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Most living rooms play host to a TV but it’s tricky to place such a large piece of tech when space is tight. In this collection of 40 ideas for small living rooms with a TV, we’ll look at creative solutions. These interior concepts offer inspiration for small living room layouts with prime TV viewing angles. There is also stylish inspo on how to style a TV wall, and a host of complementary media unit ideas. From floating wall cabinets, to streamlined bespoke built-ins, there is something here to suit all tastes, decor budgets, and room sizes. Of course, we’ll explore the rest of the living room too, discussing colour schemes, furniture arrangements and more.

Visualizer: JD Architects  

Create a layered TV wall design with a backdrop of wooden wall panelling and an overlay of fresh white floating cabinets. In this living room layout, the media unit is balanced out with an opposite wall of floating shelves.

Architect: Renato Mendonça Arquitetura  

If the prime viewing point for your TV is on a narrow support column, then expand its mounting surface with a cantilevered extension. This example gains visual impact with a colour-blocked paint effect.

Visualizer: Ha Hoang  

In a light decor scheme, balance out a black TV screen with dark scatter cushions on the sofa.

Visualizer: HE.D group  

If you desire TVs in two adjoining rooms, opt for a double-sided TV mount. This stationary wooden panel supports both the lounge and bedroom TVs. It allows the rest of the wall to slide open as a pocket door for open plan functionality.

Visualizer: Danila Kalabin  

A lounge, kitchen, and dining combo can be challenging to conquer in a compact space. Aim to position the TV where it can be viewed well not only from the sofa, but during casual lunches at the dining table, and whilst preparing dinner.

Designer: Valkyrie Studio  

Sometimes it’s not just the TV screen that we need to place, but computer screens too. A home workspace fits in well behind the length of a sofa. Be sure to leave enough width to stroll between the desk chairs and couch when plotting the layout.

Visualizer: Fenix Design  

Match the TV wall to the colour of the sofa to achieve a cohesive look.

Visualizer: Aleksandra Alekseenko  

A jet-black TV wall treatment helps to blend a bulky TV screen into the background.

Designer: Ivan Yunakov  

Seat everyone at a prime TV viewing angle by setting a dining table or breakfast bar directly against the back of the couch. Choose plush dining chairs to make TV dinners a cosy experience.

Visualizer: Hilight. Design  

Combine TV entertainment with the atmospheric flicker of open flame. Install a modern fireplace on top of a modern linear media cabinet.

Designer: Simple Form Interiors  

Divert attention from the imposing presence of a large TV screen with a brightly distracting couch colour.

Visualizer: aTng 糖 & Dunqiang Chen  

Built-in sofas save bags of room in a small living room.

Visualizer: Alena Malyuk  

This small space design distracts from the heaviness of the black TV set with uplifting aqua accents.

Visualizer: Vogue Architects  

Build a spatial divide between a small lounge area and an adjoining kitchen with a cleverly situated dining peninsula. This black marble peninsula design complements a matching marble TV unit.

Designer: Line Design Studio  

Apply eye-catching tiles to define your TV feature wall. Keep the rest of the decor scheme understated.

Visualizer: JD Architects  

Push the TV down the pecking order by installing it into a built-in bookcase. A busy frame of tomes and decorative items will pull attention from the screen.

Visualizer: Simple Forms Interiors  

Flank the TV with floor-to-ceiling units to fashion a concealing alcove.

Source: Husman Hagberg  

In this studio apartment, black kitchen units and window blinds balance out the black TV. Lush green indoor plants provide a welcome contrast.

Visualizer: 吴 振宇  

Create an atmospheric setting for movie nights with subtle perimeter lighting.

Visualizer: Tuesa Design Studio  

Make the TV part of a gallery wall by applying large framed prints around it.

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

This studio apartment achieves a clear divide between the sleep space and the TV lounge with a split-level floor.

Visualizer: Julya Chernova  

Raise the TV high to avoid tall obstructions like dining areas.

Designer: Anjey Babych  
Visualizer: Yevhen Shabalin  

Make a sofa work double duty as a banquette seat for the dining table too.

Visualizer: Tasha Rizanova  

By keeping furniture sizes small, this compact living space can accommodate a comfortable dining area, a modern media unit, and a comfy couch. A freestanding breakfast bar pushes up against the kitchen peninsula to add a second eating spot.

Visualizer: Illia Masko &Yelyzaveta Masko  

Make a cohesive colour story for a studio apartment by matching the sofa to a portiere around the bed. Position the TV where it can be enjoyed from both areas.

Visualizer: Alina Litva  

As an alternative to a black TV wall, use dark wood wall cladding to blend the TV with its backdrop.

Visualizer: JD Architects  

Use the TV as a giant digital clock for your living room.

Visualizer: Evgenii Kravchenko  

Include a stool storage nook in the end of your TV unit. The stools can be tucked away when not in use to make a small living room appear more spacious.

Visualizer: Line Design Studio  

Establish zoning between the TV lounge and a living room workspace with high-contrast wall colours.

Visualizer: Suithouse Studio  

In this living room, two workspaces are tucked away into the window area. Wood wall cladding solidifies the room divide.

Visualizer: 365 design  

Construct a multi-purpose media unit. This piece morphs into a double workspace before creatively dissolving into the kitchen.

Visualizer: Alina Ursova  

In extra small living spaces, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Create a calming colour palette with muted shades, and choose a conservatively sized TV.

Visualizer: Nica Design  

Have your TV unit serve as a desk, dressing table, and eating area. Expand usable space inside a double-height living room with a mezzanine.

Visualizer: Luxibu Lu  

A glass partition wall makes a small living room appear bigger and brighter. This curved glass wall morphs into a panelled TV wall to make a stunning focal point.

Designer: ATO Studio  
Visualizer: Hālō Studio  

Curate a muted green and brown living room decor scheme to create a natural feel. Complement the palette with a wood effect TV stand.

Visualizer: Luxibu Lu  

Introduce arched decor features and classical sculptures to craft an elegant neoclassic TV room.

Designer: Indot  
Photographer: Hey!Cheese  

Install a swivel mount to use one TV between two adjoining rooms.

Visualizer: Respix Studio  

This swivel TV mount serves both sides of an open plan living room layout.

Visualizer: Muhammed Shahin  

A ceiling-mounted TV wall creates a lightweight aesthetic by revealing the adjoining room via a gap in its base.

Visualizer: Nordico  

Another swivel TV stand solution.

Designer: Doaa Sabry  
Visualizer: Kareem Badie  

Although not technically a TV room, this design certainly deserves a place here. This ​​living room home theatre features a drop-down projection screen, which is an awesome solution when wall space just isn’t available.

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