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Calming white, pale grey, and soothing wood tone decor instils a sense of peace into these two Asian-inspired home designs. Wooden storage furniture is crafted around the perimeter of the interior to include decorative lattice sections, which give a stylistic nod to shoji screens. Rattan accents and wooden furniture pieces span both traditional and modern aesthetics that make a gentle tonal accompaniment for the natural timber elements. Each apartment design creates a spacious and welcoming abode with a minimalist yet warm approach. Lighting is soft and relaxing to ensure that nothing in the home is jarring nor dominant, so that everything flows in a serene balance.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

In home design number one, the Asian influence is present from the get-go with a shoji-screen-inspired storage wall that stands as a focal point behind the living room couch.

The living room is a large and spacious design with a warm and welcoming appeal. The built-in wooden storage cabinets that trim the perimeter of the living room spread visual warmth and natural beauty.

A ​​rustic coffee table brings the warm wood tone accent to the centre of the lounge layout. A clean white tufted sofa wraps around the wooden coffee table in an inviting L-shape that promotes interaction and conversation.

A large area rug holds the lounge furniture layout together on one light and textural island.

Intriguing ornaments, a collection of coffee table books, and a wooden fruit bowl attractively adorn the wooden coffee table with equally earthy tones.

A stool/small side table serves as a place to keep current reading material close at hand.

A cushioned lounge chair rounds out the lounge furniture arrangement. Its white upholstery uniformly matches the modular sofa design and tones with the jute rug.

Opposite the tufted sofa, a large wooden media unit is recessed into the wall stucco. In contrast to the rest of the living room, the wall stucco in this area is tinted a soft shade of brown to create a warm focal point. Bookshelves flank each side of the wall-mounted TV to create an attractive border and visual balance.

The wall of wooden storage that draws around the back of the living room in an L-shape is actually the kitchen. Much of the kitchen is concealed behind flat-fronted wooden panels, leaving just the kitchen sink area open for immediate access.

A line of storage cupboards underlines the TV unit, providing neat hideaways for DVDs, gaming devices, and remote controls.

A tall living room floor lamp stands like an elegant paper lantern over in the corner of the room, where it gently chases away the shadows at dusk.

The rest of the lounge area is illuminated by directional track lights, which cut a thin black line across the ceiling. The edge-to-edge, floor-to-ceiling window is dressed with a translucent covering that allows natural daylight to filter into the living room whilst still providing a sense of privacy.

Recessed perimeter lights emit a pleasant glow around the edges of the living room, which allows the homeowners to create different atmospheric settings within their lighting plan. More books stack between the two lounge chairs in this book lovers’ living room.

An open doorway leads off the living room into the home entryway so that natural light may be shared between the lounge and the hallway. A built-in bench gives the homeowners somewhere to sit whilst putting on shoes.

Wood panelling matches the concealed kitchen to create an even run of wood tone across the living room entry.

A home workspace tucks tidily behind the sofa.

Wood flooring spans the entire open plan living space to maintain cohesivity, whilst the flooring in the hallway switches to a hard-wearing grey surface.

A rustic side table is teamed with decorative bowls and a small floor lamp to fashion an attractive vignette.

A side table fashioned from wooden crates accompanies the desk area, providing a home for more books and an indoor plant.

The desk is accessorised with a traditional table lamp.

Rattan doors conceal a stock of office supplies.

Visualizer: Linsy / Yin Xiang  

The second of our two featured home designs is an equally inviting residence, wrapped in natural wood tone cabinets.

A stem light draws attention to a plinth by the window.

In the centre of the lounge, a round coffee table sets down a wooden core. A modular gray sofa is arranged in a double-sided formation.

One side of the sofa looks upon an open bookcase and a bank of floating wooden cabinets to create a restful reading nook.

To the side of the bookcase, a wall-mounted desk is teamed with a tower of stylish cat furniture.

The opposite side of the sofa faces toward a drop-down projector screen.

The screen falls in front of a gallery wall, which gives the space an attractive focal point when the screen is retracted.

A light area rug gives the sofa area a soft anchor.

The living room draws around in an L-shape to adjoin the kitchen diner. A breakfast bar is crafted around a structural support column to create a positive out of a potential negative layout issue. Two wooden bar stools pull up alongside.

Three elegant pendant lights draw along the length of the bar. See more ideas for island lighting.

Behind the support column, the kitchen island is amalgamated with the dining table.

Wooden dining chairs seat four in the kitchen. An oversized dining room pendant light adds a shapely statement piece.

The master bedroom is a minimalist space with a bespoke wooden headboard design.

Slatted detailing gives the headboard a modern twist.

A small bedroom pendant light hangs above a floating bedside unit that appears to extrude from the wooden headboard.

Two facing walls of wardrobes create a dressing area.

A dressing table island makes good use of the wide space.

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