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Modern art and colourful furniture pieces give this luxury home interior a vibrant, youthful spin. Visualised by ZHBB Vision, this large abode features airy open plan living spaces with flexible layouts. Wood clad ceilings put a warm cap on predominantly white decor schemes, whilst black window frames and matching accents provide stark contrast. A panoramic view of the city adds to the excitement of the space through floor-to-ceiling windows. The influx of natural light intensifies the powerful moments of creativity that brightly erupt around each room. In the bedroom, we’ll discover a bespoke platform bed that features an integrated home workspace, and a colour-infused ensuite bathroom.

The living room is an expansive space that’s flooded in natural daylight from windows in all directions. A huge living room rug acts as an island on which to float a flexible furniture layout of modern sofas, unique chairs, and useful console units.

The cityscape paints a living mural around the open and airy home interior. By day the view is a sprawling concrete metropolis of industry. By night, the city comes alive with lights and glittering possibilities.

The decor scheme is based on a predominantly white backdrop that allows the more creative and colourful aspects of the home to shine, much like an art gallery.

Translucent turquoise accent chairs drop delicious colour into the white living room, which is complemented by an amber glass vase on the coffee table.

More pitstops of colour make their way around the room, encouraging the eye to wander and the mind to ponder.

A wood-clad ceiling crowns the white decor scheme with a canopy of natural warmth.

Several console units, both large and small make a multitude of homes for an extensive book collection.

The consoles themselves carry translucent beats of colour through the bright apartment.

A modern chaise lounge chair and a small side table are set by one of the large windows to fashion a comfortable and light reading nook.

An indoor plant brings a burst of natural greenery indoors, whilst a bed of cactuses grow a sculptural window box just outside.

A backlit cabinet is set into the wall of the reading nook to display a multitude of colourful KAWS Bearbrick figurines.

One wall of the living room is dedicated to all of the homeowners’ hobbies. The shelves display a collection of cameras, vinyl, and more books.

The modern modular sofa is assembled in a multi sided configuration, with seating directed toward every city view and every art piece on display.

A clear glass coffee table and a blue tinted counterpart make an interesting pairing at the centre of the lounge layout.

The translucent aesthetic that shapes much of the furniture is intensified under the influx of natural sunlight.

The large area rug brings a geometric pattern to the living room design, which helps to ground the avant garde arrangement.

Books line up along every available surface and fill every nook.

The large living room flows directly into a smaller, narrower formal dining space.

A glass dining table and perspex dining chairs have a light impact upon the narrow dining area and allow daylight to pass right through them without obstruction.

Unique floating wall shelves decorate the plain white walls of the dining room. The edges of the box shelves are perforated to continue the light permeable aesthetic.

The opposite wall of the dining room is dedicated to colourful artwork, an impactful piece with a youthful subject.

A linear suspension light runs the entire length of the dining table to distribute even illumination at dinner parties.

Instead of a vase of flowers or a modern fruit bowl, stacks of books make an inspiring table centrepiece that speaks loudly of the homeowners personality.

A separate TV room is furnished with a curvaceous small sofa design that brings a pop of blue to the neutral backdrop.

Two outrageously colourful lounge chairs stand alongside the plush blue sofa, appearing more as work of art than a place to sit.

A third lounge chair rounds out the TV lounge to complete a sociable arrangement.

A state-of-the-art TV rises from and returns to its floor mount.

In the centre of an abstract area rug, a black and white marble coffee table holds an unusual modern chess set.

A glass floor lamp makes a unique silhouette at one end of the couch.

Stylish speakers flank the TV. Whilst the TV lounge is its own contained space, it maintains an open connection with the main living room to preserve the open flow.

An unusual recreational room and workspace combo is fashioned with intriguing colourful furniture items and bright area rugs.

Three translucent orange folding chairs stand back to back on top of one of the colourful confetti rugs, resembling a contemporary art installation.

Industrial style wall shelves hold racks of art and design reference books.

A cubist inspired bookcase adds blue, green and yellow accents to the multifunctional room.

By the window, a telescope aimed at the stars marks another of the homeowners hobbies.

A double sided cabinet provides easy access to a collection of tomes.

The glass desk is set in front of one of the windows, where the workspace can benefit from natural light and an inspiring view of the bustling city. Another translucent turquoise accent chair is teamed with the modern desk design to achieve an impactful result.

A perspex football table fits perfectly with the home interior’s aesthetic.

As we move backwards into the hallway of the home, light from the windows falls short. This downfall is made into a positive, atmospheric feature with the introduction of a moody black ceiling treatment.

A concrete support column is artfully encased in an amber perspex surround. KAWS Bearbrick statues peep around the column from a striking green console unit behind.

Sporadic spotlight falls upon illustrative artwork. Light and shadow creates a dynamic effect.

Modern tracklights can be easily moved and repositioned to highlight different artwork at different times. The tracks are camouflaged against the dark ceiling treatment, which resembles the night sky. With large art pieces running the length of the hallway, its narrow proportions go almost undetected.

In a music appreciation area, just off the main lounge, a set of tensioned shelves are equipped with numerous headphone stands.

A chair with ottoman is positioned nearby, for whiling away the hours in the good company of some favourite tunes.

A unique record player spins the melodies.

Modern wall art adds character to the decor scheme. The music room also features a set of patio doors that lead onto a balcony with an outdoor dining area.

With the patio doors opened up to the world, the homeowner and their guests can enjoy the music in the open air whilst gathered at the outdoor dining table. Perspex outdoor chairs seat up to eight guests.

The chic stone dining table features a large built-in planter at one end, where small palm trees flourish and gently sway in the breeze. A frameless glass balustrade around the balcony melts almost entirely from view to reveal the spectacular city panorama in its entirety.

The clear chairs have a clean, modern look that allows daylight to pass through. Glass art drops tiny splashes of colour into the table centrepiece of the outdoor dining room.

Part of the hallway is partitioned from the main living area with clear glass walls to maintain the open feel and connection between spaces.

Inside the master bedroom, a bespoke platform bed design is lit around its perimeter with a ribbon of LED light. An overhead light installation protrudes from the ceiling, etched with tiers of soft illumination.

At the back of the bedroom, away from the window, an ensuite bathroom is installed in an open plan setting.

A modern linear fireplace adds cosy vibes to the large bedroom with open flame.

A home workspace hides behind the headboard of the bed, where it is integrated into the same structure. A clear perspex ghost chair makes a visually lightweight addition to the desk. A plume of dried pampas grass makes a textural flourish.

Drawers provide storage at one end of the workspace, whilst the desktop slides away asymmetrically toward a modern lamp at the opposite side. See more unique table lamps.

The bedroom bathtub is raised up on a split-level floor, in front of a feature wall of colourful glass bricks.

The tinted glass bricks are arranged in tonal combinations like abstract pixel art. A translucent screen very subtly divides the ensuite bathroom area from the bedroom entryway.

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