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This time of year I always look around for weekend winter getaways and cozy cabins always come to mind. How lovely it is to escape to a little cabin in the woods! In winter, nature is mostly dormant and invites us to slow down and recharge in anticipation of new seasons of growth. How lovely it would be to explore outdoors by day and sit and read by the fire by night in these featured homes.

Last year I featured cabin getaways and desert getaways. Today I’m back with even more cabins available for rent across the USA. These cabins offer appealing interiors that are just as lovely as their outdoor views. As much as I love a classic log cabin, it’s refreshing to see unique twists on traditional style or more contemporary looks on display in these getaways. They’re fun to glance at for design inspiration but you can rent them too! Click on the header links to explore more images and check out their availability calendar.

Sky Cabin | Washington



Coastal Hilltop | Oregon


Big Bear Lake | California




Lake Arrowhead | California




Mountain Chalet | Montana


Modern A Frame | South Dakota




Blushing Beaver Cabin | Oklahoma





Long Lake | Wisconsin


A Frame | Pennsylvania


Fairytale Cabin | Vermont



Tiny Home | Tennessee


Catskills Cabin | New York



Modern Mountain | North Carolina


Lake Hartwell | Georgia


Which one would you pick for a weekend getaway?



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