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Bold blue decor and vivid red accents form this unique home interior, which looks like a piece of living art. The highly contrasting elements form sharp, graphic shapes that are deliberate and concise. Heavy black elements give the scheme weight, while clean white backgrounds create space in which the pieces can breathe and dazzle. Visualized by Galina Lavrishcheva, the home design is intended to evoke strong feelings and offer a unique experience. Geometric patterns make eye-catching statements across area rugs, room dividers, and bespoke bookshelves. Home lighting is sculptural and intriguing. The powerful color palette flows into the bedroom and bathroom areas too, creating one cohesively creative space.

Electric blue cabinets provide a bright backdrop for the living room. The solid blue feature wall is matched by equally bright blue scatter cushions that are spread across a pair of black sofas. See more inspiration for a black couch living room scheme.

A black and white rug introduces striking geometric pattern to the room. Two red perspex chairs and a small black side table line up along its edge. The black sofas are raised upon an L-shaped platform, which builds a unique split-level layout.

A small floor lamp stands on the edge of the sofa platform, where it produces soft, atmospheric light. A bespoke blue bookcase wraps the corner of the room, building its own cool geometric appeal.

The open plan living space is lightly sectioned by a white metal, geometric room divider. Behind the divider, a pure white dining table is encircled by a fiery ring of red dining chairs.

A chic white dining room pendant light hangs a sculptural design above the table. In the center of the dining table, a clear fruit bowl displays the colorful fruit within.

A simple white tray holds drinking glasses and a pitcher of fresh water.

Behind the formal dining area, a blue console table is teamed with a piece of colorful modern art to create a powerful vignette

Mesmerizing black and white decorative vases are grouped on top of the unit, along with a geometric bowl.

In contrast to the rest of the living space, the kitchen is quietly understated. White wall cabinets and appliance housing units blend peacefully into the back wall.

A stainless steel kitchen island builds a light reflective volume. Slender black mini pendant lights are grouped as a trio along the raised breakfast bar.

Two black bar stools draw a sharp geometric design.

Indoor plants offer a soothing splash of natural greenery.

The blue bedroom design is shaped by a color-blocked, open-fronted wardrobe. The shoe storage area looks like an art installation, highlighted under fluorescent ceiling lights.

White metal framework forms a unique headboard feature wall.

The geometric metal headboard wall and bedroom rug match identical elements in the living room, forming one cohesive, creative aesthetic.

The solid black upholstered bed grounds the colorful bedroom decor scheme.

A blue bedroom chair matches a wall of blue built-in storage cupboards.

The blue accent chair is teamed with a stylish black floor lamp, a metal side table, and bold artwork to form a flamboyant reading nook.

A bird-shaped candle holder adds a pop of red to the stainless steel side table. Magazines tuck away neatly inside the base.

Red nightstands flank the black bed, adding contradicting moments of brightness to the sleep zone.

The custom-built blue storage unit serves as a room divider between the sleep space and a home workspace. The base of the unit is opened up to allow a glimpse of what lies beyond it. Natural light flows through the gap.

Just beyond the blue unit, a stainless steel art plinth displays a modern sculpture in a color-coordinating blue finish.

A rainbow of book jackets and quirky ornaments adorn the display shelf beneath the storage cabinets.

Inside the home office area, a red desk chair adds a quirky touch.

The back of the blue room divider is utilized as a bookshelf in the home office.

Book cubbies build bold gridwork across the blue accent wall.

Bold design statements do not fade away in the bathroom. This bathroom design is a concoction of graphic shapes, color clashes, and unique pieces. An unusual blue waterfall faucet fills the modern ​​bathtub. A solid blue bathroom door stands out from the white tiled walls.

The double sink bathroom vanity strikes a daring blue line, which extends from a custom-built, stepped shelving feature that’s clad in blue tile.

Arched bathroom vanity lights complement racetrack-shaped bathroom mirrors.

A red perspex chair creates a colorful statement in the corner of the room. It offers a convenient place to set down clothes when hopping in the tub. Wall hooks and a vertical radiator hang up the towels.

The clash of clean white and bright blue wall tiles creates a graphic art appearance. Black grout and black metal accent frames sharply outline and accentuate the aesthetic.

A seat pad is added to the base of the blue built-in shelves to create a stool. The walk-in shower area is lined with matching blue tiles to create a crisp color-blocked effect.

Above the tub, a white metal geometric framework builds cohesivity with similar elements throughout the home.

The floor plan reveals a laundry room, located just off the home entryway. A long closet lines the hallway with ample storage.

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