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If you’re on the hunt for the best non-stick frying pan, look no further. We’ve been busy reviewing top non-stick frying pans from Tefal, Ninja, Stellar, Our Place, Samuel Groves, Progress, and BergHOFF to bring you our complete roundup.

The best non-stick frying pans typically come in a range of standard sizes, so while we tested a variety ranging from 20cm to over 30cm for the purposes of this review, we’ve listed the specific dimensions available under each product, along with complete pros and cons. Nowadays when shopping for a frying pan many opt for the best non-stick frying pan. They can still get that traditional sear to your fish skin or bacon, but without any of the sticking and an easier cleanup when you’re done.

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Another important factor is durability. Poor quality pans can fall apart over time, and their non-stick coating can come away easily. We made sure to test each and every pan in this guide over the course of a few months to make sure that you’re getting a durable non-stick frying pan that’s built to last.

1. Ninja Foodi Zerostick Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan overall

Ninja Foodi Zerostick Frying Pan IH approved


Sizes: 20cm, 24cm, 28cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Zerostick coating, 10 Year Replacement Guarantee
Reasons to buy: 

  • You can use metal utensils 
  • Oven-safe up to 260 degrees
  • Incredibly durable
  • Surprisingly lightweight

Reasons to avoid:

  • None

Ninja has done it again: the brand behind some of the best air fryers and best blenders turned its hand to cookware not too long ago, and this debut wowed us. For a start, the non-stick is very durable, so much so that you can use metal utensils in the pan. It’s also oven-safe up to 260 degrees. We can’t remember the last time we ramped the oven up that high, but it’s nice to know you can! 

The non-stick is quite unique, and in the months we put this one to the test it’s not had so much as a scratch of damage. The non-stick texture feels more like a skillet, but your stir-fries or steaks will lift away with no sticking. It can also go in the dishwasher, and for an entirely aluminium design, it’s not too heavy. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

2. GreenPan Barcelona Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pan

Best frying pan for quality of non-stick coating

Sizes: 20cm, 24cm, 28, 30cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: PFAS-free, lightweight design
Reasons to buy: 

  • Amazing non-stick 
  • Very ergonomic handle
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Designed to last

Reasons to avoid:

  • A more expensive choice

GreenPan paved the way for healthy non-stick, and the Barcelona Frying Pan is a classic example. It’s noticeably high quality as soon as you hold it, with a lightweight design that doesn’t feel cheap. The handle is easy to hold and perfect for flipping pancakes, and the thick aluminium design evenly distributes heat.

The riveted handle is very durable and we’re confident that this frying pan will continue to stand the test of time. We also found the non-stick very durable, and our fried eggs and bacon slipped around the pan in testing.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

3. Zyliss Cook Ultimate Induction Frying Pan

Best value non-stick frying pan

Zyliss Cook Ultimate Induction Frying Pan IH approved

Sizes: 20cm, 24cm, 28cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Thre layers of non-stick
Reasons to buy: 

  • Amazing quality for the price
  • Metal tool safe
  • Durable non-stick needs next-to-no oil

Reasons to avoid: 

  • Weighty

The Zyliss Cook Ultimate Induction Frying Pan punches well above its weight with astonishing value-for-money and a really great handle. The non-stick is triple coated, with a holding primer, ceramic reinforced middle, and a sealing layer. It’s slightly textured, but not as much as the Ninja pan, and you can also use metal tools when cooking.

The handle is very sturdy and it feels secure when cooking, which is useful because this frying pan is quite heavy. It can go in the oven up to 180 degrees, but as with many plastic handles, it won’t go as high as metal. Zyliss claims that it doesn’t need oil or butter, and we did agree that we were able to move things around the pan pretty effortlessly with little oil. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

4. Samuel Groves Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan

Best quality non-stick frying pan

Samuel Groves Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan IH approved

Sizes: 20cm, 26cm, 28cm, 32cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Tri-ply stainless steel, aluminium core
Reasons to buy: 

  • Incredible quality
  • Hand crafted in the UK
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Oven-safe up to 200 degrees

Reasons to avoid: 

  • An expensive choice
  • Not dishwasher-safe

The Samuel Groves Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan screams of quality, thanks to its hand-crafted stainless steel construction right here in the UK. The non-stick is particularly impressive, so it’s no wonder that the brand recommends you don’t put it in the dishwasher, where you could limit its lifespan. 

We really enjoyed the handle, which is very ergonomic, and reminiscent of something straight out of a professional kitchen. You can put the pan in the oven up to 200 degrees, which is a big win for foodies who want to sear their salmon and finish it in the oven. 

Of course, the price will be a barrier for some barriers, but if there’s one frying pan we’d recommend splurging on, this is it. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

5. Our Place Always Pan

Best non-stick frying pan for multi-functional design

Our Place Always Pan IH approved

Sizes: 25.4 cm diameter only
Non-stick: Yes
Features: A sturdy lid and steaming basket
Reasons to buy: 

  • Iconic, colourful design
  • Excellent quality non-stick
  • Works on all cooktops
  • Nesting spatula

Reasons to avoid:

  • It can’t go in the dishwasher
  • It’s not oven-safe

If you’ve not seen the Always Pan online you’re part of a very select group. It’s been an Instagram and influencer favourite for years, and it recently launched in the UK. As cookware lovers, we were excited. 

First and foremost, the non-stick is top tier. Fried eggs slide around the pan, and it even makes a mean scramble, which is a tough task for many frying pans. The large capacity is great for cooking for the whole family, and thanks to the removable steamer we were able to cook noodles or steam broccoli and easily lift it out from the water once cooked. 

It’s not a conventional frying pan as it’s designed to replace a saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, and saucepan too. It also has a built-in groove to rest your spatula on, and the beechwood spatula is included in delivery. 

The range of colours is another big win, and we’re quite keen on the Sage. If you want to buy a frying pan as a gift, or simply to treat yourself, you’ll never want to take this one from the pride of place on the stove. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

6. Prestige Eco Non Stick Frying Pan Set

Best non-stick frying pan set

Prestige Eco IH approved

Sizes: 20cm, 26cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Eco-conscious design, five-year guarantee
Reasons to buy: 

  • Great price
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Made from recycled aluminium 
  • Five year guarantee

Reasons to avoid:

  • Only oven-safe up to 150 degrees

We didn’t have the highest of expectations for a set of pans at such as reasonable price, but after months and months of use, this frying pan set has really impressed us. It’s got a genuinely excellent and very durable layer of non-stick, and cleaning in the dishwasher is a breese. 

As part of Prestige’s Eco range, it’s made of recycled aluminium, and one tree is planted for  every pan sold. The induction base is great for all hob types and completely scratch-free. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

7. Zwilling Forte Duraslide Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan for searing

Zwilling Forte Duraslide Frying Pan IH approved

Sizes: 20, 24, 28, 30cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Abrasion-resistant non-stick coating
Reasons to buy: 

  • The non-stick cooks like cast iron
  • It’s a sturdy and well-balanced pan
  • Outstanding heat distribution

Reasons to avoid:

  • Only oven-safe up to 180°C

The Zwilling Forte Duraslide comes in four sizes, and we enjoyed that the entirety of the pan felt like it was coated in the ultra-durable Ti-X (extreme titanium) non-stick. This pan heats very evenly, and once heated, it will sear your steaks or char your vegetables like cast iron. That’s thanks to the textured non-stick, which coats a forged aluminium core. 

If you love washing your frying pan in the dishwasher but aren’t keen on cheaper non-stick, which can sometimes feel like it’s not built to last, this is a brilliant solution. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

8. BergHOFF Leo Non-Stick Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan for those on a budget

Berghoff frying pan IH approved

Sizes: 20, 24, 28cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Super lightweight design
Reasons to buy: 

  • Brilliantly low price
  • We love the entire range of cookware
  • It’s got a grippy, ergonomic handle

Reasons to avoid:

  • Because it’s so light, it’s not the sturdiest

The BergHOFF Leo Non-Stick Frying Pan, like the rest of the BergHOFF line, really impressed us with its value-for-money. Costing as little as £20 for a pan, it’s remarkably well made, and the handle is grippy and ergonomic.

You can use this frying pan on all cooking surfaces, but it can’t go in the oven. What we loved the most was the slippy non-stick which had zero issues in frying eggs and bacon. It’s very lightweight, the lightest in this guide by far, so if you want something easy to lift it’s a good shout (great for flipping pancakes!) What you may find is that this leaves it with a lack of balance while on the hob, meaning it’s maybe better for induction and electric than gas. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

9. Stellar S327B 24cm Forged Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan for cooking meat

Stellar S327B 24cm Forged Frying Pan

Sizes: 20, 24, 26, 28, 30cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Lattice non-stick
Reasons to buy: 

  • Great for searing 
  • Easy to clean
  • Heat-safe handle
  • 10 Year Non-Stick Warranty

Reasons to avoid:

  • Not the best for eggs

With a unique non-stick lattice-style pattern, the Stellar S327B 24cm Forged Frying Pan is like no other non-stick frying pan we tried. It has a heat-safe silicone-coated handle that can go in the oven up to 180-degrees, and comes in a wide range of sizes.

Most non-stick frying pans have a sleek, flat non-stick coating, but we really like this lattice alternative for frying meat and fish. It adds depth of flavour and different cooking textures, which will give you a finish that’s comparable to a standard frying pan. However, if you like making sauces or scrambled eggs in your frying pan, be prepared to scrub the hexagonal grooves in the Stellar pan to clean it up after use.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

10. Kuhn Rikon New Life Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan for induction cooking

Kuhn Rikon New Life Frying Pan

Sizes: 20, 24, 28cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Sustainability-focussed line
Reasons to buy: 

  • Made of 100% recycled aluminium
  • Very even base with added induction layer
  • Five-year guarantee
  • Works on all hob types

Reasons to avoid:

  • The handle wasn’t our favourite

The Kuhn Rikon New Life Frying Pan is made of 100% recycled aluminium and is guaranteed for five years, so you know it’s built to last. The non-stick is extremely durable, and like the Zwilling Forte Duraslide frying pan, it’s slightly textured. We really like this for browning meat and vegetables with plenty of flavour, and it also speaks to the durability of the coating. 

The base is 8mm thick, and is clearly designed to work perfectly on induction cooktops. It’s also dishwasher-safe, but we didn’t love the plastic handle, which was not as ergonomic as some of the pans we tested. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

How we tested the best non-stick frying pans

Greenpan Barcelona in the oven

All of the best frying pans in this guide were tested by our Small Appliance and Cooking Editor, Millie Fender. Millie also tested all of our best woks and best air fryers, so she knows a thing or two about frying and how to tell when cookware is worth your money.

Millie tested these frying pans in her day-to-day life. She cooked a lot of eggs and bacon, some sauce-based dishes, and oven-baked salmon when testing these frying pans, looking for signs of even cooking and considering how well the frying pans held up when used and cleaned on a regular basis. The best non-stick frying pan should hold up for months on end, which is why Millie spent months preparing for this comprehensive frying pan roundup. She also took into account the design of the pans, considering the weight and handle shape when using.

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