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One of the latest crazes in home design is the return of the farmhouse sink. It’s a fashion statement that many home designers and renovation specialists can’t seem to ignore, and it really sells houses. That’s partly because they are extremely useful and convenient compared to more modern style sinks. What’s the difference, and why are they so advantageous? Let’s start with the fact that they were deeper and roomier prior to running water. But that’s just the beginning. If you’re looking for the best farmhouse kitchen sink for your home, you’ll want to know more about the sinks so you can find the right one for your application.

What to Look for in a Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

In the days before running water, people spent hours scrubbing at the farmhouse kitchen sink, and they had loads of washing to do, between clothes and dishes. So, these sinks were designed for comfort and convenience. They had larger, deeper basins, and the front counters were eliminated in order to bring the edge of the sink closer, negating the need to lean over so far and put undue stress on the back and shoulders.

These are elements you should look for in the best farmhouse kitchen sinks available. In addition, you’ll need to know the size of your sink location, since a farmhouse kitchen sink can range anywhere from twenty to sixty inches across. That also includes knowing the width of the sink in question from front to back, as well as how deep you can take that sink in the existing application. You can also find them in a variety of materials, including cast iron, fireclay, stainless steel, and copper. Choose to fit your kitchen design.

1. Kir 33″ L X 20″ W Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Basket Strainer

The Kir Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is ideal for an average sized space in your kitchen. Measuring 33 inches long and 20 inches deep, you likely won’t have to recut your countertops to retrofit this particular basin. Made of handcrafted fireclay, the Kir is baked at extremely high temperatures to assure that it’s not only incredibly durable but also scratch, stain, rust, fade, and heat resistant. The deep basin is ideal for preparing large family meals, as well as assuring that your countertops stay clean and dry while washing dishes.

You can manage large pots and pans in this sink without worry that they’ll be scratched or damaged in a dishwasher. This particular farmhouse sink also comes with the bonus add-ons of a stainless-steel strainer and a sink protector grid. The 10-inch-deep basin has apron installation and requires a minimum base cabinet width of 36 inches. The Kir includes a 5-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects and will likely require professional installation for best performance.

2. SWUF2520WH Fireclay 24″ L x 20″ W Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Elkay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is great for smaller applications, where you don’t have the option for a wider sink. This particular fixture is 24 inches across and 20 inches deep, making it perfect for islands and shorter countertops. The timeless style of the farmhouse sink is updated with a modern twist so that it can work in a contemporary kitchen as well as a rustic or retro application. Made of fireclay, the surface is nonporous and has a glossy sheen that you’ll find easy to clean off. The durable unit is also scratch, stain, heat, rush, and fade resistant for long lasting enjoyment.

You’ll also notice a noise dampening quality as water pours against the surface. This sink is reversible, allowing you to enjoy a natural flat front or a large lip where the front of the sink extends down further for an intriguing design element. The single bowl in the basin allows you to fit more into the sink without the divider to make washing and rinsing more difficult. You have over 9 inches of depth to work with as well, so you can wash those larger pots without trouble. One of the best aspects of this quality appliance is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, meaning the warranty is prorated and covers specific elements but never expires.

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink With Grid and Strainer

The Sutton Place Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is a little narrower, which makes it unique and still quite viable for a number of applications. Another sink of fireclay material, this is also handcrafted with solid casting, just as the old English tradition, with the raw material fired at 2300˚F for 20 hours to assure the material is scratch, chip, rust, heat, fade, and stain resistant, leaving behind a smooth surface that is quick and easy to clean.

All four sides are glazed and reversible, so you get a smooth or decorative finish as desired. You also get a basin rack, bottom grid, and basket strainer for your convenience. The basin is 10 inches deep, affording you plenty of room to chop, rinse, wash, or whatever you need, and the single basin without a divider makes it easier to maneuver. This sink is offered with a limited lifetime warranty that covers various aspects, especially manufacturer defects, so you can rest assured you get the most out of your sink always.

4. Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Grids and Drains

The Nantucket Cape Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink gives you quality and craftsmanship for durability as well as style for aesthetic purposes. The fireclay sink is handcrafted and then glazed by artisans to assure perfection in construction and performance. With the 10 inch depth on both sides of the basin, which is 33 inches long and 18 inches wide, you’ll be able to fill stock pots, rinse and wash dishes and pans, and get a lot more use out of this sink while also having the chic design in place.

The fireclay is resistant to damage such as heat and stains but also works against bacteria buildup with its nonporous properties. The denseness of the material also dampens the sound of running water. With traditional apron installation, you’ll enjoy the look and comfort of the sink as you use it for your purposes. You’ll also find comfort in the 5-year limited warranty that assures you don’t have any issues with manufacturer defects that could compromise the integrity of the unit.

5. WHITE Glencove St. Ives 33″ L x 20″ W Apron Kitchen Sink

The Glencove St. Ives Apron Kitchen Sink is always unique, as it is handmade from natural clay and molded into the perfect shape for its purpose. The baking process requires extreme temperatures to set the glaze, but the finished product has smooth, glossy surfaces for both aesthetic benefits and ease of cleaning. This also reduces chances of gathering and growing bacteria. The traditional apron farmhouse kitchen sink is fully reversible, so you have control over the appearance of the apron and basin.

A 10-inch-deep single basin set in a length of 33 inches and a width of 20 inches allows you plenty of space for preparing meals, washing or rinsing dishes, filling stock pots, and so much more. You’ll need a minimum of 3 feet of countertop in order to mount this 95-pound sink. However, you’ll be pleased with your purchase, as it is covered by a limited lifetime warranty to set your mind at ease.

6. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink With Grid and Strainer

The Olde London Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is a single basin that’s 24 inches long and 18 inches deep, making it work perfectly in a smaller kitchen or even in a laundry room retrofit. The handcrafted fireclay is stain, rust, scratch, heat, and fade resistant for long term satisfaction guaranteed, and the glossy, smooth finish is so easy to clean you can turn the chore over to small children. The sink comes with a stainless-steel basin rack and a basket strainer for added usefulness.

You can easily fit a 12-quart stock pot beneath the faucet and still have room to operate. You’ll need at least 25 inches of countertop to support the sink and its 80-pound weight, but once installed, it will definitely hold up and be useful for years to come. This apron installation farmhouse kitchen sink doesn’t come with overflow protection, so you’ll need to be cautious with this. However, it does come with a lifetime limited warranty to keep your concerns of defects at bay.

7. SSFC30PLN 30″ L x 18″ W Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Soleil Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is the ideal size for most kitchens, at 30 inches long and 18 inches wide. The apron installation offers you easier access to the sink basin while also creating a welcome design element into your kitchen space. The white fireclay material is coated with an enamel finish, so you don’t have to worry about durability or longevity of the sink. Because of the versatile design, you can choose to have the sink installed as an undermount design, a flush design, or a floating sink.

The rectangular basin is 9-10 inches deep, depending on the type of installation, with a rectangular style for that artisan look. This sink comes with a limited 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect, and with the fade resistant properties and the smooth finish that is easy to clean, you’ll find tons of satisfaction with the ability to cook and prepare as well as clean up after the meal is done without a hassle.

8. Stainless Steel 24″ x 20″ Farmhouse/Apron Kitchen Sink

The MR Direct Farmhouse Kitchen Sink offers a bit of a modern element combined with the traditional farmhouse appeal, creating the apron installation and structure out of stainless steel. This smaller single basin design is ideal for tight kitchens with little counter space, coming in at 24 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Because stainless steel tends to be louder than some materials, noise dampening pads have been included to reduce sound and keep the appeal of the traditional farmhouse sink design.

The contemporary elements that come with the stainless steel include tight curved corners, as well as a luster created by a brushed satin finish. This means that any minor dings and scrapes are easily disguised through the design element. The sink is incredibly durable, with the stainless steel it’s constructed from being 25% thicker than industry standard. The sink is 10 inches deep for ease of use, with an apron height of 8 inches. Compared to fireclay, the sink is extremely lightweight at only 23.3 pounds. The sink comes with a lifetime limited warranty that doesn’t cover counters or faucets, only the sink.

9. Whitehaven Self-Trimming 36″ L x 22″ W Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Whitehaven Self-Trimming Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is a much larger apron front installation product that has a sloped bottom to assist with draining and cleanup measures. Made of cast iron that has been enameled, this sturdy sink is chip, stain, and crack resistant for a long-lasting durability and visual appeal. With a design that is made perfectly to fit the standard 36-inch industry apron front basin cabinetry, this ‘self-trimming’ sink only needs a rough cut to make it install easily. It’s also 22 inches wide for a very large space that allows you all the prep area you need.

The sloped basin is 9 inches deep so you can pile your dishes, clean or dirty, or use it for prep work. Being large and fashioned from cast iron, it’s heavy and cannot be top mounted with laminate countertops. There is a lifetime limited warranty that applies specifically to the enameled cast iron and to no other elements included with installation.

10. Lange 32″ L x 22″ W Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Lange Farmhouse Kitchen Sink offers a wide installation with a rather long basin that works will in large kitchens or in large islands or peninsulas between kitchens and great rooms. If you’re looking for a traditional copper finish, you’ll love the hand hammered and hand finished antique copper finish to the extra-large basin. The sink also includes noise dampening qualities, so you don’t get such resonance of clanging from dishes or the running of the garbage disposal. The material used is 17-gauge solid, pure copper, so you can rest assured of the durability and longevity of the sink’s use.

The basin is only 8 inches deep but still affords plenty of space to fill a stock pot or to stack dishes without being encumbered. Unlike other materials, copper isn’t so heavy, and the sink weighs less than 30 pounds. You get a full lifetime warranty on this product, meaning you never have to worry about the cost of repair or replacement, as the copper design should last a lifetime.

11. Vineyard 33″ L x 18″ W Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Vineyard Double Basin Farmhouse Sink allows dual purposes to occur at the same time with the separated sides of the sink. Wash dishes on one side while rinsing or drying them on the other. Fill a stock pot on one side while prepping vegetables on the other. The fireclay material is perhaps the highest quality available, and it provides a surface that is both smooth, which makes it easy to clean, and resistant to heat, stains, scratches, chips, rust, and fading. The artistic design and finish give the sink rustic character by creating a distressed look, all done by hand for a more natural appearance.

The matte enamel is unique in the design, with most fireclay sinks having a glossy finish. The basin and apron are both 10 inches deep, with the sink coming in at 33 inches long and 18 inches wide, which requires a minimum basin cabinet width of at least 33 inches (35 inches for the matte black finish). The sink comes with a 5-year limited warranty to help you feel less stressed about damages that may occur due to manufacturer defects.

12. Alfi 36″ L x 18″ W Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The ALFI 36 inch by 18-inch farmhouse kitchen sink offers a beautiful fireclay design that easily takes you on a trip back in time to simpler days. However, you’ll find a bit of a contemporary twist in that the wall is hollow. With the high quality of fireclay material, you don’t have to concern yourself with keeping the sink in excellent condition. The extreme temperatures make it scratch and heat resistant for years to come.

Depending on how the sink is mounted, the basin is between 9 and 10 inches deep, making it ideal for those who cook large meals for a big family and use a lot of dishes or large stock pots. The extra thick fireclay walls are 1.37 inches thick for added durability. As with most farmhouse sink installation, you don’t get the overflow protection included. The warranty on the product is very specific, with 1 year against manufacturer defects and 10 years against fading or staining of the glaze.

13. Farmhouse Pinnacle 30″ L x 20″ W Kitchen Sink

The Pinnacle Farmhouse Kitchen Sink measures a standard 30 inches long and 20 inches wide for an easily measured installation in a standard apron mount cabinet space. Each sink is made of copper that artisans have hammered by hand for a unique appearance to each sink delivered while maintaining top quality and offering a very interesting, one of a kind texture to the sink. Its clan lines and architecture make it modern and chic, while the two options for the finish (antique copper that will patina over time or brushed nickel for a high end look) give you choices to match and elevate your kitchen space.

The single basin, which is a whopping 10.5 inches deep, is ideal for those who need an excess of space to manage dishes or cooking needs. The entire sink is rust resistant due to the copper design, making it last longer while also keeping it lighter weight for easier installation. The product is available with a limited lifetime warranty to make sure you’re satisfied with it for the long term.

14. Farmhouse 33″ x 36″ Apron Kitchen Sink

The Native Trails Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is made of concrete and is perhaps the most versatile farmhouse sink on the market, with four installation options. You can put the bowed edge in front or back, choosing to mount it apron style or undermount. The native stone cement and incorporated jute fibers combined for an incredibly durable design that was handcrafted to resist stains, cracks, and scratches longer.

The single basin is huge, measuring 33 inches long, 20.5 inches wide, and an incredible 10.25 inches deep. While the sink does come with a limited lifetime warranty, it is nontransferable and applies only to residential applications and not commercial use.

15. Native 40″ L x 22″ W Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Native Trails Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is incredibly large and offers two separate basins for independent use during cooking, cleaning, or preparation for events and meals. This undermounted sink is 40 inches long and 22 inches wide, great for custom kitchen installation, including island countertops. The copper is handcrafted and hammered for a unique textured appearance that looks like it belongs in Hollywood homes.

You can choose an antique copper finish that will start to patina over time like a living piece of art or opt for the brushed nickel, in which the finest nickel available is used to plate the copper sink. Both basins are a full 10 inches deep, with the left basin measuring 24 inches long and the right basin 11.75 inches long. Enjoy a limited lifetime warranty that assures your sink will be durable and satisfactory in performance for however long you intend to have it.

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