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I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. It’s cute when little kids hand out Valentines to their classmates, and it’s sweet if your spouse or significant other recognizes your relationship in a small way, but to me it mostly feels like a forced display of affection that puts too much pressure on people to perform. I think it’s far more meaningful to tell someone you love them on a Tuesday in April than on a certain holiday we’ve designated on the calendar.

That being said, there’s another day to consider investing our time and money in. Monday is Random Acts of Kindness Day. To me, the most attractive quality in another human is kindness. Loyalty, honesty, and a great sense of humor are wonderful traits to have, but I’ve always measured how close someone will be in my life by how kind they are to their fellow humans.

We live in a fast paced society where we make our busyness our social status, but the truth is we all have an hour or two we can carve out of our schedule to practice kindness. In anticipation of Random Act of Kindness Day coming up on Monday, I offer these fifty ideas to choose from. :)

buy the coffee for the person behind you in line

offer to walk someone’s dog

write a heartfelt note or text to a friend to remind them why they are important to you

bring cookies to a nursing home

compliment a stranger

keep care packages in your car to hand out to the homeless

write thank you letters to men and women in the armed forces

spend time with an elderly relative or assist an elderly neighbor

give up your seat on a bus or train

offer assistance to someone in a stranded car

send someone a song with a text “thinking of you!”

volunteer for a non-profit once a month

stop and buy the lemonade from the kids with the lemonade stand

donate books and gifts to a children’s hospital

tutor a kid struggling in school

bring bagels and spread to your coworkers

tip your waiter generously

pay for someone’s overdue library fees

donate school supplies to classrooms

give your umbrella or jacket to a stranger

give grocery gift cards to someone struggling financially

plant a tree

sit with someone new at lunch at work or school

offer to share your table with a person dining alone

bring flowers to someone you know could use some cheering up

tell someone how nice their hair or clothes look today

call an old friend you haven’t spoken with in awhile

send printed photos of grandkids to grandparents

deliver a plant to the office of your significant other

shovel your neighbor’s driveway

offer to mow your neighbor’s lawn

leave a sticky note on a stranger’s car wishing them a nice day

donate backpacks or school supplies to struggling families

plan a “kids are the boss” day where the kids make the rules

tell the regular people who help you (barista, grocery clerk, custodian) that they matter

offer to babysit for free

offer to pick up goods for family and friends on a grocery or Costco run

sign up for be my eyes to assist the visually impaired

pick up someone’s dry cleaning for them

sign up for Amazon smile to give a % to charity

send a text or make a phone call to someone just to ask “how are you today?”

offer to cook someone a meal during a hard time

invite a friend for a mani or pedi as an opportunity to catch up

pay the toll for the person behind you

put change in an expired meter

help someone with heavy bags at the airport

offer up your table at a busy restaurant

check in with someone who is ill

write a positive recommendation for a local business

give someone a great big warm hug!


Pick a few on the list and get busy spreading some kindness around!

p.s. if you’d like a printable list, I made a PDF of these 50 random acts of kindness to print.:)

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