James Martin's loo roll planting hack – and more of his tips for growing fruit and veg

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Chef James Martin graced our screens on This Morning, earlier today, to share his top tips for growing vegetables. From using loo rolls to recycling household waste, the chef has plenty of savvy tricks up his sleeve.

Speaking from his own beautiful garden in Hampshire James tells viewers a greenhouse is the reason why he fell in love with food in the first place.

It’s from his own beloved greenhouse he goes on to share his top tips for growing vegetables at home.

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James Martin’s top planting hacks


1. Plant seeds on toilet paper

plants in empty toilet rolls tubes

Image credit: TI Media

With seedlings, often tissue paper is a great way to germinate. But what if you don’t have any tissue paper? ‘Even toilet roll, there’s loads of that lately,’ he jests. ‘You can use a little bit of that, also plant the whole thing in the ground (he’s talking about the tube), because it degrades.’

2. Make sure seedlings don’t dry out

‘Moisture is the key,’ James explains. ‘You’ve got Perlite and Vermiculite, they’re actually like a stone or a mineral,’ he explains, before revealing that they are his gardening must-haves to stop your seedlings for drying out.

‘Minerals of this kind are really important to mix into the compost when you’re planting from seed,’ he stresses. ‘They keep the moisture in, I always find.’

3. Train your tomato plants to grow upwards

tomato plants on allotment

Image credit: Annaick Guitteny

‘The key is to remove the shoots,’ says James, referring to the shoots that come off the central stem. By doing so he says, ‘it basically forces the plant upwards’, encouraging tall healthy tomato plants.

4. Sift the soil for perfect carrots

Another insightful tip while gardening with James was to sift any soil before your plant. But do you know why? To get rid of stones, he explains. ‘When you get a carrot and it splits in half or it curls and bends, it’s usually because as it’s growing it hits a stone’.

This fact left both Holly Willoughby and us amazed!

5. Always grow mint in pots

James explains how he plants all his herbs in one bed. But there is one exception. ‘If you’re growing things like mint, put it into a pot because it does grow crazy’. He’s spot on – mint does have a tendency to overpower the other herbs growing alongside it.

6. Recycle household waste

Recycle tomato tins for planting

Image credit: Tim Young

James seems to have made use of all sorts of things lying around to help tend his garden. As well as the aforementioned loo roll, James proudly shows off his chives, growing out of an old tomato tin!

He reveals that he leaves his recycled tin of herbs on the kitchen counter, so he can add them to dishes while he cooks.

7. Get multiple crops from one lettuce plant

The lettuces, once you’ve taken the heads of the lettuces, they will grow back,’ says James. ‘Cut the lettuce off – the whole head of lettuce – then put a cross in the top of the root. And in a bout five to six weeks it will grow back again.’

Who knew?

8. Try unusual varieties

‘These are amazing,’ says James, gesturing towards a root veg with tall, luscious leaves. ‘These are kohlrabi, otherwise known as a German turnip. These are delicious hot, cold, cooked, raw, but they’re amazing pickled. And you can eat the leaves, he adds.

Inside a greenhouse

Image credit: Tim Young

Speaking of his passion for growing his own at home, James shares his story. ‘My grand father and uncle were keen gardeners, and my granddad used to produce amazing roses and potatoes. My uncle had an allotment and a greenhouse at the bottom of the garden and he used to grow tomatoes.

‘So the first thing I did when I got this place was build my own greenhouse.’

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James’ own vegetable garden is bursting with homegrown produce. From tomatoes, runner beans, peppers, courgettes, beetroot, kale, lettuces, herbs and more – it’s safe to say his own kitchen is well stocked with fresh veg.

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Container Herb Garden + Hanging Planter Sets

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I was inspired by the balconies of Europe to plant my own mini herb garden on the tiny stoop outside my studio. It started with a little basil and rosemary then led to oregano, mint, and thyme and every time I brush past it as I leave or enter I catch the scent of herbs growing happily in their containers.

We’re all cooking more at home these days so having fresh herbs on hand makes for tastier meals! Today I made myself a simple omelette with tomato, asiago cheese, and fresh herbs, it was delicious!  And of course I love herb infused cocktails. 🙂  It doesn’t take much space to have a mini herb garden.

I bought a pair of speckled hanging planters that are the perfect size and style for my wild little garden. Oregano and thyme spill beautifully so I love them in hanging planters instead of pots. I like to rub the herbs with my fingers so the scent lingers.

More hanging planter options so you can add more greenery to your abode!


boho black + white / gray rock  / speckled set of two / porcelain geo

mini glazed stone / blue glazed / color block rope

golden duo / distressed bronze / metal duet

metal rod trio / eggshell trio / clay mini trio

And remember, playing with dirt makes you happy! 🙂


Gemma Atkinson and baby Mia can't get enough of this bargain Asda garden buy

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Over the weekend Gemma Atkinson shared some gorgeous snaps of her and baby Mia making the most of the sun. However, it wasn’t the adorable mother-daughter shot that caught peoples attention but Gemma Atkinson’s paddling pool itself.

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The former Strictly star captioned the sweet post of her holding little Mia up in the paddling pool: ‘Well, it’s the closest we got to our planned water birth Mia.’ Soon the Emmerdale actress was inundated with questions about were the striking inflatable paddling pool was from.

Gemma Atkinson’s paddling pool


‘Looks fun. Where is the pool from?’ commented one follower.

‘This is just the size I’m after for me and my son. I’ve already ordered two but they’ve been awful quality. Any ideas where yours is from? x’ wrote another.

Gemma revealed that her orange rimmed paddling pool was in fact from Asda! Costing just £15.

gemma atkinson paddling pool 1

Image credit: Asda

If you’re looking for a sturdy paddling pool for your little ones we would recommend heading to Asda now. The paddling pool has glowing reviews on the Asda website, racking up a 4.1-star average.

‘I bought this for my nephew and it’s huge and amazing. The size was perfect for the garden. Definitely recommend to anyone after a paddling pool!’ wrote one reviewer.

Gemma’s Asda number has lasted Gemma and partner Gorka Marquez splashing around in it with baby Mia. It has even been doubled as a playpen.

Buy in-store only: Kid Connection Rectangular Paddling Pool, £15, Asda


Earlier last week, Gemma shared a video shared of little Mia standing in the paddling pool watched over my Dad Gorka. ‘I can’t even leave them alone for five minutes, and I come back to a paddling pool in my kitchen,’ laughs the star in the video

The inflatable paddling pool is currently sold out online, however, it will be coming back into stock. In the meantime, it is available in Asda stores.

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Will you be picking up this bargain paddling pool?

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May Book Club: Free Country (Week 3)

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Hello! And welcome to the week 3 of our May book club! If you’re just joining the party, we’re reading a book called Free Country which was recommended by one of my neighbors. We read Days 10-14 this past week and we’re all here to e-chat about them today. I’ll start by sharing some thoughts…

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Seven low-allergen gardening tips to ease hay fever symptoms this summer

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This weekend, for many of us, will simply be enjoyed as a couple of relaxing days in the sun. However, for the 13 million people who suffer from hay fever in the UK, it could be an itchy, eye-watering, runny-nose-stimulating nightmare.

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If this accurately describes most of your summer days, we have seven easy tips that can help ease the sneezing in your own garden.

Money.co.uk has worked together with gardening expert Jackie Herald to share her low-allergen gardening tips. These simple suggestions will hopefully ease some of the symptoms of hay fever. So you can relax peacefully in your garden this summer.

Low-allergen gardening tips

1. Aim to garden at midday

low-allergen gardening tips 1

Image credit: David Brittain

If you are a keen gardener but suffer from hay fever, aim to do all your planting and trimming around midday.

‘Pollen levels are at their highest at the beginning of the day, as they rise with the warming air, and again at the end of the day when it’s cooling down,’ explains Jackie. She advises sticking to between 12 pm and 4 pm.

2. Keep the lawn short

‘Keep the lawn short during the summer months,’ advises Jackie. ‘This helps to prevent the growth of lawn flowers.’ It is these flowers that release grass pollen into the air, triggering hay fever.

3. Avoid planting wind-pollinated vegetable crops

Wind-pollinated crops such as sweetcorn and peas can be a nightmare for gardeners suffering from hay fever. ‘Instead look to plant leafy greens and root vegetables, such as lettuce and beetroot,’ suggests Jackie.

low-allergen gardening tips 3

Image credit: Polly Eltes

4. Plant fruit trees

Apple, cherry, rowan and juneberry trees are great to plant if you or anyone in your household suffers from hay fever. They are low-allergy and will look gorgeous all year round, offering blossom in spring, fruit in summer and amber leaves in autumn.

5. Build natural barriers with hedges

low-allergen gardening tips 2

Image credit: Polly Eltes

‘Create natural barriers like hedges to capture and filter pollutants,’ says Jackie. ‘However, be wary of certain species of hedge. Yew, laurel, beech and hornbeam may all trigger hay fever.’

6. Take care when composting

Compost bins are a great way of recycling household waste. However, they can also act as a source of mould spores.

‘These are even finer than pollen and hold the risk of reaching deep into the respiratory system,’ explains Jackie. ‘Keep the bins well away from seating areas and ensure you cover them up, as well as using gloves when handling them.’

7. Be thoughtful about your garden seating layout

low-allergen gardening tips 4

Image credit: Colin Poole

‘Ensure your garden seating is well away from the more allergenic pollen sources and any potential mould spores,’ says Jackie.

While it can be tempting to arrange your garden furniture under the shade of a tree, if it is alder, hazel or birch your hay fever won’t thank you. Instead, position your chairs on a patio or decking with an umbrella.

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Will you be trying out any of these low-allergen gardening tips?

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Architecturally Inspired Mid Century Modern Style Bird Houses

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/architecturally-inspired-mid-century-modern-style-bird-houses

From Eichler and Bauhaus, to Frank Lloyd Wright, these stylish little birdhouses embody the cool mid century modern architectural style. Designed by Douglas Barnhard, these pieces are handmade with bamboo plywood, teak, and reclaimed redwood. High-end glossy laminates bring slick grey and white finishes, plus flashes of vibrant orange and green. You’ll never be content to offer feathered friends an uninspired bird box ever again!

$300BUY IT

Sunnyvale Birdhouse: This eye catching birdhouse is inspired by the 60s style Eichler homes of Sunnyvale, California, which is where Joseph Eichler first began building his distinctive style. This mini Eichler house features a feeding platform at the back for its winged homemakers, with a convenient attached dish for seed.

$300BUY IT

The piece is handmade from bamboo, brilliant orange laminate, and geometric metal screened viewing windows. Dimensions: 17 x 9 x 6.5 inches.

$330BUY IT

Sunset Modern Birdhouse: Built with all the bells and whistles for a mid century modern homage, this birdhouse has its own miniature outdoor fireplace design, a floor to ceiling viewing window, a mini moveable garden planter box, and its very own green roof (succulents not included).

$330BUY IT

This special piece was designed and made for the Sunset lifestyle magazine… for the more discerning bird homemaker!

$330BUY IT

The mid century modern aesthetic is complete with bamboo and teak elements, plus high-end glossy white and orange laminates. The teak terrace makes a stylish dining spot for feathered guests once bird seed is piled up at the hearth. Measures 14.5 x 9.5 x 7 inches.

$330BUY IT

Mixed Media Birdhouse: This beautiful design incorporates a number of different types of architecture and style, including Eichler, The Bauhaus and Frank Lloyd Wright.

$330BUY IT

Made with cedar posts and beams, and bamboo decking, the piece is wrapped in grey and orange laminate for colour and shine.

$330BUY IT

The mini marvel incorporates a metal trough for birdseed, and a living wall that can be planted with succulents (not included). Dimensions 15 x 9 x 8 inches.

$300BUY IT

Highlands birdhouse: Inspired by the neighborhoods in Highlands San Mateo that were designed by Eichler in the 1950s and 60s, this birdhouse has a floor to ceiling window attached to a bamboo plywood and walnut deck.

$300BUY IT

Grey and white laminates define the finer elements of this stylish little piece, which measures 9.5 x 7.5 x 14 inches.

$180BUY IT

Seabright Bauhaus Birdhouse: These rustic yet chic birdhouses are handmade with reclaimed redwood from near the beach in Santa Cruz, which gives each of them a unique character.

$180BUY IT

Bamboo plywood wraps the recycled redwood, topped off with light grey laminate for an antique meets modern design. Dimensions 8 x 9 x 7 inches.

$300BUY IT

Kauai House: Aloha! Inspired by several trips to Kauai, Hawaii, this piece depicts unique Hawaiian architecture that integrates indoor-outdoor living–a style point embraced by mid century modern design.

$300BUY IT

Two handmade surfboards lay ready for the aves to catch some waves! Made with bamboo and teak, this beach style bird holiday home measures in at 16 x 15 x 9 inches.

$180BUY IT

Number One Birdhouse (Orange): If this one doesn’t speak mid century modern architecture love to you then what will! The slanted roof, sloping walls, the gloss orange laminate… mid century magic. Measures 8 x 9 x 8 inches.

$150BUY IT

SIxties Mod Birdhouse: Incorporating clean lines and a flat roof, this Joseph Eichler inspired birdhouse is made from solid mahogany. A modern yet subtle piece to take your garden accessories to the next level. Measures 10.5 x 10.5 x 6 inches.

$180BUY IT

Living Wall Bauhaus Birdhouse: The incredibly influential German Bauhaus School served as inspiration for this bamboo plywood and white laminate mid century form. The sharp cornered, retro piece includes a side for a living wall…

$180BUY IT

… With the green wall in place, the birdhouse takes on a whole new charm (succulents not included). Dimensions 9 x 9 x 6.5 inches.

$170BUY IT

Cubism Birdhouse: Perfect for anyone wanting to modernise their outdoor space, this geometric bamboo and gloss white laminate birdhouse is set to impress. Measuring 7x 6.5 x 6.5 inches, the piece includes a teak stand for table viewing.

$180BUY IT

Pitched Birdhouse: Drawing inspo from many mid century modern home designs, this birdhouse has a pitched roof with a unique open air design. Dark grey laminate wraps the sides of a bamboo body, measuring 8 x 6.5 x 12.5 inches.

$180BUY IT

Bauhaus Birdhouse: Between 1919 and 1933 the German design school created mid century modern architecture before its time, and now it inspires another birdhouse! Made with bamboo plywood and laminate.

$180BUY IT

Number One Birdhouse (Green): A gloss lime green alternative to its orange laminate counterpart. Just don’t ask us to choose our favourite, because we can’t!

$130BUY IT

Tea Garden House: Inspired by the Japanese Tea Garden inside Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. Handmade with bamboo and walnut accents.

$130BUY IT

The oriental spirit of this adorable birdhouse makes it the perfect addition for a zen garden. Measures 10 x 7 x 5 inches.

$330BUY IT

The San Rafael: Shrunken sixties style, inspired by Eichler homes in San Rafael, California. Bamboo builds a double sided fireplace for birdseed, a living roof for succulents (not included), and a deck with a lime green ceramic water dish.

$400BUY IT

Fairhaven House: Grey, white, and orange laminate colours a birdhouse built in the style of the 1960s Eichler subdivision known as Fairhaven. Four frosted glass windows interrupt bamboo walls, beneath a shallow A-frame roof. Includes mini ceramic planter and custom house numbers to build a welcoming entryway! Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 7 inches.

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Coastal Collection: May Sale

Sourced content from: https://centsationalstyle.com/2020/05/coastal-collection-may-sale/

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. I hope you are enjoying the extra day off this weekend as we take the day to honor our fallen soldiers.

Since the shelter in place order in March, I’ve been slowly adding more artwork to the Restless Art print shop. I added six new prints in the past few weeks to the Coastal Views collection, and all fifteen prints in the collection are 40% off now through the end of May! Would you like to bring summertime beach views indoors?

Use the code BEACHFUN to apply the 40% discount to any of the prints in the Coastal Views collection. Most of these high resolution digital downloads are regularly priced at $9 so on sale they are less than $6, and you can enlarge up to 24×36”.

  The six newest prints are these:

Serenity Now

– a dock view of Islamorada Bay in the Florida Keys –


Albufeira Beach

– beach umbrella view of the Algarve in Portugal looking down from the Old Town –


Sailor’s Delight

– sunset and sailboat view in Hawaii in tonal pinks, deep greens, and turquoise hues –



Tybee Pier

– a picturesque architectural view of the pier on Tybee Island, Georgia –


Surf & SUP

– surfboards in Oahu paired with stand up paddleboards in Key West –



– painterly print of a beach chair and umbrella near turquoise coastal waters –



There are nine more coastal themed prints in the Coastal Views Collection, also on sale!

cassis harbor  /  black sand I & II  / green glass wave

black glass wave  /  big island walk  /  lone surfer

cote d’azur I & II  / ocean view for two  /  bodega vista

Any questions about how to download and print are answered on the FAQ page. Find a list of places to print any of the artwork on the Where to Print page (right now, Walgreens is the best for same day!) Use the code BEACHFUN for 40% off any of these prints from now until the end of May!

Zara Home’s Stylist Shares His Foolproof Table Setting Tricks

Sourced content from: https://www.domino.com/content/zara-home-colin-king-table-setting-tips/

If your mornings have started to blend together in a blur of emails and coffee, it’s time to slow down a little—and the solution is as simple as setting the table. We found plenty of inspiration for the seemingly mundane task in a new Zara Home Instagram series titled “Home Guests.” This week, it features none other than stylist (and still-life enthusiast) Colin King, who shares his top tips for making your breakfast spread feel that much more special every day. 

Turns out, you can get a restaurant-level tablescape in the comfort of your kitchen—and you don’t have to break the bank to do it. That candlestick on your mantel? It’s a perfect centerpiece. The wood bowl in your entry? Use it as a fruit basket. Here are King’s five steps to pulling together a tabletop like a pro (and our own shopping suggestions should you want to treat yourself to something new).

Start From the Middle

Beginning with a medley of little accessories in the center—think: sugar bowls and salt shakers—work your way out. To create a clear focal point, you can even group everything together on a sleek marble platter. 

Bring in Edible Props

King threw a few pears into a wood fruit bowl for a natural touch (and an easy-to-reach snack). It’s a no-brainer way to incorporate both seasonality and color into your table: Try lemons and oranges in the summer for a warm accent. 

Keep the Essentials Neutral

Next comes the main event: Plates and napkins may take up the bulk of the surface, but King made sure to pick dinnerware in clean whites to keep the focus on the food. Which, let’s be honest, is really the star of any setting. 

Incorporate Some Height

A water carafe and elegant white taper candle stagger the landscape, making it more interesting to look at because not everything is flat on the table. Plus early-morning hydration is key; it can’t hurt to have a prominent reminder to get your first glass of the day in. 

Pepper in the Finishing Touches

Some sculptural glassware here, a coffeepot there—the variety is what makes King’s simple breakfast table look so elevated. Finally, as you would with any vignette, pop in a floral element. A tiny bud vase is a golden opportunity to show off the fruits of your balcony garden, right? 

It’s hammer time: Follow @reno_notebook for easy rental updates, clever DIYs, and tips to nail your next project.

All That Time in the Kitchen Is Way More Fun With a Confetti Chopping Block

Sourced content from: https://www.domino.com/content/colorful-kitchen-supplies/

Extra time at home means extra time in the kitchen. Whether you’re spending your days with a sourdough starter, cocktail sampling, or trying your hand at homemade pasta, we’ve all experimented with culinary goals while stuck inside. So our question is simple: Why is your cookware not easier on the eyes? 

We often favor caliber over aesthetics when it comes to our kitchen tools, but what if we told you it was possible to have it all. We’ve pulled our favorite colorful cookware options to brighten up your space without sacrificing quality. The result? Thirty seriously eye-popping products you’ll want to leave out on the counter long after your meal is served. 

Dutch Ovens

We like to think of Dutch ovens as the lovable overachievers of the cooking world. Our favorite do-it-all options (along with some trusty pots) are getting a major makeover with soothing pastels, zippy color pops, and even a marble moment.


With The Great British Bake Off inspiring our cravings, your bakeware should knock your socks off as much as the final product. Splatter-paint pans and multihued ceramics will take your recipes to the next level. 

Cutting Boards

Prep work isn’t always the most exciting part of cooking, but it’s certainly crucial. Most of our favorite recipes require a chop, so we’re of the belief that your cutting boards should be as pretty as the veggies you’re dicing. We’ve got you covered with confetti chopping blocks, ocean-esque cutting mats, and palette-focused boards.  


We’re willing to bet that almost everyone has standard black or gray pans. Consider stepping outside the box with a sage, coral, or cobalt option for a splash of unexpected color. 

Accessories and Tools 

Everything looks better in Technicolor. Rainbow knives, bay-striped oven mitts, and candy-colored utensil sets will add personality to your kitchen and might just make you want to cook after a long workday. 

It’s hammer time: Follow @reno_notebook for easy rental updates, clever DIYs, and tips to nail your next project.

Homeowner's upcycled sideboard is an inspirational county-style masterpiece!

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/news/country-style-upcycled-sideboard-249467

Do you have an old piece of furniture in your home that is crying out for a new lease of life? Take inspiration from this upcycled sideboard project! The transformation is so impressive, it’s hard to believe it’s even the same piece of pine furniture.

And despite looking like an expensive addition for any kitchen, it cost just £50!

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Charlotte Jones, from Newton Abbott, took an old wooden piece and turned it into a sophisticated and chic sideboard – perfect for any modern country kitchen.

Country-style upcycled sideboard

upcycled sideboard

Image credit: Charlotte Jones

Charlotte told Latest Deals, ‘I’ve done a few items similar in the past. It was about making something outdated into something that can be a beautiful focal point, and recycling what is available.’

‘It’s lovely to see an item of furniture with so much history behind it, yet now so unloved and unwanted, to finally be a part of a family home and loved again. It’s also keeping furniture out of landfill.’

To renovate the sideboard Charlotte, alongside her partner Tom, called on their best DIY skills together. ‘We deconstructed part of the unit. Mainly the old wooden top and doors and remade the top of the base section using old scaffold boards,’ she explains.

upcycled sideboard with scaffolding planks

Image credit: Charlotte Jones

‘We made a heart template, drew around that onto the doors, cut the shape out using a jigsaw, reattached the doors and painted the whole unit.

Using hessian material they covered the back of the hearts. Adding a beautiful rustic touch and a bit of contrast. It also means on a practical front it conceals the contents of the cupboards.

hessian heart in upcycled sideboard

Image credit: Charlotte Jones

Charlotte explains where they spent the budget. ‘The unit cost £30 at an auction. The paint was £20 from Brewers, and the hessian cost around £3 per metre from eBay.’

The paint colour is ‘Off Black’. She explains, ‘I was nervous about the colour initially as it’s quite dark but I think it looks very sophisticated!’.

painted upcycled sideboard

Image credit: Charlotte Jones

Needless to say Charlotte is delighted with her hard work. ‘I always love seeing furniture come back to life. Seeing how much difference a bit of paint and love and care can make,’ she adds.

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Charlotte, shares her creations on her dedicated Facebook page.

Inspired to upcycle?

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