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On a rocky hill in Senggigi, Batu Layar, Indonesia, a steeply contoured 1600 square metre plot has become the new home of a young couple and their three children. Created by Wahana Architects, the home has a 1200 square metre build area that beds snugly into its contoured environment. With a rise of around 25 metres from the main road, the Hill House gains terrific views over an ocean panorama. Mature trees and shrubs grow all around the terrain, creating a lush green cocoon from higher ground. A swimming pool aligns with the open horizon, along with a wide sun terrace and outdoor living areas. Stay till the end for floor plans and a video tour.

Photographer: Mario Wibowo  

Rumah Mewah Di Tebing, or The Hill House, stands on a challenging plot of land. Here, the architects focussed on maximising the build site to create a comfortable, spacious family home. The level at which the main volume of the building should stand was guided by the potential to realise an infinity sea view.

The modern exterior is a linear composition of concrete and glass. Three building masses work around a large swimming pool and deck, where outdoor living areas make the most of the warm weather.

Two of the horizontal volumes are positioned to receive the ultimate ocean views, whilst the third volume is situated diagonally to capitalise on the narrower land perimeter at the rear.

The functional outdoor space is designed to encourage an indoor-outdoor living experience, where there is freedom of movement between different areas of the home through fresh air and sunshine.

The poolside sitting area is an atmospheric setting at night, illuminated by recessed spotlights that are bedded into a concrete overhang above it.

A wood clad overhang protrudes outward from the main living volume of the house, where it provides shade over floor-to-ceiling windows.

The swimming pool stretches across the full width of the home, and wraps the deck in a shallow L-shape.

Established trees and shrubs grow densely around the property, growing a lush green environment that provides privacy and peace to the home.

Wooden perimeter walls keep the sun deck completely private from peripheral areas.

Water plays a continuous role throughout the home, filling reflection pools and creating a softly rippling soundtrack. Inner decks “float” above the water’s surface in great rafts and narrow stepping boards.

Winding trees push up through gaps made in the rooftop of the building, where they contentedly seek the sun.

Inside of the home, we find a comfortable family living room with a spectacular view.

The wooden ceiling treatment in the living room is complemented by a solid wooden coffee table. Decorative vases add a pop of blue on top of the table, which ties in with the ocean vista.

A plain beige area rug lightly contrasts with the dark floor tile.

An open walkway leads from the lounge into the kitchen diner. A black dining room chandelier smartly coordinates with the floor tiles and black dining room chairs. The wooden dining table adds a warming tone to the room palette.

In the TV room, a chaise lounge sofa is focussed toward a large walnut media unit. A tripod floor lamp is teamed with a stylish lounge chair and footstool set to fashion a cosy reading nook. This family room is inserted as a transition area between the more formal living-dining space and the private domain that contains the bedrooms. This area is also connected to the study, which makes it a hub of activity.

Due to the contoured nature of the site, the climb from the entrance to the highest point in the structure is substantial. Entering at a dramatic cave-like passageway, the climb begins via a ramp to the living area.

The circulation around and through the property is a semi-outdoor pathway, edged with rustic stone walls and overspilling plant beds.

Snug sitting areas nestle within tight architectural angles.

Glass walls allow the inner spaces to feel fluid connection with the outdoor living areas.

With stunning sea views located to the west, the architects were challenged with tackling the intensity of solar radiation.

Gaps between the architecture and the outer rocky wall promotes cooling air circulation around the property.

Vertical panels are installed to shade the home from direct sunlight.

A decoratively cut screen emulates the stone walls at the front entryway.

The thin building volume permits effective, natural air circulation. Glass walls and glass balustrades facilitate unobstructed light share.

Bedrooms are modestly sized, stylish spaces, with a focus on concrete and wood finishes.

Heavy drapes block out the early morning sun.

The master bathroom is large and luxurious. Glossy grey stone slabs, cover the wide bathroom floor, clad a feature wall, and encase a centrally situated bathtub. The tub enjoys a spectacular view over the ocean and the surrounding forest. A double sink vanity unit is tucked away around a corner, where vanity mirrors can be easily mounted upon the wall.

First floor plan.

Second floor plan.

Third floor plan, including the swimming pool and smaller reflection pools that are situated within and around the home.

Fourth floor plan and mezzanine. A prayer chapel occupies the rooftop, accessed by a landscaped staircase at the rear of the house.

Section drawing. Here, we see how the home beds cosily into its sloped terrain.

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