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Two flats were united to create this 260 square metre family apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed by Bogdanova Bureau. The owners of the property called for a family space with “No fake and more space for happiness”. When the two flats were united, a huge hall was created as a result. After some careful thought, the young couple decided that they would like to preserve the vast space rather than divide it into a number of smaller rooms. “Here my children will be playing football and riding scooters” expressed the father of three. The architect took onboard all of the wishes of the homeowners, and created a real house for a real family.

Orange accents are incorporated into the interior colour palette in order to add a sense of warmth and fun to the large living space. Walls are painted plain white and grey but the area rug is filled with busy pattern to liven the scene.

Inside the kids’ rooms there is minimal furniture and very functional design, which preserves the maximum amount of free play space.

The dining room is also a no nonsense kind of space. A few family photos and some art are clipped onto a simple orange notice board. Glass cabinet doors have been fitted across a niche to make a crockery cupboard that is both functional and decorative.

A simple linear suspension lamp illuminates the dining table and bright orange modern dining chairs, which are The modern dining chairs you see are the Gubi Beetle chairs.

A long galley kitchen runs off the dining room.

Storage cabinet doors look more like decorative wall panelling here, criss crossing at different heights along the wall.

The storage wall design runs the length of the huge play area, which was created when the two flats were combined into one whole family apartment. A kitchen peninsula extends from a bank of units on the other side of the play space.

Kitchen bar stools run around the edge of the peninsula to offer a place for some casual family dining, or as a place for the kids to sit and chat to mum and dad when they’re busy in the kitchen, or do homework. On the other side of the grey kitchen, a glossy black backsplash reflects the room. Wood effect cabinets frame the glossy prep area, and create warm contrast against the cool grey paintwork.

The three kids’ bedrooms are all located on one side of the house. This kids zone has a bedroom for each of the two boys and one shared boys’ bathroom. The only daughter has a bedroom and an ensuite bathroom all of her very own. Bright doors with transom windows identify the kids zone, coloured in individual hues. This passageway leads straight out into the huge indoor play area.

Banks of shelves were built to house all of the family’s shoes in this storage area, all paired and out in clear view so that they can be quickly accessed.

The master bedroom design follows the ancient Feng Shui philosophy. The muted shades and botanical room accessories make this a perfect place to unwind, relax and rest. An unusual book holder stripes the wall at the head of the bed, which grasps paperbacks between padded vertical columns.

A playful graphic rug brightens the wood floor beneath a bold green bed. A pink accent chair looks inviting by a sunny window.

A modern wall sconce lights the bedside.

Bookshelves climb the wall beside the bedroom chair and an unusual small side table.

Concrete planters hold indoor plants in the dressing area of the master suite.

A pikachu rug adds a bright and humorous touch to the dressing room floor, set out by an L-shaped installation of grey closets.

The master bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a frosted glass partition, which allows borrowed light to come in. The grey bathroom is capped with a heavy black ceiling.

Black bathroom fixtures tie in with the dark statement ceiling, like this black freestanding bath tap that fills a modern white bathtub.

In the girl’s small shower room, a grey and white decor scheme fills the space. White wall tiles wrap around to cover a vanity shelf.

Under the black bathroom ceiling, a small bathroom vanity light glows by a black framed vanity mirror.

Wooden units provide smart bathroom storage.

A unique green bed design has a transparent support that makes the bed look as though it floats.

The headboard wraps around the length of the bed too, so that the bed may be used comfortably as a sofa during the daytime.

Green paintwork colours the shelving area to tie it in with the bed.

A unique plant stand holds a Money Plant close by the sofa.

A generous amount of counter space is provided on the double sink bathroom vanity in the shared boys’ bathroom.

A terrazzo floor brings pattern to the space.

Three modern wall sconces dot the tile backsplash.

Colourful grout crisscrosses its way between the tiles.

An illuminated recess glows inside the shower, and above the toilet.

This pink bedroom design belongs to the young lady of the house.

A leaping rabbit ornament decorates one of the pink bookshelves.

Raw concrete and a grey wall panel offsets the sweetness of the powder pink paintwork.

Grey curtains conceal a bright closet system.

A pink clothes ladder climbs the wall.

In the second of the boys’ bedrooms, a white pendant light hangs against a green accent wall. See more bedroom pendant lights.

A huge window seat wraps the room.

Floor plan.

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