Live out a fairy tale in this mini castle that is currently on Rightmove – it even has a tower!

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Most of us have visited a castle at one time or another, but how would you feel about living in one? High Morland Lodge is a one-off mini version that has just gone on the market and comes with a ton of special features and impressive views over its Cheshire surroundings.

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This incredibly special Grade II-listed property is set in the market town of Knutsford and was designed by Richard Harding-Watt, originally as a Gatehouse in 1905. Having been thoughtfully restored since its current owner purchased it 44 years ago, it also has plenty of character and we’re itching to show you around.

High Morland Lodge


Image credit: Rightmove

Yep, we know – that white and brick facade is pretty impressive, isn’t it? Especially with those arched windows and turrets.

You can see the start of the gravelled driveway, which leads to the main front door and although there’s no moat or drawbridge, we think any guests would be pretty wowed by this entrance.


Image credit: Rightmove

Once inside, an airy hallway leads you into the bespoke fitted kitchen, which doesn’t disappoint. Just look at the detail on the cabinetry, the marble worktops and elegant island unit, it is giving us some serious cream kitchen ideas.

We think the bust figurine and ornamental plant pot just add to the interior’s grandeur, and the size of that arched window makes sure the room is flooded with light – this is definitely no dark and dingy castle kitchen.

Living room

Image credit: Rightmove

Now, this room is everything you’d expect from a regal castle, with its large open fireplace and decorative surround, Juliet balcony, elegant wallpaper and lashings of rich fabrics.

Despite its formal look, the soft colour palette used in this room enables it to feel cosy and we can just imagine sitting here with those French doors open on a lovely summer’s evening.


Image credit: Rightmove

Overlooking the courtyard garden, the conservatory provides a more modern aspect to the castle, although pretty trailing flowers and traditional-style furniture ensure it’s in keeping with the rest of the decor throughout.

Such a pretty space – the perfect spot for afternoon tea, we’d say?


Image credit: Rightmove

High Morland Lodge has two bedrooms (and two bathrooms), one of which is on the lower ground floor, with an en-suite, and the other, this stunning master bedroom on the first floor. At the end of the bed (and just out of shot) sits a bank of fitted wardrobes, but it’s the ornate dressing table and mirror that’s caught our attention – you can almost imagine Rapunzel sitting here!

The pale blue colour palette is subtle, however, look closely and you’ll spot striped wallpaper, panelled lower walls and a blue painted ceiling – along with curtains and blinds in a pretty patterned fabric. The perfect inspiration if you are looking for blue bedroom ideas.

Courtyard garden

Image credit: Rightmove

Leading down from the conservatory, an immaculate courtyard garden winds towards the lower ground floor. It’s secluded and almost whimsical in appearance, but if you prefer more of a view, then the roof terrace might be more your spot…

Roof terrace

Image credit: Rightmove

Sit out here with a glass of fizz and admire the view, while taking stock of the fact that you’re living in your very own castle!

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Ready to be the new homeowner? Or just fancy a flip through some more pictures? High Morland Lodge is on the market with Savills for £925,000, and you can find the listing on Rightmove here.

We’ll leave you to your Rapunzel daydreaming.

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Unconventional Interior Crafted With Colour and Quirks

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Vivid colour accents and unusual quirks compose this highly unconventional home interior, designed by Irada Allahverdiyeva. Eye-catching contemporary artwork and unexpected decor elements build up a unique backdrop inside the living spaces, and in the bedroom, with unusual furniture adding layers to the eccentricity. A key pink colour thread weaves its way from place to place, sweetening its surroundings at first with a restrained show in two dining areas of the home, before ruling rambunctiously inside of a glamorous pink bathroom design. Luxurious gold finishes come heavily into play here too, with lustrous gold trims, gold lighting and a fabulous marble, oak and gold finished kitchen arrangement.

Visualizer: Fuad Manafov  

The multi-toned grey living room is sliced to create sections of cool and warmth. Bright blue “crosshairs” are positioned over the intersections to shake up the neutral base, and to keep the eye wandering with curiosity.

wall sconces complement the textured finish of the wall paint. The lamps flank each side of vivid purple living room wall art, keeping the powerful piece looking bright all around the clock.

A playful balloon dog ornament draws its colour inspiration from the blue crosshairs placed around about.

The arty space is softened by a marbled living room rug, which merges the grey, blue and natural golden tones from the coffee table into one integral connective piece.

Above the racetrack coffee table, a unique gold chandelier casts a contemporary silhouette.

An armchair is turned away from the living room sofa, facing toward a cosy fireplace instead. A pastel tri-colour floor lamp and a small side table fashion the lounge chair into a welcoming reading spot.

An olive green fireplace surround lays contrast against the red and orange open flames.

Cabinets have been custom made to fit the remaining wall area above the fireplace.

The living room dining room combo is loosely split by an open shelved room divider.

Decorative items populate the shelves around the edge of the room divider, whilst the centre of the piece is reserved for a rotating TV mount.

The open concept TV wall allows natural light to be shared from one space to the next.

A small wall clock curiously overlaps the cabinet doors above the mantelpiece to gain the centre spot.

The sofa’s ribbed fabric is complemented by the textural modern coffee table.

From the couch, the kitchen becomes a rich gold and oak backdrop to the unique TV stand.

The integrated oven falls neatly just out of sight behind the TV screen.

The living room stands open the hallway and home entryway, where wood cladding builds a warm effect. Frameless doors blend smoothly into the grain.

The formal dining area is brightened with blue wall art and a colour coordinated dining room pendant light.

A chunky modern fruit bowl cradles a fruit centerpiece.

Four of the modern dining chairs bring a sweet pink accent to the dining area, whilst neutral high backed dining chairs elevate the head and foot of the table.

Colour blocked dining room curtains extend the blue accent to the windows, and add in a shot of green to complement the fireplace in the adjoined lounge space.

As we move around to the opposite side of the central, room dividing TV stand, we come to a small breakfast area in the kitchen.

On this side of the room, it’s a pedestal  kitchen table that establishes the pop of pink, whilst the dining chairs are an unusual striped design.

Blue and green kitchen curtains match those in the formal dining room to form a cohesive flow.

The wall leading into the home entryway has been nominated for the pink treatment too, completing the colour link between all three spaces.

Wooden slats make up the opposite wall of the walkway into the room. The slatted panel defines the boundary of the L-shaped kitchen, without fully blocking the end visual.

Chunky marble countertops and a matching backsplash spread a luxe finish through the centre of the kitchen installation. Warm LEDs shine from beneath the kitchen wall cabinets, as though their rich gold finish is glowing.

A frame of cool LED light displays a piece of modern art in the entryway.

Two mirrored closets expand the sense of space and light in the foyer, with a stylish marble section filling the space between.

Modern wall sconces show the way into the living room.

Inside the arty bedroom scheme, a colourfully striped statement wall crashes into a wood slatted panel behind a winged headboard and two prism-like bedside tables.

Above the platform bed, a unique linear suspension light pulls in line with the striped theme.

Another wood slatted section makes an attractive mount for the bedroom TV.

A mini bedroom pendant light spotlights a treasured item.

By the window, a floor to ceiling mirror cuts down behind a floating vanity unit.

An industrial chic wireframe bedside table lamp coordinates with the bedframe’s black colourway.

Heavy drapes frame the large window in smoky grey.

Pink bathroom tiles entirely cover the back of a huge shower enclosure, setting a fearlessly colourful theme.

Marble strikes an alternating diagonal vein down the back of a recessed shelving unit in the concealing cistern wall.

An elegant black and gold pendant light dips low by the bathroom vanity, highlighting a unique round mirror. See more bathroom vanity lights here.

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Clever couple saves hundreds of pounds by building their own alcove cupboard – for just £40!

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Alcoves can be tricky when it comes to finding storage to fit in a living room, and no one knows this more than keen DIYers Jessica Lloyd-Bate and partner Eric, who are renovating their 1940s house in the West Midlands.

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Fed up of having an empty space in the living area, Jessica decided enough was enough and planned to have some made-to-measure storage put in. ‘We had a lot of wires, plugs and TV boxes in the alcove that just couldn’t be hidden behind furniture safely,’ she told money-saving community ‘Eric and I decided that a cupboard was the best option, practically and visually.’

Image credit: Jessica Lloyd-Bate

Armed with a £40 budget, the pair got their thinking caps on and decided that rather than calling in a professional carpenter, they’d have a go at making something themselves. The results speak for themselves – and now instead of an empty corner with no real purpose, the pair have an elegant storage option for a fraction of the price.

Made-to-measure DIY alcove cupboard

Image credit: Jessica Lloyd-Bate

The wasted space at the side of the fireplace was home to nothing but wires before the couple decided to make their cupboard from scratch. ‘There wasn’t any real planning behind our cupboard design,’ says Jessica. ‘I’m very spontaneous and I just decided one morning that I wanted to go ahead and make it ourselves. Within a few hours, we were building it!’

Having browsed social media, Jessica already had an idea of the look – modern with traditional touches, to match the decor in the rest of the house. ‘The alcove wasn’t high up on our list of priorities, so the only way we were going to get it done was if we found a way to do it for a minimal cost,’ she says.

For more DIY and Decorating ideas visit our dedicated channel

Building the frame

Image credit: Jessica Lloyd-Bate

Buy now: Magnusson Torpedo spirit level, £6.98, B&Q

The first step was to get the wood to make the cupboard, so Jessica and Eric had a quick search online to find out what materials they’d need, before heading to B&Q. ‘There’s an off-cuts section there where you can get wood-trimmed down to size,’ Jessica explains.

‘We were very lucky that on the morning we visited there were some large off-cuts of MDF that were ideal for the fronts and tops of the cupboard. It cost just £2.50 in total, although we also had to buy the wood for the frame, plus the hinges, handles and magnetic strips to keep the doors shut when closed,’ she says.

Image credit: Jessica Lloyd-Bate

Once all the pieces of wood were cut to size, the couple used wood glue, tack nails and screws to fix everything in place. Finally, they cut the skirting board with a multitool to allow the cupboard to sit flush against the wall.

Buy now: Gorilla wood glue, £4, B&Q

Adding the mouldings

After the doors were fitted, Jessica and Eric added some decorative moulding to give the cupboard the traditional look they wanted. A lick of paint and some antique-look gold handles finish it off perfectly.

The new cupboard fits the alcove like a glove – and the top of the unit has given Jessica another display space to style with her favourite accessories. ‘The lamp is from The Range and the vase and pampas is from a shop called Willow Box Interiors, in Shropshire,’ she says. ‘The plant and pot are from HomeSense, which is my absolute favourite shop!’

Image credit: Jessica Lloyd Bate

Buy now: Smooth Natural Pine Astragal moulding, £4.15, B&Q

The pair couldn’t be happier and still can’t believe it cost them less than £40 to make. ‘There are a lot of things in our home that we have turned to professionals for,’ Jessica says. ‘You pay a day rate for most tradesmen, regardless of how long it takes, so based on other works we’ve had carried out I expect this would have cost us £400-£500. ‘

‘I love a challenge and we both really enjoy doing as much DIY as we can,’ she continues. ‘If you’re looking to do a similar project, picking up some off-cuts like we did is a bonus, and even if you need to buy the materials new it’s cheap overall.’

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You can see more of Jessica and Eric’s renovation over at @midlandsrenovation on Instagram.

Are you tempted to go bespoke with your next DIY project?

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This Thirties home has been transformed with steel framed windows and stunning built in storage

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Thirties house sitting room with steel framed interior doors

When a Buckinghamshire couple spotted this property up for sale close to where they already lived, they could immediately see its potential. It had the space they wanted and was in the village they loved.

The property was in perfectly reasonable condition, but the décor was just not to their taste. They knew a new rear extension with steel-framed windows  to the garden, and plenty of new built-in storage would for transform the space.  ‘We were very fortunate to be able to stay in our previous home for eight months while we gutted it. I’m not one to live in a house for a year and think about it, I just wanted to crack on!’ says the owner.

‘I am a real completer finisher and there were a few problems with the original house that I was determined to resolve. We employed a project manger to begin with who was excellent, just for the first few months, and helped us to find an architect and a builder. But once the project was under way things went pretty smoothly and we were able to take over the communication.


Douglas Gibb/Future PLC

The couple fell in love with the front façade of the house and knew they could preserve that, while improving the interior and making some huge structural changes to the back of the property. ‘I’m a self-confessed perfectionist and I had a vision; I knew exactly what I wanted, so why wait? My husband was very calm throughout the whole process but I have to admit I did get quite anxious at times. At one point there was no back or roof on the house. It did make me question what on earth we had done!’

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Thirties house with skylight and chevron flooring

Douglas Gibb/Future PLC

The kitchen had been four small rooms originally: the kitchen, a utility with loo, and a pantry. The couple turned the lot into one large space, open to the extension they had added, that is now the dining area. The utility was then relocated a better position.

‘The cabinetry was from a supply only company, Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch, which helped us keep costs down. We opted for a hand painted finish once our carpenter had installed it, choosing the Farrow & Ball shades Pavilion Grey on the far wall and Downpipe on the island,’ explains the owner.

‘The main roof light was there already, but we enlarged the opening to the same width as the steel-framed doors. We added two more, running the length of the kitchen, again ensuring the sight lines matched those of the floor to ceiling window. Achieving this kind of detail was really key for us.’

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Thirties house with skylight and steel framed doors

Douglas Gibb/Future PLC

The steel-framed windows that were installed along the back wall of the kitchen and dining area are a perfect fit for this 1930s house: the ideal way to update a home from this period but still retain its character.

‘With most of the works completed I launched an Instagram account, @my_midcenturymakeover. It was a fun distraction during my maternity leave with my daughter, which coincided almost entirely with Lockdown,’ says the owner. ‘What started as a hobby has become a great way to connect with other design lovers.’

Living room

Thirties house sitting room with steel interior doors and smart storage

Douglas Gibb/Future PLC

The couple created a media room with a wall of storage to house books, the TV and sound system. They painted it in Farrow & Ball’s Downpipe to maintain a cohesive scheme throughout the downstairs living areas, and then added some sleek brass handles found on Etsy.

Thirties house decorated in monochrome style

Douglas Gibb/Future PLC

A neutral scheme of greys, black and white is given pops of colour with the bright orange velvet cushions, and a leafy green houseplant in a shiny brass pot. Engineered oak chevron  flooring throughout the downstairs creates a contemporary feel.

Thirties house with chevron flooring

Douglas Gibb/Future PLC

This is a fun, cosy corner for playing with toys and reading stories. The yellow pom-poms on the curtains offer a touch of fun and unpredictability in the otherwise more urban and sophisticated downstairs spaces.

Loft bedroom

Thirties house with bedroom loft conversion

Douglas Gibb/Future PLC

Currently a guest bedroom, the loft also serves as a quiet retreat away from busy family life. The loft had already been converted when the couple moved in, but the layout was quite awkward. As well as extending above the new dining area, the couple changed the traditional ‘hip’ style roof to a gable end then moved the staircase and dormer window to create a better space that allowed a sitting area in the bedroom, a landing and a private shower room. There is a more minimal, monochromatic look up here. The hand knitted mustard throw and cushion make a punchy colourful addition.

Loft ensuite

Thirties house loft bedroom with ensuite bathroom

Douglas Gibb/Future PLC

Previously the ensuite had been completely open plan to the bedroom! This new layout provided a much better solution, as well as some privacy.

Child’s nursery

Thirties house nursery

Douglas Gibb/Future PLC

‘This was my son’s room previously. I chose the mint green chevron wallpaper as it was a good unisex option, and with a few soft pink touches it’s now transformed into a beautiful girly room for my daughter. The Stokke cot grows into a toddler bed and you can buy an extension to turn it into a couch.

Thirties house child's bedroom play area

Douglas Gibb/Future PLC

‘I love wooden toys; this play kitchen is an Ikea hack using left over paint from our kitchen to create a mini copy. My kids both have great fun with it!’

Additional words by Ruth Corbett

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Best Craftsman Screwdriver Set to Have at Home

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If you’re someone that likes doing DIY projects, then you must have a set of screwdrivers at home. Not only will a set of screwdrivers allow you to make home repairs on your own with no issues, but it’ll also mean that you won’t have to spend extra money to have a repair man help you with your fixes.

Craftsman Screwdriver Set

When purchasing screwdrivers, it’s also best to have a set so you have a wide array of screwdrivers to pick from. With so many screwdriver sets out there, how do you find the best screwdriver set? Well, you opt for a screwdriver set from a reputable brand, of course!

Craftsman is one of the most reputable brands out there, and they’ve got incredible screwdriver sets to help you get the job done. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best screwdriver sets to get you started. Before that, we’ll talk a little more about the Craftsman brand in comparison to other brands, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Our Top Picks

Best All-Round: Craftsman Screwdriver Set

Not only will you get a set of 25 screwdrivers with this purchase, but they also come with durable alloy-steel blades and a comfortable handle.

Best for DIY Professionals: Craftsman 450-piece Mechanic’s Tool Set

You can’t go wrong with getting a 450-piece set, especially if you’re someone that’s constantly working on projects.

Other Good Value Screwdriver Sets

Best Magnetic: CREMAX Magnetic Screwdriver

These screwdrivers not only come with a magnetic tip, but it’s crafted with premium materials and you can use it for plenty.

Most Multifunctional: Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Another great magnetic screwdriver set, this one comes with 14 different screwdrivers that’s perfect for working on any task.

Most Comprehensive: Magnetic Screwdriver Set 57 Pcs

This screwdriver set comes with a total of 57 pieces to satisfy all of your needs and more.

Best Precision Screwdriver Set: KLEIN Tools All-in-1 Precision Screwdriver

You can’t go wrong with this precision screwdriver set that comes with 39 bits for a range of applications.

Most Convenient: Wiha Store 26inOne Driver Set

If you’re looking for an all-in-one screwdriver set, this is the perfect purchase as you’ve got everything you need from just one holder.

Most Versatile: WORKPRO Drill Bit Set

This particular set comes with all of the drill bits that you need. Not only can you use it for wood, but also for metal and even plastic.

Best Variety: Screwdriver Set XOOL Professional

This is a screwdriver set that comes with plenty of variety. Besides having 15 different screwdrivers, you’ve also got 25 different bits.

Most Durable: METAKOO Magnetic Screwdriver Set

As these screwdrivers are made of CR-V steel, they aren’t just anti-corrosive, but they’re also stronger than most of the other screwdrivers out there.

About Craftsman Brand

Originating from America, Craftsman has been around since the 1920s and is known for the various power tools that they produce. In 1989, they celebrated producing their 400 millionth screwdriver, and since then the brand has only continued to produce high-quality products that are both high-performance and reliable.

Various Types of Screwdrivers and Their Uses

There are plenty of different screwdrivers out there, but here are the most common ones:

Slotted –These are the most popular and have a chisel-shaped blade. They’re a staple in most fields and can sometimes be used on a Phillips head screw.

Phillips – This is the most versatile type of screwdriver that can be used with everything from furniture to appliances. It has an angled tip and can be used in almost every field.

Torx –These were mainly used for security functions, but they’ve since become more popular. These screwdrivers are mostly used in appliance manufacturing along with security fields.

Hex –This is the screwdriver you’d typically get when you purchase packaged furniture. They’re popular and usually come with a comfortable handle.

Robertson – This is the least common of the lot, but it has the highest torque tolerance out of all of the screwdrivers. It’s durable, and is typically included in most screwdriver sets.

Clutch Head – These screwdrivers are mainly used in the automotive industry and have slots that resemble a bowtie.

Why You Need a Screwdriver Set

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a screwdriver set, here are a couple of reasons why you need one.

Minimize shopping

If you’ve got an entire set, you won’t have to worry about running back and forth to the store to purchase more screwdrivers. Even if you don’t have an immediate use for a set at the moment, it’ll definitely become handy in the future.

For all your DIY needs

With an entire set, you’ll have everything you need for your DIY sets. Not only will it come with a range of screwdrivers that you can use for a plethora of jobs, but it’ll also make completing your projects that much easier.


Like most tools for the home, screwdriver sets usually come with cases and storage racks that will help with keeping your screwdrivers organized. That way you won’t have to worry about sifting through your screwdrivers in a toolbox as you know that they are properly stored.


In a screwdriver set, you’ll get screwdrivers of various sizes and shapes, but the good thing is that they all come with similar qualities. That means that you’ll have a screwdriver that’ll help to get things done – no matter the job.

Craftsman vs Other Popular Brands

While Craftsman is one of the most popular screwdriver brands out there, there’s also a couple of other screwdriver brands that are equally popular. Below is a brief summary of each of these brands and what they have to offer.

Craftsman – Established in the 1920s, Craftsman has established itself as one of the top names when it comes to power tools. They also have one of the best tool warranties in the business so if you ever run into an issue, you know that replacement is quick and painless.

Klein Tools – Another great brand from the United States is Klein Tools. This is a brand that is preferred by electricians and tradesmen alike and the company has been around since the 1850s. Klein screwdrivers are not only incredibly durable, but they can also withstand heavy use. They’re also known to have a good warranty along with a comfortable and sturdy grip.

Wera – Wera is a Germany company that is known to produce screwdrivers that meet rigorous standards. It comes with a lifetime and no-hassle warranty, and it also has an unusual design that allows for greater torque – making their screwdrivers great at removing damaged screws.

Wiha – Finally, we’ve got Wiha. While not as popular as some of the other brands on the list, it’s growing in popularity and has a reputation of being some of the best in the market. It’s also considerably cheaper than some of the other brands, but you’ve still got durable and high-quality screwdrivers.
Below is a list of some of the best craftsman screwdriver sets that you could buy for your home.

Best All-Round: CRAFTSMAN Screwdriver Set

If you’re looking for a screwdriver set, it can’t get any better than this. You’ll get a total of 25 pieces of screwdrivers that all have alloy-steel blades for strength and durability. Each of these screwdrivers are also coated with a satin-nickel finish, and it comes with a comfortable handle that you can hold for extended periods of time. Customers who have bought it mentioned that they get a good assortment with their purchase, and it’s highly likely that you’ll get everything you need in this one set.

Best for DIY Professionals: Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set

This 450-piece set is great for the individual that’s always working on projects. Not only does the set come in a wide range of sizes and measurements, but most importantly you’ll always have what you need. You’ve not only got screwdrivers in this set but also extension bars, sockets, 16 combination wrenches and so much more. The set also comes with a magnetic handle that will allow for easy nut or bit installation.

Magnetic Screwdriver Set 10 PCS

This particular screwdriver set is not only versatile and can be used for plenty from domestic appliances to automobiles, but it also comes with a strong magnetic tip that’ll attract screws with ease. As it has a special blackening treatment, you also won’t have to worry about rusting. Material-wise, it’s crafted with premium materials for enhanced durability, and it even comes with a non-slip handle for ultimate comfort. Additionally, this screwdriver set also comes in a box instead of a bag so you’re able to conveniently store and organize your screwdrivers and carry it around with ease. There are 10 pieces of screwdrivers in this set –perfect for all of your DIY needs.

Magnetic Screwdriver Set 14 PCS

This fantastic magnetic screwdriver set comes with a total of 14 screwdrivers that’s suited for any task from working on furniture to electronic products and more. You’ve got five slotted screwdrivers, five Phillips screwdrivers and four torx screwdrivers. It’s great for both professionals and amateurs alike and the screwdrivers are crafted with high-quality steel for durability. The non-slip handles are also ergonomic, and you can magnetize and demagnetize your screwdrivers with ease. It also has rust-protection, comes with a storage bag, and has a 12-month warranty.

Magnetic Screwdriver Set 57 PCS

If you’re someone that isn’t quite sure of which screwdriver you need, you can’t go wrong with this set. It comes with 57 pieces and comes with a precise screwdriver set of 16 screwdrivers, a screwdriver holder, 40 replaceable bits and is compatible with six different screw types. It also comes with a strong magnetic tip, effectively prevents rust and is crafted with good quality steel that’s incredibly durable. In addition, the non-slip handle is also comfortable to hold, and you’ve got a dedicated storage box to carry around. It’s truly one of the best screwdriver sets out there – especially if you’re looking for a precise screwdriver set.

KLEIN TOOLS All-in-1 Precision Screwdriver

This precise screwdriver set comes with a total of 39 bits for all of your needs. It even comes with tools that can help you with repairing Apple products –how neat is that? In addition, it also comes with powerful magnets within the barrel that’s great as a pick-up. For your convenience, you’ll also get a compact carrying case along with a spin cap that helps offer optimum and precise control. It’s a highly rated screwdriver set that pretty much comes with every single bit that you need. Customers also mentioned that it works well, is a great fit, and is handy for the price.

Wiha Store 26inOne Driver Set

This convenient screwdriver set comes with everything you need in a holder. All you’ve got to do is open, select what you need and rotate the bit carousel to pick the right one for the job. In one set you’ll have a total of 14 different screwdrivers that you can choose from. Individuals like this tool as it’s just one handy tool that covers a range of different screwdrivers and sizes. They also mentioned that it’s of excellent value, and they’ve literally called it the king of screwdrivers.

WORKPRO Drill Bit Set

Looking for a drill set? You can’t go wrong with this purchase. It comes with high-quality drill bits that are made from titanium and is coated for both long-lasting strength and durability. In addition, you’ve got everything you need from wood drill bits to black oxide drill bits and even screwdriving bits. In addition, everything can be fitted into a storage case that you can bring around with ease. You can also use this on various materials along with driving and fastening applications.

Screwdriver Set XOOL Professional

Want variety? Go ahead and purchase this screwdriver set. Not only can you use it for a wide variety of applications, but it also comes with six precision screwdrivers. In addition, it comes with five different screw types from hex to torx, along with 15 pieces of screwdrivers and 25 pieces of different bits. They’re all also made of high-quality material and are both wear-resistant, long-lasting and durable. You can also rotate your precision screwdrivers 360-degrees and they all work great. Other great features of these screwdrivers include an ergonomic design, and being both practical and portable.

27PCS Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Magnetizer and Demagnetizer

This sturdy and long-lasting screwdriver set is crafted from CR-V steel and is stronger and tougher than most carbon steel. It also comes with a black oxide point tip that prevents screwdriver tips from rusting and corroding. As there are 27-pieces in this set, you’ll be covered for all of your projects. It even comes with an organized storage case that’s easy to carry around and has a professional design with ergonomic handles. As these screwdrivers are magnetic, it comes with a magnetizer and demagnetizer for your convenience.


Before we delve into the products, below are the answers to some frequently asked questions pertaining to craftsman and screwdriver sets.

What is the best screwdriver set?

There isn’t really a best screwdriver set per se, it really depends on what you need. Here are some things to look out for when purchasing your screwdriver set:

  1. Size – You should think about the number of screwdrivers you require in your set. Most sets come with at least five screwdrivers, but some can have as many as 20 or more.
  2. Quality – It’s best to invest in a screwdriver that’s of good quality rather than purchasing one that’s of not so great quality. When checking the quality of your screwdriver, take a look at the shank along with the tip and blade.
  3. Type of set – Finally, you’ll want to consider the type of set that you’d like to go for. There’s slotted screwdrivers, Philip screwdrivers and everything in between.

Where can I buy a Craftsman screwdriver?

You can easily purchase a Craftsman screwdriver through the Craftsman website. We have however, also rounded up Craftsman screwdrivers below. There are also plenty of retailers and tool stores that will sell a Craftsman screwdriver.

Are Craftsman screwdrivers magnetic?

Yes, there are Craftsman screwdrivers that are magnetic.

What are the three types of screwdrivers?

There are more than three types of screwdrivers, but the most common would be flat blade screwdrivers, cross head screwdrivers and torx screwdrivers.

Bottom Line

There you have it, some of the best Craftsman screwdriver sets that we’ve found. We hope that you’ve got a better idea of the different screwdriver types and why it’s a good idea to have a screwdriver set. If you decide to purchase a set, make sure that it comes with a wide range of screwdrivers that you can use. There’s also no harm in taking a look at the warranty to make sure that you can get a screwdriver replaced in case you run into any issues.

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Say hello to the ‘cloffice’ – the latest space-saving working from home trend

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Not heard of a ‘cloffice’ before? A combination of ‘closet’ and ‘office’, it’s basically a closet that’s been turned into a workspace…or a desk in a cupboard…and it’s the latest hack to get savvy DIYers excited.

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A clever solution if you’re working from home and struggling to find desk space, a cloffice is also a brilliant way of putting an under-used cupboard to good use. And the great part is, at the end of the day, office kit and clutter gets hidden away behind closed doors.

A cloffice doesn’t require an enormous amount of space – simply, a cupboard wide enough to accommodate a work surface and some space above for a few shelves.

Slot in a desktop

Office in a kitchen cupboard

Image credit: Nicholas Yarsley

Start with the work surface first and everything else should slot into place around it. You could use a shelf as a desktop, provided it is positioned at the correct height to work at – average desk height is between 70 to 76cm. Or you could consider slotting a small desk inside your cupboard.

If your shelf isn’t deep enough, installing a slide-out shelf or a drop-down desktop is a clever way of extending the desktop and will give space for a keyboard.

Think about a seat

Office in a white wardrobe

Image credit: IKEA

Choose a seat or stool neat enough to tuck under your desk and allow the cupboard doors to close. Alternatively, choose a swivel chair on castors that you can wheel out of the way when work is done.

Incorporate storage

Office in a cupboard with cubbyhole storage

Image credit: Mel Yates

Make use of the full height of your cupboard to maximise storage. Add extra shelves if needed, fit cubbyholes for stationery or try a mini set of slide-in drawers to tuck under a desk. A pinboard on the wall or on the back of cupboard doors will also come in handy.

Pack a punch with the decor

office in a cupboard with blue interior

Image credit: Megan Taylor

It’s your space, so have fun with the decor and kit out your cloffice in a playful pattern or energising colour. Be as bold or as reserved as you please.

Consider replacing the doors

Office in a cupboard with wood interior

Image credit: Brayer Design

Think about swapping the doors if your cloffice is in a living space or high-traffic part of your home. Outward-opening doors require more space than neat bi-fold doors which stack back on themselves.

Pale wood home office with white sliding doors

Image credit: Armelle Habib

Sliding doors are another option, which give a neat, streamlined look. You’ll need space on one or both sides (for doors to slide back) plus tracks at floor level or ceiling height for doors to slide in and out on.

Go wall-to-wall

Home office concealed behind sliding doors

Image credit: Mel Yates

For the ultimate work set up, consider going wall to wall. Not strictly a closet, but if you have the spare wall space, installing a longline desk and a wall of storage above will give you all the office space you need. Sliding panels provide a stylish cover-up that will conceal the work space when it’s not in use.

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Will you be trying one of these out in your home?

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Distinctive Interiors With Compelling Colour Combinations

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Compelling colour combos of bright blues, vibrant greens, calming teal, uplifting yellow and sweet pinks crash together to make this collection of four distinctive home interiors. The explosions of colour create homes that are welcoming, energy boosting, enriching and a refreshing break from the norm. Check out these unique home tours to discover inspiration for colourful living rooms with bright and happy lounge decor, inviting colourful kitchens and unique dining room ideas. You’ll also find a Mondrian inspired blue and red bedroom, an unusual bathroom colour palette, a retro style studio apartment and an curious colourful home with vertical storage space ideas and lofted rooms.

Designer: Design Studio “ЭТА”  

Measuring 69 square metres, our first colourful interior is an apartment designed for a young couple, located in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Light teal dining chairs run along the back of a light red sofa design in a yellow and green lounge.

A wooden floating TV stand blends into golden yellow colour blocking, whilst a modern white desk melds with the lower wall colour. A striped floor rug brings all of the lively room colours together.

Black decorative vases take pause from the rainbow of accent colours.

The modern home office desk and TV stand draw a downward stepped effect across the living room wall, whilst linear storage volumes create their own path up on the wall above. A teal swivel chair draws colour inspiration from the dining area.

A section of the home office wall and part of the ceiling pulls the teal accent hue around the room, taking the eye to a home library wall with custom shelving. See more inspiration for book lover’s living rooms.

Nesting coffee tables layer green and grey hues into the centre of the lounge in a mid century reuleaux-triangle silhouette.

Dual colour dining room pendant lights help to zone the eating area in the open living dining combo.

The dining area splits the lounge from the kitchen. Green wall cabinets add a pop of unexpected colour to the smooth oak kitchen design. A sleek black countertop and matching black trims sharpen up the edges.

A tiled kitchen backsplash adds a wall of pattern to the small kitchen installation.

Red and blue colour blocking between heavy black outlines gives the master bedroom a bold Mondrian appeal. See more ideas for creating red and blue interiors.

A modern chandelier floats halos above the bed, whilst a gold modern wall sconce and matching bedroom pendant light brightly illuminate the bedsides.

Whilst colour clashes rage across the bed and curtain tops, wall art is a peaceful exhibit of monochrome.

A green vanity stool adds a final cube of colour.

Slimline bathroom vanity lights drop silvery strings over a fiery red floating vanity unit; a tonal ripple of aqua blue tiles rise behind it.

Patterned floor tiles send a dance of orange accents through the narrow space. Backlit bathroom shelves build a spa-like display of toiletries into the false wall that conceals the cistern.

A chunky farmhouse sink establishes a weighty presence in front of the eye-catching fish scale-like tile.

Oak effect cladding links the bathtub into the cistern wall.

A solid teal ceiling and a matching tufted entryway bench draw light blue accents out of geometric floor tiles. A small picture gallery creates a homey touch over a neat bicycle rack.

Apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: Manar Mostafa  

Our second featured home is a retro eclectic colour explosion with mid century vibes.

A blue curved sofa backs onto a wall of painted yellow sunshine. A yellow pouf pulls a drop of sunshine to the floor, whilst an accent cushion dabs the yellow colourway onto a contrasting wine red accent chair.

A plush white rectangle rug lightly zones the colourful lounge area in the studio layout, whilst a circular rug outlines the dining spot.

Unique wall sconces are combined with wood slatted panels to frame an emerald green TV stand.

Green dining chairs encircle a fresh white pedestal dining table, under a crisp white dome pendant shade.

A retro styled pink kitchen bends around the challenging room shape, snugly embracing the small dining area.

A terrazzo backsplash and countertop create a riot of additional colour and pattern through the coral pink kitchen.

Open shelving holds a decorative display of retro kitchen items. A white SMEG fridge smoothly complements the rounded kitchen cabinet door design.

Visualizer: Alexey Slastenov  

Acid yellow fizzes across a modern sofa design in our third home tour, cooled by a blue fabric pouf and a basic black rectangle coffee table.

Blue and red bar stools energise a black kitchen island behind the lounge. Bold wall art unites all of the room;s accent colours together in one fun and vibrant piece.

Unique kitchen pendants swing down over the breakfast bar like a sculptural art installation, punching an intriguing silhouette against a pale sage kitchen backsplash.

Wooden cutting boards and black kitchen equipment create a deep and earthy accessories palette.

Designer: KH Interior Design  
Photographer: Andy’S Photo  

Our final home design in this colourful collection is an airy pink, yellow, blue and teal interior. A candyfloss pink sofa is fashioned with contrasting colourful cushions, whilst a plain teal wingback chair is upgraded with a burst of stripes.

The small apartment features space-increasing lofted volumes in its high ceilings.

Tall shelving volumes pull bursts of teal all the way to the top.

A woven rattan pouf complements a natural wood coffee table and dining table.

Rattan baskets make boho pots for indoor plants.

Wall art puts pink and teal accents into the small home entryway, brightening the shady nook.

Whitewashed wood laminate flooring expands the sense of space and reflects natural light.

Castors allow the dining set to be easily slid to one side when not in use–without scuffing the floor.

A teal built-in cabinet builds a colourful first impression in the entryway. More indoor plants grow a green greeting.

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The Best Cordless Band Saw For A Fully-Equipped Workstation

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If you’re looking for a tool that will make clean smooth cuts, look no further than a band saw. As they have high speeds and thin blades, they’ll be able to cut into various materials with no problems at all. When it comes to band saws however, there’s both a corded and cordless version. Cordless band saws are great for individuals who are looking for something that’s compact, convenient and not quite as expensive as corded band saws.

Best Cordless Band Saw

Thinking of purchasing a cordless band saw? We’re here to help. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best cordless band saws that we’ve found to get you started. Before that however, we’ll talk a little more about how you should go about choosing your cordless band saw and answer some frequently asked questions.

Top Picks

Ryobi Portable Band Saw

Best For: Quick cuts in all materials

This portable band saw has the capacity to cut through wood, metal or plastic quickly and efficiently.

BOSCH Deep-Cut Band Saw

Best For: Clean cuts

This band saw comes with a robust 10 amp motor that will provide clean cuts so you won’t have to worry about reworking your product after.

DEWALT Portable Band Saw

Best For: Various materials and applications

This Dewalt portable band saw comes with a speed dial that allows you to toggle between speeds for specific materials and various applications.

SHOP FOX Metal Cutting Band Saw

Best For: Vertical and horizontal cutting

This band saw can be set up for both vertical cutting along with horizontal cutting operations – depending on your needs.

JET HVBS Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Band Saw

Best For: More complicated jobs

This band saw can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions and is a great band saw to purchase if you’re looking for something that can tackle the toughest jobs.

Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saw

Best For: Long-term use

This band saw is incredibly reliable and comes with excellent performance. If you’re looking for something that’s both powerful and will last for a considerable period of time, this is a great purchase.

How to Choose A Band Saw

When it comes to choosing a portable band saw, there are a couple of factors to take into consideration.


Even if you’re buying a cordless band saw, you’d want something that comes with a good amount of power as it’ll help you cut through materials easier and faster. If you end up purchasing an underpowered cordless band saw, you run the risk of not being able to maintain precision, speed and torque while cutting.


Another factor to consider is the motor of your cordless band saw. This is typically rated by horsepower. If you’re using your portable band saw for small DIY projects, a band saw of less than 1.0 horsepower is more than sufficient. If you need to cut metal or large hardwoods, you’re probably better off looking for a cordless band saw that has about 1.5 to 2.0 horsepower.


As band saws only move in a single direction, it’s generally safer than other saws. Regardless, it’s always good to choose a band saw that comes with safety features. Opt for a cordless band saw that comes with a blade guard to protect you from injury.

Blade and Speed

Band saws come with various blades that can cut materials in different ways. If you’re working with wood for example, you’d want to get a cordless band saw that’s great for slicing through wood. When selecting your band saw, remember to also consider speed. If you need to cut through metal for example, you’d need a cordless band saw that works at low speed. If you’re not sure what type of speed you need, you can purchase a cordless band saw that comes with variable speed control.

Pros and Cons

Below are some of the pros and cons of a cordless band saw.


  • Has the ability to work on a range of materials from metal to plastic and wood.
  • Since it’s cordless, you’ll be able to carry your band saw around with no issues.
  • If you’re working on a job with curved edges, a band saw is the ideal option.
  • Band saws are a lot quieter than table saws and produce less dust.


  • Cordless band saws are usually not as powerful as those that are corded.
  • A band saw usually leaves a product with rough edges so additional finishing is required.
  • While a band saw is versatile with materials, it’s not the most versatile when it comes to cutting capabilities.

Types of Cordless Band Saws

There are a few different types of cordless band saws and we’ll discuss them in greater detail below:

Metal Band Saw

With metal band saws there are usually horizontal and vertical band saws. Horizontal band saws are usually used to cut something down to size whereas vertical ones can be used for various jobs from filing to polishing. While extra maintenance is required, they usually have additional features built-in. Metal band saws can also typically cut through various materials – making them a popular tool in workshops.

Wood Band Saw

Wood band saws are versatile and the large ones – though typically not cordless, can be used for ripping lumber.

Meat Band Saw

As the name suggests, this band saw is used for carving and cutting through various types of meat. Usually made with stainless steel, they’re typically easy to clean and maintain. Some may even come with additional features such as being able to slice through thick bones or having a sausage making spout.

Horizontal Band Saw

This band saw is appreciated by both amateurs and professionals alike. They’re useful for cutting longer materials down to size.

Vertical Band Saw

These are incredibly versatile and can be used to create different shapes and lines. They can also perform precision cut straight lights and are a fantastic all-rounder power tool. They’re typically able to cut through materials fast and have excellent cutting capacity.

Portable Band Saw

These are the most common cordless band saws and can be used for straight edge cuts, curved lines, irregular shapes and more. They’re not only convenient but can also be used for cutting stock that may be too big for a regular band saw.

Cordless VS Corded

If you’re not sure whether you should be purchasing a corded or a cordless band saws, here are a couple of features that set them apart:


If you want something portable, you should definitely be purchasing a cordless band saw. Not only can you carry it around easily, but you can also use it in places where there isn’t a power source.


If you’re looking for a band saw with power, a corded option might be the better choice. Corded band saws are typically more powerful and allow you to work without stopping. For smaller-scale jobs however, a cordless band saw will do just fine.


If budget is something that you’re taking into consideration, cordless band saws are typically cheaper than corded band saws. You will, however, also need to take into consideration the cost of battery replacements for your cordless band saws.


When it comes to weight, cordless band saws are much more compact and lightweight than corded band saws. If you’re using your band saw for DIY projects that require you to move around, a cordless band saw is the better option.

The Best Cordless Band Saws

Ryobi Portable Band Saw

This particular band saw comes with a two-and-a-half-inch cutting capacity and can be used for a wide range of applications from cutting wood to metal or plastic. As it comes with an integrated pommel handle, you’ll also be able to hold your portable band saw comfortably with no issues at all. As it comes with a 560 SFPM you’ll be able to cut through materials swiftly. It comes with an adjustable blade tracking and comes with a hang hook as an overhead storage option. It’s lightweight, portable and customers mentioned that it’s a versatile product that’s perfect to use when they’re away from their workshop.

BOSCH Deep-Cut Band Saw

This fantastic band saw comes with a robust 10-amp motor that will help provide clean cuts. With that, you won’t have to worry about any rework required on the product after the cuts are made. It also has a nearly spark-free operation for added safety. Other great features of this band saw include deep-cut capability, being compact and lightweight, and the ability to cut tough overhead materials. As it comes with variable speed settings, you’ll also be able to select the cutting speed that best suits your needs. Customers that have used it mentioned that it zips through relatively heavy steel and is a nice and portable band saw that does the job well.

DEWALT Portable Band Saw

This Dewalt portable band saw comes with a 10-amp motor that is designed to withstand various applications. It comes with a 5-inch-deep cut capacity for round or rectangular stock. For protection, your band saw also comes with features such as a steel shroud and rubber bumpers. As it comes with a LED sight light, you’ll be able to make cuts in environments with minimal light, and the integrated hang hook means that you can hang your band saw without damaging the front handle or castings. As it comes with a 100-350 SPM, it’s a versatile band saw that can be used for a variety of materials and applications.

SHOP FOX Metal Cutting Band Saw

If you’re looking for a metal cutting band saw that’s economical, portable and easy to use, this band saw will do the trick. It comes with three speeds and can be used for both small and large projects. It also has three cutting speeds that you can easily change along with a built-in mobile base that allows you to move your band saw to its desired location. Best of all, this band saw can be set up for both vertical cutting along with horizontal cutting operations. Customers who purchased this band mention that it works well for some light manufacturing and like how it’s crafted from solid quality material.

JET HVBS Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Band Saw

This band saw has the ability to tackle both horizontal and vertical cutting. It comes with an infeed table assembly along with four 8” rubber wheels for ease of movement. It also has multi-position blade guides along with a built-in storage cabinet and chip tray. Customers who have purchased this cordless band saw really like it and one customer even managed to cut about 500 steel bars with it. They also mentioned that the hydraulic feed control works great and it comes with everything you need for production and small projects.

Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saw

Last but not least we’ve got this portable band saw. It’s reliable, comes with fantastic performance and even comes with job site armor technology and a metal direct drive system that provides game-changing durability. It’s crafted with a proprietary composite material and even has crush zone barriers for better protection. While it might be durable, this band saw doesn’t skimp on power. It delivers superior cut accuracy and great cut visibility. In addition, the balanced design of this band saw allows it to fit comfortably in your hands while you’re using it. Customers have given it rave reviews, and they really like how the band saw cuts incredibly fast and smooth.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that we’ve received about cordless band saws.

What are cordless band saws used for?

Cordless band saws can be used for numerous functions. They’re most commonly used in metal fabrication shops for functions such as cutting and shaping steels. Portable band saws can also be used for billet shaping – cutting billets to their basic shapes. They can also be used to create a tenon joint, specifically crafting the tenon tongue. If you’d like, you can also use a cordless band saw to cut large woods into smaller sizes or even to the smallest size. Below is a snapshot of some other functions that can be used with a cordless band saw:

  • Making notches – You can use a cordless band saw with a dual blade guide to make the usual notches.
  • Creating truss circles – You can use a portable band saw to create some truss circles. It’s hard work but can definitely be achieved.
  • Cut large pieces of flesh and bone – With a cordless band saw you’ll be able to saw through various meats.
  • Create veneers – If you need thin veneers, you can use a cordless band saw to cut through thick veneer boards.
  • Decorative cuts –Finally, you can also use a cordless band saw for a variety of decorative cuts.

What is the best portable band saw?

It really depends on what you’re looking for and whether or not you’re a devoted professional or just an occasional user. When it comes to choosing a portable band saw, you’ll just have to make sure that it’s accurate, easy to use and compact. If you’re purchasing a portable band saw it’s likely that you’d want to be able to easily carry it around so you need to make sure that it’s something you can carry around with you at all times.

Does ridgid make a cordless band saw?

Yes, they do, they’ve got a cordless compact band saw that comes with numerous features.

How much is a portable band saw?

It depends on the model, but portable band saws are typically priced around the $200 mark.

Bottom Line

We hope that you were able to find a great cordless band saw from the options above. If you decide to purchase a portable band saw, make sure that it comes with features that suits your needs – whether that be weight, compactness, versatility or power. Take your time to look through the various cordless band saws available and read through customer reviews before making your purchase.

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What to Look for In a Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum

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If you’re looking for a powerful vacuum to keep your workspace neat and tidy, you can’t go wrong with a Milwaukee cordless vacuum. The brand has been expanding their line of cordless vacuums and they’ve got a wide variety of models to get you started. From a Milwaukee backpack vacuum to a wet/dry model, you’ll be spoiled for choice. 

 Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum

Not sure where to get started? No worries, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best Milwaukee cordless vacuums. Before we discuss each of them in greater detail, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of these cordless vacuums, its various constructions, and some things that you’d need to consider when making your purchase. 

Our Top Picks

Best All-Round: Milwaukee Fuel Backpack 

It can’t get any better than this Milwaukee fuel backpack, especially if size is key. Not only can you wear it on your back, but it’s also incredibly versatile. 

Most Versatile: Milwaukee 12V Cordless Li-Ion Vacuum 

This vacuum comes with versatile attachments that make it great for small to large area clean-ups.

Most Portable: Milwaukee Lithium Ion Cordless Vacuum

Portable, lightweight, and easy to empty – it can’t get any better than this particular cordless vacuum.

Most Powerful: Milwaukee Lithum-ion Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Finally, we’ve got this vacuum that comes with super powerful suction that’s great for both wet and dry applications.  

Why Go Cordless in My Shop?

It’s simple, after you’ve done a DIY project, the last thing you want is to be lugging a vacuum with a cord across your workspace – especially if you’ve got stuff everywhere. Furthermore, extension cords are also known to beat up any newly finished floors. Not to mention, it’s highly likely that you haven’t cleaned your vacuum from your previous job, so you’ve also got to do with all of that mess. 

With a cordless vacuum, you no longer have to worry about such issues. Not only are most of their cordless vacuums powerful, but they’re also quiet and some of them even come in a backpack design – how convenient is that? You’ll be able to quickly move through the areas that you’d like to vacuum and call it a day. Furthermore, most if not all Milwaukee cordless vacuums are incredibly powerful, so you’ll have all of the features you need to clean the area with ease.  

Construction of the Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum

Below, we’ll give a little more insight into the various constructions of the different Milwaukee cordless vacuums.

Construction of the Milwaukee Backpack Vacuum

This particular vacuum is incredibly lightweight, but is still made of high-quality and sturdy material. You’ve got the vacuum and canister made of high-density plastic and rubber, while the extension tube is crafted with lightweight aluminum. In addition, all of the hoses are also flexible and constructed with a heavy-duty rubber. As the suction canister is clear, you’ll be able to see everything inside, while the harness is made of good-quality cloth with durable stitching. 

Construction of the Milwaukee M18 0880-20 

This is a fantastic wet/dry vacuum that also has great construction. It not only has an efficient design, but you’ll also have access to high-quality hose and attachments. In addition, the motor of this vacuum is incredibly powerful – especially since it can move both wet and dry materials. It’s just a great all-round vacuum with sturdy construction. 

Construction of the Milwaukee 12V Cordless Li-Ion Vacuum 

This vacuum has a unique handheld design, but you can also use it for plenty. It also comes with a transparent canister so you can see what’s inside. In addition, it’s powered by lithium-ion battery packs, so you can be assured that your cordless vacuum will be able to run for a good period of time.

Construction of the Cordless Compact Handheld Vacuum 

This cordless vacuum comes with a utility nozzle, along with a crevice tool and extension wand. It’s also incredibly durable, sturdy and long-lasting, and can withstand various job site conditions with no issues at all. As it’s portable, it also isn’t too heavy and you can take it with you while you’re on the go. 

How Does it Perform?

Want to know how each of these vacuums perform? We’ll tell you below. 

Milwaukee 12V Cordless Li-Ion Vacuum 

This particular vacuum comes with plenty of power for you to clean anywhere. It has a high-performance motor with maximum suction for a plethora of construction materials from wood chips to even metal shavings. You can use it to clean large areas or even for particular spots. 

Cordless Compact Handheld Vacuum 

This powerful and adaptable handheld vacuum also comes with a high-performance motor that has fantastic suction. Not only can it clean up drywall dust, but it can also clean up wood shavings, metal shavings, as well as job site debris. Depending on the battery pack that you use, it can also run on either 25 minutes or 43 minutes. 

Milwaukee M18 0880-20

This wet/dry vacuum also comes with powerful suction that is much needed for wet and dry applications. Not only does it come with great run time along with high air power and suction, but it’ll also effectively and efficiently remove dust, debris and water. As it comes with a HEPA filter, it’ll collect fine dust with no issues at all.

Milwaukee backpack vacuum

Finally, we’ve got the backpack vacuum that’s great for spot, area or even final cleanups. It comes with excellent cordless performance and is both portable and versatile. Its brushless motor also means that this vacuum comes with excellent suction power – allowing individuals to tackle jobsite debris such as concrete dust along with wood and metal shavings.

Things to Consider

There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to selecting your ideal Milwaukee cordless vacuum.


The first thing to consider is the ergonomics. One such feature to take into consideration is where the on/off switch is located. Ideally, you’d want it to be easily reachable and you should be able to adjust the power settings easily. With the Milwaukee backpack vacuum, it’s unfortunately a bit of an issue as the on/off switch is located on the left side of the machine instead.

Since it is a cordless vacuum you’ll also be carrying it around and ideally you’d want it to be somewhat manageable in terms of weight. Most of the Milwaukee cordless vacuums are relatively lightweight and easy to handle so that’s not really an issue. With the backpack vacuum, you’ll even get a padded belt that will allow most of the weight to sit around your hips area. It also has shoulder straps that you can adjust to your preferred fit. Most individuals have reported wearing their backpack vacuum for a good period of time but haven’t ran into any issues. 


Pricing is also another key consideration and all of these Milwaukee cordless vacuums have different price points. The Milwaukee M18 0880-20 is the most expensive of the lot as it comes with a wet/dry function that some of the other vacuums don’t have. It’s also incredibly powerful and is a great all-round vacuum that you can’t go wrong with. The Cordless Compact Handheld Vacuum comes at a similar cost as it also comes with numerous great features that makes it a fantastic purchase. 

On the other hand, the Milwaukee backpack vacuum and the Milwaukee 12V Cordless Li-Ion Vacuum have a similar cost. While they’re both high-performance vacuums, they aren’t as expensive as they do have fewer features. 


Finally, the last thing that you’d have to consider is size. While they’re all cordless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all lightweight. The cordless compact handheld vacuum is not heavy and is a great vacuum to purchase if you’re concerned about size. The cordless Li-Ion vacuum is also easy to hold and it’s essentially a hand-held vacuum that you can use to cleanup a variety of messes.

While still lightweight, the cordless wet/dry vacuum is slightly bulkier in size so it may not be ideal if you’re cleaning in areas that don’t have a lot of space. Finally, the most compact of them all is the backpack vacuum. Not only can you wear it on your back, but it’ll also fit great in a range of locations such as a ladder. 

Best Milwaukee Cordless Vacuums 

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 3-in-1 Backpack

This Milwaukee backpack vacuum is incredibly convenient to use. Feel free to wear it on your back like a backpack or place it on the floor – whatever you need. It comes with cordless performance, is portable, and is also incredibly versatile. In addition, it also comes with a brushless motor along with a cyclonic design for maximum suction. As it comes with a removable hardness along with an integrated canister hook and handle, you can wear, carry, or even choose to hang your backpack vacuum. You’ll also get a range of standard accessories with your purchase from a flexible hose to a HEPA filter and more.


  • Lightweight 
  • Comes with a pretty good battery life
  • Easy to operate 
  • Great for quickly cleaning messes up 


  • The power switch isn’t conveniently located 
  • Not great for wet messes 

Milwaukee 12V Cordless Li-Ion Vacuum


This cordless and compact vacuum comes with plenty of power for you to clean anywhere. Not only does it come with a high-performance motor that has maximum suction, but you’ll also get up to 29 minutes of run-time on one charge. It’s also a versatile vacuum that you can use for plenty from vacuuming certain spots to tackling large areas. You’ll also get a couple of items from an extension wand to a crevice tool for versatility. The clear viewing window allows you to have a good idea of the canister fill level while the lock-on switch will help with reducing fatigue.


  • Powerful motor
  • Plenty of storage 
  • Good hose design 


  • Filter isn’t washable 
  • Shorter runtime 

Milwaukee 0882-20 M18 Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact 40 CFM

This powerful handheld vacuum comes with a canister that you can easily empty. All you’ve got to do is open the bottom of the vacuum over a trash bin, and you’re good to go. It’s also incredibly lightweight and you can use it for a variety of worksites with no issues at all. In addition, it also comes with a removable HEPA filter that will keep the air in your workspace clean. It’s also compatible with M18 18 volt lithium ion batteries if you’d like to keep it running for a longer period of time.


  • Great motor 
  • Clear viewing window 
  • Plenty of different types of attachments 


  • Battery dies quickly
  • Doesn’t have great suction power 

Milwaukee M18 2 Gal. 18-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Need powerful suction? You’ll want to go ahead and purchase this particular vacuum. It has a great run time and comes with the suction and air power you need to remove dust, debris and even water swiftly. As it comes with a HEPA filter, you’ll be able to collect fine dust, and it even comes with a stackable toolbox design for portability. If you’d like, you can also use your vacuum cleaner as a blower, and you can also fasten standard vacuum attachments onto this vacuum. It’s a great powerful vacuum that you can’t go wrong purchasing – especially if you’re looking for something with amazing suction power. 


  • Easy to empty 
  • Lightweight
  • Removable HEPA filter 


  • Filter isn’t washable 
  • Costly

Bottom Line 

We hope that this article helped you figure out which Milwaukee cordless vacuum best suits your needs. While they’re all fantastic, they each have their own features that will cater to your specific requirements. If you decide to purchase a Milwaukee cordless vacuum, make sure that you’re taking ergonomics, price along with size into consideration – especially if you plan on using this particular vacuum for a good period of time. 

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Colour Cohesive Interiors Under 55 Sqm (With Floor Plans)

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Single colour accents create strong cohesion within these two modern home interiors, which each measure up at just under 55 square metres (600 square feet). We begin our cohesive colour journey with an orange dashed interior that includes a bold orange infused kitchen and an energised orange bathroom design. We switch to the opposite side of the colour wheel for our second home tour, where blue elements build a calming atmosphere that spans a full spectrum of shades. Modern black fixtures and fittings give both interiors some weight, whilst glowing lighting schemes set an intimate mood. Check out the floor plans at the end of each tour for more spatial inspiration.

Visualizer: Estic Design  

Pumpkin orange accents light up the grey and taupe interior of our first featured home tour. A bright kitchen backsplash blazes across the back of the open plan living room, whilst pumpkin spice scatter cushions tone the accent down a notch. A neutral modern sofa and matching ottoman balance out the bolder colour infusions.

A textured rug
softly outlines the simple lounge area. A minimalist wraparound end table serves the L-shaped sofa. See more ideas for unique end tables here.

Wood panelling makes a warming TV wall covering, which is accentuated by the cosy glow of recessed LED perimeter lights. A white TV stand makes a clean and crisp addition to the statement wall, adorned with a contrasting black vase.

Behind the lounge, the room morphs into a dining spot with a small round dining table and modern chairs.

The grey and orange L-shaped kitchen folds around the eating area, where both zones benefit from the balcony door’s influx of light.

Ribbed texture adds an extra dimension to the orange kitchen backsplash, which increases contrast with the smooth black countertop.

A custom hall tree and entryway bench combo is designed with a nook for conveniently kicking shoes away underneath.

A backlit full length mirror gently illuminates the corridor and encompasses a handy entryway shelf, where a reed diffuser emits a welcoming scent.

platform bed is pushed to one side of the compact bedroom layout. A glass wall helps to expand the sense of space.

A modern wall sconce lights a floating bedside table and a chic black decorative vase.

In the kid’s room, a cosmic wall design enlivens a black bedroom scheme with golden accents.

Golden yellow accessories break up the black bed set.

Despite the black statement wall, the single bedroom is a bright affair with light wood elements and clean white furniture.

A stacked desk and shelf combination makes up a comfortable kid’s study by the window.

A creative shelving solution is installed to display plants and decorative items across the TV wall.

Orange accents dance through black bathroom tile, releasing bursts of energy. Black linen baskets tuck away in the shadows of a modern vanity.

An illuminated vanity mirror ignites extra glow over the fiery orange tile arrangement.

A sharp contrast of white tiles surround the bathtub, merging it with the ice white vanity.

The tonal divide laps the perimeter, with dramatic dark elements up top and a clean cut blank canvas below.

Orange seat cushions take the home’s lively accent colour to a set of modern outdoor chairs on the balcony.

A barbecue and a set of decorative outdoor shelves turn the small balcony into a cosy area for entertaining.

Apartment floor plan.

Designer: Anastasiya Bagautdinova  
Visualizer: Stonerender  

Our second home tour is a 54 square metre apartment in Moscow, Russia, which is coloured by calming blue infusions. An abstract painting picks up the cool blue colour of a small sofa, and complements a black plant stand, side table and desk.

The black desk is matched by a black swivel chair, speakers and a black desk lamp so that the entire home office area merges into one solid silhouette.

An aquarium stands at each side of the window seat, creating a frame of living colour.

Blue cushions colour the window seat itself. A slatted fascia lets out heat from the radiator.

On the opposite side of the room, slatted room dividers subtly separate off part of the floor area as a practical home entryway, without cutting off perceivable space or light.

An open doorway connects the lounge to the kitchen diner, where modern dining chairs carry the blue accent through.

Indoor plants add an uplifting essence to the kitchen and dining area, filling the window sill and wall shelves with texture. A dome dining pendant light drops a black accent into the mix.

A black table darkly dominates the dining arrangement and dual colour kitchen.

In the enclosed balcony, wood stats create a decorative backdrop for an inviting armchair. A grey knitted pouf
compliments the chairs colourway, whilst a blue accent cushion adds a colourful pop.

Unique modern wall sconces provide mood lighting to a blue and brown bedroom scheme, where they flank an elegant platform bed with a tufted headboard design.

Abstract art brings the hues of the room together in one eye-catching piece.

Ink curtains complement the artwork and a colour matched floating TV stand.

Painted closets make the largest statement in the deep blue bedroom scheme, fitting edge to edge and top to toe.

Wood effect tiles give the bathroom vanity some rustic charm.

Black bathroom fixtures give the small space a sharp modern edge.

Narrow shelves sit back inside the cistern wall, emitting a warming glow.

Floor plan.

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