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Dark, mysterious, and dreamy, this huge gallery of 51 dark bedroom design ideas is filled with interior inspiration, tips and accessories to help you design yours. We’ll explore a large cross-section of black and dark grey bedroom decor schemes that set a stylish stage in the deep shadows, across a selection of neoclassical, modern, baroque and industrial aesthetics. With that said, dark doesn’t necessarily mean colourless or neutral. We also bring a selection of darkly coloured decor schemes across the deep blue and green arena, along with some luxe golden accents. You’ll find inspiration for unique headboards, eye-catching feature walls, spectacular bedroom lighting, and showstopping bedroom furniture too.

Visualizer: Olha Shatkovska  

Super-size it. This dark bedroom design not only goes bold on tone with a moody mural headboard wall but the bed gets scaled up with a super wide platform base. The combination achieves a luxurious aesthetic that oozes confidence.

Visualizer: SVAI Studio  

Black opulence with a side of mood lighting. This textural black headboard wall is atmospherically lit by a ribbon of LED light, which subtly stripes around the edge of a deeply wood-clad window reveal.

Visualizer: Antonina Polevaya  

Teal dreams. Take a walk on the dark side with a base of rich teal and muted aubergine accents to create a sumptuous sleep space. A gold wall light and matching floor lamp splice in bright lustre.

Visualizer: Olha Lykhatskaya  

Turn up the texture. When opting for a dark backdrop, consider introducing deep texture to add interest. This fabulously 3D headboard feature wall makes a tactile statement, whilst a handmade bedroom pendant light drops rustic vibes over top.

Visualizer: Nouf Elmenshawi  

Another unique bedroom statement wall, this time with large format tiles in a series of vertical and horizontal orientations that catch the light differently.

Visualizer: Nom Bureau  

The illuminated headboard line. A shallow slab headboard can be brought to life with a recessed ribbon of LEDs to create an uplifting bedroom feature.

Visualizer: LD Architects  

Black and white distinction. Turn contrast up to the max by pairing your black bedroom features with crisp white elements. Keep accessories simple to attain a striking minimalist effect.

Visualizer: Anastasia Andryushchenko  

In this high-contrast black and white design, a statement lighting installation loops a tangle of highlights above a casually styled upholstered bed. Intriguing black and white artwork lines the walls.

Visualizer: Pribylova Interior  

Light strip series. This dark bedroom design features a series lighting strips to accentuate and define. One provides safe passage across a split level floor, two draw along the edges of a custom cut bedside mirror, and the final beam is an eye-catching oblique installation that is as much decor as it is reading light.

Visualizer: Dmitriy Li  

Get ready for the light show. This colour-changing light installation is made more impressive by a textured backdrop that scatters the glow.

Visualizer: Evgenei Artemiev  

Matching motifs. Inside this dark brown and black bedroom design, a piece of bedroom wall decor is made to match a wooden storage unit at the side of the room. Behind one of the bedside cabinets, wall stripes are added to echo the striped nature of the veneer.

Visualizer: Dezest design  

Decorative zoning. Headboard feature walls are regularly used to define the sleeping area, but how about installing a custom ceiling treatment to mark entry into an ensuite bathroom or a bedroom courtyard?

Visualizer: Mirna ElSharkawy  

Open plan bathtub areas and glass wall ensuite bathrooms allow dark bedroom designs to feel more spacious, which combats the oppressive nature of dark tones.

Visualizer: Visualizer  

Panel your perimeter. Elegant panel moulding is a golden ticket to creating an effective neoclassical bedroom design, which looks phenomenal under a silky matt black coating. Add in a stunning bedroom chandelier for ultimate splendour.

Visualizer: Qusay Abubaker  

Black baroque. Is there anything more fitting for a black bedroom backdrop than the intricacies of baroque design?

Visualizer: Hasankhani Tabriz  

Dark blue and balanced. Dark blue is brought out of the shadows in the modern bedroom treatment with vibrant sunshine yellow accent pieces.

Visualizer: Valium Studio  

This dark bedroom concept takes the ‘dark’ side a little literally with a sombre reminder of how many days of life there is left to live. Of course, nobody really knows how long they have on this rock, so always live for today!

Visualizer: Archivizer  

Green says go. Black canvases make a strong anchor for brighter elements, like these fresh and energising green bed accents. A green desk chair adds zest to a cool home office area that’s fashioned behind the headboard too,

Visualizer: D.V- Yaroslav Kovalchuk  

Whitewashed boards make a breezy feature across a grey bedroom, which stylishly amalgamates the bed with a bedroom workspace.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

It’s all in the details. When decorating in dark colours, it’s fun to add just a couple of colourful accessories to shake up the visual, like these eye-catching tinted glass vases.

Visualizer: Olga Podgornaja  

Paint with light. Use bedroom pendant lights to fashion form and colour against black bedroom walls. Think of your light fixtures as jewellery for your bedroom.

Visualizer: Nastya Ivanchuk & Marina Tsishyna  

In this imaginatively lit space, the ceiling light is a simple perimeter strip, which leaves an artistic grid lamp to steal the show.

Visualizer: Madi Chanyshev  

Glamorous goals. Utilise high ceilings to install towering works of glamorous art, a colourful accent wall, and sculptural pendant lights. This dark bedroom features tall bespoke bookcases too, which add their own colourful accents and draw the eye up toward the rafters.

Visualizer: Stephen Tsymbaliuk  

Double height darkness. In this double height bedroom, dark finishes help to visually unite a first floor sleep space and a mezzanine dressing room. Black coated ceiling beams strike a bold industrial aesthetic through the space.

Visualizer: Aryo Widodo  

Gothic vibes. Fans of goth music and fashion will revel in the darkness of a black on black decor scheme with skeleton art. A lighter floor will prevent the room from feeling too boxed in.

Visualizer: Tomas S  

Gold standard. Placed against a cool concrete grey setting, this metallic headboard design looks like a giant bar of solid gold.

Visualizer: Rana Adly  

Slip through the cracks. Clever cutaways are illuminated with LED light to create a bedroom accent wall with artistic appeal. A black jute rug adds texture to the floor.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Reznichenko  

Glowing glass closets. In a dark bedroom setting, you can really play around with highlighting your favourite parts of the layout. Consider backlighting glass closets to showcase a treasured fashion collection. Use full length mirrors to reflect the light show.

Visualizer: Vladislav Barabakh  

Dark and floral. This impactful wallcovering brings the beauty of nature right to the pillow, along with two graceful bird themed pendant lights.

Visualizer: Svetlana Belousova  

Mirrored optical illusions. When a space is darkly decorated, it pays to make the most of natural light sources with the help of reflective surfaces. In this dark grey bedroom, mirrored panels have been fitted from floor-to-ceiling to double the light and the sense of space.

Visualizer: Daria Alieva  

A hint of pink softens a dark scheme. Introduce just a flush of blush across pillows, art and accent lighting.

Visualizer: Denis Chigidin  

Wireframed wonder. Without taking away from the dark blue decor of this space, a thin wireframe bedroom chandelier drops in a cool sculptural outline.

Visualizer: Andrey Kazakov  

The power of a vertical garden wall. Inside a dark bedroom scheme, the lush green palette of nature is all the more touching.

Visualizer: Dmitry Moshkov  

Tonal elegance. Combined with clean white interludes and warming wood tone, black decor contributes to an elegant tonal palette.

Visualizer: Aleksey Bereznyak  

Black zoning. Within a white perimeter, this solid black focal wall, bed comforter, and rug draws the eye to the sleeping area, whilst a black desk chair makes a home workspace.

Visualizer: Rafał Hański  

Cosy up a dark decor scheme with a soft and light textural rug and glass pendant lights.

Visualizer: Inna Shapovalova  

A 4 poster bed is commanding. Let this dominating piece take the lead and fashion the room to accentuate its glory.

Visualizer: Egzon Rexhepi  

At home in the mountains. If you’re a natural in the wilderness, then a black stone feature wall will have you dreaming of your next adventure.

Visualizer: Kroom  

Flexible accent colours. A dark bedroom design makes a perfect base to accommodate changing accent colours. Confine to bed throws and budget-friendly art for a swift and inexpensive swap.

Visualizer: Vladimir Karpenko  

Hail the hero piece. In dark surroundings, a bright hero piece of art or lighting stands out superbly.

Visualizer: Maxim Nizovkin  

Dark effects. A dark paint finish visually pushes away this bedroom accent wall from the neighbouring floor bed design.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Under the spotlight. Directional lights fall upon specific features in a shadowy bedroom design to make dramatic vignettes.

Visualizer: Makhno  

Hello halos. A backlit round mirror creates a heavenly halo on a black feature wall.

Visualizer: MirrorR Studio  

A circle chandelier is another stunning way to build a halo of light.

Visualizer: Koma Visualization  

Where there is darkness, there is light. Sandwich your sleep space between a dramatic black backdrop and a sunlight filled courtyard to achieve a tranquil balance.

Visualizer: Leng Keng  

Layers of luxury. A golden accent column, a designer wall light, and deeply textural stone cladding combine to achieve a show-stopping focal point.

Visualizer: Basel Ahmed & Mahmoud Salah El-Sa3idy  

Links of light. An impressive modern chandelier, chain link bedroom pendant lights, and an illuminated headboard shelf make a bright connection from top to bottom.

Visualizer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

A dark wonderland. With vines covering soaring arches, this dark bedroom concept speaks of fairy tales and castles from long ago.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Reznichenko  

Slats and stone. Two trends make up this extraordinary feature wall, where slats of different length fashion a cityscape-like silhouette against a polished stone panel.

Visualizer: Sergey Kondratev  

Geometric focal point. The recessed headboard shelf behind this 4 poster bed is picked out in an eyecatching geo print that makes busy contrast with the rest of the calm grey room.

Visualizer: INCeption architects  

Slatted ceiling lights. Brighten dark rafters with a series of bright strip lights between slatted beams.

1. Moon phases artwork
2. Sputnik Chandelier
3. Black platform bed
4. Black vase set
5. Tom Dixon style beat pendant lights
6. Black bedside table lamp
7. Smart clock
8. Moon lamp
9. Black side table

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