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Our bathrooms are a place where we should push the boundaries of imagination. They are our escape from the world, our private sanctuary. Bathrooms should be ceremonial spaces where we can rid ourselves of the day’s toxins, both physically and emotionally. It can be tricky to push bathroom boundaries beyond what is practical: a bathtub, a vanity, the WC. However, a bathroom can be so much more than its facilities. This fabulous collection of 51 aesthetic bathroom designs is packed with bathroom decor ideas that thrill and amaze. Botanical interludes spark wonderment for the natural world, rock bathtubs and feature walls excite awe, and unique bathroom layouts bubble with intrigue.

Designer: AntonioLupi design  
Visualizer: Massimo Colonna  

Artistic elegance. Classic artwork mounted inside a quirky modern frame builds a fun juxtaposition for an eclectic bathroom design. A slipper bath silhouette with a modern matt grey finish straddles two eras of elegant style.

Visualizer: DAIS interior  

Textures and lighting. Take the en vogue slatted panel aesthetic into the bathroom with a textured bathtub design and highlight it with atmospheric mood lighting.

Visualizer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

The stone slatted finish is taken up onto an attention-grabbing feature wall in this bathroom design. Skylight shutters and narrow wood plank flooring complement the linear detail.

Visualizer: Taras Polnyuk  

Modern melts. This bespoke microcement bathtub and pedestal sink are designed to melt into the floor with smooth, invisible seams. A fluted glass privacy screen and a unique vanity mirror echo the curved edge aesthetic.

Visualizer: Omid Merkan  

Another melded bathtub design, this hand-crafted tub appears to extrude right out of the smooth cement floor. An incredible rockface feature wall provides deep textural contrast.

Designer: AntonioLupi design  
Visualizer: Massimo Colonna  

Match the decor palette to the bathroom view. This desert home takes inspiration from a sand and rock panorama to form a cream and stone bathroom interior. The space is kept open and minimal, just like the outer environment.

Visualizer: ANTI- Architecture  

Layers of love. If you adore gardening or are just wild Mother Nature herself, then why not add layers of plant love to your bathroom to suit your personality? Complement the lush greenery with rich, natural wood tone and cool stone grey.

Designer: Mase Studio  
Visualizer: Tomek Michalski  

Fresh air and blue skies inspire this fresh bathroom decor scheme. Pale blue stucco draws a cool curtain around a wall of mature cactuses. There is no window in this bathroom, only a skylight, but the sky blue walls and botanical decor create an outdoor feel.

Visualizer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

A secret garden. Rugged grey stone walls, floors, and sanitaryware, plus a plethora of climbing plants makes for a spectacular indoor-outdoor blend that feels steeped in mystery, magic, and wonder.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

Carve out platforms and stepping stones with linear slabs and pebbled borders. Add a concealed ribbon of LED light around the edge of the bathtub platform to further elevate the look.

Visualizer: Irina Kazantseva  

Keep the eye moving. You can create the illusion of added space and depth in your bathroom with mixed wall textures and materials.

Visualizer: Cocoon  

Make the most of private garden vistas. This fabulous luxury bathroom design is constructed to absorb the lush garden panorama through enormous dual aspect windows. Black window frames cause stark black contrast against the creamy bathroom decor palette to embolden the effect.

Visualizer: Artgroup  

Piet Mondrian inspired spaces. Red, blue, and yellow accents placed within bold black outlines create an abstract bathroom design.

Designer: AntonioLupi design  
Visualizer: Massimo Colonna  

Add a central focal point with an abstract modern rug. In this unique bathroom layout, a solid black bathtub and a double sided vanity unit create individual sculptural elements around the remainder of the room.

Visualizer: Paco Barruguer  

Take a step up. If you are blessed with high ceilings in your bathroom, then take advantage of the added vertical space with a split level floor. A small staircase that’s highlighted by LED strip lights will make the ascent feel extra special.

Source: Ariostea  

Combine your shower area with a picturesque courtyard. A small tree or fast-growing bamboo will quickly fill the void. A crown of green leaves beneath a skylight will playfully filter sunshine to conjure a serene shower experience.

Visualizer: Alberto Luque Marta  

Double the courtyard effect with dual aspect bathroom windows. Contrast the light-filled void with dark bathroom decor to achieve dramatic contrast.

Visualizer: Line Design Studio  

All-white under soft light. A matt white shower head against a white tiled wall and a white racetrack-shaped bathtub on a matching floor give this crisp bathroom design a peaceful aesthetic. LED light spills softly from a recessed shelf to accentuate smooth silhouettes.

Visualizer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

Cherry blossom dreams. If bathing under pink blossom isn’t the stuff that dreams are made of, then we don’t know what is.

Designer: AntonioLupi design  
Visualizer: Massimo Colonna  

Make a watery bed for your bathroom with a beautiful reflection pond. Stepping stones provide a dainty bridge to bathtime.

Designer: Khosla Associates  

Give an existing modern bathroom new flavour with a colourful boho rug and bright towels.

Visualizer: NT viz  

Settle in the sunbeams. All of the eye-catching detail in this bathroom design is set beneath a sunny skylight, including a unique stone bathtub and a majestic bonsai tree. An open shower area rains into the pebbled floor here too.

Visualizer: Aziz Shahbakhsh  

Grow an atmosphere of vitality with a densely planted vertical garden. Edge-to-edge, floor-to-ceiling planting will make your bathroom feature wall come alive–literally.

Visualizer: Nikolay Shevchenko  

Team natural stone floors and stucco walls with the warmth of wicker to conjure a cool, nomadic vibe.

Designer: AntonioLupi design  
Visualizer: Massimo Colonna  

Add class with glass. Luxurious bathroom suites demand a luxury bathtub, and a chic glass design fits the bill. Team with a plush faux fur rug for a sumptuous feeling underfoot, and a modern fireplace to give the place a golden glow.

Visualizer: Ksenia Kyshnerchyk  

Printed tiles and wall murals. Bathroom wall murals come printed onto large format wall tiles nowadays, so why not fashion a fabulous floral feature wall that will never wilt.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Curate curious pieces. Each piece of this bathroom suite is a completely individual piece of design that should not complement the next, and yet, it all comes together as one fabulously artistic curation. Open your mind, select each of your favourite items, and trust in the process.

Designer: AntonioLupi design  
Visualizer: Massimo Colonna  

Sunken under the city, this bathtub allows the view to be the hero. Although, that perfectly polished concrete platform is pretty eye-catching too.

Visualizer: Elena Sedova & KUPINSKIY ARCHITECTS  

Cut above the rest with curves. An oversized round mirror, round bathroom lights, an on-trend racetrack-shaped bathtub, and an arch motif feature wall come together to achieve an elegant shape theme.

Visualizer: Mikhail Sizov  

Another extraordinary curvaceous creation.

Visualizer: Dasha Basilishvili  

Pink is a colour that communicates intimacy through its delicate tone, making it a wonderful hue for a bathroom. Use pink bathroom tiles to colour block one side of the room, whilst the rest of the room provides a subdued balance in light grey and fresh white.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

If bolder colours are your preferred path, go all out with a crisply defined colour clash. This purple wall gains classic detailing in the form of square panel moulding, whilst the modern vanity is subtly slatted.

Visualizer: 4balance design  

Even tiny bathrooms can be a whole vibe. Think texture, light, and a love of botanics.

Visualizer: Phuong Vu  

Beautifully boho, all-natural materials make a bathroom feel inviting, comforting, and stress-free.

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

The bathing zone. Combine bathtubs and showers behind one screen for a streamlined bathroom layout.

Visualizer: M.Serhat Sezgin  

A plethora of industrial pendant lights turn a modern bathroom into a starlit experience.

Visualizer: Ruslana Kulikova  

No time to care for a vertical garden? No problem. Botanical print wallcoverings are here to save the day.

Visualizer: Thomas Cravero  

Bathe under the forest canopy with an edge-to-edge skylight. Perimeter lights frame the view.

Designer: HYLA Architects  

All about the architecture. Let the structure of your home be your guide.

Designer: Khosla Associates  

A bathroom that’s barely there. A particularly good choice for an ensuite bathroom space, this minimalist shower installation and sunken bathtub blend into their courtyard background.

Visualizer: Toni De Jesus  

Build a grand entrance. Each wooden section of this unique bathroom floor is lit to create atmospheric reflection in the curvaceous bathtub design. Dark surroundings make a suitably dramatic backdrop.

Visualizer: Nikolay Shevchenko  

Moroccan magic. A lambrequin arch and Moroccan style pendant lights conjure a striking space.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

Say yes to yellow–not just in paintwork and tiles, but in coated fixtures and fittings too.

Visualizer: Daria Lyashenko  

Monochrome and marble. Cut across a luxe white marble background with a contrasting black marble vanity unit and modern matt black wall-mounted faucets.

Designer: Patricia Urquiola  

Double it. There are double sink vanity units, so why not double bathtubs? If you’ve got the space, you can have whatever your heart desires.

Visualizer: berezen studio  

Rezone the room. It‘s easy to get stuck to the perimeter when it comes to creating a new bathroom layout, but partial partition walls are a complete game changer.

Visualizer: Artem Shelipov  

No room for an aesthetic courtyard? Just use the shower enclosure.

Visualizer: E Space  

Space to unwind. Contemplate what you want around you when winding down for the day. Think more nature, and less complications.

Visualizer: Silvia Saez  

Rustic relaxation. Wooden beams and candlelight, need we say more?

Visualizer: SHDesign  

Golden romance. Satin gold bathroom fixtures, crisp white decor, chic pleated window dressings, and a tub-side floral display call for bubbles and romance.

Designer: Spasm Designs  

Industrial minimalism. Utilitarian and unique, this minimalist space speaks of simplicity. Small moments of industrial-style intrigue keep the eye engaged.

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