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Designed by Wei Feng Design Studio and captured by Joey Studio, this cozy gray home exemplifies modern minimalism. The living room features a sleek faux fireplace, seamlessly blending warmth and style. Soft gray tones and lush greenery enhance the serene atmosphere. Large windows draped with light, sheer curtains fill the space with natural light. The open kitchen, with its elegant shelving and minimalist design, complements the living area. A tranquil bedroom, featuring deep blue bedding and subtle lighting, completes the home. This harmonious blend of design elements creates a perfect urban oasis, combining comfort and sophistication.

The faux fireplace is ingeniously built into the wall, creating the illusion that the wall has peeled away to reveal it. Glowing lights and realistic logs add a warm, inviting ambiance, enhancing the minimalist aesthetic with a touch of cozy elegance.

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