I Tried a Washable Dining Chair—Here’s How It Held Up to My Toddler

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rustic and modern chairs in kitchen

Within five minutes—I kid you not—of putting together Levity’s Scandinavian dining chair (it arrived flat-packed and took about 20 frustration-free minutes to assemble), my potty-training toddler sat on it and had an accident. Life is comical, isn’t it?

Under normal circumstances, panic would have ensued. A mad dash to blot and clean with attempted calm (“It’s okay, it’s okay—accidents happen,” all while steaming inside) would have played out. But instead, I was calm—truly. Because Levity’s upholstered furniture is specifically made to endure situations just like that one.

Were they not designed to be stain resistant as well as machine washable/dryable, would I have ever dared bring fabric dining chairs (albeit ivory ones!) into my home? Absolutely not. And I definitely wouldn’t have let that same nascent spoon user eat chili on that chair a few days later. As her tiny, sauce-covered hands grasped the upper cushion of the chair, I remained unruffled. 

washable dining chair

Rather than react in distress, I simply spot-cleaned the area with water—just because I didn’t have time at that moment to take the covers off and throw them in the machine. Then later that evening, I popped off the cushions with a forceful tug, removed the covers (they’re held on snuggly with superstrong elastic), and threw them in with the wash. They came out of the dryer in perfect condition and back onto the chair they went. 

The start-to-finish process of removing, washing, and recovering is generally easy-breezy. And even though getting the covers on requires a little bit of finagling (it seems to be easier each time I’ve done it), it’s well worth the effort for the level of peace it brings me. Given all of life’s stresses, this chair has made it clear to me that nondurable upholstered furniture (or rugs for that matter) should not be one of them. But it’s not just the exterior covers that makes these chairs great, it’s that the interior cushions are covered in a waterproof material—which prevents spills from seeping in (remember that potty-training accident I mentioned?). 

Another bonus: You can purchase an extra set of covers (choose from 16 solid colors and 18 patterns)—a nice option if you don’t want your chairs to be bare during washes or if you just like the idea of switching it up, the way one might with throw pillows on a sofa seasonally or as your tastes change. You could even get creative—taking inspiration from Jordan Ferney’s folding chairs—and dream up a two-tone look. And while you do that, don’t for one second contemplate which colors best hide stains, because that worry is obsolete. 

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Breathtaking Villa That Opens Its Windows To New Zealand’s Serene Landscape [Video]

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Large and luxurious, Waiora is a sustainable development located on a plot that boasts breathtaking views over Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, New Zealand. The luxurious villa design features massive windows that welcome in the stunning mountain panorama, and fill the interior with natural light. Reaching its completion in 2023, the home layout includes four large bedroom suites, an expansive open plan living space with dining, kitchen and lounge areas, and a huge deck that soaks up the serenity of the surrounding landscape. There is a focus on wellness here, with an infrared sauna, infinity pool, and a home gym for daily exercise. A media room and an enviable wine cellar promote relaxation and play.

The residence takes one of only eleven private plots within the exclusive Forestlines gated community. The green landscape rushes up to meet the front entrance of the home, creating a soft and natural border.

Waiora is the Maori word for health, soundness and healing waters. This beautiful name is lovingly displayed in fine gold letters at the front door, illuminated by an understated modern wall sconce.

Upon entering the exquisite home, an impossibly perfect view makes a breathtaking first impact. The clear blue waters of Lake Wakatipu evoke calm, whilst Cecil Peak and the Remarkable mountain ranges arouse awe and wonder.

This exceptional home boasts a fabulous living room with a spectacular view. The mountain panorama negates the need for any interior colour of distracting decor. The view is more than enough to please and hold the eye.

Soft grey modern sofas and a large area rug define the lounge within the airy open plan living space. A sleek modern coffee table forms a central anchor. A contemporary bench seat draws low across the window wall so as not to interrupt the view.

A modern fireplace flickers atmospherically at one side of the lounge, providing a warm and cosy glow as one looks out at the cold, snowy mountain peaks.

The outdoor dining spot beats the ambience of any top restaurant. Modern outdoor chairs seat eight people at a large yet visually light dining table design.

Comfortable outdoor sofas are arranged out on the terrace, which is undoubtedly the prime spot in which to while away the hours.

The kitchen cabinets contrast darkly with the rest of the light living space, which creates a dramatic impact. Four kitchen bar stools line up along the edge of a massive kitchen island, interrupting its dark finish with moments of light wood tone. A modern linear suspension light draws brightly along the full length of the dining island, fully illuminating its spacious countertop.

The kitchen island is situated so that the cook can appreciate their location as they go about preparing food for the family.

The mountain-facing exterior of the home is almost fully glass to drink in the natural beauty.

The luxurious bedroom design is the stuff of dreams. A ceiling-mounted fireplace descends in front of vast dual aspect windows, where it heats the foot of the bed. A bedroom lounge area is situated on the opposite side of the room for gazing out upon the environment.

Even the walk in wardrobe benefits from a view of the landscape.

… And the bathtub puts you right at the mountain peak.

The master bedroom suite features its own terrace area to connect it with the blissful environment.

An outdoor chaise lounge chair and coffee table make up an inviting lounge area on the bedroom terrace.

A larger patio runs alongside the infinity pool. Four outdoor lounge chairs and a modern firepit fashion a welcoming social area, where conversations and laughter can stretch long into the night.

The patio and pool are tucked away privately into the dip of the sloping terrain, which surrounds them with lush shrubs, groundcover and established trees.

The waters of the infinity pool ripple out toward Lake Wakatipu and the nearby mountain ranges.

Beautiful Queenstown is a destination for adventure and activity. Amongst the thrilling landscapes, there are world-renowned vineyards, golf courses, walking and hiking trails, horse trekking, and scenic cycling tracks. Spas, boutique shopping, and excellent food and wine are a local treat. River rafting, jet boating, canyon swinging, bungy jumping, skydiving, and skiing from winter to spring will excite the wild at heart.

The modern home exterior looks out from a 13,000 square metre plot of land at the front of the development, where it receives entirely unobstructed views. An integrated solar power system and a Tesla Power wall wire the home for an ecologically responsible lifestyle. Smart home technology and underfloor heating offer optimum comfort and convenience to enhance daily life.

The property location is just an eight-minute drive from central Queenstown, or a twenty-minute drive from Queenstown international airport. There is generous parking for up to six cars. A large home office offers a luxurious setting for remote working.

Density of plantlife makes the home feel safely secluded and far away from the troubles of the world. The holistic environment promotes mental and physical wellness.

Even the roof of the home is overtaken by the green beauty of nature. The green roof blends harmoniously into the hill, softening the presence of the linear architecture.

The plant-covered roof creates the impression that the house has stood here for a long time, slowly becoming one with the land.

Check out the villa tour video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_MYiEzOU94?feature=oembed&w=500&h=281]

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Red Laterite Stone Shines In This Beautiful South Indian Home [Video]

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Replacing one existing house and a warehouse, this large family home was made to complement the tropical lifestyle of Kerala, India. Created by The Design Room, the architecture sympathetically retains the native trees of the 600 square metre site, and encloses several of them within a central courtyard design. The built spaces branch out from this open-air heart of the home, which achieves a cosy connection. The open plan layout was guided by the humid climatic conditions of the region. The benefits of cross ventilation, passive cooling, and natural lighting satisfied the vision for an energy-efficient home. Outside, the vegetation contrasts vibrantly with the visual heat of iron-rich red laterite stone.

The attractive three-story house structure has a crisp modern facade of contrasting red stone and clean white render. Established plants bristle around the edges of the plot, growing lush borders. Built-in planters draw a splash of natural greenery up by the front entrance door, and onto the first-floor terrace of the home.

Paving stones interrupt the green groundcover, laying a welcoming chequered driveway. Low metal gates smartly front the property, whilst white rendered walls separate the residence from its close neighbours.

Overhangs above the windows and terraces keep the interior and exterior living spaces cool and shady. Parasol roofs were implemented into the home design to support passive cooling of the interiors. These appealing roof structures also successfully conceal solar panels installed upon them.

The materials for the build were carefully selected for their local availability and their thermal effects. Laterite, an iron-rich soil and a rock type formed in tropical areas, was used extensively in the build. Historically used in monument-building, this time laterite bricks from Kannur are precisely used as a substitute for exterior cladding.

A minimalistic interior design complements the airy openness of the floor plan. Wood furniture and window frames complement the natural greenery both inside and outside of the home. The soft upholstery is light and creamy to adhere to a peaceful palette of polished white floors and white painted walls. The design shows detailed attention to the effective circulation of air throughout the house, employing slatted partitions and open bookcases to create lightweight zoning.

A double-height void makes for an impressive dining room. The modern dining set is a rich wood tone that coordinates warmly with the architectural details of the home. Double doors connect the interior dining space with the main courtyard.

A small courtyard design thrives beneath a slatted skylight, where it blurs the boundaries between inside and out. A huge glass window presents the pretty view to the living space and stairwell, whilst glass doors lead to the dining room.

There is a modern vanity unit with a bathroom sink inside the courtyard, where the family can wash their hands before dinner. A round wall mirror makes an elegant decorative feature.

The staircase design features open risers, allowing the view of the courtyard and natural light to flood in without obstruction. A comfortable sitting area makes the most of the pleasant vista.

The cream, white, and wood minimalist decor scheme continues inside the tranquil bedrooms. In the master bedroom suite, three wooden shutters create a tropical-style headboard feature behind the wood platform bed. Made-to-measure wood wardrobes span the entire length of the large room toward a matching bookcase.

False walls with decorative perforations are included on the west and south sides of the home to achieve cooler interior spaces. The decorative screens create beautiful light play across the open interior.

Comfortable sitting spaces dot the home, fashioned by modern lounge chairs and an ottoman or two. The sitting areas offer a quiet moment of solitude from the family for a spot of reading or peaceful contemplation.

As well as the already established plant life on the plot, an additional plant array was selected to harmonise with local growing conditions and the clients preferred aesthetic.

A carport shades vehicles from the hot sun during the day. Exterior lights brightly illuminate the driveway, balconies and terraces by night.

The first-floor terrace overlooks the central courtyard down at ground level, creating a family-friendly flowing connection across the vertical plane.

The sun-dappled courtyard features round decked areas that interconnect with circular plant beds. The plant beds are dotted around to house enormous trees that were already established on the site when it was purchased. In fact, the idea for the large courtyard sprung specifically from the notion of wanting to protect the numerous adult trees at the core of the plot.

The site is located just one kilometre from Kollam beach.

Side elevation, showing cladding organisation and fenestration.

Ground floor plan with courtyard, formal living room, family lounge, dining room, kitchen and butler kitchen, master bedroom suite, and a double bedroom that is used as a grandparents room.

First-floor plan with large terrace, spacious upper living room, home gym, and two additional bedrooms for the children.

The open flow of the home layout encourages many interactions between family members, as well as time spent outside in nature and fresh air. These interactions with family and nature help greatly with mental wellbeing, whilst the home gym will assist in the pursuit to keep the body healthy.

In this illustrated diagram, we observe the solar and airflow aspects of the home and its successful energy-efficient design solutions.

Check out the home tour video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0pdR46YTfs?feature=oembed&w=500&h=281]

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Weekend Reading 12.12.21

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I’ve finished my holiday shopping and now just waiting for the remainder of the gifts to arrive. Soon my teens will be out of school and our Christmas movie watching, baking, and snuggling will begin. We’re decorating the tree tonight and then I’m calling it done!

I’ve been reading the stories of the tornadoes in the Midwest, so saddened by the destruction and loss of life. My heart is with the all of the communities affected by the devastating twisters.

Favorite links from the week:

So many lovely natural textures in this Christmas home tour.

All the spaces in the 2022 HGTV Dream Home. My favorite is the loft murphy bed.

How to upgrade your poinsettia: add foliage, floral foam, and a pedestal vase.

How to make a charcuterie in the shape of a holiday wreath.

Instant guest room: just put up an outdoor tent indoors.

This impressive DIY floating desk project.

Yum! This adults only rum and coffee tres leches cake.

12 ways to escape the winter blues.

Perspective: no one has the power to upset you.

A Luxurious Dream Home Overlooking the Sea in Mykonos

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It takes a certain amount of confidence to name a property “Elysium,” the mythological Greek idea of immortal paradise. One step inside this expansive mansion on the island of Mykonos and there is no doubt that such confidence — and such a title — is warranted. This sprawling mansion covers 700 square meters (7500 square feet) on a 4000 square meter (43,000 square feet) property and includes nine bedrooms and ten bathrooms. In addition to unparalleled views of the crystal blue ocean, Elysium has two private pools, a helipad, gym, and an iPad-operated home control system.

This hilltop retreat has the unique advantage of allowing its resident to see their yacht docked below.

Day or night an expansive infinity pool offers the perfect relaxing oasis.

The home’s design was inspired by Ancient Greek Cycladic architecture, evidenced in the materials chosen for the stunning exterior.

The indoor and outdoor spaces are entirely integrated.

While most of the furniture consists of gleaming white, a unique accent chair provides contrast.

A beautiful home looks great from any angle, including from above — which is exactly the view one would have when landing on the home’s helipad.

The temperate climate means al fresco dining and relaxation is possible for much of the year.

Simple stone steps take visitors stylishly from one area of the expansive terrace to another.

Being outdoors needn’t mean being baked by the sun with a simple, modern outdoor shade.

A sunset meal or cocktail is that much more enjoyable without needing to shield one’s eyes from the harsh rays reflecting off the water.

White and unadorned wood are the natural choices for much of the decor in this home.

These design choices, as seen here in the outdoor chaise lounge chairs, highlight rather than detract from the surrounding natural beauty.

White and wood also work well with the stone design of the exterior of the home, which we will also see carry through inside.

An oversized pool means every dip feels like a private one, no matter who else is also going for a swim.

Sunbathing with ultimate privacy and a view of the sea is certainly a luxurious option.

White stone slabs in the pool offer an alternative to the poolside chaises.

A large white sofa and complementary chairs is a natural place to retreat from the sun.

The home’s luxurious living room opens directly onto the terrace for a seamless transition from indoor to outdoors.

Leather is another natural choice for this type of design, with leather chairs making a warm choice for an indoor dining area.

And a luxury kitchen is a must for all the entertaining that would be required of such an abode.

As alluded to earlier, the stone exterior does not stop outdoors and instead carries through to the interior of the house.

The rough stones contrast with smooth white walls in the living areas and guest rooms.

An impressive master suite looks directly out onto the terrace.

But smaller guest rooms, like this one with an upholstered bed, have their own impressive views.

After sunset, a bit of unwinding with a flatscreen propped on a modern TV stand may be in order.

This unique guest room includes a simple bedside table lamp and bit of bedroom wall decor as well as a private cactus garden.

Walking directly out for a dip at noon or midnight it just one perk of a stay at this luxurious estate.

Each guest room has a private bath, this one with green tinted glass panels for privacy.

Simple, clean lines are a modern choice.

Stone-lined hallways include open-air skylights above.

Light from above and below give passageways an ethereal feel.

Any good host will have easy access to wine storage and a bar for her guests.

More recessed lighting up the stairway will ensure no errant steps after tasting a glass or two.

Although lined with stone walls, there is a certain warmth in the design of the halls.

At the right time of evening, the sky seems to melt into the pool below.

Each private door to the terrace offers just enough space for a feeling of aloneness, even among other guests.

In a green outdoor dining nook, modern outdoor chairs provide a perfect place to start the day with a cup of coffee.

And what better way to end a stay then a dip in a Jacuzzi with a stunning view.

Check out the home tour video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMxmU_5saQ8?feature=oembed&w=500&h=281]

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20 Kitchen Curtains to Lighten and Brighten Your Kitchen Instantly

Sourced content from: https://www.homedit.com/kitchen-curtains/

If you’re looking for a new style and energy in your kitchen, kitchen curtains can help you accomplish exactly that.

kitchen curtains

Pay attention to the windows, if they need some dressing or at least a change, we’ve got a full list of 20 kitchen curtains that will lighten, brighten and restyle instantly!

The Diversity of Kitchen Curtains

Having windows in your kitchen adds a fun element for designing and styling your kitchen. 

With so many varieties of window treatments, the options are endless for matching your character and lifestyle with curtains in your kitchen. 

Kitchen Curtain Types

Whether your kitchen is farmhouse or modern, compact or spacious, there’s kitchen curtains for everything. 

Different kitchen curtain styles include:

  • Full-window cafe curtains
  • Half-window cafe curtains
  • Valance curtains
  • Balloon valances
  • Swag valances
  • Shade curtains
  • Roman shades
  • Pull-down shades
  • Full-Length Curtain Panels

From privacy and low lighting to colorful and bright, you can design any window with these different curtain types.

20 Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Design around your natural light sources with curtains in your kitchen. 

You can easily spruce up your kitchen with valances, swags, drapes, or cafe curtains. 

Use these kitchen curtain ideas to add personality to your kitchen. 

1. Vintage Kitchen Curtains

Vintage Kitchen Curtains

This small window is dressed perfectly with a subtle, black and white print that’s draped just right. It’s a unique set up but one that’s also a bit vintage in style.

2. Wooden Piece

Kitchen wooden piece used like curtain

Shield the sun away with this super quirky idea. A piece of wood for a rustic appeal may not be an actual curtain but it dresses the window all the same.found on athomeonthebay.

3. Whimsy Curtain Styles

Whimsy Curtain Styles

We love the beachy vibe of this window styling. It adds an extra punch of fashion and luxury to the breakfast area and will give some coverage too when you need it.

4. Classic Roll-Up Kitchen Curtains

Modern kitchen curtain roll design

If you’re looking for a bit of classic inspiration, check out this rolling, simple print that sets off this white and bright contemporary kitchen … just right!

5. Kitchen Valance Curtains

Golden kitchen curtain for window

Top off your kitchen with some royal essence by contrasting the neutral space with gold and draping it all just right. Really pay attention to getting a thicker, heavier fabric when creating this same look.

6. Roman Shades

Roman shades for kitchen

Roman shades – in all colors and prints – will work in the kitchen too. Just start envisioning the final product before you make any choices.

7. Modern Cafe Curtains

Caffe style kitchen curtain

Made with a cafe rod at eye level, this look will give your space an extra-special Euro-flair. We love its quirky aspect and romantic appeal too.

8. White Kitchen Curtains

Whimsical Scallops

This vintage space is topped off right with these light and airy scalloped piece. With a whimsical vibe, your window dressing should help transform the kitchen into your ultimate vision.

9. Color Blocked

Color block kitchen curtain

Here’s a beautiful, contemporary example of how to dress the dining area of the kitchen. You’ll get natural light throughout the day and be able to cover it up at night for the dinner party.found on tobifairley.

10. Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns for kitchen curtains

For some extra funk and personality, think about mixing and matching some exciting prints. Over the sink and on the door, there’s so much style and fun here.found on debracampbelldesign.

11. Rustic Kitchen Curtains with Burlap Sacks

Burlap kitchen curtain

If you’re creating a farmhouse kitchen full of texture, why not put up some burlap sacks over the windows? It’ll add dimension and surprise.

12. White Modern Kitchen Curtains

Clean white kitchen curtain

Sometimes all white is the right way to go. It’s classic and timeless, and it gives both the coverage and illusion you need.

13.Voluminous Floral

Colorful floral kitchen curtain

Don’t be afraid to go with something grandiose if it fits the space and your vision. Just look how gorgeous this kitchen and eating area becomes with the extra window dressing!

14. Crisp Blinds

Green crips blinds

Blind curtains with an easy pattern can add a crisp edge to modern or preppy-styled kitchen. For those that like minimalism or simplicity, this is for you!

15. Trellis Modern Kitchen Curtains

Trellis Panels

Check out these chic, trellis-patterned curtain panels surrounding this contemporary kitchen. It’s got a posh-appeal and womanly flair that we’re drawn to.

16. Lengthy Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen bay window curtains

Floor-to-ceiling options are for the bay windows kitchen too. Just look at this grandiose space and its use of cranberry, extra-long curtains.

17. Sheer Pattern

Sheer Pattern for kitchen

If you like a sheer curtain but want something with a bit more style, grab one with a pattern. Just check out this contemporary design here!

18. Full Treatment

Blue kitchen curtains

Here’s a kitchen that gave the full treatment to it’s windows. You see both blinds and a gorgeous, royal blue curtain dressing the area.

19. Exotic Tradition

Exotique kitchen curtains

Between the exotic florals and the traditional spirit, we’ve loving the uniqueness of this eat-in kitchen area. Just look at that window treatment!

20. Small Kitchen Curtains with Coffee Top

Striped kitchen curtain

Check out this coffee shop topping! We are in love with this vintage, adorable addition to the kitchen. What a unique way to dress your windows!

DIY Kitchen Window Curtain Ideas:

Kitchen Swag Curtains

Kitchen Swag Curtains

Even if it may not make a ton of sense to put a valance in the kitchen this is definitely an idea that could really suit this space. A window valance can look really nice and hanging it can potentially be super easy as well if you have a couple of wall-mounted cabinets to attach it to for example. Head over to onegoodthingbyjillee to find out more about this cool idea.

Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains

Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains

The idea of having to make new curtains for the kitchen can be discouraging for a lot of people, especially because most curtains require sewing. There are however ways in which you can get around that. For instance, check out these great no-sew curtains from savvysouthernstyle. They’re really easy to make and this could be a lovely weekend project that you could do next.

Decorative Curtains

White Laundry Room Makeover Progress Green Barnlight

This rolled fabric shade can also be made without any sewing involved. Something like this can look super nice in a space like a kitchen or a laundry room where there’s really no need to cover up the windows.

It’s mostly just a decorative window treatment, something to make the room feel more welcoming, a way to add some texture and color to the décor. Check out the tutorial for this no-sew fabric shade on theinspiredroom if you’re interested in making something like this.

Long Curtain Panels

Long Curtain Panels

In case you prefer something a bit more classic, how about some simple curtain panels? If your kitchen has windows with no furniture or appliances right below this can actually look really nice and can give the room a more refined and warm feel, more similar to a sitting area.

Just like the idea presented earlier, these are no-sew curtain panels and you can find out all about them in a tutorial featured on artsychicksrule. You can make these out of any type of fabric you like and make them as long or as short as you want them to be in order to fit well into your kitchen.

Homemade Curtain Rod

Homemade Curtain Rod

It’s not just the curtains themselves that matter but the mounting hardware too. Curtain rods are an easy option because they’re very versatile. Also, if you can’t find a rod that has just the right size or if you want to save a bit of money you can actually craft one yourself.

You can use a long wooden dowel and a couple of ping pong balls for that. It’s actually a perfect idea for small windows like the one in the kitchen and for lightweight curtains and other window treatments. Head over to shineyourlightblog to see how this cool curtain rod can be made from scratch.

Patterned Nook Curtains

Patterned Nook Curtains

Bay windows are known to pose a few challenges when it comes to hanging curtains and other window treatments. If you have bay windows in your kitchen you’re probably using this area as a cozy sitting nook or as a dining corner and the area would look a lot nicer if you were to frame it with long curtains.

The trick is to connect the curtains rods for each window and to have them curve around the corners for a nice and continuous look. It’s all explained in the tutorial which you can find on domestic imperfection.

Long Black Curtains

Long Black Curtains

If you want to add lining to your curtains that adds an extra step to the whole process. Similarly, if you want to go with the back-tab technique that complicates things even more. Making lined back-tab curtains is however not difficult. It’s simply a bit more tedious and it involves a lot of steps and a lot of patience.

The result however is really beautiful when done right. You can use this style for any space, including the kitchen so be sure to check out this super detailed tutorial from viewalongtheway if you’re a fan of this type of curtains.

Step-by-Step Sew Your Own Curtains

Step-by-Step Sew Your Own Curtains

Making basic curtains is pretty easy even when the sewing machine is involved. It doesn’t take long to understand the entire process and if you follow the steps from this tutorial everything will become very clear.

First, you select the fabric, then you measure it and cut it to size, you iron the edges, you stitch them and you finally hang the curtains. Head over to domesticimperfection for more info and more useful tips.

Space Dividing Kitchen Curtains

Space Dividing Kitchen Curtains

Curtains can be used in more than one way. You can think of them as window treatments but also as space dividers. For example, if you have bay windows in your kitchen you can make a pair of long curtains to hide this nook and to create a separate little area.

They’ll also add a lot to the room’s décor even when they’re open. This cool idea comes from homestoriesatoz so head over there to see how these curtains were made.

Easy Curtain Panels

Easy Curtain Panels

A couple of simple curtain panels and a piece of trim can potentially change the look of your entire kitchen. This is also an idea can you can use for other spaces as well. Making these curtains is super easy and the process starts with choosing the type of fabric that you want to use.

Pick a color and a print that suits the style and look and feel of your kitchen. It could be fun to go with a bold print but neutral colors and monochrome designs have their charm as well. Check out cleverlyinspired to see how the rest of the project goes.

Modern Kitchen Curtain Design

Modern Kitchen Curtain Design

You can create your own custom design for the curtains so you don’t necessarily need to look for the exact pattern or print when shopping for fabric.

For example, you can use ribbon to add a cool design to a plain and simple kitchen curtain. You can find out all the details in the tutorial provided on viewalongtheway. Based on that you can come up with your own unique design if you want to try something different and special.

Kitchen Curtains FAQ

What is a Kitchen Curtain Called?

There are many names for the different types of kitchen curtains. 

From cafe curtains to valance curtains, it can get confusing unless you know your curtains. 

Most kitchen curtains are short and drape over the top of the window. And the official term for this standardized kitchen curtain is ‘swag valance.’

Is it OK to Have Curtains in the Kitchen?

Kitchen window treatments are totally optional. But, yes, it’s perfectly fine to have curtains in the kitchen.

Some people opt for blinds over curtains to minimize light exposure and for better privacy.

But curtains can be a stylish addition to your kitchen decor.

What’s the Point of Cafe Curtains?

Cafe curtains are curtains that start at the middle of the window and end at the bottom of the window. They’re like a skirt for a window. 

The point of cafe curtains is to let light in through the top of the window while maintaining your privacy. 

And you don’t have to keep cafe curtains in the cafe or in the kitchen. They are a stylish addition to bedrooms, bathrooms, or living rooms to control lighting. 

What’s the Average Length of Kitchen Curtains?

Most curtains come in standard sizes of 84 inches, 96 inches, and 108 inches. 

The length of curtains depends on the size of your windows and the height of your ceilings.

If you have low ceilings, you’d typically want shorter curtains for a comfortable look. And if you have high ceilings, longer curtains would be better. 

How to Hang Kitchen Curtains

Curtains are useful for controlling light, privacy, and adding style to any space. Thus, you’ll want to hang your curtains right the first time. 

Here’s how to hang your kitchen curtains:

  1. Make sure curtains are wide enough to cover the window.
  2. Choose correct curtain length to cover as much of the window as you want.
  3. Measure from the floor to where you’ll hang the rod.
  4. If your ceiling is straight and level, hang your curtain rod a few inches below the ceiling.
  5. Securely mount the brackets to the wall. 
  6. Attach the curtain to the rod.
  7. Place and secure the rod within the brackets.

And there you have a simple process for how to hang kitchen curtains. 

Where to Buy Kitchen Curtains

Any store near you will surely carry kitchen curtains. 

However, if you’re looking for something specific or the stores don’t have what you’re looking for, shopping online is always an option. 

You can get kitchen curtains on Amazon. Any big retailer like Wal-Mart or Target has kitchen curtains for sale. 

So, when it comes to finding the right curtains for your kitchen, you have several options to purchase from.

Use Kitchen Curtains to Add Style to Your Kitchen

Kitchen curtains can have a tremendous impact on your space. They are the easiest way to add visual appeal in your kitchen.

Kitchen curtains vary in texture, color, material, and style. So, personalize your curtains to express and compliment your lifestyle. 

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Ideas for Gifting Experiences

Sourced content from: https://centsationalstyle.com/2021/12/ideas-for-gifting-experiences/

If you’re still wondering what to give that special person, there’s still time to give someone the gift of an experience!

Perhaps they’d prefer the gift of a memory instead of a thing. What are they passionate about? What have they mentioned they’d like to try? Below is a list of ideas for gifting a great memory to someone you care about this holiday season.

Tasting Experiences

Consider a culinary or market tour your person may enjoy. Airbnb Experiences and Trip Advisor are great sources for ideas in their area. Look for specialty food gatherings, wine tours, pub crawls, local market tours, and chef led tastings available in their area.

Online Courses

No doubt you’ve seen the ads for Masterclass with all the experts and celebs they’ve rounded up to teach classes. Skillshare and Creative Live are also great sources for anyone who wants to gain more knowledge in their hobby or profession.

Fender teaches guitar to beginners and Flowkey will help them learn piano. If there is a podcaster or mentor they are inspired by, consider one of their courses as a gift too. Airbnb now offers online culinary experiences and tours for anyone who wants to travel to or taste or learn from someone in a different part of the world.


Local Excursions or Tours

I’ve had great success over the years with Get Your Guide. I’ve booked multiple tours and excursions in foreign countries and also right here at home in the Wine Country and San Francisco Bay Area. Day trips by boat, bike, or van allow one to explore different areas even in their own backyard. Each experience has multiple written reviews and a gift card will allow them to book whatever experience they like near or far.


Memberships to Museums, Parks, & Gardens

Are there local museums, galleries, parks, academies, or botanical gardens they love to visit? A membership will allow them access anytime they want. Are they off on a road trip next year? Consider the America the Beautiful pass with access to all National Parks.


Local Classes

Who are the makers in their neighborhood? Creatives can learn from local artisans, and foodies can learn from local chefs or take cooking classes at Sur La Table. Do they want to learn to dive or paint or become a beekeeper? Getting them started on a new hobby is very thoughtful and they’ll think of you each time they show up for their new class. 🙂



Perhaps there is somewhere close by where they could relax for a day? Most busy moms would appreciate that, but also anyone with a busy schedule who could use a day off . Check out Resort Pass for local hotels and resorts offering use of their amenities for a day!

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Must-See Movie: Maudie

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“She was cut off from everything, except what was inside her.” ― Art commentator, describing folk artist Maud Lewis _________________________________ I watched a movie called Maudie (twice!) just before Christmas and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about it ever since. Have you seen it? It’s a biopic about one of Canada’s…

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Modern House Design Ideas From Around the World

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A modern house design sets itself from others with its style. To understand better, here you’ll find modern house design ideas from around the world.  With modern homes, form follows function, so every feature has a purpose.

Modern House Design

Refined lines are a feature of minimalist design. 

What is a Modern House?

A modern home centers on family living. Modern homes are meant to make one feel welcomed and comfortable. They’re simple but also beautiful and inviting.

Modern House Interior Design Elements

The modern house interior design favors ease among other features.

Here are a few traits of modern style:

Clean Lines And Shapes

Simple and basic shapes are staples of modern design. The interior of a modern home will not have arches, fancy columns, or decoration. The homes feature basic and simple layouts.

Natural Light

Modern interior design relies on natural light. In this case, a home will have large open windows that allow for more sunlight. The light opens up the rooms so they feel bigger. 

Open floor plans

Most modern interiors have open floor plans. The design connects living and dining rooms, and kitchens. It creates a warm and open atmosphere.

Neutral colors

Modern interior design relies neutral colors and textures. The focus is on the design and shape of the each room. It’s easier to create focal points with color accents. 

Natural materials

Natural materials like wood and stone are traits of modern design. Exposed concrete is also common. 

Simple House Design Principles

Simple has many forms in modern homes. It’s based on ideas like: 

  • Form follows function – the idea that something serves a purpose and doesn’t follow an ideal.
  • Less is more – simplicity stresses function.
  • Austerity – a theme from Ludwig van der Rohe who said a good designer should “honor an economy of means.”
  • Open concept – in modern design, columns create large and open rooms.
  • Repetition – design elements are basic. For example, each room will have the same window designs.

3D Printed House Design

First 3D Printed House

As 3D printing becomes cheaper, designers are learning how to use it better. A company in Texas, ICON, built a one-story 3D printed house in one day. 

Made with cement, the house has a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and an office. The company aims to make 3D printed homes cheaper in underdeveloped areas.

10 Popular Architectural Styles For Houses

Finding your style is the first step in living in your dream home. There are many styles to choose from. Here are the 10 most popular home design styles:

A-Frame Houses

A-frame houses

A-frame houses have pitched roofs and angled sides that form the letter ‘A.’ The roof can go all the way down to the foundation. It’s  practical for its snow-shielding ability.

Barn-style Houses

Aspen Art Barn House by RowlandBroughton Architecture

This style is from the American barn. Barn-style homes have gambrel roofs and sliding doors. They also have windows and big outdoor areas.

Beach Houses

Modern Beach Houses

Beach houses use their surroundings for scenery. The houses have large windows to frame each view and outdoor living space. They sit on stilts that protect them from water damage.

Cape Cod Houses


Cape Cod houses were cottages with simple designs and small porches. Today’s Cape Cod homes are a combination of modern and traditional design. They’re also easy and simple.

Colonial Style Houses

Colonial style houses

Colonial-style houses are rectangular by design. Large columns support the roof and covered front porches. Colonial homes have a balance and evenly-spaced windows.

Craftsman Homes

Craftsman style houses

A craftsman home looks warm from the outside. The homes have gabled roofs with overhangs and shingles and covered front porches. Inside, craftsman-style homes feature exposed beams and rafters, pillars that line the entry, double-hanging windows, and single dormers.

Farmhouse Homes

Modern English Farmhouse

Farmhouse homes look rustic and traditional The homes have a second floor with dormer windows and a gable roof. They look simple and cozy and feature shutters and large front or wraparound porches.

Country-Style Homes

Country-style homes have steep roofs and big porches. Some will feature dormer windows and look informal yet elegant. 

Bungalow Homes

Bungalow homes have one story and sometimes an attic that’s been converted. They’re often narrow and deep and have a detached garage. They also have gabled roofs with steep pitches and small porches with columns.

Contemporary Houses

Contemporary houses feature designs that focus on the latest trends. This means they follow changing designs. 

Modern Tree House Design

Modern Tree House Design

At first, tree houses were for children. But not all of them are like this design. Some modern tree houses serve as private retreats. 

The example above is by Malan Vorster. It’s a house made of four cylindrical towers that look like tree houses. The front towers sit on stilts and have glazed walls that frame each view.

House Design Ideas With a Modern Touch

Modern house designs and home decor come in many forms worldwide. The ease and beauty of each design inspires and touches all those who look at them.  

Modern House Architecture In South Africa

Modern South African House

This modern 2-story home in Cape Town by Malan Vorster sits on a steep slope and has a ground floor that’s clad in natural stone.

Modern Three-Story House In Italy

Modern Three-Story House in Italy

Located close to Brescia, Italy, this house by LPArchitects and  Flussocreativo has three floors in a separate apartment. The ground floor decor is bright, colorful, and cheerful.

Modern Coastal House In Santa Cruz

Modern Coastal House in Santa Cruz

The Surf House by Feldman Architecture is in one of Santa Cruz’s best surf spots. The modern design makes the most of the coastal view. One of the best features is a large open deck that faces the Pacific Ocean.

Modern Rural House in Australia

Modern Rural House in Australia

Gawthorne’s Hut by Cameron Anderson Architects is a 40-square meter home with a modern and sustainable design in Mudgee, Australia.

Modern Corten Steel Houses in Australia

Modern Corten Steel Houses in Australia

The Birdhouses Studios are two modern houses that sit on a steep slope in Tasmania, Australia. From  Gillian van der Schans and clad in Corten steel, their exteriors will weather and offer a rusty patina, matching the landscape’s colors.

Modern A-frame Cabin in Minnesota

Modern A-frame cabin in Minnesota

The Minne Stuga House is a wooden chalet from the ’70s. It’s been modernized and brought back to life by studio Taiga Design+Build. They managed to turn it into a modern A-frame cabin for generations to come.

Modern Nautical-Themed Tiny House

Modern Nautical-Themed Tiny House

This modern house on wheels from  Tiny House Baluchon. It has a simple form, red cedar exterior siding and a black aluminum roof. The nautical-themed vibe is a reference to its owner’s love for the sea.

Modern Cape Town House

Modern Cape Town House

When studio Jenny Mills Architects renovated this house they replaced the old roof with a penthouse. This modern new addition transformed the residence helped it better communicate with its beautiful surroundings.

Modern Remote Cabin

Modern Remote Cabin

Cabana is a small and modern cabin from Liga Arquitetura e Urbanismo. It’s made of durable and sustainable materials and suited for remote locations. The modular cabin can be transported by a single truck.

Modern Off Grid Ursa House

Modern Off Grid Ursa House

The Ursa house is small, mobile and packed with clever interior design features.  Madeiguincho designed it to function off grid. It has a rainwater collection system, and solar panels on the roof.

Two-Story Cabin in Thailand

Modern Two-Storey Cabin in Thailand

This modern cabin by  Sher Maker has a long and narrow floor plan. Its two-storys tall, has lots of windows and a slanted metal roof. The cabin is also clad in burnt wood.

Small Prefab house in Iceland

Small Prefab house in Iceland

This modern cabin house is in one of the most beautiful regions of Iceland. It was built off-site by studio Manta North to minimize its impact on the landscape. Assembling this house only took a few hours.

Old Shed Turned into A Modern House

Old Shed Turned into A Modern House

This is a project by DAP Studio which begans as a renovation of an old tool shed. It evolved into what is now, a modern house with a rooftop swimming pool.

Shipping Container House

Shipping Container House

This studio house is by Plano Livre has a modular structure made from 2 repurposed shipping containers. The interior design is fresh, modern, and color-coded.

Brick House in Canada

Brick House in Canada

The Nanton Residence is a project by  Wiedemann Architectural Design. It’s a four-story house  in Vancouver and clad in bricks. This gives it an eclectic look and helps it stand out against the landscape.

Board and Batten House On Wheels

Board and Batten House On Wheels

The Pacific Harmony house by Handcrafted Movement is tiny and built on a triple axel Iron Eagle trailer. It has a charming board and batten exterior and a small cedar porch. Inside it has a cozy, practical and versatile design.

Canyon House in Texas

Canyon House in Texas

The High House in Austin, Texas by RAVEL Architecture sits on a steep slope with a magnificent view. The house follows the curvature of the slope and receives support by a retaining wall.

Desert House in California

Desert House in California

Originally built in 1987, this house from Landers was renovated by Karen McAloon and turned into a modern desert retreat. One of its best features is a swimming pool made from a shipping container. 

Small Two-Storey Forest Cabin

Small Two-Storey Forest Cabin

The Metal Lark cabin sits on the edge of a Wisconsin forest. It’s small and built on stilts. Designed by Sala Architects, it  has two floors with large windows overlooking the valley.

Wood Siding Forest House in Russia

Wood Sidding Forest House in Russia

The Hill House by Horomystudio and has a black exterior. It blends into the forest and mountain and it has large windows that let the outdoors in. Its modern design is enhanced by natural materials.

Water Tower House

Water Tower House

This house is unique for a very simple reason: it used to be a water tower. The transformation into a modern home was done by architect Tonkin Liu. The UK house resembles a small and modern castle from a distance.

Sicilian Retreat

Sicilian Retreat

Villa Cozzo Tre Venti is a remote retreat designed by Andrea Marlia. It has a simple and modern design inspired by the local vernacular and landscape. Its walls are covered with lime plaster and help it blend into the environment.

Minimalist Tokyo House

Minimalist Tokyo House

From Atoshi Kurosaki and APOLLO Architects & Associates, the house is small but also inspiring. It has a dark exterior that helps it stand out and a minimalist and airy interior. Inside spaces with different functions coexist in harmony.

Modern Container Home in Costa Rica

Modern Container Home in Costa Rica

This exotic two-bedroom retreat from Uvita, Costa Rica is made from two shipping containers. Its prizes feature is the enclosed courtyard. It has a big patio with outdoor seating and a dining area.

House Over a Pond

House Over a Pond

From Cutler Anderson Architects, the house was chosen for the beautiful artificial pond which became a main feature of  its design. The house is like a bridge that stretches over the water.

Modern Concrete House

Modern Concrete House

The 160 House is by MIDE Architetti offers a minimalist exterior appearance is given by the use of exposed concrete. Inside the ambiance is very warm and inviting thanks to the natural wood.

Australian House

Australian House

The house designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects in Sydney is quite unusual. Unlike most Australian homes, its social spaces are on the upper floor. This gives them a better view of the beautiful landscape.

Modern Waterfront Residence

Modern Waterfront Residence

Once a house in ruin, this building was transformed by architect Carlos Swick into a modern lakeside retreat. It has a water-focused design with big open spaces and large windows. Also, the building is raised above ground and seems to be floating.

Modern Off Grid Retreat

Modern Off Grid Retreat

This gem designed by architect Nadine Engelbrecht is complete off the grid. It’s located in a remote part of South Africa, small and practical. It has loft bedrooms and cozy multifunctional areas.

Multigenerational House

Modern Multigenerational House

The modern and minimalist house designed by The Grid Architects is a home to three generations of loving family members. It has multiple indoor-outdoor connections and a practical floor plan with both shared and private areas.

Cantilevered Concrete House

Cantilevered Concrete House

This modern shelter house from Portugal is designed by studio Carvalho Araújo. It’s cantilevered over the edge of a steep slope with gorgeous views of a mountain. The design is simple and organic. It includes a rooftop deck with a lap pool.

Modern Windmill House

Modern Windmill House

This cool retreat in Norfolk, England used to be a windmill. It’s now a modern little house with a James Bond-inspired theme. The circular layout makes it feel extra cozy inside.

Arizona House

Arizona House

This family house from Phoenix, Arizona is designed by The Ranch Mine. Many of its indoor areas are mirrored outside. For example, there’s an outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining area and several lounge areas.

Concrete House in Paraguay

Concrete House in Paraguay

Studio Bauen went to great lengths to design a modern house with minimal impact on the land. They also made sure this beautiful retreat from San Bernadino, Paraguay gets to take advantage of its amazing surroundings.

Rural House

Rural House

This wooden house has a simple and linear design. It has minimal impact on the rural plot that it occupies. Inside, the small footprint elaves room for only the main necessities. This is a design by Fábrica de casas

Modern Weekend Retreat

Modern Weekend Retreat

This is a house located in India and built by studio SAK Designs. It serves as a serene weekend retreat. Its indoor and outdoor areas feel very nature-oriented and harmonious. 

Minimalist House in Poland

Minimalist House in Poland

This modern residence occupies a flat piece of land in Poland. From studio RS+ Robert Skitek, the home features a minimalist and clean aesthetic. It features a double-height living room and a large kitchen with a massive island.

Modern-Industrial House

Modern-Industrial House

The Mao House by Di Frenna Arquitectos is in Colina, Mexico. It features a simple and raw palette of materials and a strong industrial look. The double-height entryway gives it a grand and impressive feel.

Modern Shipping Container Rental

Modern Shipping Container Rental

The Green Creek Shipyard is a shipping container house that you can rent via Airbnb in North Carolina. It has a kitchen, a living and dining area, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The main entrance features a glass garage door.

Modern Pavilion House

Modern Pavilion House

You can find this glass pavilion house in Mangawhai, New Zealand. It’s designed by Cheshire Architects with solid concrete floors and glazed walls on all sides. The private areas are inside three tapered cylinders.

Sloped House in Portugal

Sloped House in Portugal

The house from Hugo Pereira Arquitetos fits between the existing cork trees. Its modern design features sloped facades and a clean and sharp geometry. Full-height windows bring the beauty of nature inside.

Mid-Century Modern Triplex in Montreal

Mid-Century Modern Triplex in Montreal

Studio Dupont Blouin Architects gave this triplex a complete makeover. They went with a simple design with mid-century modern details. It features quirky design elements such as a playful mural in the backyard. 

Waterfront Retreat

Modern waterfront retreat

This family retreat began as a separate house and a cabin. The two structures were connected with a stone wall and turned into this modern waterfront house by  Coates Design studio. 

Tree House

Tree House

This little house in Yucatan, Mexico known as”Life on the Tree.” It’s designed by studio LAAR and is raised off the ground, among the tree tops. 

Modern Family Resort

Modern Family Resort

This family resort was designed by HMA2 Architects with flexibility in mind. It’s both a cozy everyday home and a wonderful retreat. Inside, each room is big and airy, with high ceilings and large windows.

Modern Californian Ranch House

Modern Californian Ranch House

This ranch house was built in 1956. Studios Assembledge and Alexander Design Build transformed it into a modern house. The project added a second floor to the existing structure.

Small Cliffside Cabin

Small Cliffside Cabin

The Clear Rock Lookout by Lemmo Architecture and Design sits on a cliff in Johnson City, Texas. It’s small and functions off the grid. The exterior features weathering steel panels.

Small Church turned Into A House In Spain

Small Church turned into a House in Spain

This abandoned 16th century church was transformed by Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos. Today, it’s a modern home. A big part of it was preserved, like the exterior. The interior is shabby but inviting.

Playful Family House in Australia

Playful Family House in Australia

The Totoro House by CplusC Architectural Workshop takes its inspiration from the animation of Studio Ghibli. It has a modern, playful and quirky design. It features big circular windows and a cheerful overall vibe.

Arched Suburban House

Arched Suburban House

The geometry of this modern suburban house is by Fabian Tan Architects. The house has an arched concrete extension with oversized wooden doors. Its simplicity is matched by its beauty.

Minimalist Family House in Malaysia

Minimalist Family House in Malaysia

The Makio House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Fabian Tan Architects has a minimalist yet inviting style. One of its defining design features is a wooden custom staircase.

Barn Studio

Barn Studio

The Art Barn is a modern studio in Dartmoor, UK. It was an agricultural building until architect Thomas Randall-Page converted it into a stylish art studio with a display area for sculptures and an archive.

Modern House of Mirrors

Modern House of Mirrors

The Invisible House in Los Angeles by architect Tomas Osinsk has a steel frame and is clad in mirrored glass panels. It blends into the landscape, becoming invisible from a distance.

Modern Hollywood Home

Modern Hollywood Home

This private residence in West Hollywood designed by Olson Kundig. It overlooks the mountains and ocean and features an expressive design. The facade is a mix of contrasting shapes, colors and finishes.

Japanese-Inspired Australian House

Japanese-Inspired Australian House

The Shutter House in Wmbley, Australia has a Japanese style. The unique design is the result of the combined effort between studios Mobilia and State of Kin

Modern Cottage House

Modern Cottage House

The Rag Doll in Belgium features a modern cottage style. Designed by Delmulle Delmulle Architecten, the home is a combination of old and new. The bottom section is clad in glass while the remaining structure has  opaque walls.

Prefab House in Latvia

Prefab House in Latvia

Built off-site, this house by Open AD studio had little impact on its environment. The pre-fab structure was assembled on-site.  

Modern Japanese House

Modern Japanese House

The Eaves House by studio mA-style architects in Japan resembles a right-angled triangle. Its roof slopes on one side forming an eave. On the opposite side, a tall straight wall features prominently.

Green Lakeside House

Green Lakeside House

This holiday home sits on the edge of a lake, surrounded by lush greenery. Designed by KRADS, it features a green roof which helps it blend into its environment.

Modern Concrete House in Georgia

Modern Concrete House in Georgia

Surrounded by structures, this house by NOA Studio features a tiered design. To ensure privacy, the living spaces sit between two gardens, with one at the top and the other at the bottom.

Modern House Designs Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Modern Clean Home Design?

A modern clean home design features unbroken clean lines. The clean lines represent modern architectural and design periods that use contemporary decorating styles.  

A clean home is rectilinear in shape. Rectilinear homes have straight sides and right angles. They look like two rectangles joined together.

How Can I Give A Traditional Home A Modern Twist?

When redesigning a traditional home to give it a modern look, you want to expand upon open layouts. Increase the amount of daylight and indoor-outdoor setups. Install bigger windows with uninterrupted glass.

Wood floors and hard-wood bed boards look great with steel appliances and industrial light fixtures.

What Is Ultra-Modern House Design?

Ultra-modern homes blend in with nature on the exterior. On the inside, the home offers wide interior views. The idea is you want the inside to feel like outside. Ultra-modern living turns indoor living into an outdoor experience. But more than anything, comfort is the goal.

Modern Home Design Conclusion

Modern home designs are spacious. They bring in natural light to your home which save you money in the long run. As a home design, they are aesthetically pleasing and offer plenty of room to customize according to your needs. More than anything, they are environmentally friendly.

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The Possibilities Are Endless With Mood Lighting

Sourced content from: https://www.homedit.com/mood-lighting/

Mood lighting is more than lighting that affects moods. The lighting helps create calm and warm settings. The possibilities are endless with mood lighting.

You can use mood lighting by pairing types of lights. Learn more about mood lighting with our complete guide.

What Is Mood Lighting?

What Is Mood Lighting?

Mood lighting influences the mood of a room. To adjust mood lighting, change its color, dimness, and angle. But that isn’t all you can do.

Mood lighting also influences your mood. The impact is subtle, so you may not realize it. You’ll find mood lighting in public settings where people gather.

The most common settings where you’ll find mood lighting include restaurants, spas, libraries, and medical offices.

History Of Mood Lighting

Lighting has a history that reaches back to 125,000 BC. It began when humans lit fires to control light. This was the source of light for over 50,000 years. In 75,000 BC, lighting became rocks that had animal fat on them.

In 4500 BC, oil lamps were invented followed by candles 1500 years later. From there, lighting evolved in a slow manner. There is a gap spanning almost 5000 years with little change in lighting. 

It wasn’t until 1780 that Aimé Argand invents a new type of oil lamp. The progression of lighting progresses from there and we see new ways to control lighting at least every ten years. 

Warm White Vs Cool White Mood Lighting

Warm White Vs Cool White Mood Lighting

Warm white and cool white are color temperatures. Color temperatures range from ultra-warm to daylight. The color is measured in Kelvin (K). Lower numbers indicate warmer temperatures. 

Light bulbs measured in degrees of Kelvin are lower than 2,700K. Around 2,000K is the lowest color temperature.

Here are the three color temperature ranges available over the counter: 

  • Warm Light – less than 3,000K – warm light is the color of light that incandescent bulbs produce. It is soft and calm. Warm light is good to set the mood for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. 
  • Cool Light – 3,000K to 4,500K – cool light is joyful and bright. Cool lights coincide with cool colors like blue and green. It works out well for kitchens and rooms you want to brighten, like basements. 
  • Daylight – over 4,500K – daylight bulbs offer natural light. They are the brightest lights. Use daylight bulbs in rooms where you need a lot of light. Craft rooms, workshops, and display rooms. 

How To Choose Color Temperature

How To Choose Color Temperature

Knowing different color temperatures and choosing them are two separate things. When you pick out lights, you need to choose which light to use in each room. This can overwhelm you, which is normal. 

There are no rules for color temperatures, but guidelines exist. Choose warm color temperatures in rooms where you want to relax and focus on people. Choose cool color temperatures in rooms where the focus is task-based.

How Does Each Color Affect Your Mood?

How Does Each Color Affect Your Mood?

Colors affect mood. It’s not about color temperatures in mood lighting. This is about how each color affects your mood mentally. There is a reason you choose a color.

What Each Color Means

  • Red – increases appetite – red is the color of passion. It is the warmest color with two near-opposite qualities. Red is associated with love and anger. Be careful with red as too much isn’t good for a room.
  • Orange – increases energy – orange is the color of creativity. As a mixture of two colors, orange has a few meanings. It takes energy from red and vibrance from yellow. Orange is good when you want to help people be creative. 
  • Yellow – lifts spirits – yellow is the color of joy. The sun is grouped with the color yellow. It means happiness and fun. Use yellow when you want a joyful room. 
  • Green – calms and grounds – green is the color of life. It is the color of nature and healing. Use green when you want to breathe life into a room and help people connect to nature.
  • Blue – relaxes and takes one away – blue is the color of peace. Each shade of blue has a special meaning but they all relate to peace and relaxation. Use blue if you want a room to feel like an escape. 
  • Indigo – opens the third eye – indigo is the color of wisdom. Indigo and blue are rainbow colors, despite indigo being grouped with blue. Use indigo to bring wisdom and sincerity to a room.
  • Violet – encourages pride – violet is the color of royalty. All the best parts of pride are found in violet with the pairing of red and blue. Use violet if you want the people to feel royal, dignified, and devoted. 

Three Types Of Mood Lighting

Colors and temperatures control mood lighting. But there are three types of lighting that come together to create the mood of a room.

The three lightings work as three layers. Use them all to have the most control over the lighting of a room.


Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting. This is the lighting that offers light for the entire room. If you only have one type of lighting, it should be ambient lighting.

Ambient lighting provided light in a uniform manner. This is all you need to light up an entire room. It comes in many forms but is found in ceiling and wall fixtures most often.


Task lighting is practical lighting that lights up a specific area. This includes lighting over workbenches or tables. It provides a safe place to do tasks, hence the name. 

Task lighting can be warm or cool, but brighter lights provide a safer workspace. Other places you will find task lighting are over desks, under upper cabinets, and nightstands.


Accent lighting is the ultimate mood lighting. This type of lighting draws attention to specific areas. It doesn’t provide practical light nor does it light up the entire room.

Instead, accent lighting allows you to control where people look when they enter the room. Accent lighting should be the last lighting that you plan as it is the top layer of lighting.

Mood Lighting Tips

Mood Lighting Tips

Before you choose mood lighting, you need to know a few things. These tips on how to use mood lighting will help you make the most of your lights. Take a look at each tip and set the mood in your room.

Note: if you have a method not listed below, feel free to let us know in the comments. We love hearing about new techniques, tips, and tricks to help improve our indoor space. Everyone has unique ideas to offer.

Overhead Lighting Vs Angled Lighting

Overhead Lighting Vs Angled Lighting

Overhead lighting can affect the mood of a room. It is good if you want to give your space a sharp and clean look. But if you use overhead lighting without any other lights, it may not be the best option.

Overhead lighting alone can pronounce wrinkles and cast shadows on your face. It also allows shadows to be cast in the corners of the room and ceilings. Pair overhead lighting with wall lights to take care of these issues.

Dispersed Lighting

Dispersed Lighting

If you create light in a room, you can control it. Instead of installing one large light, use multiple small lights. This gives you control over the light rays.

Using more than one light works in small rooms and large rooms. In small rooms, you can put the lights close together. But in large rooms, avoid using too many lights by spacing them out.

Backlit Mood Lighting

Backlit Mood Lighting

Backlights are attached behind objects. Backlit mirrors are the most common backlights. With glass objects, their impact is greater. 

Backlit glass is more effective as the light reflects off of the glass. Mirrors make a room look bigger. When light reflects off the glass, the room will look bigger and brighter.

Adjustable Mood Lighting 

Adjustable Mood Lighting 

You can buy adjustable mood lights. Some mood lights allow you to adjust the brightness or color temperature. Others allow you to adjust the color of the light. 

Shop online at Amazon and Wayfair. They have large selections of mood lights that cater to your needs. Mix and match for best results and get creative. Any light can be a mood light.

More Than One Light Source

More Than One Light Source

The last trick is using more than one light source to control the mood lighting. Add a light on the ceiling, corner, and wall.

To step things up, make your lights easy to move. Add lights behind a mirror, under the bed, and next to the windows. Hang fairy lights if you feel like it. Mood lighting is about making the room yours.

Types Of Lighting Fixtures

Before you choose the type of mood lighting you want, you need to know the options. The lighting fixture can make an impact on how people perceive the lighting in the room.


Chandeliers are more affordable than they once were. Some are more intricate than others, but the wide selection is refreshing. 

Pendant Light

Pendant lights are single-shade hanging lights. You mount pendant lights on the ceiling at a height chosen by you.

Floor Lamp

Floor lamps work as both accent lights and task lights. Because they are head-height, they are versatile. 

Table Lamp

A table lamp is common in the bedroom and living room. It provides task lighting for bedside reading. 


Wall-mounted lights are common in all rooms. Sconces are wall-mounted lights, but there are many others. 

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting takes up the least amount of space. The main part of the fixture goes into the ceiling. The only visible part of the light is the bulb and rim.

Under-Bar Light

Under-bar or under-cabinet lights are strips of lights that shine downward. They work well under cabinets and bars but you can also get creative with them.

Track Light

Track lighting is hung as a bar with protruding lights. Each light is adjustable. This gives you a lot of control over where each light will shine.

Mood Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Color Temperature

Degrees of Kelvin (K) measure color temperatures. Kelvin units reveal the amount of light that a lightbulb offers. The Kelvin scale temperature range is between 1,000K to 10,000K. 

In public buildings, for example, Kelvin temperatures range between 2,000K and 6,500K. A high Kelvin rating means the light will be more white. 

Do Mood Lights Work Like Mood Rings?

Mood lights and mood rings serve different purposes. Rings react to the air temperature in the room and your finger’s temperature. Mood lights do not react to anything. 

Is There A Best Mood Light For All The Time?

If you don’t want a different mood lighting for each room then play it safe. Cool light is the most common. Not warm light or daylight but cool light. White light is better than a colored one.

Can Mood Lighting Cure Diseases?

Light therapy may ease symptoms, but cannot cure diseases. They work better for increasing energy and improving moods than lowering symptoms caused by disease.

Is Mood Lighting LED Or Incandescent? 

Incandescent lights are warm and comforting. The lights are not adjustable. LED lights are mood lights.

Mood lighting is not a feature of incandescent lights. For more info, click the link: incandescent vs LED lights.

Mood Lighting Conclusion

Mood lighting is all about creating a setting. You can control the mood of the room with light. Each color and color temperature affects the mood. When you learn which one does which, you can welcome guests better.

Make guests feel cozy by inviting them into a room lit with warm lighting. Make them feel relaxed by inviting them into a room lit with cool lighting. It’s up to you to ensure that you present your home in the best way possible.

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