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Having trees in your yard is one of the best things you can do for your landscape. If your yard is inspired by nature, as most yards are, then a tree is a necessity. The only thing better than a tree is multiple trees.

landscape ideas around trees
Image from Æ Studio.

So, we’re here to help you find inspiration with the trees that are growing in your yard as well as suggest some trees for you to plant. Give them life and they will surely return the favor tenfold. 

What Are Landscaping Ideas Around Trees?

Landscaping ideas around trees are ideas and inspiration that focus on how you can use trees in your yard. This can include trees that have been there for centuries as well as trees that haven’t even been planted yet.

There is a distinct difference between the two, however. Trees that are already there are usually larger and sturdier. Because these new trees are usually planted when they are young or even when they are saplings. 

Landscape Ideas Around Trees You Already Have

Image from Melbourne-based Susi Leeton.

If you have trees that are already growing in your yard, then count yourself lucky. Even if they aren’t in the perfect spot, these older trees are strong, have a story to tell, and can be used for a lot of projects. 

The Tree Bench

A unique thing you can do with a tree is build a bench around it. You can make the bench round and wrap it around the tree. You can either build a custom bench or buy a kit that is the right size for the tree. 

This is perfect for trees that are in non-ideal spots in your yard as it gives seating in a place you may have thought was impossible to add seating. If you do add a bench, avoid screwing anything into the tree. 

Add Baby Trees

If you have a large tree in your yard, try adding some small trees, bushes, or cacti around it. Make an entire family whose job is to make the larger tree look even better. Find trees and accents that go with the large tree.

For example, get cacti for palm trees, but lilies for the Japanese cherry blossom tree. You want everything to fit together, though if you like the look of two different styles together then that shouldn’t stop you from adding them.

Tree Swing

Image from David Font Design

A tree swing is always a good thing. If you have children, something like a tire swing is a good idea. But even if you only have adults, a hammock swing can make your yard look peaceful and sophisticated. 

The type of swing doesn’t matter. What does matter is making sure it is installed well because you don’t want the swing to fall whenever someone uses it. The swing should accommodate any type of human. 

Around The Deck

This is an interesting way to work with a tree that is near your house. You can build a deck around the tree. It looks amazing, unique, and is super fun. You will need an experienced builder to make it safe though.

There are a few things to consider when making your deck safe this way. First of all, you will need to ensure that the deck has support underneath around the tree. But you will also need to make sure the tree is very stable. 

Feature Tree

This is a great way to make sure that your favorite tree is noticed. Build a raised garden bed around the tree. Add retaining walls, even if they are short, all the way around the tree. Then top the area with rich soil and/or grass seed. 

This will quickly become your favorite spot in the yard. Just don’t add a swing or play area on top as it isn’t safe for children to play on top of a retaining wall. However, an area under it can work well.

Zen Garden

Zen gardens can have trees too. They don’t have to be flat with nothing but sand and rocks. A zen garden can be littered with trees, but they work best with a few, smaller, uniform trees. So build around this.

If you have something like bamboo trees then this will work perfectly. But as long as the trees are small and sleek then it can still work. Use sand as usual and accent the tree with rake designs in the traditional manner.

Build On A Landscape Berm

Landscape berms are raised areas of ground that have rounded edges. They are often used to shield homeowners from the wind when sitting outdoors and to feature small plants that need to be raised to eye level.

Building a landscape berm isn’t difficult either. The best way to build one is to dig down a few inches, then fill the hole with gravel, clay, then soil. The soil will overflow and create an attractive mound. 

Modern Garden

A modern garden is a good way to accent your trees in a contemporary way. You can make raised garden beds, use modern-day outdoor decor items, and iron fences for the complete look. But this is all a personal choice. 

There isn’t a right way or wrong way to build a modern garden with trees. The only rule is that there need to be man-made materials in it. The most common accent material is concrete which is strong and alluring. 

Planting Trees For Landscaping 

Image from Designer Dylan Farrell

If you don’t already have trees in your yard, you can plant a few. This way, you get to choose where they will grow. Here are a few great trees you can plant that will always be worth the investment of buying them.

Red Maple

Red maples are beautiful fast-growing shade trees that have vibrant red leaves. The red maple tree is also called “October glory,” which is a fitting name considering how gorgeous they look in October.

In general, a red maple will grow about a foot each year. Let them go and they will end up growing to be about 60 feet tall and 40 feet wide. But of course, this is after 30 to 40 years of growing steadily. 

Birch Tree

Birch trees are medium-sized trees that are known for their light bark that is streaked with dark marks. They are considered hardwood though they are softer than most hardwoods and have much thinner leaves.

Birch trees are appealing and simply feel like springtime. Their leaves are green in the summer and yellow in the fall, so if you like changing leaves then you will enjoy watching what the birch tree can do. 


Dogwood trees are popular midwestern trees that can have white, pink, or reddish flowers. They are known for their flowers which make up the majority of the grown as very few leaves are seen once the flowers bloom.

Dogwoods also grow fairly slow and while some can reach 40 feet tall most of them rarely get taller than 20 feet. Those that do are well-taken care of over a 30-year span of time, so the process is quite rewarding.


Poplar trees are very popular, very fast-growing trees that are grown for a variety of reasons. Because they are so plentiful, you can get them almost anywhere for a reasonable price. Just be careful, because they are also huge.

Poplar trees can grow up to 100 feet in their long lifespan. In the wild, they often live to be over 100 years, some even known to live 400 years. Now that’s an heirloom that the great-great-great-great-grandchildren can enjoy. 

Weeping Willow

Weeping willows are another beautiful tree that never gets old. Well, they get old, but you’ll never tire of looking at them even when they do. They offer amazing shade, a play area for children, and a magical vibe.

They also grow quite fast, some even growing about four feet each year. That adds up quickly and is why they only live to be about 50 years old. Any longer and with their dropping leaves, they’d overtake an entire forest. 


Witch-hazel is another magical tree that inspired fantasies everywhere. This type of “tree” isn’t even considered a tree at all. It is instead a large plant that looks like a small tree that is recognized by its yellow leaves and bendy branches. 

Witch-hazels are really fun to decorate with and can be grown in most areas. The name suggests that it is a hardy plant and it really is. It also grows quite fast but rarely grows taller than 30 feet and that’s a tall one. 

Red Buckeye

Red buckeyes are small trees with easy-to-spot flowers. They grow prettily, often in a bush-like manner. The leaves also vary in shape and size, but the red flowers that clutter the tree’s crown, giving in a unique appearance.

If you have children, be careful because the fruit and nuts on this tree should not be consumed. They can cause kidney failure and hospitalize young children. So refrain from eating them and discourage kids as well. 

Magnolia Tree

Magnolia trees are another favorite that is hard to resist. They grow very fast, up to two feet each year, and can reach up to 80 feet in their lifetime. But that’s not what is most attractive about the magnolia tree.

What people love most about the magnolia tree is the pretty pink and white flowers that bloom each year. Any tree that blooms flowers is a pretty tree but there’s something extra special about the magnolia. 

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