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We spend a lot of time in our living rooms. Some are formal spaces in which to receive guests and host gatherings, others are casual hangouts for the whole family. However you choose to use your main living space, the decor scheme should be both welcoming and engaging. Neutral design schemes have their place, but how about creating something a little more memorable? We’ve put together a collection of 40 two-color combinations for your living room that are sure to brighten and enrich your home. We’ll look at why these hues complement one another and how best to apply them to your interior for maximum impact.

Visualizer: Eugene Kolomiychenko  

Pink and green living room panels. Draw attention to color blocking in your living room with panel molded details. In this example, a sweet pink upper is richly contrasted by a dark green base.

Visualizer: Mỹ Trọng Trần  

Blue and yellow accent decor. A bold blue sofa will immediately draw the eye to the sitting area in an open-plan living space. Throw in contrasting yellow cushions and wall art to enliven the look. See more ideas for blue and yellow decor.

Visualizer: One More Buro  

Blue and burnt orange. Burnt orange accents make a bright yet controlled accompaniment to blue living room decor. See more ideas for orange and blue interior design.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Orange and blue-gray contrast. Team solid orange accents with blue-gray or petrol blue elements to achieve confident contradiction.

Designer: Risa Boyer  

Brown and orange warmth. This orange living room is crowned with a canopy of wood across the ceiling. The natural wood tone compliments a tufted brown sofa and an Eames lounge chair.

Visualizer: PLASTERLINA  

Red and teal geometrics. If applying flat color to feature walls just doesn’t cut it for you, then consider adding visual depth with tonal geometric designs. These red and teal introductions create spatial illusions from end to end.

Visualizer: Vóc Nguyễn  

Purple and teal fusion. Heather flowers mean good luck, admiration, and protection, so why not bring their positive color into your living room, bound with a rich splash of teal.

Designer: Holland Harvey  

Blue color blocking and brown furniture. Light and mid-blue bands create a cozy perimeter here, whilst wooden furniture and a jute rug make warming interludes. See more ideas for horizontal color blocking.

Visualizer: Peter Tarka  

Pastel pink and blue ombre with color-matched furniture.

Designer: Lextav Studio  
Visualizer: Martin Kovacik  

Dark teal and blush. Wall art, scatter cushions, and an ottoman make easily removable dark teal and blush accents in this living room. A blush wall panel risks a little more permanence.

Source: Muuto  

Arty red and blue contrasts add vibrance to a cool industrial loft.

Visualizer: DA Architecture  

Paint a scene of tranquility with tan and blue hues.

Visualizer: Maryna Grechko  

Sugar pink and purple linearity.

Visualizer: Daria Zinovatnaya  

Utilize an eye-catching wallcovering to achieve a tropical pink and yellow explosion.

Visualizer: UDesign  

Spell out fuchsia and gold luxe with designer furniture and a spectacular living room chandelier.

Designer: atelier SAD  
Visualizer: Tomas Firla  

Dusky pink and gold balance. Select just two or three furniture items and accessories in each hue to achieve a color equilibrium.

Source: Cassina  

Blue and gold mix. Expand upon an extraordinary statement wall by drawing out one of the colors, like the golden yellow couches in this blue and gold combo.

Visualizer: Anjey Babych  

Muted pink and teal elements. Each zone in this open-plan living space is brightened with a flush of pink. Teal accents cut through the sweetness.

Visualizer: Sadolin Dulux  

Make a gentle blush and sage retreat with a simply split wall color treatment.

Designer: Hurma Architects  
Visualizer: Viktor Tarakanov  

Stage a red and sage living room by placing fiery accents against color-blocked and textured sage walls.

Photographer: Philippe Le Berre  

Bright green and red clash. Safely clash your colors by leaving blank white space in between.

Visualizer: Weber Studio  

Burgundy and blue sophistication with a feature ceiling.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

Red and yellow perimeter. Alternate ruby red and bright yellow accents to make a two-color arrangement around the edges of the room.

Visualizer: DAR architects  

Use wall panels and drapes to drop swathes of muted red and beige.

Visualizer: Serg Ushakov  

Add definition to an abstract red and turquoise arrangement with bold black outlines.

Visualizer: Andrey Ryazanov  

Dark green and red modernity. Add a contemporary twist to a classic green and red decor scheme with quirky artwork and fabulous lighting.

Apricot and green curves. Whether you’re blessed with classical architecture or not, you can add beautiful arches with color.

Visualizer: Studio VAE  

Just a touch of tasteful tan and green.

Visualizer: Bui Ni  

Botanical green and yellow decor bursts with enlivening energy.

Photographer: Scott Basile  

Another green and yellow scheme, this time in shades of lime and ochre.

Source: Dulux  

Use tonal blends to create apricot and green layering.

Visualizer: Mirish Mirzayev  

Structure a luxurious muted red and teal scheme behind thin metallic borders.

Designer: Lindsey Ellis Beatty and Rachael Burrow  
Photographer: David A. Land  

Make a characterful living space with pea-green and blue patterns.

Visualizer: 土司丨Keson  

Denim blue and green wraparounds create complementary zoning, which is useful in open floor plans.

Visualizer: Maxtree  

Bolts of blue and yellow add a bold fun factor even in small doses. Keep the backdrop neutral to allow accent pieces to really shine.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Mellow yellow and green setting. This understated two-color combination offers the joy of color without intensity and visual overwhelm. Instate interesting silhouettes to add dimension.

Source: Designer Guild  

Fabulous floral pink and pistachio boiserie panels are not to be ignored. Throw in a matching fuchsia sofa too for ultimate impact.

Source: Cassina  

Royal blue and greige counteraction. Cool contemporary furniture in contrasting blue and greige modules set out a smart and stylish aesthetic.

Visualizer: AGLAIA Interiors  

Not as colorful as our other offerings but just as enriching, black and gray contradictions make a stylish living room with eye-catching contrast.

Visualizer: KYDE Architects  

Timeless black and white elements offer a crisp aesthetic that always looks fresh. See more inspiration for black and white living rooms.

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