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When I was a kid my grandmother used to serve us dinner on the patio by handing us plates of food through the kitchen window. It was her informal way of serving us and easier than walking through the kitchen to the outdoor area, but I never forgot how cool it was that she did that.

One of my favorite bistros in the cute town of Calistoga has an open window bar where I love to sip a cocktail or glass of wine. Now that we’ve kicked off summer, it feels like it’s time to open all the windows and let the fresh air in, and while you’re at it, offer up a beverage and a snack!

Sometimes referred to as a servery window, these pass through openings allow for indoor to outdoor entertaining. A servery window pairs a folding accordion or upswing gas strut window with a countertop slab. With some the exterior countertop is integrated with the interior, and with others the countertop is a separate piece. Either way, how perfect are these for summer dining and entertaining?


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Inspiring right? Do these make you want to change your regular kitchen window to have one too?


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