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It’s been a few days I’ve been in Italy, visiting Venice, Florence, and Verona. In the past ten years I’ve visited a lot of European countries but I haven’t been back to Italy in almost two decades so I’m thrilled to return! If you follow my stories on Instagram, I’ve shared some images of what this week has been like so far.

I’m not a fashion blogger, I travel for the experience and to take a lot of pictures of the landscapes and scenery. I value comfort but I don’t want to look sloppy either so I will bring clothing that make me feel good while I walk around town. I travel light, wear layers, rewash and rotate my outfits. I stick with classic styles but I prefer to mix feminine and edgy.

Today take a peek at some of the separates I brought with me on my trip to Italy and the travel gear I bring with me too!


long sleeve swing dress / faux leather jacket

black camo leggings / red lace cami / black combat boots

mustard crewneck sweater / lace trim top / stretch ripped jegging 

satin leopard print skirt (similar here) / gold sneakers

marble leggings / black v neck sweater / black sneakers

tie dye sweatshirt  / red midi skirt (similar)

packable puffer jacket / lightweight moto jacket

black floral blouse (similar) / black jeggings/  black stretch rayon dress /

I brought clothing that can be mixed and reworn in different combinations. Comfy leggings or jeggings, a few dresses and skirts, patterned or colorful tops and super comfortable shoes!


samsonite spinner / this lightweight duffle (sale price here)

jewelry bag / black crossbody (night)

marble cosmetic bags / small backpack (day)


A few tips that I follow that help me pack super light:

1. Roll instead of fold your clothing, it’s amazing how much this saves space!

2. Stay in a vacation rental with a washing machine mid way through your trip so you can wash and rewear clothing. Keep in mind some places only have a washer not a dryer so budget 24 hours of time for clothes to dry.

3. Try every outfit on! I’ve skipped this step before and realized I’d gained or lost a little weight or I brought the wrong version of something and smacked my forehead not doing this. Especially since comfort is so key!

4. Stick to a basic color palette, mix in one or two patterned dresses and a few colorful tops/sweaters/skirts.

5. Shoes: comfortable is essential but cute is important too! I like leather sneakers plus a pair of boots in colder weather or sandals in warm weather. The one thing you don’t want is blisters so break in any shoes before you leave, but bring blistercare gel bandages just in case.


I’ll be in Italy a few more days! I’ll share the regular weekend post on Sunday and back to blogging when I get back to the States next week.

Ask any questions you have and I’ll get back to you in the comments. Ciao!

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