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I was walking through Michaels the other day trying to focus on the *one* reason I was there, to grab ribbon only, but then spied the thick soft yarn in a bin marketed for making blankets.

I can’t knit or crochet, I haven’t learned those skills yet, but I couldn’t help but be drawn to that super soft yarn and thought to myself if only I could use my creative talents to make something that resembled a knit basket but wasn’t. My brain’s solution was to braid the yarn and hot glue it to metal containers, so that’s what I did.


It seemed the perfect time of year (winter) to feature this project (two weeks before January) when we are all feeling equally cozy and also ready to organize all our stuff. May I present these braided yarn storage baskets, made from inexpensive metal wire containers from Target and cozy blanket yarn.

And might I suggest, why shouldn’t your storage containers be just as snuggly soft as your beanies and fuzzy socks and scarves and mittens, hmmmm? Doesn’t your favorite winter wear deserve its own special nest to rest in when not in use? (Baby Yoda has a cozy nest, your winter wear deserves one too.)


These are incredibly easy to make! I used two metal bins from Target, two of the soft big blanket yarn from Michaels, and hot glue. (I only used two of the four I purchased so I returned the two other sets of yarn.)

The first step is to make the braid, I recommend working in no more than 12 foot sections because you have to untangle on the back end as you braid the yarn together. Secure one side together with a rubber band then attach it to a door knob to hold it and to give tension while you braid.


For one basket, I used two strands of white to one strand of gray, and for the other I used two strands of gray and one strand white.


This big blanket yarn is extremely soft and very forgiving as you glue it, which makes it easy to keep the braids in a straight line as you work your way around, gluing it to the metal bin. Glue the braided yarn to the sides first, then finish with one final row along the top once the sides are done.


Some of the glue will drip into the metal container as you work your way around, You can use a piece of thick cardstock to wipe it away (optional).


Braiding the yarn takes about 20 minutes, and gluing the braids to the bin takes another 20 minutes, so each one can be finished rather quickly. 🙂


Once you’re done, store all your cozy winter wear inside. Socks! Beanies! Scarves!

Come spring, you can tuck these bins in your closet for future use in the seasons to come. 🙂



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