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What better way to start the 4th of July preparations than with a few nice and simple crafts? We always recommend wreaths because they’re super versatile and there’s an infinite number of ways in which you can decorate them and make them look beautiful and special. We have a bunch of patriotic wreath designs to share with you today and we hope they’ll inspire you.

This wreath and quite sweet, both literally and figuratively. That’s because it’s decorated with Skittles (America Mix). It’s a really fun and interesting way of adding a twist to an otherwise pretty straightforward project. In addition to all the Skittles, this project requires a few more things such as a foam wreath form, faux leather trim and decorations such as flowers or succulents. More details can be found on akailochiclife.

Burlap wreaths are fashionable and they look both simple and beautiful. It’s easy to customize them and make them fit a certain theme. For example, if you want to make a 4th of July burlap wreath you can add things like red, white and blue flowers, red and white striped ribbon and small flags. Check out pleasenotepaper for more inspiration.

Another option is to make a very simple yarn wreath. If you like this particular design, you can check out all the details about it on myfrugaladventures. The supplies you’re going to need if you want to make a patriotic wreath just like this one include navy, white and red yarn and a straw wreath. The little white stars can be stickers or you can cut them out of paper or cardboard and then glue them into the blue section of the wreath.

Wire wreath frames are really cool for DIY projects too. They’re really easy to decorate with clothespins and in that sense there’s a nice design on homecraftsbyali which you might want to use as a source of inspiration. It uses red, white and blue clothespins and wood cutouts stars in different sizes. It’s one of the simplest designs when it comes to wreaths and patriotic designs in general.

If you have the time for it, you could knit a really cool wreath. The American flag crochet pattern featured on petalstopicots looks really nice and a styrofoam wreath form would be perfect for the interior. The other supplies needed include yarn, two crochet hooks, pearl pins and a tapestry needle.

You can also wrap rope around a foam wreath and mix and match different colors to create all sorts of cool patterns. This one featured on justcraftyenough is mostly white with a few red stripes and three big stars as decorations clustered on one side. That gives the wreath a patriotic look and makes it a perfect decoration for the 4th of July.

If you want your 4th of July wreath to be a bit busier and have more colors, patterns and decorations on it, the design suggested on fleecefun could look great. This wreath is decorated with a bunch of pinwheels for which you can use print-outs and different types of paper or cardboard with different patterns on it.

Two grapevine wreaths are better than one, at least when you want to make a wreath that looks full. You can tie the two together to double the thickness of your wreath and then add decorations, which in this case consist of a big flag casually wrapped around at an angle plus some greenery and a big burlap ribbon. You can find out more details about this 4th of July project from stonegableblog.

You can make this festive wrath in under half an hour, provided you have all the necessary supplies of course. You’re going to need a 14” foam wreath form, a few 2.5” wide strips of fabric, a cardboard tube, washi tape, glitter cardstock, gold paint, wood skewers or toothpicks, a hot glue gun, some rope and a few straight pins. The instructions can be found on thecraftedsparrow.

This tulle wreath which we found on anightowlblog looks mighty lovely as well. As you can probably guess, making this fluffy wreath is also quite easy and inexpensive. You would of course require plenty of tulle in red, white and blue and a straw wreath (other types would work too). A hot glue gun would come in super handy right about now and you should look find some ribbon to hang the wreath with.

You can also decorate a wreath using all sorts of leftover materials such as fabric. You can cut the fabric into strips and combine different colors and patterns, then tie the strips onto the wreath or glue them until you cover up the whole surface. When done, you can also add bunting or other additional decorations. There’s a lovely 4th of July rag wreath on sassysanctuary which you can check out for inspiration.

Like many other projects, this one starts with a simple grapevine wreath. The added decorations include 2” wide red ribbon, 2.5” navy ribbon, a big wired burlap ribbon, a bunch of small wood star cutouts.  The design is simple but also bold, perfectly suited for the 4th of July-themed decor that you’re probably planning. Hang this on your front door and it will definitely stand out. For more details, head over to positivelysplendid.

Since this is meant to be a festive wreath, how about a less traditional design, something bold and eye-catching like this colorful firework-themed wreath from designimprovised? You can use a bunch of pre-made items such as paper pinwheels of different sizes and colors to make this whole project easier and faster but you can also choose to craft everything from scratch.

Did you know you can make a cool-looking wreath out of paper straws? The two-tone red and white ones are great if you want your wreath to have a patriotic theme for the 4th of July celebration. Once done, you can decorate the wreath with blue paper stars to really complete the look. If you’re interested in finding out more about this particular project you can check out theprojectcorner.

Another fairly simple design for a festive 4th of July wreath can be found on craftaholicsanonymous. It starts with a basic 18” straw wreath. The entire wreath is wrapped in red and white striped twill ribbon. It’s decorated with a blue burlap ribbon with a lovely star pattern on it and it also has 3 mini American flags and a little chalkboard pennant banner at the center.

Remember the rag wreath we mentioned earlier? Well here’s another one and this one is made with strips of jeans so if you have a pair of old jeans that no longer fit or that are damaged now would be a great time to recycle them. There’s a tutorial showing how to make this wreath on notjustbrides.

you can also decorate your 4th of July wreath with candy. This one is all covered in Twizzler bites which were first left outside to harden. This made it easier to glue them onto the wreath form after which the entire thing was spray-painted blue. Adding a few white stars and a big red and white ribbon completed the design. More details about this can be found on fitcraftystylishandhappy.

This is a lovely floral wreath with big red and white flowers attached to a wire wreath form and there’s also blue ribbon with white stars on it attached in the form of a bow. It’s a simple but beautiful combination and a list of supplies which is definitely easy to get. You might even have some of these items already. In any case, check out littleblondemom if you need more details.

Rather than decorating your patriotic wreath with stars you could have the wreath itself be star-shaped. The easiest option would be to find a pre-made 16” grapevine star wreath like the one featured on consumercrafts. It has a smaller American flag star at the center and it’s decorated with berry spray pearls. It’s simple but it also makes a big statement.

How about a nautical-themed wreath? That could look really cool and the USS America wreath featured on missflibbertigibbet is the perfect example. It’s actually a fairly simple project even though there are a few particular details that stand out. This can also be a source of inspiration for other similar wreath designs that fit the theme.

Cool 4th of July wreaths you can buy

If you want to save yourself some time and effort, there are also some beautiful 4th of July wreaths available for purchase. This dried floral wreath is a gorgeous example. It looks nice and full and it’s made of quail brush and 13 sugar starfish decorations representing the original colonies. You can display it indoors as well as outdoors in a protected area.

This God Bless America wreath is full of details and would make a nice 4th of July decoration for the front door, porch or just any regular wall. It’s made with red, white and blue decor mesh and patriotic wired ribbon plus the star-shaped sign at the center and everything matches. The design is quite busy and if you were to try a DIY version of this wreath it would probably be wise to simplify it just a bit.

This is a firecracker wreath with a busy and full design. What we really like in this particular case is the fact that it’s not all red, white and blue. In fact, there’s very little white in this design and instead a more natural shade of beige was introduced, giving the wreath a subtle rustic look. All the decorations are attached to a metal wreath form. There’s a lot of deco mesh and wired ribbon all over it as well as glitter stars and a firecracker ornament at the very center.

In the case of this Americana patriotic wreath it’s the red and beige nuances that take center stage which is both refreshing and charming. The faded colors do a lot to make this wreath look stylish and give it lots of charm. It’s made with creamy natural burlap combined with red, white and blue metallic striped deck mesh as well as bright red burlap fabric.


In comparison, this dried floral wreath featured bold and vibrant colors with deep shades of red and blue complemented by crisp white accents. The wreath is made of quail brush, willow and flag-themed decorations, including 13 starfish representing the original colonies. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use and it’s great for summer events such as Memorial Day, the 4th of July as well as Labor Day.

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