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Color is one of the most powerful elements in interior design. The right color can make a space come together beautifully, can help it stand out but can also completely ruin the intended vibe. That applies to all types of spaces and bathroom are no exception. On that note, there are a few interesting bathroom color options that we’d like to highlight through a series of suggestive examples. In each case it’s important to consider not just the color scheme itself but the way in which it fits into the big picture as well.

White with glass accents

White bathrooms offer a sense of cleanliness and look very simple and modern, especially when there aren’t any crazy or noticeable patterns involved. White is also a color that suits small spaces which makes a lot of sense here given that most bathrooms are compact and only include the basic necessities. At the same time, it’s nice to have a contrasting color. We like the idea of glass accents because this maintains the open and airy feel of the design and also looks modern.

Yellow and golden hues

Another very fresh and bright color is yellow. Of course, there are a lot of different nuances and variations to consider. The pure, primary yellow is a very strong color so if you prefer something a bit more subdued and sophisticated you should consider a darker, more golden nuance. It’s subtle enough to be used as a main color for the room yet quirky enough to really make a statement.

Light neutrals

Grays, white, black, beige and other similar nuances are considered neutral and are often used when designing and decorating modern and contemporary spaces. They’re a good choice in the case of bathrooms because they don’t overwhelm the room and they put an emphasis on the functional nature of the elements involved in the design.

Splashes of green

Keeping the design of the bathroom simple and neutral is a common thing to do. If you want to avoid this space looking too simple or monotonous, a good idea is to use an accent color. A great option is to add potted plants to the room. Certain species do well in humid environments and dark spaces.

Earthy tones

We can probably all agree that the bathroom is not the most inviting part of any home but that doesn’t mean it can look and feel welcoming. You can achieve that through color. Warm neutrals and especially earthy tones are great at creating a comfortable and enjoyable ambiance in the room.

Black and white with a touch of gold

When in doubt you can always go with the classics: black and white. This is truly a timeless combo which can easily adapt to suit any style. Adding just a few metallic accents to the design can really make a difference, giving the space a sophisticated and chic vibe. This can come in the form of all the usual fixtures.

Pastels and neutrals

Some colors can be quite difficult to define. They’re hybrid between two or more nuances and white at the base they’re very simple they have that little something that helps them stand out. A good example is a warm gray with just a hint of brown in it or a soft pastel a little bit on the dark side.

Brown with contrasting details

Brown is an underrated color. It doesn’t really look exciting and can easily blend in with a lot of decors. That however doesn’t make it a bad candidate for the bathroom. The fact it’s an earthy color can work nicely when designing a more traditional type of bathroom or one that’s meant to look warm and welcoming. The secret is to use it in small doses.

Natural wood accents

Regardless of what colors you choose to use in the bathroom, you can always count of a few wooden details to really bring the room together and to create a harmonious decor. We love the way they mix in with the white and the gray surfaces in this particular case.

White marble surfaces

Marble is timeless and can look sophisticated in any bathroom, whether it’s big, small, contemporary or traditional. White marble tiles are especially great because they don’t darken the room and they look quite simple. Complement them with black and white fixtures and consider throwing in an accent color as well.

Matte blacks and grays

There’s something about matte surfaces that really makes a space look sophisticated and modern. It can be nice to experiment with tiles and furniture that follow this rule when designing the bathroom. Throw in a few glossy details for contrast and keep the color palette simple and neutral in order to put an emphasis on the textures.

Black marble tiles

Black is a very sleek color and glossy black surfaces look very sophisticated. Black marble tiles look very elegant and can be used on both the walls and floor of a bathroom. It’s nice to add a few contrasting details such as white fixtures for a balanced look.

Red accent details

Another color that’s really powerful is red. It can look elegant and quirky but it can also overpower the room. A balanced design uses small red accents or focuses on red undertones. Variations of red have lots of character.

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