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In the centre of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, the artistic owners of a large piece of land imagined a new family home that would encourage creativity, growth and togetherness. With a ceramic artist homeowner shaping the design process alongside architecture firm The Ranch Mine, the 5795 square metre ‘Foo’ house became influenced by the ancient art of pottery. Just like ceramic arts, the home has a rigid structure whilst being malleable in use, it has precise form with imperfections in texture, it varies in volume whilst being limited in materials. The bespoke home is crafted around a courtyard & swimming pool, where desert landscaping has been creatively envisioned and implemented by The Green Room.

The house is broken into a family living volume, a bedrooms volume and a functional utility volume. The sections are arranged to build privacy around the large courtyard with outdoor living areas and a swimming pool, and to provide shade from the searing desert sun.

The linear swimming pool design incorporates a baja shelf, so that the family can cool themselves in the shallows. There is also an integrated hot tub for soothing away aching muscles and joints after a day working in the ceramics studio.

A fire blazes at the centre of an outdoor conversation pit, providing a cosy family gathering spot for toasting marshmallows and making memories.

A covered patio holds an al fresco dining area and barbeque station near the firepit, forming an all round entertaining area.

Drought-tolerant shrubs and a gravel ground cover fills the low maintenance landscape design. An olive grove lines the edge of the pool deck.

All of the outdoor furniture has been given a matching coat of paint to add to the outdoor greenery.

An Organ Pipe Cactus grows to an impressive two story height in the desert garden, pushing a strong silhouette through the softer brush.

The exterior of the house is composed of materials that are each unique in texture and finish, and that change through the passage of time from the effects of the weather. A facade of corrugated metal colours with orange rust, whilst board-formed concrete, hand-trowelled stucco, steel, and glass create cool contrast.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs soak up the sun poolside.

String lights create a magical twinkling light for atmospheric after dark activities.

The outdoor chairs around the firepit sit low to the ground to create a sense of intimacy.

The approach to the house is understated in its limited materials and rigid structure.

Inside of the home, the impressive double height living room is accentuated with a towering board-formed concrete fireplace installation, which draws the eye all the way up to the ceiling. Toasted brown sofas gather around the flame in a sociable arrangement. Rattan baskets hold soft throws to snuggle under.

A small wet bar is tucked just behind the lounge area, whilst the kitchen is set back in tandem with the dining area.

A large ceiling fan keeps the air flow moving.

The rectangle dining table stands in line with the outdoor dining table beyond the glass. White Eames Eiffel dining chairs contrast freshly with the custom table’s rustic raw wood finish, which is timber rescued from a fallen tree.

Sapphire blue armchairs add a pop of alternate colour into the neutral brown, grey concrete and wood tone living room scheme.

Industrial style swivel bar stools add a flash of black metal along a lengthy kitchen island, and offer up a casual breakfasting spot for the family of four.

Tucked away from the open concept living space, a snug TV room doubles as a music room.

Wooden cabinetry warms the kitchen. A board-formed concrete backsplash creates a cool textural contrast.

An old tree grows a story book view in front of the ceramic studio, and also works to filter direct sunlight. Clean white walls and a vaulted ceiling build a wonderfully free and airy atmosphere for creativity.

A wood clad shelter gives the outdoor dining room an indoor feel.

A homework nook makes good use of a long and wide hallway expanse, and facilitates helpful interactions.

Wood cabinetry pushes up against more board-formed concrete, and beautiful pottery is never far away.

The private home office is furnished with a masterful black Eames lounge chair, and a slick modern desk design.

Vaulted ceilings in the kids’ bedrooms make space for a fun reading loft, which is built on top of the ensuite bathroom and closet volume.

Sliding glass doors fill the bedroom with natural light and desert garden views.

The snug hides away in cosy seclusion in the corner of the plot.

The wooden staircase design that leads to the living room loft has the same history as the dining table, with treads crafted from the same fallen tree.

Up in the living room loft, an industrial influenced steel bar looks out over distant mountain views. Swivel bar stools match those in the kitchen downstairs.

Amber bathroom pendant lights colour the white powder room. A ceramic planter and vase add a warm personal touch.

In this powder room, the bathroom vanity lights drop a glimmer of gold to match the faucet and towel rail.

The master bathroom features a long wooden double sink bathroom vanity design that makes way for a makeup vanity table at its centre. A white bathtub melds peacefully with white paintwork on the opposite side of the room.

A huge front door makes a bold first impression.

Sunseeking branches cause light play over the corrugated exterior.

Slatted shades divert the glare from interior spaces.

Outdoor areas were designed not only for pleasure but practical purposes and production.

A chicken coop provides the family with eggs, whilst fruit comes from a citrus grove and a stone fruit grove, and raised garden beds grow vegetables and herbs.

Home layout.

Floor plan.

Landscape plan.

Back elevation.

Front elevation.

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