’s knife (20 cm/214 g), and 1 bread knife (20 cm/135 g). There are also some multi-purpose scissors (21 cm) which have their own slot in the self-sharpening block.

The block itself is hardy without looking harsh. It is quite big, so set aside a bit of space to store it. It’s self-sharpening too, with V-edge sharpeners in each knife slot apart from the serrated knife. The handles are plastic, but they’re very grippy and are perfectly sized for your hands. Again, these are handwash recommended, but they’ll last a lifetime.

Ideal Home rated 5 out of 5 stars

3. Ninja Foodi StaySharp Knife Block with Integrated Sharpener

Best knife set for in-built sharpening

Ninja K32005UK approved

Best for: Those with plenty of counter space 
Five knives, a sharpening slot in the block
Large, grippy base, sideways storage
Reasons to buy:
• Excellent quality blades
• The block is great for grabbing
• Every kitchen task is covered

Reasons to avoid:
• Not the most stylish option

Ninja is a brand we usually associate with the best air fryers, not with kitchen knives. The Ninja Foodi StaySharp Knife Block with Integrated Sharpener is the brand’s first attempt, but it’s a great start. With its roots in American design, which typically comes with larger kitchens as standard, it’s not a surprise that this block takes up a lot of counter space. It’s the largest block we tested, coming in at 25.5 x 14.5 x 29.3 centimetres, but it is really good.

The blades arrive razor-sharp, with specific safety instructions on how to use the sharpening side of the block. Ninja recommends doing this every two weeks, and we found it easy to get to grips with. You simply put the blade into the slot, hold it there, and pull the lever to the side up and down fully. The handles have a traditional bolstered look, which we like, and have a good weight. There are five knives: 20cm chef, 20cm bread, 20cm carving, 13cm utility, and 9cm paring.

Ideal Home rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

4. Zyliss Comfort 6 Piece Knife Set

Best knife set without a block

Zyliss Comfort 6 Piece Knife Set IH approved

Best for: Those who don’t want a block 
Six colourful knives with storage sheaths 
Very sharp blades, colourful design, drawer-friendly
Reasons to buy:
• Dishwasher-safe
• Safe for drawers thanks to the covers
• Takes up very little space

Reasons to avoid:
• An unconventional look

We love a good knife block, but if you don’t have the space for one (or you already have one and want a new set to expand your collection) this Zyliss Comfort 6 Piece Knife Set will serve you well. There are six knives in total: an 18.5cm chef’s knife, 18.5cm Santoku knife, 13cm utility knife, 10.5cm serrated paring knife, 8.5cm inch paring knife, and 6.5cm inch peeling knife. Each comes with a cover that slides right on.

Unlike any of the best knife sets we’ve mentioned so far, the Zyliss Comfort 6 Piece Knife Set is dishwasher-safe. It’s also covered for five years by a manufacturer’s guarantee. These knives are made of Japanese steel and thoughtfully designed with a finger guide on the blade to hold the knife with balance, as well as a finger indent on the handle.

Ideal Home rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

5. Viners Assure 5 Piece Knife Block Set

Best knife set for safety features

Viners Assure 5 Piece Knife Block Set

Best for: Safety-conscious shoppers on a budget
Five knives, and a block
Safe and shark design, easy to use block
Reasons to buy:
• Fibre rod block
• Safe, rounded edges
• A small and chic look

Reasons to avoid:
• Hand wash only

With a 20cm chef knife, 20cm bread knife, 20cm carving knife, 12.5cm utility knife, and 9cm paring knife, this knife set is pretty unconventional. It has a block with fibre rods that will store your knives safely, no matter where you place them. Another thing that stets it apart is the safety squared tip, which will mean that your knife doesn’t have a point at the end. It will still cut brilliantly, and they’re a little shorter because of this.

We really enjoy the non-stick coating on the blades of the Viners Assure 5 Piece Knife Block Set, which matches the ergonomic soft-touch handles and black storage block. This block is also pretty compact, and we think it would be great for students, casual cooks, or those on a budget.

Ideal Home rated 4 out of 5 stars

How we reviewed the best knife sets

All of the best knife sets we tested

We reviewed each and every one of the best knife sets in this guide hands-on. In fact, our Small Appliances and Cooking editor Millie Fender tried each and every block herself in her own kitchen for months to give every knife set a fair shot.

There’s only one way to review knives, and that’s to use them. We chopped tricky items like butternut squash, mango, pineapple, meat, and more when testing, making sure that each knife block was integrated into everyday life.

Things we took into account included the experience of holding the knives, the look and layout of the knife block, the style and dimensions, the cleaning process, and the sharpness over a prolonged period of time.

What to know when shopping for the best knife set

Nobody knows knives like the pros, which is why we spote to Wilson, Product Specialist at Robert Welch, to ask for top tips on how to shop for and look after knives.

Is it ok to put knives in the dishwasher?

Robert Welch Signature Book Knife Block

There’s no denying that putting things in the dishwasher is a lot easier than hand-washing, but most knives need to be washed by hand. Robert Welch’s Product Specialist told us “I always say good quality knives are like owning a Rolls Royce, you wouldn’t want to put it through a car wash. Kitchen knives can be easily rinsed after use and dried for maintaining the edge. Placing knives in the dishwasher is not terribly detrimental but will have an effect.

Firstly any contact of the blade in loading and unloading the dishwasher can damage the fine edge or at least dull it slightly, the fact that ALL kitchen knives are hardened means they are naturally magnetic meaning any NON stainless steel items in your dishwasher such as cast iron pans, sieves, utensils etc can cause rust migration. That’s when microscopic particles of non stainless steel metals fly around the dishwasher and are attracted to the knives surface which will oxidise in the humid conditions and cause rust marks. These can be polished off but then if you are going to do that you may as well have washed it by hand.”

How can I extend the life of my kitchen knife set?

When shopping for a kitchen knife set, it’s possible that you’ll be spending upwards of £200, so it’s worth knowing how best to care for your knives to help them last. “Store them correctly, minimising all contact with the blade. Our Robert Welch book block” (the one we tried and loved) “saves space and allows your knives to hang without there ever being a chance of contact with the blade edge.”

What knives do I need for everyday cooking?

“If you would have only one knife in the kitchen you would want it to be a Chef’s knife (also known as a Cook’s knife) whichever size is comfortable for you, Chef’s knives have a straight enough blade to satisfy the choppers and the curved front edge works for those of you who are rockers.

If you were having two knives you’d want the second to be some sort of paring knife, the Robert Welch Signature 8cm is my most favoured knife, great for peeling, turning vegetable and for all fruit and salad preparation.

The third knife I feel is a personal choice, if you eat a lot of home-cooked bread then a bread knife is a good shout, but if you cook a roast every week you’d be better off with a carving knife. This is great for large or small roasts, but excellent for slicing cakes and bakes too as well as large fish prep like whole salmons.”

How do I prevent my knives from rusting?

Viners Assure 5 Piece Knife Block Set

We spoke to the experts at Viners to find out how to prevent kitchen knives from rusting. “It is important to care for your knives properly and the best way to prevent rust spotting is to avoid moisture sitting on the blade for long periods of time. There are several tips to consider:

  1. After washing your knife, dry the piece straight away before placing back into storage.
  2. Avoid leaving your knives to dry naturally.
  3. Avoid cleaning your knives in the dishwasher, as they remain in the water longer then when hand washing, this helps maintain a longer life span.”

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A Slide and a Wonder Woman Theme Topped This Kid’s Bedroom Makeover Requests

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giant blue bunk bed structure

“Oh boy” was Camille Kurtz’s gut reaction when her 5-year-old daughter, Charlotte, said she wanted a Wonder Woman–themed bedroom. Kurtz was stumped: While she wanted to deliver on her child’s request, the seasoned DIYer also wanted to like the finished result, which meant cheesy wall decals and red and gold bedding with big W logos were out of the question. Adding to the pressure? She had just eight weeks to tackle the makeover for the One Room Challenge. So Kurtz took a less literal route. “We went more with where Wonder Woman’s home is: the island of Themyscira,” she says.

Kurtz set the scene with a giant mural—pink sky, mountains, rippling water, and all. But another major task was the built-in bunk bed setup on the other side of the room (Charlotte specifically requested one with stairs and a slide). “In the newer movies and even some of the older ones, Wonder Woman’s bed has golden arches,” notes Kurtz. So she set out to create a sleep-slash-play zone fit for a Wonder Girl.

The Lair

After buying a prefabricated bunk bed on Amazon, Kurtz turned to Instagram to figure out how to make the structure look built in. She came across a photo designer Sarah Sherman Samuel posted of her own child’s room that involved framing the structure with a giant arch, which she cut from a sheet of plywood using a jigsaw, and knew it was perfect for the Wonder Woman setting. (Psst: You can see Samuel’s original how-to here.) Kurtz continued the curved shape in the form of a golden headboard and shelving. “The top bunk is reserved for reading in the afternoon and playing princess with her younger sister,” notes Kurtz.

giant blue bunk bed structure

Then she painted the whole thing a cool blue, channeling the water surrounding Themyscira. “It’s very calming for kids to have a lot of blue around,” explains Kurtz. In a nearby corner, she carved out a reading nook with tons of floor pillows, which also provides a cushy place to crash when the girls come down the slide. 

The Landscape

blue wall bedroom

Charlotte’s bedroom, before.

Painting the tropical mural was surprisingly the easiest part of the whole project. “It was forgiving,” Kurtz says of the design. She freehanded the illustration, but she notes anyone could easily sketch out their drawing on the wall with a pencil and then follow a “color by number” method. Because there was so much organic patterning going on, she added geometric blocks on the side to balance out the space and spotlight the acrylic book ledges. 

She stenciled a floral design on the rest of the walls, using the same paint colors in the mural to tie the blue and pink scheme together. “I originally had wallpaper picked out, but it was going to cost around $600,” she says. This hack was practically free and it looks like the real deal. “Charlotte was watching me do the stenciling and was just mesmerized that the pattern was showing up on the wall,” recalls Kurtz.

The Lighting

mountain mural

Incorporating plug-in wall sconces inside the bunk was a must for story time. “Charlotte specifically asked for a light with a pull tab,” says Kurtz with a laugh. She found chrome options on Amazon and spray-painted the bases gold to fit the theme, adding color-changing bulbs for a fun element of surprise. Funny enough, it’s her little one’s favorite thing about her now completed room. “She’s a very functional person,” says Kurtz. 

woman with nail gun

The DIYer also hung a fresh ceiling fixture overhead that she built with a foam wreath core, an 8-inch-wide drum shade, fake ostrich feathers, and hot glue. The light itself is a simple bulb attached to a 15-foot cord from IKEA that she swagged and plugged into the wall outlet, so there was no need to call in an electrician to hardwire anything. Turns out, DIYing is a superpower.

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Best electric blankets – 9 top picks to keep you cosy this winter

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The cold nights and chilly mornings are here, which means that the best electric blanket should be high on your to-buy list. Whether you’ve never used an electric blanket before or you’re replacing an old or broken model, here are our top picks for warmth – and for style. Gone are the days of electric blankets being associated with your grandparents (they definitely had a smart idea, though) as we’ve found everything from smart options to faux fur electric blankets plus more.

There are two types of electric blankets to choose from – an under electric blanket which sits atop your best mattress, and underneath your fitted sheet. Alternatively, an over electric blanket is designed to be used on top of a duvet, or draped over your body whilst on the sofa.

Max up the comfort level in your home and ensure that you never climb into a cold bed ever again. For head-to-toe warmth, an electric blanket is a safe bet, plus, selected electric blankets even let you control only the side that you sleep on. So, if your bed partner is a warmer sleeper than you, there’s no need to worry. You’ll each get your own control, too, so there’s no need to argue.

As well as keeping you cosy, electric blankets have other benefits: the heat they provide will increase blood circulation and help your muscles to relax. This can alleviate any muscle tension, stiffness or pain from arthritis. What are you waiting for? Our top picks are just below, to see you through 2022 – and beyond.

The best electric blankets to buy this year

1. Dreamland Cotton Heated Mattress protector

The best electric blanket for a quick heat-up time

This economical electric blanket from Dreamland costs as little as 1p per night to run for seven hours. It fits like an elasticated fitted sheet, so it is really easy to throw on your bed. It hugs the mattress really well with a generous 38cm deep skirt. Made from 200-thread-count cotton, it is soft to the touch, breathable, and the deep quilted finish makes it feel all the more luxurious.

The pièce de résistance is the addition of dual controls so you and your partner can pick your own setting. If they’re ever away, you only need to heat up your own side of the bed. It features a very handy ‘Ready For Bed’ five-minute pre-heat button. Turn this on before you clean your teeth, wash your face etc, and by the time you’re prepped for bed it will be ready for you.

In addition, it comes with a choice of five different heat settings which you can select for just 1 hour as you nod off. It can even stay on all night, for nine hours. After your chosen time, it automatically shuts off.

If you do opt for the all-night setting, it cleverly detects and responds to any temperature changes whilst you sleep. Available in all sizes from single through to super king with dual controls available from the double size up. This electric blanket can be washed at 40 °C and tumble dried on a low setting.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

2. Slumberdown Perfectly Warm Luxury Electric Blanket

The best electric blanket with dual controls


Crave cosy toes or full-body warmth? New to the market from Slumberdown is this cleverly designed blanket that can target four different sections of the bed; the dual controls give you and your partner the option to monitor your own side and the extra foot warmth is a lovely feature that will appeal to hot water bottle fans who have a preference for toasty toes.

To fit, lay the blanket flat on your mattress and secure it with the re-enforced elastic straps –they wrap underneath the mattress so once in place, won’t budge. It isn’t as long as the mattress so make sure you pull it down the bed so the area underneath your pillows isn’t covered.

There are 9 warmth settings for your body and feet and you can also set a timer ranging from 1 – 12 hours. Heat-up time could be a little quicker (so plan ahead) but after 15 minutes it’s ready to go. I found the temperature just right but some might prefer it a little hotter.

The indulgent, quilted fleece on top is the piece de résistance and adds extra thickness and a lovely squidgy layer to your mattress (a bit like a heated topper!) – this is a really comfy addition that can be easily removed and machine washed separately. Both layers can be washed on a 40-degree wool cycle.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

3. Dreamland Alaskan Husky Faux Fur heated throw

The best luxury electric blanket

Lakeland Alaskan Husky Faux Fur heated throw

Image credit: Lakeland

If you prefer your heat source to be over you, this fabulous faux fur heated blanket is incredibly soft and may actually help save money on your heating bill. Costing as little as 1p a night to run, you could turn down your thermostat and stay snug on the sofa with this wrapped around you – perfect if you’ve had a long day and you want to create a hygge haven – light some candles and escape with a box set but be warned, you might find it hard to get up! You can also take it to bed with you though as it works well laid over your duvet.

With 6 heat settings and a ready-to-relax pre-heat button, you can be super snug within as little as 5 minutes; the heat feels really evenly distributed and it responds to temperature changes during use. For peace of mind (if you do nod off) there is an auto shut-off feature that can be set between 1-9 hours. Our only bugbear is the cable isn’t very long so you may need to use an extension lead.

A stand-out feature is the Memory Function – after using your throw for more than 5 minutes, the Intelliheat control will remember your last temperature setting for when you use it the next time.

The throw can be machine washed at 40 degrees on a wool programme but only use a gentle spin cycle.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


4. Livivo Deluxe electric underblanket with dual LED controller

The best value electric blanket

Fitting securely to your mattress with the elastic skirt, this electric blanket really is great value for money. It has ultra-thin, non-obtrusive wires and dual controls from the double size up, allowing you to heat both sides of the bed independently.

It takes virtually no time to heat up and comes with five pre-set temperatures (ignore the description online, which says three). There are also pre-set times of 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours, with a build-in overheat protection system.

The digital LED controllers are really easy to use and come with an on/off switch, a temperature, timer and cancel button. They are easily detachable too so you can machine wash the blanket safely at 40 degrees.

Overall, the performance and flexibility are great. And as you nod off and enjoy your warm bed, you can feel safe in the knowledge that this is a thrifty yet reliable buy.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Livivo Deluxe electric underblanket with dual LED controller, £44.99, Livivo

5. Dreamland Intelliheat Harmony Super-Soft Heated Overblanket

The best electric blanket for elderly people


Another heated over blanket, but this time in a neutral colour that will suit most decors and spot the satin trim, which adds a touch of luxe.

Available in a single, double or king, hunker down with this blanket that will be up to temperature after only 5 minutes using the Ready For Bed fast preheat button. You then have the option of 5 different temperature settings which you can leave on for just 1 hour or 9.

If you’re worried you will get too hot, don’t panic, this blanket is smart and cleverly responds to any temperature changes whilst you sleep which also helps to minimise your energy consumption. It’s actually designed to go under any additional duvet or bedcovers, this is to avoid any heat loss. You can also place it inside your duvet cover, with the duvet on top to keep the heat in.

If you want to stay toasty at night but you have a memory foam mattress, then a heated over blanket is the way to go. This is because memory foam is a heat-sensitive material that reacts to the warmth of your body and moulds to your shape. The warmth from an electric blanket that is in direct contact with a mattress will cause the memory foam to soften too much and affect your support so it is best to keep any added heat over you.

This blanket can be machine washed and tumble dried at 40 degrees on a wool programme.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

6. Morphy Richards Fleece washable heated under blanket

The best fleece electric blanket


Costing from as little as 2p per night to run, this cosy fleece electric blanket comes with 4 different heat levels with extra heat at the foot of the bed for keeping your toes toasty warm. The fleece feels really snuggly and soft to the touch, a bit like lying on a sheepskin rug.

This one doesn’t offer maximum coverage like the mattress protector versions, so to fit you need to attach the tie cords at all four corners of the bed. The wires are ultra-thin, so you certainly won’t notice these through the fluffy fleece.

It does take a little while to heat up (approx. 15-20 minutes) so you just need to plan ahead a bit. But once the heat starts flowing, you can keep it on all night if you wish. Just be warned – you may find it harder to get out of your toasty bed the next day.

For peace of mind, it comes with a built-in protection system which means it will automatically switch off when it gets to a temperature that is considered higher than comfortable. This blanket is machine washable at 40 degrees and it’s tumble dryer safe.

Ideal Home’s rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

7. Beurer Monogram Allergy-Free Heated Mattress Cover

The best anti-allergy electric blanket


Monogram by Beurer Anti Allergy Dual Control Electric Blanket

Image credit: Monogram by Beurer

Use this electric blanket atop your mattress and underneath your fitted sheet to warm your body and sanitise your bedding. Yes, it has been treated with HealthProtection® sanitised fabric technology to protect your bed from dust mites and allergens. Use it for just 10 minutes once a week to keep your mattress fresh and your allergies at bay whilst you sleep. Pop it on your mattress like you would a fitted sheet and it should stay in place all night long.

It works to warm your mattress before you sleep, to a lovely 60°C. It warms up in just 8 minutes and in total, it has 6 heat settings to choose from. Both sides of the bed will benefit from a controller, so there’s no need to lean over to one side when it comes to turning it off before you snooze.

With a pre-heat function, you can switch this on just before getting in your pyjamas and checking that the front door is locked to climb into a warm bed. You can also set it on a timer since it has an auto shut function that can kick in after 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours.

You can wash this electric blanket in your washing machine and tumble dry it on low when need be. Just a note: it’s not designed for use as a loose cover on upholstered furniture, and doing this could cause a fire hazard.

8. Bedsure Electric Heated Throw Blanket

The best electric blanket throw

Bedsure Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Image credit: Bedsure

This Bedsure electric over blanket ticks all our boxes – in both the functionality and the looks departments. It’s made from a high-quality flannel fabric that’s chequered to add texture to your home. You can use it atop your duvet on your bed, or draped over your body on your sofa – to keep warm whilst binging Netflix.

With 6 temperature settings on offer, this electric blanket can be tailored to suit your heating needs whilst snoozing or chilling. Plus, it can be set on a timer from 1 to 12 hours. Its control has an easy to read LCD display.

To prevent overheating, this blanket will automatically power off if the temperature gets too high when it’s in use. This gives you peace of mind when using it when you are tired.

This soft-touch comes in your choice of grey or dark grey and you can machine wash it separately on a gentle cold cycle. Tumble dry it on low.

9. Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket

The best electric blanket for occasional use


The Silentnight electric blanket is not designed to fit to the edges of the mattress. Instead, it comes with ties that neatly wrap around the four corners instead, keeping it securely in place. It is a bit of a fiddle to set up and if you’re looking for full bed coverage, then this might not be your first choice.

That said, it is a good option if you just want to use an electric blanket occasionally and don’t feel the need to splash out on a top-of-the-range model. You have three heat settings to choose from, and there is an auto shut-off function, which means the built-in thermal fuse will shut down if it detects a hot spot or a fault in the wiring.

Made from polyester, it is not very soft to the touch and it could do with a bit more padding as the wires do stick out a little. However, this blanket is memory foam compatible.

An added perk is you can also control your Silentnight electric blanket (and other home electronics) with the Silentnight App and Wi-Fi plug. Wherever you are you can use your smartphone to switch the blanket on or off, and even set the timer so it’s warmed up and ready for when you get in. Genius!

Ideal Home’s rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars


How do electric blankets work?

yellow velvet herringbone blanket

Image credit: Lakeland

Electric blankets contain thin electrical heating wires that have been placed into the fabric. An electric under blanket is placed in between your mattress and bottom bed sheet to heat the surface of your bed. An electric over blanket is like a normal blanket that you can spread on top of you. You can also get heated mattress covers and protectors (these come with an elasticated skirt), and heated throws. When you plug the blanket into your electricity supply they heat up, warming the blanket and the surrounding area.

They feature an attached control unit (between the blanket and the electrical outlet) that you use to turn it on and off. This adjusts the amount of heat it produces and how long it stays on. Most blankets will offer different heat settings, as well as timer programmes. Some blankets are designed to up the warmth by your feet with a slightly higher temperature setting at the bottom.

Tip: Always check the cord is long enough to reach the nearest plug socket, or you may need to use an extension lead.

How safe are electric blankets?

Although they are far less hazardous than ones used 20 years ago, you still need to use your electric blanket properly. Never use an electric blanket if you’re sharing your bed with a small child or pet. The Fire Service lists the following safety instructions:

  • Always follow the instructions
  • Never use an electric under blanket as an electric over blanket, and vice versa
  • Keep all blankets flat
  • Tie electric under blankets to the bed or mattress – this stops them from slipping and creasing, which could damage them
  • Only leave a blanket switched on all night if it has thermostatic controls for safe all-night use. Otherwise, switch it off and disconnect it before you get into bed
  • Don’t get blankets wet, and if your blanket does get wet, don’t use it. Never switch it on to dry it.

If your blanket is showing any evidence of the following electric blanket danger signs, you should have it checked, or treat yourself to a brand new one.

  • Fraying fabric
  • Scorch marks
  • Exposed elements
  • Creasing or folding
  • Soiling
  • Damp patches
  • Tie tapes damaged or missing
  • Worn flex
  • Loose connections

What else should I know before buying an electric blanket?

How do I look after an electric blanket?

It’s nice to have a blanket that is as clean and fresh as it is warm. Always check the manufacturers’ instructions first, but most can be washed in the machine at 40 degrees using a mild detergent. Just make sure you detach the controls first!

Some can even be tumble dried, but never use your electric blanket until it is completely dry or you could damage the wiring. Never iron your electric blanket.

How much do electric blankets cost to run?

The price you pay for an electric blanket will depend on your usage. It can either be kept on all night on a low setting, or used for a short amount of time before you get into bed.

Energy Helpline tested a 60 watt and a 70 watt blanket for seven hours a night over six months, which is as much as you’re likely to use the blanket for. The annual cost for the 60 watt was £14.60 (8p a night) and £16.42 for the 70 watt – (9p a night). This is about the same cost as leaving the landing light on.

What if I suffer from allergies?

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy cosy nights under an electric blanket as there are plenty of anti-allergy electric blankets out there. Made from specially-made hypoallergenic fabrics combined with the blanket’s heat, they create a hostile environment for any dust mites.

Can you feel the wires in an electric blanket?

We really don’t think you will! The new models aren’t like your granny’s old electric blanket – the wires used these days are very thin and flexible.

Can you use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress?

It’s not ideal as memory foam reacts to your own body heat. The blanket will act as a barrier between your body and the mattress, which will prevent the mattress from moulding to your body properly. While it’s not a safety issue, it may make it too hot for comfortable sleep.

How hot do electric blankets get?

The average minimum temperature is around 25°C (the lowest is 18°C). The average maximum is 48°C (the highest is 56°C). All the blankets in our buying guide feature a choice of temperature settings so that you can find the perfect one for you, whether you like it tropical, or you just want a gentle warming hug.

How should I store my electric blanket when not in use?

Always roll your electric blanket as folding could damage the wires.

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Fresh Grey and White Interiors With Creative Vibes

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Grey and white decor fashions fresh feeling interiors that come alive under scattered elements of warmth and interest. So, how do we include just the right hint of colour and creativity into a modern neutral backdrop without completely overpowering a cool minimal aesthetic? These two inviting contemporary home designs feature multiple ways in which to introduce a little life into the peaceful palette, from examples of modern art to understated yet mood boosting personal collections. We’ll also see how the raw concrete industrial aesthetic can become part of a warm and inviting interior with the right partnerships of furniture, soft furnishings and uplifting home accessories.

Visualizer: Holl Design  

The 42 square metre ‘U-House’ is located in the city of Kazan, Russian Federation. The project was shaped on a fairly modest budget for the 30-year-old male homeowner, who leads a nocturnal bachelor lifestyle.

Concrete, metal and wood come together to build a contemporary, industrial inspired aesthetic. A beige rug softens the seam-matched plank flooring.

Modern art adds character to a bright, minimalist living room, alongside an uber stylish sofa design.

Similarly to the sofa design, the base of the sleek TV stand extends out to one side, making an ideal spot to display an indoor plant.

The chrome planter reflects natural light from the balcony doors, and complements the cool grey concrete ceiling.

Surface mounted electrical cabling emphasises the ceiling’s industrial look.

A black metal coat rail is mounted above a shoe ledge in the hallway. A black framed full length mirror balances out the other side of the home entryway.

A small kitchen peninsula and a modern metal bar stool create a neat dining spot.

The kitchen cabinets carry a reflective metallic finish, which helps to expand the sense of space.

An open fronted unit is illuminated with LED strips to fashion a creative lightbox effect.

A built-in closet keeps the master bedroom layout looking clean and uncluttered.

The homeowner requested a bespoke wooden bed design and a work surface by the window. The response was a sturdy platform bed with a headboard that integrates into a custom desk design.

The wooden expanse even wraps around to the bedroom TV wall to create one connected flowing visual.

Venitian blinds provide a simple window dressing that complements the thinly framed desk chair.

Bearbrick and KAWS sculptures add an artistic display to the headboard wall.

The desk offers a large work surface to spread out documents and peripherals.

Leaving the original concrete exposed across the bedroom ceiling creates opportunity for fresh contrast with crisp white wall paint.

Black sanitaryware and grey tile makes a sophisticated bathroom scheme.

A light oak vanity shelf breaks up the darkness of a black bathroom sink and floating storage drawers.

A glass vase displays a refreshing burst of natural greenery within the neural decor palette.

Atmospheric lighting warms the space.

Photographer: Hanna Połczyńska  

This private apartment in Gdansk, Poland has its grey and white decor scheme lifted with blush pink and inky blue accents. Square nesting coffee tables add a beat of black to the centre of the lounge.

A decorative vase brings a pop of colour to complement the sofa cushions and intriguing modern wall art.

Faux fur adds dense, warm texture to a raw concrete floor, where a showstopping high-gloss black accent chair looks almost fluid in the window light. A small planter pulls the black accent over to a wall of storage.

Another black plant pot accents white wall shelves, which house a curated library of colourful vinyl sleeves.

A locker style console table holds the record player.

The dining area is situated right by the arm of the small sofa.

A unique linear chandelier boldly anchors the eating area in the compact open plan layout.

The black chandelier smoothly complements black metal frame dining chairs.

A black dining table completes the dark dining ensemble.

To contrast, a clean white kitchen design has been installed. A black tap, integrated oven and black kitchen accessories create a colour link with the dining set.

Wooden wall panels define the end of the kitchen run, creating a visual divide from the home entryway and the bedroom.

Black, white, grey and blush pink elements make up a peaceful bedroom setting. A collection of indoor plants add an invigorating touch to a Scandi style white and wood chest of drawers.

Black and white wireframe memo boards overlap to create a decorative wall feature, which displays personal photographs, sentimental cards and art.

A tiny fox figurine slinks across one of two floating bookshelves that have been mounted at base unit height. The books add a glorious multicolour stripe to the serene decor palette.

Black plant stands take the place of a bedside unit, since a space saving bedside shelf is utilised here instead. A frosted glass orb wall sconce blends quietly into the all white backdrop.

A wooden wardrobe falls back into a niche by the floating bookcase, and a wood pocket door into the bedroom conserves more space. Another faux fur rug adds a soft white accent to the concrete floor of the bedroom.

Moving on into the bathroom, a solid black vanity unit commands the clean white space.

Inky colour artfully floods the glass of the vanity mirror. An ink blue soap dispenser draws the colour out into 3D form by the vessel basin.

A charming miniature figurine and decorative vase daintily adorn the bold vanity unit.

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2022 Printable Calendar Collection

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My friends, a new year is just around the corner! While you settle into these last few weeks of December, you can still plan for next year!

Introducing my new Calendar Collection for 2022! Over at my print shop, find six different designs to frame. These are all year-at-a-glance style. If you’re like me and like to look ahead or glance at a year then you’ll love these large scale calendars!

These are perfect for an office or kitchen or anywhere you need to quickly remind yourself of dates. I’ve created six different designs using my sketches and photography. I’ve blended artistic touches with the practicality of a calendar in an instant download!

These printable calendars are fantastic framed in poster size at 24×36” but you can also print them at 18×24” or 50x70cm (see below how they’re a perfect fit for the IKEA RIBBA frame).

Here are the six designs up close:

Boho Flourish

Watercolor botanical flourishes in earth tones surround this year-at-a-glance calendar.


Olive Leaves

Illustrated palm leaves surround this calendar with months identified in a script font.


*also available in a teal background, see the listing!


Blue Leaves

Cascading blue leaves beautify this calendar with months backed by blush pink squares.



Black Scallop

Sketched abstract scallop shapes surround this calendar in minimalist type.


Retro Surf

A retro style calendar featuring surfboards in a line with months displayed in minimalist type.




Beach Walk

Find instant serenity in this wall calendar in soothing blue tones and an ocean view.


I’m very excited to share these new designs with you!

Earlier this year, I wrote about the easiest way to frame large scale art under $50.

Each one of these prints can be framed and hung on the wall as a reference all year.


Each digital download includes a 2to3 ratio which prints as large as 24×36” as well as a 3to4 ratio which print as large as the 18×24” size.

Also included is the 50x70cm size which sits perfectly inside this $15 IKEA RIBBA 19¾x27½” frame (also available in black). The 24×36″ IKEA RIBBA frames are only $20!


Find the 2022 Calendar Collection here.


From today until December 25th, all calendars are 20% off!

Use the coupon HAPPYHOLIDAYS at checkout!