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There’s a bold blue subway tile at my local Starbucks that I’m in love with and I have to touch it every time I stop inside for a coffee. Bold colorful tile is a major commitment but when it’s the perfect hue in the right space it makes an incredible statement.

Have you noticed how wall treatments are trending away from all white and more toward the dark and dramatic? The look can be achieved with paint or wallpaper, but I give a virtual high five to anyone who goes all the way with a bold color tile installation in a bathroom as a backsplash behind a vanity or bathtub and inside walk in showers.

Blue and white is timeless as is a classic subway installation, find the adriatic sea tile pictured in this space at Fireclay Tile.

bright bazaar


Glossy navy blue is a sophisticated choice and the vertical installation feels fresh.

topps tiles


On a slightly smaller scale the beautiful blue tile in this niche is perfect paired with a contemporary wood vanity and brass accents.



All shades of blue work well in a bathroom especially ones similar to bodies of water like shimmering turquoise or glossy aquamarine.

sophie robinson interiors

williamsburg hotel

This backsplash appears to be panels cut to different sizes (not tile) and painted a matte blue, but a similar effect could be achieved with large scale navy tile like this cut in an abstract geometric arrangement.


Hexagons are another classic geometric shape, these complement the wood frame window nicely.




Olive and moss green have been trending for a year, green is a hue that adds an organic feeling to any bathroom.

deco tiles


This glossy green tile is striking with brass fixtures, don’t you think? I love the skinny tiles installed in a vertical stack bond formation.

fireclay tile


Mossy greens are more subtle like the autumn tones in nature.

adele lapointe

I don’t think I’d ever choose brick red tile for a bathroom, but this vertical offset installation is well done.


Pink bathroom tiles are making a comeback, for the ultra brave go all out with a hexagon installation like this!



A dramatic look can be achieved by choosing black tile instead of color, made more beautiful when paired with white and wood and brass.

jean stoffer



drummonds uk


Black zellige tiles are imperfect by nature of their creation, the variations in the tiles adds inviting texture.


amber interiors


If a dark or intense color tile on the wall is too much for you, I offer these alternatives… consider it on the floor instead. When tile colors or patterns are underfoot, they’re more subtle.

in honor of design


… or try a a softer hue but in a larger scale stack bond format like this contemporary installation.

studio black

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Are you a fan of bold colorful tile in a bathroom? What color would you choose?

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