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Adding colour with an accent sofa is a solid way to give a neutral living room a fun focal point. These two home interiors have implemented the colourful sofa trend into modern living rooms that are stylishly simple, giving the hero piece its time to shine. These designs are also shining examples of home layouts under 70 square metres, with open plan lounge, kitchen, dining room combos, small home workspaces and stylish master suites. Inspirational layouts situate wide room entry points and glass wall room designs to instil a sense of added space and improved natural light flow. Floor plans included at the end of each tour.

Visualizer: Yevheniia Nahorna  

Our first featured home is a 66.74 square metre home in Lviv, Ukraine, where a sage green modern sofa brings uplifting nature vibes to a neutral living space. A textured rug lays down a sandy coloured base.

A chunky round coffee table brings playful curvaceous lines to the lounge arrangement, and closes off the layout from the neighbouring home office space.

A water carafe makes a simple coffee table accessory.

To allow space for the kitchen and dining area behind the lounge, the green sofa is positioned close and cosy to the TV wall. A white media unit dips low across the lounge to encroach less on the limited space.

Indoor plants are scattered around the living room to complement the colourway of the sofa, supporting it as the star of the show.

A small dining table hovers in the walkway between the sofa and kitchen, where it benefits from the natural light of a large window.

Two modern dining room pendant lights add a crisp white canopy over the beige dining table and modern dining chairs.

A decorative vase adds an unusual sculptural element to the contemporary table.

At the other side of the living room dining room combo, the workspace is clearly zoned in its own niche with a wall mounted bookcase.

A unique swivel chair pulls up at the minimalist home office, where a floating desk blends gently with the wall colour.

The home entryway is openly visible to the living room through a wide doorway. Because of this, the hallway closets have been created in the same wooden finish as the kitchen to create a smooth and cohesive visual.

Tucked at the end of the hallway, the bedroom gains a cool industrial vibe from a raw concrete headboard feature wall. Sleek white slatted wall panels create an eye-catching textural contrast.

Interesting modern wall sconces curl around to throw light only where it’s needed, directly over the pillows.

Wood slatted closets make a warm natural addition to the cool grey and white decor palette.

A tinted vase brings a pop of green to the modern bathroom vanity, as a small nod to the colourful accent sofa out in the lounge.

In contradiction to the white vanity unit and bathtub, a black toilet has been selected for punchy contrast.

Black fixtures work the dark accent around the shower enclosure and bathtub.

Apartment layout.

Designer: Cartelle Design  

Moving on to our next featured home design, we explore a 66 square metre interior with a plush mauve sofa design. Blue grey decor tones accentuate the sofa’s dusky hue, whilst black track lights and fixtures contrast sharply with light wood tone walls, doors and panelling.

A square coffee table sharpens up the lounge layout with defined black framework.

Sunlight spills onto the modern sofa from a large living room window. A window seats takes full advantage of the deep sills in the kitchen.

A mature indoor plant partially obscures the interior of a glass wall bedroom design, which shares natural light between the rooms.

A wooden volume forms part hallway decor and part kitchen cabinet, creating an easy flow.

The doorway within the wooden volume leads to the bathroom of the apartment. A full length mirror is conveniently situated opposite the hallway closet.

The small kitchen design switches suddenly from wood tone to solid black.

Grey geometric tile adds subtle pattern to the black kitchen, whilst stainless steel appliances add sheen.

A shapely glass vase brings a little greenery to a small dining peninsula,

Inside the green bedroom, panel moulding adds a neoclassical touch across the statement wall.

A tufted headboard builds upon the classic styling.

The bedroom’s glass wall feature is repeated on each side of the room, which flanks either side of the living room’s TV wall to create a balance of aesthetics and light.

There is also a glass wall ensuite bathroom, which extends the feeling of space even further in the bedroom. This design feature also fulfills a practical necessity in getting natural light into a room with no windows of its own.

Keeping a clear theme going, a decorative glass vase accessorises the bedside unit.

The bright bedroom window wall has been utilised as a home workspace, with a modern desk and a smart brown leather chair. The arrangement makes an attractive vista through the living room wall.

Decorative floor tiles mark the change between the bedroom and its ensuite.

The walk in wardrobe is situated just outside the bedroom door. Inside, more glass doors keep the main clothing collection dust free and on show for easy selection.

An illuminated mirror and LED perimeter lighting gives the ensuite bathroom an atmospheric glow.

The unique bathroom sink lays down a grey accent on the black vanity. A glossy black trash can complements the heated towel rail, against a column of grey tile.

The vanity mirror burns brightly against large format black tile, which plays with the proportions of the small space.

The toilet is tucked behind a partition wall to keep it out of view from bedroom.

Floor plan.

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