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Since breathing dry air can be a serious hazard for your health, why not choose a Homedics humidifier to raise moisture inside the room? Complete with decent features, a reasonable price tag, and sporting a user-friendly design, each of the humidifiers in today’s list is worth the money, so let’s dive straight into the topic.

Homedics humidifier

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall: 1.4 Gal. Warm Mist Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier

This 1.4-gallon humidifier from Homedics uses ultrasonic technology to release a fine mist in the room, offering everything from quality construction to an intuitive interface.

Best Bargain: Cool Mist Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier

When money is tight, this ultrasonic cool mist humidifier will come to your aid.

Best for Kids: 1 Gallon Humidifier

With seven changing colors, a compact and portable design, and a safety auto shut-down feature, this Homedics humidifier really hits the soft spot for parents who want the best for their kids.

Is Homedics a Good Brand?

Homedics is a company formed in 1987 by a family from Detroit to improve the lives of others. With home health solutions that are backed by time-tested research and cutting-edge technology, they have become the established leader in wellness.

Even though the company has improved a lot in the past years, they remain a family-owned and operated business in Detroit. Continuing their commitment to better the lives of our consumers, they are adapting to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

Today, Homedics manufactures and sells everything from massage tools, aromatherapy essentials, air purifiers, and humidifiers.

Benefits of Using Humidifiers

A humidifier can add much needed moisture to the air and avoid dryness, which can irritate many different places of the body. Humidifiers can be particularly beneficial for relieving dryness of the lips, nose, or throat, but can also help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with the flu or the common cold.

While there is such a thing as overuse of the humidifier (increased air moisture isn’t exactly recommended either), there are plenty of benefits to using humidifiers, such as:

Turning cough more productive

Dry air can induce a dry and unproductive cough. By using a good humidifier, you help a cough by moistening the airways.

Reducing Snoring

When the air in your home is dry, a person’s airways become tight and scratchy, which might exacerbate snoring. Using a humidifier while sleeping can increase air humidity, which may help reduce snoring.

Preventing the Influenza Virus

According to a study by this team of virologists, high humidity can destroy viruses like influenza by deactivating its particles.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy

According to the National Eczema Association, dry skin symptoms can be exacerbated by a compromised skin barrier along with irregular humidity levels. A humidifier, in conjunction with creams, may assist sufferers in retaining skin moisture, reducing scratching, and promoting a much better sleep.

Protect Your Furniture and Plants

Your home environment also suffers when the air inside your home is too dry. Furniture cracks and dead plants can be prevented when moisturizing the air.

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Problems with Your Homedics Humidifier Not Working?

Humidifiers can be wonderful products, but they can also fail from time to time, either by improper handling or as a consequence of manufacturing defects. If your Homedics humidifiers stop working, we’ve discovered four common problems and their corresponding solutions.

Problem: My humidifier doesn’t turn on/doesn’t release any mist.

Solution: Some of the potential causes for this problem include units not being connected to a power source, electricity not reaching the outlet, the water levels in the tank are too low, there is already enough moisture in the run, or the unit has automatically turned off.

Problem: My humidifier is too loud.

Solution: This usually happens when the humidifier is not placed on a flat surface or when the water level inside the tank is low. Fixing these problems will most likely solve the excessive noise issue.

Problem: There is white dust on my furniture.

Solution: While dust output is a normal occurrence if you are using hard water instead of distilled water. These humidifiers also come with demineralization cartridges that help remove minerals and impurities from the water, so take a look to see if the cartridge requires replacing.

Problem: My humidifier smells weird.

Solution: If your unit is brand new, you want to remove the cap from the water tank and allow it to air in a cool place for about 12 hours. If the unit was already used, it could be that the water inside the tank has gone stale or it hasn’t been cleaned for a while, leaving smelly residue that’s also a threat to one’s health.

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Homedics Humidifier Filter Type

Homedics Ultrasonic humidifiers use replacement wicks that need changing every once in a while, depending on the instructions available in the user manual. Their wicks are made from cotton and they help filter out that fine white dust eliminated from the nozzle and which becomes visible on your furniture.

Their wicks promise to deliver about six to eight weeks of water cleansing performance, working their way around the dangers of hard water and making sure the mist you breathe is mineral-free.

How to Clean Your Humidifier

While humidifiers can be beneficial in a variety of ways, it is critical to keep them clean. Mold and bacteria are known to develop inside dirty humidifiers, and if they begin to grow, they are released into the air, and the odds are you’ll breathe them into your system.

Cleaning your humidifier is crucial for your health and the life of the machine, so here are the steps to follow for a clean unit:

  • Make sure the humidifier is unplugged to prevent any electroshock risk.
  • Remove the water tank and throw out all the water inside.
  • Place one or two cups of white vinegar (depending on the size of the tank) into the humidifier’s water tank.
  • Swish it around to make sure the vinegar completely wets the interior of the tank.
  • Place the water tank back into the humidifier with the white vinegar still inside.
  • Allow it to sit for 20 minutes as this will loosen up any mineral build-up.
  • After 20 minutes, remove the water tank from the unit.
  • Using a small brush, start scrubbing the crevices of the water tank to remove mineral deposits that might be stuck to it.
  • Make sure you clean smaller parts (like the rank cap) using a sponge or a cloth dipped in vinegar.
  • Rinse the water tank and other removable parts you’ve previously cleaned.
  • Allow everything to air dry before putting the humidifier back together.

The Best Homedics Humidifiers

1.7 Gal. Cool and Warm Mist Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier

1.7 Gal. Cool and Warm Mist Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier

Our first suggestion is a large humidifier with a water tank that can support up to 1.7 gallons of water and includes both cool and warm mist humidifying options. Designed to work with a minimal noise output, this humidifier is a Homedics best-seller, offering all the features that you’d expect to get from one of the good products out there.

It comes with auto shut-off protection that prevents internal components from overheating when there is no more water inside the tank. It comes with demineralization cartridges that are needed to prevent that fine white mist that is typically released in the air. With a single fill, the unit promises an 80-hour runtime.

Some other features of interest include a clean-tank technology that reduces the chances of mold and mildew build-up, a night light, and the choice between warm and cool mist output.


  • Comes with 2 demineralization cartridges.
  • Tank is easy to remove.
  • Integrated auto turn-off feature.


  • Lacks a remote control.

1.4 Gal. Warm Mist Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier

1.4 Gal. Warm Mist Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier

A product that offers great value for the money is the 1.4-gallon humidifiers from Homedics. It uses ultrasonic technology to release a fine mist in the room, which can be warm or cool, depending on the setting chosen. The buttons for operating this machine are located on the front of the unit and they are easily accessible and simple to figure out.

Distributed in the circle, the buttons surround a small display that shows the current humidity level in the room. There is a button that allows you to adjust the volume of the mist output and you can also set the machine to turn off automatically when the desired humidity level is reached. It has an automatic shut-down feature for safety and comes with some essential oils included.


  • Essential oils included.
  • Adjustable mist output.
  • Has both cool and warm mist functions.


  • Filled tank is difficult to put back in place.

1 Gallons Gal. 278 Square Feet Sq. Ft.

1 Gallons Gal. 278 Square Feet Sq. Ft.

For a small bedroom, nothing beats this 1-gallon humidifier. It has a 45-hour run period and an automatic shutoff after 12 hours and can cover up to 278 square feet with a calming mist. Choose from three mist settings to best suit your needs while employing the built-in nightlight.

With the three included essential oil pads, you may enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Clean Tank Technology keeps mold and mildew at bay in the top-fill tank, and the Clean Transducer alerts you when it’s time to replenish it. The unit comes with a demineralization cartridge that helps prevent hard-water build-up.


  • Tank with handle for easy refill.
  • Night light included.
  • 3-pad essential oil tray.
  • Includes demineralization cartridge.


  • Covers only a small area.

1 Gallons Gal. 278 Square Feet Sq. Ft.

1 Gallons Gal. 278 Square Feet Sq. Ft.

When you want a compact but highly effective humidifier for your nursery or your child’s bedroom, this product is definitely worth looking into. It is a cool-mist humidifier with changing colors that allows the creation of a soothing ambiance, being beyond practical as well.

It features a 0.5-gallon tank that promises up to 25 hours of runtime before requiring a refill. It also has an auto-shutdown feature, turning the unit off after 12 hours or when water is no longer detected in the tank. It has two mist settings to choose from, a handle that makes it easy to carry the unit around, and three essential oil pads.


  • Changing colors and night light integration.
  • Highly compact and portable.
  • Auto-shutdown feature.


  • A little noise output might disrupt a baby’s sleep.

Cool Mist Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier 169 Sq. Ft.

Cool Mist Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier 169 Sq. Ft.

When you’re short on cash, products like this humidifier are a small treasure to look out for. Because this cool mist humidifier is small and portable, it is ideal for small offices and hotel rooms. Furthermore, ultrasonic technology produces a fine mist and is virtually silent in operation.

This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier doesn’t have a water tank but relies on attaching a water bottle to it instead. It promises to work for about 9 hours on a 20-ounce bottle and it is extremely easy to set up.


  • Very easy to set up.
  • Highly portable.
  • Silent operation.


  • Requires having a water bottle.

Humidifier Safety Tips

When you think about a humidifier as a machine that uses both electricity and water, it’s safe to assume that improper handling can lead to danger. Because of that, you need to know a few basic safety tips related to the use of a humidifier.

Not all water is good

A health danger associated with using a humidifier is the particles discharged into the air that is not water. Humidifiers, particularly cold mist units, can emit harmful mineral particles. Distilled water contains fewer minerals and can be purchased for use in humidifiers.

Filters need replacing

Some humidifiers have filters, as well as other parts that must be cleaned or replaced. You need to make sure that these filters are constantly cared for depending on the instructions given by the manufacturer. This information should be specified in the product’s user manual.

Keep humidity at a constant level

Don’t oversaturate a room with dampness. The humidity inside the room should be kept at around 50 percent constantly. Mold and bacteria can grow when the humidity level surpasses this percentage. This can aggravate respiratory disorders such as allergies and asthma. Only use your humidifier as needed, not all of the time.

Watch out for white dust

Tap water and bottled water can both have minerals inside. While this isn’t a health risk in a water medium, minerals can be dangerous when released into the air we breathe.

Minerals are not the only issue. Any mold or bacteria in the humidifier is also released into the air, and Webmd discovered that antibacterial humidifier models aren’t particularly effective.

If you use any particular chemicals for cleaning your humidifier, those toxins enter the lungs as well, sometimes with disastrous results. Hundreds of children in South Korea were harmed or died after inhaling a hazardous humidifier disinfectant. Long story short: use distilled water.

Steam-based humidifiers are not for kids

These types of humidifiers work by heating water and releasing warm steam into the air. Needless to say, these units can be rather dangerous around children and pets.

Steam-based humidifiers offer the grand advantage of heating water to a point where it kills all the germs inside it. However, they can get really hot and burn if you’re not careful.


Is HoMedics a good humidifier?

Homedics, one of the most well-known names in the industry of wellness products, has specialized itself in making some of the best air quality control products out there and is still regarded as one of the top options. Their humidifiers are well-built, easy to use, and affordable.

How do I adjust the humidity on my HoMedics humidifier?

This depends on the model you own but the instructions related to this option should be mentioned in the user manual. For instance, the WM85 model allows you to set the internal humidistat in one percent increments, from 35 to 60 percent using a button located on the unit.

How often do you change the filter in HoMedics humidifier?

The Homedics humidifiers that require changing the filter usually demand a new one after every 30 or 40 refills.

Bottom Line on Homedics Humidifiers

When you want the very best Homedics humidifier, the 1.4-gallon one is the ideal choice because it offers sturdy construction, a friendly user interface, ease of cleaning, and all the features you’d expect to get from such a product without breaking the bank. Still not convinced? Check out our guide to humidifiers here.

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