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Extra time at home means extra time in the kitchen. Whether you’re spending your days with a sourdough starter, cocktail sampling, or trying your hand at homemade pasta, we’ve all experimented with culinary goals while stuck inside. So our question is simple: Why is your cookware not easier on the eyes? 

We often favor caliber over aesthetics when it comes to our kitchen tools, but what if we told you it was possible to have it all. We’ve pulled our favorite colorful cookware options to brighten up your space without sacrificing quality. The result? Thirty seriously eye-popping products you’ll want to leave out on the counter long after your meal is served. 

Dutch Ovens

We like to think of Dutch ovens as the lovable overachievers of the cooking world. Our favorite do-it-all options (along with some trusty pots) are getting a major makeover with soothing pastels, zippy color pops, and even a marble moment.


With The Great British Bake Off inspiring our cravings, your bakeware should knock your socks off as much as the final product. Splatter-paint pans and multihued ceramics will take your recipes to the next level. 

Cutting Boards

Prep work isn’t always the most exciting part of cooking, but it’s certainly crucial. Most of our favorite recipes require a chop, so we’re of the belief that your cutting boards should be as pretty as the veggies you’re dicing. We’ve got you covered with confetti chopping blocks, ocean-esque cutting mats, and palette-focused boards.  


We’re willing to bet that almost everyone has standard black or gray pans. Consider stepping outside the box with a sage, coral, or cobalt option for a splash of unexpected color. 

Accessories and Tools 

Everything looks better in Technicolor. Rainbow knives, bay-striped oven mitts, and candy-colored utensil sets will add personality to your kitchen and might just make you want to cook after a long workday. 

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