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Cityscapes twinkle beyond the windows of this 78.07 square metre apartment, belonging to a blogger located in Kiev, Ukraine. The dark and sophisticated living space was designed and visualised by Home Cult. It is a design that explores creative lighting solutions, in order to accentuate pieces of modern furniture and textured feature walls, and bring a whole new dimension to the decor. The bedroom in particular has a unique slatted wall design that incorporates LEDs inside to stunning effect. You can also find a home office that’s set up for flawless sound recording, incorporating sound absorption panels, to facilitate the making of YouTube videos and podcasts.

Modern track lights glow around the ceiling space of a living room dining room combo. Perimeter LEDs cast a glow down a black marble and wood effect feature wall behind the living room sofa. Under-cabinet LED lights cut across a one wall kitchen.

Within the wood effect wall, an internal door has been panelled with the same wood finish so that it almost disappears from view behind the modern sofa.

Large windows let natural daylight flood in across the grey living room and onto the contemporary grey sofa. A column of space between the large windows has been given a grey gloss surface in order to define it as the tv wall. The ceiling track lights reflect in its high shine finish.

After nightfall, the evening cityscape twinkles through the generous expanse of windows, wrapping the living room like a large wall mural.

The flat fronted grey kitchen is somewhat camouflaged against the grey walls of the living room. Wall cupboards have been double banked to capitalise on vertical storage space in the compact room proportions.

Lights on the horizon glow in the twilight, whilst horizontal kitchen lights glow beneath the cabinets.

A chrome tap shines against the grey backsplash and countertop.

Taller units finish off the grey one wall kitchen, and include an integrated oven. The dining set is a mix and match of soft neutral chairs and a dark wood table.

The tabletop is kept clear of a centrepiece, or any knick-knacks, so as not to obstruct the window view to the sofa across the room.

The home office is like a box of texture. A rustic stone feature wall is cut through with wooden volumes, beside a smooth grey panelled wall. Sound absorption panels have been installed around the desk to maximise sound quality when recording videos for YouTube, or when recording podcasts. The acoustic panels bring their own texturised effect to the room, stretching all the way from the desk to the ceiling.

An LED strip light is concealed under the desk overhang, which creates a warming and welcoming glow from underneath.

The long desk is able to support two widescreen monitors, used for video editing. Two storage cabinets nestle beneath the worktop.

An ergonomic desk chair sits at the modern home office desk, to provide good back support for long hours in front of the screen.

The home studio contains a grey modern sofa dressed with a brown accent cushion, which pulls in the wood tones and complements the warm light at the bespoke desk installation.

There is a bank of office shelves spanning one entire wall of the home workspace, with deep storage drawers underlining the stacks.

A cool headphone stand in a wood design compliments the premium Meze 99 Walnut headphone.

A high-end microphone stands poised to receive.

The phone stand matches the walnut finish of the neighbouring headphone stand.

Lighting tricks are at play inside the master bedroom. LEDs beneath the bed reflect onto the wood floor, giving the bed an elevated floating effect. Strip lights accentuate a wide headboard design and textured accent wall.

The grey bedroom scheme looks warm and alive under the lights, which reflect in a mirrored and slatted wardrobe door design.

At the foot of the bed, lights have been threaded between the slats of another feature wall. The undulating line of light gives an abstract impression of another cityscape, to match the view out of the window.

Bookshelves complete the space, butted up to the windows in a quietly cohesive grey on grey aesthetic.

A Snoopy table lamp shines against leather effect panels on the headboard. Electrical sockets are colour coordinated in a matching shade of grey.

The bathroom is another triumph of modern lighting solutions in a monochrome design scheme. A warm white trim of light stripes the seam between the floor and the wall in this room, which creates uplighting upon a charcoal colour toilet. The low level illumination also highlights raw grey concrete floor slabs that bring in a cool industrial vibe.

A clean and crisp white rectangular bathtub contrasts with the raw concrete, and with the darker elements in the room. A rainfall showerhead is installed above the bath.

Beneath the vanity unit, a piece of mirror reflects the floor lights and tiles, which makes the room appear much larger than its actual proportions.

Underlit shelves glow inside a recess at the side of the vanity area, offering an easy reach storage solution for regularly used toiletries, makeup and hair products. Heated single bar towel rails gleam against the grey backdrop in shiny stainless steel. The toilet flush plate, roll holder, bidet rinser and basin tap match the smart silvery finish.

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