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Blue and green accents shape the modern interiors of two homes, each measuring just under 55 square metres. Bright blue and rich green coloured elements captivate and charm, and visually expand the modest proportions of each place with their added interest. Each apartment also features custom fit workspace designs, set into window reveals of living rooms. Whilst we can revel in the open airiness of home number one, home number two amazes with an inventive floor plan that manages to squeeze three double bedrooms into just 52 square metres–without any of them looking like a broom closet. Check out the floor plans at the end of each tour for more space savvy ideas.

Designer: Studio Open  
Visualizer: Studio Open  

Entering at the living room dining room combo of home number one, we encounter a vivid blue dining set. This is a pivotal piece for the open plan room, due to its dominating colour and the predominantly white decor that surrounds it.

The 50.8 square metre home layout requires some astute furniture choices in order to maximise the feeling of space. A modern sofa design drops the arm rests in order to narrow its footprint. A small side table makes up for in colour what it lacks in surface area.

An ultra slimline floor reading lamp wraps the edge of the mini sectional sofa.

The blue chairs and matching round dining table stand out against a background of white kitchen cabinets and whisper grey walls.

A clear glass vase makes a simple centrepiece for the small dining table.

A single armed sputnik chandelier makes a sculptural addition to the neat dining area, its black stem contrasting boldly against the snowy white backdrop.

One blue chair pulls up at a minimalist home office area by the windows of the living room. A custom cut desktop spans the width of the window nook, and bespoke office shelves climb an alcove.

The cool grey and white one wall kitchen runs into a warm feature wall of natural wood, which makes a welcome addition to the stark room scheme. Two modern wall sconces dot a tiled backsplash in the kitchen, beside a minimalist chimney extractor.

In contradiction with the simplistic kitchen design, a unique soap dispenser brings interesting form and finish to the countertop.

Blue and multicolored modern artwork brightens up a grey painted brick wall.

The exposed brickwork continues down the hallway, adding texture and architectural character.

A decorative wall mirror punches smooth elliptical curves onto the rugged wall.

Another modern wall sconce lights the entryway.

The grey bedroom is enlivened with indoor plants.

Above the headboard, a plain wooden shelf disguises an LED reading light.

A dog sculpture peers inquisitively from the floor.

Blue framework builds a colourful open closet design in the bedroom, and another elliptical wall mirror with light serves the dressing area.

A lush green Swiss Cheese Plant and a magenta rubber ducky make colourful companions inside a very grey bathroom design.

The bathroom vanity light matches the other orb wall sconces seen in the kitchen design, hallway and bedroom. Green wall paint around the vanity area seems inspired by the natural beauty of Monstera Deliciosa leaves.

A half circle wall mirror completes the vanity set up, above a shallow modern vessel basin.

Floor plan.

Visualizer: Alexey Anisimov & Julya Chernova  

The second blue accented apartment is a 52 square metre layout with three bedrooms. A plush blue velvety accent chair lights up the lounge right off the bat, next to a grey modern sofa and a stylish black floor lamp.

The lounge area runs into a dedicated home office area, which is kitted out with smart storage and shelving for files.

Decorative wall pattern smokes and swirls beside an equally curvaceous modern desk chair design.

The modern home office desk is plenty long enough for two users (as illustrated on the floor plan at the end of the tour), with just enough space left over to squeeze past down the walkway into a neighbouring bedroom.

A rectangular coffee table crosses a geometric area rug, which plays on the chevron cut of the wood laminate flooring. Gypsum wall panels undulate waves of white across the upper half of the TV wall.

Cork tiles characterise the first bedroom, which is closed off by a portiere. Inside the sleeping nook, the headboard wall is a blue cushioned dream with chevron quilted upholstery. Repositionable wall sconces bend in from each side of the bed to provide reading light.

Green kitchen units are teamed with natural wood wall cabinets and a timber countertop.

A wooden breakfast nook bench dips into the L-shaped kitchen arrangement, situated beneath a bright window. Green cushions accent the banquette seat, and deep green dining chairs pull up alongside the small dining table.

Moving into the next bedroom we find a combination of blue and green decor elements.

Densely patterned blue wallpaper makes a striking backdrop.

A green comforter turns back to reveal a grey flip side.

The final bedroom we see is situated en route to the latter, so a portiere provides privacy once again.

Another lively wallpaper print adds individuality to the space.

A geometric patterned chest of drawers vibes with chevron weave bedroom curtains.

More sharp chevrons cut pattern into jade green bathroom tiles.

Laundry equipment hides behind bifold cabinet doors.

Timber planks clad the bathroom walls.

Blue poufs adorn an exquisitely tiled entryway floor.

Three bedroom floor plan.

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