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Wood and white marble elements add texture and depth to this beige modern home design. Visualized by Milana Ruslanovna, the residential interior features a spacious open-plan living room with a peaceful air. Stylish, contemporary furniture pieces build a layout that is both chic and engaging. Modern light installations add sculptural interest and an atmospheric glow. The luxe white marble kitchen creates a dividing wall between the living space and an impressive home entryway where first impressions count. Modern wood wall paneling clads the walls of the hallway, creating a warm and welcoming backdrop behind a statement console unit and striking art.

The L-shaped sectional sofa arrangement is completed with sofa tables on each end, which helps to anchor it in the open-plan layout. Rich brown scatter cushions complement the tone of the end tables, tying the whole look together.

Opposite the couch, the living room TV wall is clad with modern paneling. A white marble shelf spreads a luxurious focal point underneath the TV. A ribbon of LED light brightly highlights the stone.

At the center of the lounge area, a set of round nesting coffee tables overlay black and bronze accents. A modern bronze vase provides a light-reflective centerpiece on the tallest table, while coffee table books rest on the lower.

Beige drapes hang heavily at an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. Sheer voiles pull across to filter the sunlight without losing the city view. Alternatively, Venetian blinds can be pulled to create shade on brighter days.

A tower of display shelves is built beside the TV. The shelves provide an opportunity for decoration, whilst back-mounted LED strips add atmospheric mood lighting to the living room. Shallow storage units flank the shelving unit, offering hiding space for media clutter. The units turn the corner to complete an extended run on the adjacent wall.

The beige living room rug adds a subtle pattern and soft texture underfoot. A set of three matching modern planters are filled with small trees to create height in the decor scheme.

Behind the L-shaped sofa, there is a formal dining area. There is no dining room area rug to create zoning, instead, the bare wood chevron floor creates a spacious aesthetic.

A trio of graceful dining pendant lights form a sculptural dance above a long, racetrack dining table design.

Unique upholstered dining chairs seat up to eight people.

The large, wooden dining table neighbors an open-plan kitchen installation, spanning its full length.

A small, modern fruit bowl provides a centerpiece. See more ideas for modern fruit bowls.

The sharp, linear kitchen island contrasts crisply with the curves of the racetrack dining table. The bold veining in the marble countertop makes a busy contradiction to the laconic dining set.

At the end of the dining table, a partition wall screens off a small hallway that connects the bedroom to the bathroom. Round decorative wall mirrors decorate the face of the partition wall, with recessed shelves illuminating either side. The hallway behind the wall is clad with mirrored panels, which create the illusion of added depth and additional windows.

The kitchen features white integrated appliances, which cleanly complement a stunning white marble backsplash wall and matching worktops.

The sink is situated in the central kitchen island, while the hob is tucked in away on the main kitchen run.

A linear suspension light illuminates the full length of the white marble kitchen island, spotlighting its natural beauty. The linear light carries a chunky aesthetic, which has a bold impact on the elegant kitchen design.

Four modern kitchen bar stools line up along the waterfall countertop to fashion a breakfast bar. The bar makes a casual alternative to the modern dining spot when it’s just lunch for the immediate family, coffee for two, or going solo for a quick snack.

A fluted glass vase introduces a fashionable flourish to the worktop. A pretty floral arrangement completes the kitchen island centerpiece.

The kitchen cabinets carry a pale wood grain finish, which works in harmony with the cool stone elements. The fridge freezer is hidden behind smooth wooden doors. A row of wall cabinets stands out with a warm, metallic sheen. The statement cabinets are sharply lit around their edge, creating a bright halo.

The kitchen wall divides the living room from the home entryway. Modern wood wall panels clad the back of it to create a stylish statement. Large artwork is layered over the top to create an upmarket vignette with a unique, translucent console table.

A designer table lamp and a decorative vase are set on top of the unit to complete the look.

As we step back toward the front door, we find a channel-tufted entryway bench paired with an impressive wall mirror. The pairing fashions a stylish and convenient dressing area for putting on shoes and coats.

The round mirror is lit around its edge, which builds soft, ambient lighting in the hallway.

The opposite side of the hallway is equipped with a row of built-in storage units. The wooden cabinets float free of the floor, creating a storage nook underneath, which can be used to hold bags or shoes. The storage nook is lined with striking white marble and a floor-level shelf. A line of LED lighting glows upon the luxe white stone, creating a bright feature.

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