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Simple, relaxed and welcoming, this pair of modern home interiors build comfort through soft grey, white and wood decor. The two designs achieve balance between the crisp cool of monochrome and the textural warmth of wood tone in two different styles. On one hand there is an airy minimalist layout with bespoke fitted furniture, wood slatted dividing walls, and a laid-back low key feel – a place where family and friends can come lounge without ceremony and children play without borders. Home interior number two is packed a little more generously with home decor items, many of which have a more traditional flavour mixed with modernity, and lustrous golden touches.

Designer: Yupu Design & Guanpin  

A minimalist low key layout sprinkled with bespoke features and smooth wood panelling shapes home number one. Natural wood beams stripe a crisp white ceiling, where black tracks suspend multi-directional spotlights. Seating is close to the floor, which promotes loose laid-back vibes.

The kid’s chair is the Magis Puppy chair. A fabric teepee stands on the outskirt of a plush round floor rug, where the family can gather for games.

The floor plan of the home is open and free-flowing. Wood slatted walls have been erected at the borders of each area to define function. A bespoke media cabinet runs the length of the lounge wall and ends in an L-shape beneath one wood slatted room divider; on the other side of the screen, the cabinet becomes a bench with a padded seat.

A black plant stand raises an indoor plant up off the floor, whilst another is homed in a rattan basket on the floor by the teepee.

Floor cushions and beanbags turn the living room floor into a play area for kids and an informal hangout for adults.

Black dining room pendant lights and black seating bring weight to the white and wood dining room scheme.

Sunlight filters through the slatted walls, throwing pattern across wood flooring.

The sideboard in the dining room is a wall mounted design. A series of display shelves, drawers and cupboards float weightlessly beside the modern dining set.

Light grey accent walls meet pure white expanses. Gloss panels reflect natural light.

Wood slab doors hide within wood panelled walls, subtle and streamlined. The art in the home is abstract and muted in colour, providing the eye with moments of interest without being overly distracting of the mind.

The master bedroom is devised of two different areas, one for sleeping and another for dressing. A custom built L-shaped dressing table/desk becomes the visual divider.

The bespoke dressing table is set by a run of wardrobes built in the same wood grain.

In the kids’ bedroom, bunk beds are merged with a castle themed play tower and slide. Indoor plants compliment the green colour of the slide, and add natural elements to the minimalist decor.

Designer: UDe design & Guanpin  
Photographer: Black Angel  

Our second home interior has a slightly more classic feel mixed in with modern elements. A rattan pouf is the only floor level seating, the rest is a mix of standard height accent chairs and a traditionally styled sofa with rolled arms.

The round coffee table set adds an antique golden accent to the cool coloured room. Scatter cushions on the sofa bring in other warm shades of beige and red.

A Swiss Cheese Plant peeps out from behind the arm of the sofa, showcasing its giant green leaves against a white shelving stack. A mustard armchair marks the edge of the lounge and the beginning of a kitchen in the open plan room.

Another plant flanks the opposite end of the sofa, along with a unique floor lamp with an antique flavour.

White shutters keep the window dressing clean and uncomplicated, and suit well with the structured effect of beaded wall panelling.

Gold wall sconces add lustre to the decor plan.

Gold stemmed lights shine down on a dining peninsula in the kitchen. A more formal dining area is situated just off the kitchen, divided from the lounge by the television wall.

Black dining chairs, a natural wood dining bench and a white painted table form a mix-and-match dining set with a cosy country house vibe.

White beaded wall panelling continues in the dining room. The TV wall of shelving has cutouts that link the dining room to the lounge, sharing light and energy.

White and gold kitchenware and crockery adorn the kitchen area. Gold kitchen bar stools gleam at the breakfast bar.

Wood chopping boards add warm patches of natural colour to the pale grey and white kitchen decor.

In the first bedroom, notes of blue intermingle with wood grain and moody charcoal grey.

The master bedroom is punctuated with yellow bed pillows and shiny gold wall sconces. Indoor plants bring bursts of bright greenery to lift large expanses of deepest charcoal furniture and pale plain walls.

Pillows are stacked in plush layers upon the bed, in waves of accent colours. A mustard bedroom chair complements the elements of yellow and gold in the room. The bespoke headboard design towers all the way from bed base to ceiling coving, carving out a panelled column as it rises.

Precious golden items shape an upmarket bathroom design.

White subway tiles shine around the walls, with patterned tiles marking the floors.

A freestanding bathtub is elevated on a wooden platform, giving bubble baths a sense of occasion.

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