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With many now seeing their sheds, garages and outhouses as an extension of their homes, the ante has been well and truly raised as they become far more than just a place to store tools and garden furniture. Vintage tea houses, artist’s studios and cosy hideaways are just some of the winners of Cuprinols shed of the year 2019, a competition that attracted over 16,000 entries, highlighting the sheer volume of people who are turning their sheds from practical to prize-winning.

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Here, we reveal the winners of the six publicly-voted categories, as well as the over-all winner, that claimed the title of Shed of the Year…

1. Winner of the Summerhouse Shed of the Year – Woody Willow by Tom Prior

Dad-of-two Tom held a lifelong ambition to build a playhouse for this two children, and this impressive design grew so big it needed planning permission! Using just his spare time at evenings and weekends to complete the build, talented Tom heralds Woody Willow as his “greatest creation yet”, with his children fast becoming his biggest fans yet.

2. Winner of the Workshop/Studio Shed of the Year – Artistintheshed by Mary Price

Mary’s beautifully hand-painted studio space secured her the most votes in her category, reflecting the rise of more people using their shed spaces for hobbies or running space businesses. Mary’s work has seen a surge in popularity since entering the competition.

3. Winner of the Unexpected Shed of the Year – The Lorry Life by Tom Duckworth


Impressing voters with his stunning entry into the Unexpected category, Tom Duckworth proved just how versatile a shed can be, after putting his on wheels and making it a home. With its own water system, a tiled shower area and even a reclaimed red chesterfield to lounge on, there’s no denying that this worthy winner has the wow factor.

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4. Winner of the Pub/Entertainment Shed of the Year – Reef Cavern by Chris Smith

Chris brought a tropical vibe into his back garden with his unique Hawaiian-themed Reef Cavern, which he created after he and his wife were too busy to get away on holiday.

5. Winner of the Budget Shed of the Year – Vintage Tea Shed by Anne Hindle

Spending less that £100 on her build, Anne proves that you don’t need to invest lots of money to build your own tea shed, complete with chintzy tea cups and painted in pastels.

6. Winner of the Unique Shed of the Year – Space Shed by Jon Spooner


Demonstrating stand-out brilliance and innovation with his Tim Peake-backed educational creation, Jon has used hydraulics that open up the doors to reveal a mini stage, big screen and sound system.

Overall Winner of Cuprinol’s Shed of the Year 2019 – Bux End by Chris Hield

Fighting off stiff completion, it was Chris’s hobbit-hole style shed that won the accolade of the nation’s favourite shed. Chris, 49 says, “It had to fit in with the wildlife and nature that we have cultivated in the rest of our garden so the grass roof was a big feature. We have seen so much wildlife since adding the shed- so much it distracts me when I’m working here!’

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Which shed is your favourite?

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