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Writing an introduction for the Airwave bed isn’t easy because this is a mattress very different compared to other models we’re used to reviewing. We’re going to have to do a little bit of in-depth explaining so that you can understand what makes this Japanese mattress unique when compared to its peers. It’s a bed that excels in chapters like durability and temperature neutrality, but does it sacrifice other qualities and features that you’d like to have in a bed? Read on and find out!

About Airweave

Airweave is a company founded by Motokuni Takaoka, but it was initially a fishing line company developed by his uncle. Having graduated from the Stanford School of Engineering, he began experimenting with how resin fiber can have multiple applications. The more he dived into the subject, the more he began to realize that this particular material could actually revolutionize sleep as we know it.

Back in 2007, Airweave launched its first mattress topper and has been researching and improving its line of products more and more. Thanks to their Airfiber, the company has created a mattress with a unique design and features to look forward to, making sure that you get a bed that’ durable, cooling, and makes it easy to switch from one sleeping position to another.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Great motion isolation.
  • Highly breathable.


  • Too firm for a lot of sleepers.
  • Not enough contouring.
  • Some assembly required.
ultra-firm sleeping surface

Airweave Mattress

Airweave Mattress

Airweave is best known for their very firm mattresses.

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Shipping, Unboxing, and Offgassing

One of the first things that you want to know about a mattress that you have your heart set on is if they ship to your location. You can order the Airweave mattress if you live anywhere in the continental US, but they don’t currently handle deliveries to Hawaii and Alaska. However, you can also order the mattress in Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Japan, but you’ll have to visit the respective websites in order to get more details.

The actual shipment of the beds is handled by private freight companies, and the weight of one package will vary from 55 to 88 pounds. You can also opt for White Glove Service if you want, but it will cost you an additional $40. Otherwise, all shipping to the US is free.

One of the many things that make the Airweave bed unique is the unboxing experience, which will require a little bit of setup. This isn’t your average bed-in-a-box, as it doesn’t arrive compressed, nor is it shipped to you as a ready-to-use type of mattress. Instead, you will receive three blocks of airfiber material. As you put these side by side, you will have a single layer that makes up the entire mattress. It’s also important to note that off-gassing is almost inexistent.

Initial Impressions

There is only one word to describe the initial impression that you get when you first apply hand pressure on the bed: hard. The cover is soft and really pleasant to the touch, and it feels quite breathable as you brush your hand against it. On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being used to rank the firmest type of bed out there, the Airweave bed is an 8.5, which is way above the industry average for a medium-firm mattress.

While the material that makes the core of the mattress does offer a little bit of response to pressure, it is clear that this mattress isn’t the best one at conforming, particularly if you are a sleeper who weighs less than 130 pounds. It’s true that the mattress is firm, but we can in no way state that it’s rock-solid, as it does have a little bit of give. Also, your body weight will surely cause you to feel the mattress differently than others. Overall, we have to say that this is firm bed.


As we’ve mentioned before, the construction of the Airweave bed is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Even when you think about a mattress that’s made entirely out of foam, you know the different layers of foam have different IDL or properties that differ from one another. When it comes to the Airweave bed, you get a mattress that’s made exclusively out of airfiber material.

The cover is made entirely out of polyester and it’s light and stretchable. It can completely be removed and washed in the washing machine, which makes caring for your mattress fairly easy when compared to other mattresses that require spot cleaning.

The core of the bed is made from the three blocks of airfibers that really have unique properties. They are made with an interwoven design, basically creating these tiny coils that have some space in between them, facilitating airflow up to a point where this mattress is naturally breathable.

Features and Benefits

There are plenty of distinctive features about the Airweave bed that makes it a very special type of mattress. It is one of the firmest beds that you’ll ever encounter, which makes it a good pick for heavyweight individuals that need a bed that doesn’t compress that easy.

It’s a mattress that does an excellent job in isolation motion, as the resin fibers manage to stay put even as one person tosses and turns throughout the entire night. But even when we’ve encountered mattresses that managed to isolate motion really well, we still believed that there was room for improvements as far as edge support is concerned. Well, not with the Airweave bed. This mattress has one of the strongest edge support systems we’ve ever seen, regardless of whether you’re just rolling over to the edge of the bed or sitting on it while you put on your socks.

The ease of maintenance of this bed is one more factor that really deserves a lot of praise. Not only is it super easy to remove the cover and clean it, but you can actually clean the interior of the mattress with great ease. What you basically have to do is to rinse the blocks of resin fibers in order to purge them of dust or debris, and then make sure they’re left in a well-ventilated room until they are completely dry and you’re ready to put the cover back on.

Available Sizes

When you’re looking to buy a new mattress, you should always pick a size that you’re comfortable with, and preferably one that matches the foundation you already have. When it comes to the Airweave mattress, you can opt for all the standard sizes that range from Twin to Cal King.

Twin39.4” X 74.8” X 8.5”54 lbsCheck price
Twin XL39.4″” X 80” X 8.5”58 lbsCheck price
Full53.1” X 74.8” X 8.5”73 lbsCheck price
Queen59.8” X 80” X 8.5”88 lbsCheck price
King76” X 80” X 8.5”111 lbsCheck price
Cal King71.7” X 84” X 8.5”110 lbsCheck price

Heat Transfer

When it comes to the Airweave capacity of trapping heat, this is one impressive bed. The resin fibers basically create these little coils (or noodles, as some people like to call them), with plenty of random spacing in between. As expected, instead of the heat being trapped on the surface or the upper layers of the bed, it passed through the entire mattress, which makes the Airweave as naturally cooling as a latex mattress (which is our benchmark for naturally breathable materials).


The Airweave mattress should do a really good job as far as durability is concerned, as the conglomerate of resin fibers and the firmness of the bed show us that it won’t easily compress even under heavy pressure. However, we found it a little bit puzzling to discover that the manufacturer actually stated that the mattress might break down faster if you weight more than 220 pounds. Even so, make no mistake, this is a mattress for heavy individuals.

Protection, Sleep Trial & Warranty

Caring for your Airweave bed is really easy considering the fact that you can just unzip the cover and remove it to clean it anytime you feel the need to. The airweave fibers need to be cleaned with lukewarm water, and not following these instructions can void the warranty of the bed.  But, aside from protection, sleep trial and warranty are two very important aspects to research when you buy a bed online.

First of all, it is very important to mention that you will only benefit from the 100 nights of free sleep trial if you buy your mattress directly from the company’s official website, and not through any third-party retailer. Since it takes about 30 nights to get adjusted to sleeping on the bed, the manufacturer also asks that you wait these 30 nights before attempting to initiate a return.

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that covers visible indentations that are deeper than one inch, splits in the airfiber material that isn’t the customer’s fault, and manufacturing defects. Make sure that you read all the warranty details before buying the product, and keep in mind that you will need a proper bed foundation in order to avoid sagging.



Surprisingly enough, the Airweave mattress isn’t as inexpensive as you would think. The lowest price that you can pay for it is $1,070 for a Twin-sized bed (which was actually on discount at the time of this review and available for $970), while the most expensive model is the Cal King, which costs $1,610 when paid at full price.

ultra-firm sleeping surface

Airweave Mattress

Airweave Mattress

Airweave is best known for their very firm mattresses.

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Reviews and Feedback

It’s funny how a mattress that’s limited to a select group of sleepers can actually have so much positive feedback. I guess it just goes to show you that people are beginning to understand what exactly they need in a new bed and that helps them make way better choices.

You’d think that people would complain a lot about the firmness level of this mattress, but there is a very limited number of people that claimed the mattress is too firm and caused them pressure point pain. The vast majority of sleepers that have purchased and used the Airweave bed are extremely happy with how they sleep on it.

Some customers claim that the bed actually provides the perfect balance between softness and hardness, with a firmness rating so good that it’s tough to beat. Others are really happy with how naturally cooling this bed is, and this is one of their major expectation when adventuring in this particular shopping experience.

What’s perhaps even more surprising is that this firm mattress has actually pleased a lot of average-weight sleepers as well, claiming that even if they weigh around 150 pounds, they still managed to find comfort in the Airweave.

Who We Recommend the Airweave Bed For

The Airweave mattress is a one-of-a-kind bed, we have established that much. But what type of sleepers would best be paired with a bed that has a firmness rating unlike anything we’ve ever seen?

  • First of all, the construction of the bed makes it a good choice for people who like to sleep cool. It’s because of the unique construction that the inner part of the mattress makes it so easy for air to travel, meaning it can never stop the heat in the cover or the comfort layer of the bed, as other mattresses do.
  • It’s also a great option for people who like to sleep on top of the mattress instead of feeling like their bodies are sinking into the surface of the bed too much.
  • Due to its firmness level, this mattress is a solid option for people who need a firm bed, especially for heavyweight people and stomach sleepers, who really need a mattress that can push bad and avoid deep compression.
ultra-firm sleeping surface

Airweave Mattress

Airweave Mattress

Airweave is best known for their very firm mattresses.

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Our Final Verdict

The Airweave mattress is a lot of different things, and a bed that brings forth a lot of surprises we didn’t expect. Made from resin-based fibers, this is one of the most durable and naturally cooling mattresses that you’ll ever get your hands on. Because of its high firmness rating, this mattress is better matched with people who weigh above 230 pounds, as well as for stomach sleepers of different body weights.

While this mattress doesn’t really cover a pool of customers that’s as wide as we’ve seen with other beds, this limitation doesn’t make it the least popular bed out there. It’s true that having the bed available in a single firmness level is limiting for a lot of sleepers, it’s also not that easy to find a good bed for heavyweight sleepers either, so we can definitely say that the Airweave bed deserves a chance if you fit in one of the two aforementioned categories, but also if you like a bed that doesn’t retain heat and is good at motion isolation.

FAQs: Short answers

Is a mattress protector needed?

While the cover of the Airweave mattress can be removed and washed, using a mattress protector is always a good idea if you really want to prolong the life of your bed.

How does the returns process work?

You can return the mattress within the first 100 nights of free sleep trial, but you will have to test it for at least 30 nights. If you choose to return the bed before the first 30 nights, you will have to pay a service fee of $150. Returning the mattress will ensure a refund in the form of the original payment, but it may take up to seven business days for you to be reimbursed.

Where can these beds be shipped?

You can order the Airweave mattress if you live anywhere in the continental US, but they don’t currently handle deliveries to Hawaii and Alaska. You can also order the mattress in Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Japan, but you’ll have to visit the respective websites in order to get more details.

What type of sleeper is this mattress best suited for?

The Airweave bed is best suited for sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or more, regardless of the sleeping position they prefer. Because it’s such a firm bed, it can also be comfortable for stomach sleepers of all weights.

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