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Having rugs outdoors may seem a bit unusual but wait until you see how big of an impact they have on the decor and ambiance of spaces such as decks, patios, balconies and terraces. Outdoor rugs allow us to extend the warmth and coziness of our home into the outside areas. They’re designed to withstand the humidity and sun exposure and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. If you’re unsure which color to choose, go with a black and white outdoor rug.

Because black and white are neutral colors, this combination is very versatile and suits every style. Geometric patterns are usually very versatile as well so it makes a lot of sense to put these two together. This outdoor rug comes in four different sizes and both in a rectangular and a round shape. The main color is black, complemented by ivory details.

Black and white are the perfect colors for geometric designs and patterns that are either busy, very detailed or eye-catching in other ways. The Sabrina Soto outdoor rug is a good example. It’s both simple and complex and can potentially look amazing in a lot of different settings, including outdoor areas.

This design is inspired by classic stripes but has its own unique pattern. It comes in five different sizes and it’s a wonderful fit for modern decks and patios. The simple design and the neutral color palette fo really well together. The rug is stain-resistant and also comes in a few other colors in case you prefer something a bit different.

This is a botanical design which looks beautiful in black and white as well as in color. You can get it in several different sizes including the 9′ x 12′ model featured here. Put it outside on your patio or deck and continue the botanical theme by also adding some planters, greenery or a few floral accents on cushions, accent pillows and so on.

The black and white stripes in combination with the round shape give this outdoor rug a really cool and eye-catching look. Since it’s such a bold accent piece, it would be best to keep the rest of the decor simple, without adding other crazy patterns. The rug makes for a stylish focal point and a bit of natural wood and warm neutrals would look lovely around it.

Lots of designs and patterns look great when combined with black and white. Take this trellis design for example. It’s not very bold but it does add lots of character to this outdoor rug and it’s a nice fit for it. The same pattern becomes a bit more eye-catching on a more colorful background. With that in mind, this particular model would make a great addition to a small deck.

It’s not just the pure white and black that look great when put together but also variations such as certain shades of gray or beige, cream and ivory. This right here is a black and cream combo and it looks very elegant on this outdoor rug. The lattice-inspired pattern gives it a bold look without being overpowering.

If you want an outdoor rug that stands out but you don’t want any particular color on it, consider a black and white palette combined with an interesting and eye-catching pattern. This for example is a detailed design and it’s part of the Outdoor Lattice Collection. You can get it in several different sizes including the 9′ x 12′ that you see here and other colors are also available in case you’re feeling bold and adventurous.

The soft and flowing design of this rug is quite soothing. It’s an abstract pattern which leaves lots of room for interpretation. When paired with blue, it’s reminiscent of the waves and ripples in the water. The black and white version is not as suggestive. The biggest size available is 9′ x 12′ and you can get this outdoor rug in four color options.

You can use this black and white rug both in indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s a black and white transitional rug, machine woven of polypropylene and stain-resistant. It has a rectangular shape and measures 6′ x 9′ (183 x 274 cm) and has a floral design, with a black background and a contrasting beige pattern.

Stripes. as we mentioned before, are very versatile and their timeless beauty can be expressed in lots of different ways. On this rug the black and white stripes are offset arranged in several rows and their number different based on the size of the rug. There are also six other colors to choose from in case you want to match the rug to your decor.

This is the runner rug version of the striped design we mentioned just now. It’s a lovely choice if you have a narrow deck or patio or if you want to mark your entryway with an outdoor rug. The black and white combo suits any style so the rug would look stylish in pretty much any outdoor setting, whether it’s a modern setup or a rustic and cozy nook.

In case you’d rather not have any pattern at all on your outdoor rug,  there are plenty of simple designs to choose from as well. The Outdoor Solid Collection is a perfect example. This design maintains a minimalist look even though it’s not actually a single flat color. Black and beige are intertwined and look beautiful together, resulting in a very versatile design.

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