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The curved trend continues to allure homeowners with its smooth sophistication. Curves add character to a modern home interior, whether it’s arched windows, doorway arches, or 3D stucco detail. This set of three inspirational home designs illustrates how to incorporate the arched trend as scattered jewels of interest. The first interior we feature is a contemporary space with subtle curved details. Each one emerges surprisingly in the setting, like the clues of a treasure hunt. The second home tour unfolds in an apartment with a refined scheme. Designer furniture sits amidst deeply carved, curved stucco statements. A rustic vibe runs through the final tour, where the wall stucco becomes a giant art canvas of curves.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

A curved ceiling recess makes a shapely canopy over our first featured living room. The overhead details help zone the sitting area from the neighboring open-plan dining room.

A wall-mounted altar sets another curved silhouette into the living room. A ceiling fan with light adds a note of complementary wood tone.

Opposite the sofa, a floating TV stand spreads wood grain across a backdrop of raw stucco. An oval coffee table complements the media unit with the same, soft, natural tone.

A small thread of wood grain makes its way into the home entryway, where it lines a built-in entryway shelf. Storage cabinets stack above and below it to tuck away shoes and general household items.

Wood flooring flows all the way through the living room and to the front door to create one cohesive, expansive visual.

The doorway to the kitchen is subtly curved at one corner to fashion a smooth transition.

The room perimeter bends beautifully around a modern dining set, leading the eye to an inverted archway that’s filled with display shelves. A round pedestal marble dining table and a circular pendant light tie in with the architectural curves.

The small kitchen layout makes good use of an alcove to house a large side-by-side fridge-freezer unit.

Pale kitchen cabinets, white backsplash tiles, and a white marble countertop make the narrow room appear larger. Wall units are double-banked to capitalize on the vertical space.

In the master bedroom, the upholstered bed is set against a curved headboard feature wall with a moon-like circular statement. Elegant gold bedroom pendant lights descend in front of the pale backdrop, adding a note of metallic warmth.

Built-in white wardrobes feature an arched motif, which adds a classic aesthetic to the room.

A round vanity stool complements the arched motif.

In the second bedroom, a double home workspace is set into a wide archway. LED shelf lights illuminate the graceful feature.

The double workspace merges with a tower of shelving that’s set onto a custom-built platform bed.

Architect: Đạt Phạm  
Designer: Đạt Phạm  

In the second of our three featured home tours, arched window framing announces the curved theme. An arched modern fireplace adds a matching outline.

A small sofa divides the open-plan living room, along with a sleek kitchen peninsula.

A large archway opens up the living room to the home entryway.

Wood paneling defines the music area, where an upright piano stands.

The piano room is decorated with a wall of recessed stucco arches. Decorative vases, candles, lamps, and books fill each intriguing nook. A curved piano stool completes the look.

A dining room mural is set into a trio of decorative archways. The beautiful lighting installation features Formakami dining room pendant lights by Jaime Hayón for &Tradition.

A curved surround wraps the dining area, creating a dramatic soffit above it and an illuminated stage below.

The terrazzo dining table adds pattern and color.

Decorative vases and candle holders create a modern dining table centerpiece.

The galley kitchen is a neat combination of modern wood cabinets and white Silestone countertops.

In the bedroom, a magnificent archway climbs around the bed. Tactile, smooth edges fold into the architectural feature, while rustic stonework creates a rough backdrop.

A series of arches decorate the perimeter of the bedroom. An inverted arch window borrows light from the hallway beside an arched door. An open archway reveals an ensuite bathroom with a freestanding bathtub and a double sink vanity.

An open shower space design is inset with miniature arches above a towel storage nook.

Curved corners define the bathroom window.

Visualizer: Mohamed Walied  

In our final featured home interior, shallow arches carve mesmerizing patterns into beige wall stucco. A woven living room rug lays down a contrasting geometric design.

Curved lounge chairs and a racetrack-shaped wooden coffee table complement the smooth wall motif.

Exposed wooden beams and handmade ceramics give the interior a rustic essence.

A narrow column of display shelves is backlit to create an illuminated focal point beside the wall-mounted TV.

Handcrafted ceramic vases decorate the wood coffee table.

Wicker pendant lights drop texture above the wooden dining table.

Textured panels fill decorative wall recesses. A muxarabi screen divides the dining area from the adjacent sitting area to clearly define each zone.

Arched windows and doorways build a sublime hallway. A simple rustic bench furnishes the space.

Round rustic floor vases fashion attractive vignettes.

LED light strips create an atmospheric glow around the stucco wall detail.

In the ​​rustic bedroom scheme, a unique wooden headboard dominates the design.

Wicker pendant lights drop at each side of the wooden bed, falling upon rustic bedside tables. A live-edge end-of-bed bench completes the layout.

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