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If you’re looking to give your living room a quick face-lift but don’t want to commit the requisite time for a creative paint job or money for a luxe sofa, there is a convenient alternative: accent chairs. Aside from being an easy way to infuse your space with color and bold style, their generally lower price point will allow you to get more experimental and try out a trend or design you might be hesitant to test on a $1,000 seating option. And one of the most affordable places to indulge your inner HGTV star? Walmart, which we already know as the purveyor of surprisingly chic design pieces.

Below, the accent chairs your living room needs, regardless of your style or space.

If you want vintage flair

Consider this bentwood-inspired retro piece an easy way to infuse some old-school charm into a more modern home. Opt for the natural finish for a high-contrast look against the dark cushion. Those looking to marry sleek minimalism with mid-century modern will particularly love this simple armchair.  

If you crave a modern look

Contemporary lines meet punchy pink for a seating option that’s a far cry from your average lounge chair. For a more personalized touch, remove the lumbar pillow (you can use it as a finishing touch for your sofa or bed) and swap in a printed throw or pillow that adds some contrast.

If your small apartment could use some help

If you live in a studio and have been hunting for the perfect hero piece, call off the search. This country-styled chair, designed by none other than The Novogratz, is pretty much the only seating option your apartment needs. Cozy it up with soft throws for a reading nook or bring it to your dining table–turned-desk when you need it. Pick the sunny yellow hue to infuse a pop of brightness to your tiny home and you’re all set.

If you don’t know how to make leather cool

If you’ve been looking for the perfect, 2019-approved way to decorate with leather that won’t make your home resemble the study of an elderly gentleman, consider this chair. Bright white leather (it’s faux!) balances out a sleek wooden frame. It’ll work equally well with minimalist neutrals and as a calming presence against a more maximalist backdrop.

If you need a chair that works double duty

Somewhere between simple Scandi style and mid-century edge sits this oak wood armchair. Intricate woven detailing lends an almost spiderweb-like quality, elevating it from a simple wooden chair to a design moment with a capital M. And while it makes a great filler for an empty living room nook, we can also see it working well as a desk chair or even as seating for your dinner table. Versatility is this chair’s main selling point.

If you want an unusual look

Ever look at a pair of jeans that are the perfect shade of blue and say, “I wish I could get these in the form of a chair?” Consider your (oddly specific) design wish granted: This simple yet sophisticated chair almost looks like it’s crafted out of denim. But considering that material is hardly one you want to sink into—there’s a reason people lounge around in pajamas, not jeans—the fact that it’s actually linen makes this piece all the more desirable.  

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