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Photography by Ye Rin Mok.

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Sometimes it’s what’s on the outside that counts. In “Front of House,” we dig into all the elements that give a home “stop the car!” kind of curb appeal, from main character mailboxes to muchwelcome yard transformations.

You know how people say there’s a lot in a name? Well, it turns out there’s a lot in a house number, too. Not necessarily what that number is (although that’s crucial information to plug into a GPS) but what that number looks like. For starters, a house number needs to be easy to see from the street, so your friends or FedEx don’t accidentally knock on a neighbor’s door. But it should also reflect the personality of your home. You would put plenty of thought into your exterior paint color and patio furniture, so why not this detail, too? 

In our search for chic house numbers that make a good first impression, we realized Etsy is a solid resource if you want something colorful and unique, while brands like Rejuvenation and Schoolhouse offer tons of modern styles in various sizes and metal finishes. Even further down our Internet rabbit hole, we uncovered NakNak’s wiry beauties (pictured in the first image of this story) and a bubbly range by Mud Australia x Vince Frost. Ahead, we’re revealing our nine favorite house numbers and the types of homes we think they’d thrive on.  

For the Funky Victorian 

Frost’s chunky numbers for Mud Australia look like they’re made out of candy, but they are in fact crafted from porcelain. Each one is made to order in Sydney and comes in two sizes in all 19 colors, including the brand’s unglazed zero-waste recycled clay hue.  

For the Contemporary New Build

Most new-construction homes are pretty obvious, so going with a house number that is inherently old school will give it that extra character it craves. These concrete Bauhaus-inspired pieces are frostproof, UV-resistant, and look like they were plucked from modernist architect Walter Gropius’s Massachusetts home. 

For the Humble Ranch

Give some extra dimension to a single-story ranch house with these 7-inch-tall numbers that can be mounted in a flush manner against the exterior wall or—using the extra hardware included in the box—in a floating effect. 

For the Artsy Cabin

Measuring a mere 5-by-5 inches, these adorable tiles belong on the outside of an equally cute cottage, cabin, or Craftsman. Each one is hand-pressed and painted by the Etsy vendor in Northern Michigan. 

For the Mid-Century Gem

You don’t have to own a house designed by renowned architect Richard Neutra to feel like you’re coming home to one every day. In 2001, design studio House Industries partnered with Neutra’s estate to create a set of fonts based on the geometric letterforms Neutra specified for many of his projects, bringing these elegant aluminum house numbers to the masses. 

For the Modern Farmhouse 

Everyone will expect to see black accents on a farmhouse, but not “spicy mustard” or “deep sea blue.” This cheery group made from durable stoneware clay is practically begging to be drilled into white board-and-batten siding.

For the Scandi A-Frame 

If the Neutra font is too mod for you, consider this Helvetica version. Given the font style was first developed in 1957 by Swiss typeface designers Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann, we see it looking right at home at the entry of a Scandinavian-inspired space. 

For the Just-Renovated Bungalow

There is almost a handwritten quality to these wire numbers (designed by Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson) that makes them perfect for adding an extra splash of charm at the very end of a reno. Peep the numbers paired alongside disc-shaped sconces at this Los Angeles home designed by Laun

For the Cool Spanish Colonial

Swooping archways and curly wrought iron-railings are two features that immediately come to mind when we picture a Spanish-style house. Add a set of swirly numbers in either the Spumante Alt or Vivian font to bring the look full circle. 

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