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The bathroom is typically where we center ourselves with self care in the mornings and evenings. Believe it or not, the color of your bathroom can help with this mind shift. Green bathrooms exude a rejuvenating energy, reminding us of nature and the great outdoors. Green can make us feel calm or exhilarated, depending on the shade, so it’s important to consider what kind of boost is best for you. Sage green bathrooms are soothing, which is helpful in bringing down stress and anxiety, while lime green bathrooms deliver a powerful visual jolt to wake up the brain. Whichever mood you’re looking for, we’ve got 40 green bathroom design ideas with tips and accessories to help you create it.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

A green bathtub shines like an emerald in this moody bathroom scheme. Green paintwork continues up from the walls onto the ceiling for a full wraparound finish.

Source: Dornbracht  

In this airy bathroom concept, a green ceiling is punctuated with a round, white ceiling recess for the shower. Pivoting glass doors connect the space with a sunny terrace.

Visualizer: Spacja Studio  

Racetrack-shaped bathroom mirrors place contrasting coral accents onto sage green bathroom wallpaper, here. Coral hardware continues the warming accent onto a pale green vanity unit.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Romaniv  

Indoor plants go hand-in-hand with a green bathroom decor scheme. Continue the natural theme with wood and rattan elements.

Green subway tiles, mounted vertically, construct a modern look.

Visualizer: Quadro Room  

If you’re not sure whether or not to commit to a green color scheme, select neutral fixtures and fittings and apply color only with your paintwork. That way, it will be quick and inexpensive to switch out.

Visualizer: Oksana Petrovska  

Green basins, a green vanity unit, and green wall tiles build a color-saturated scheme. A black bathtub and toilet break up the layout.

Visualizer: Black Razor  

Combine concrete decor with green accents to establish a cool, industrial base with uplifting interludes.

Visualizer: Mikhailova Sasha  

A white farmhouse sink and black bathroom fixtures break up this bold, seafoam green bathroom design.

Designer: Studio Bright  

Green mosaic tiles smoothly wrap around this built-in bathtub to create a bespoke finish.

Visualizer: Oskars L  

Give your green decor scheme a bold black outline that defines the edges of doorways, archways, and windows.

Visualizer: Noha Ayad  

Create a green liquid marble backsplash to introduce stunning texture.

Source: Desvres Ariana  

Large-format green tiles increase the sense of space in a bathroom.

Visualizer: Marzena Pieńkowska-Szpunar  

Black and green bathroom decor fashions a room with great depth.

Visualizer: TERZO PIANO SRL  

A peekaboo courtyard gives this soothing, sage green space an outdoor feel.

Source: Cosentino  

Wicker towel baskets, a rattan pendant light shade, and wood-slatted accents give this gray and green bathroom concept a natural, boho essence.

Source: ABK  

Terrazzo tiles layer a riot of pattern over these forest green walls to attain a fashion forward image. A globe bathroom vanity light and a racetrack vanity mirror complete the concept.

Designer: ADND  

You know it’s time to wake up when you’re faced with lime green walls and a matching ceiling.

Visualizer: US Visuals  

Green wall tiles define this wonderfully rounded shower space design from a predominantly neutral bathroom scheme.

Visualizer: Maria Fadeeva  

Pink and green bathroom decor produces a fun, tropical vibe. Add in a playful neon wall sign and tropical plants to amp up the vibe.

Designer: Min | Day  

Neon green decor schemes are not for the shy and reserved homeowner but they do pack a powerful punch.

Designer: Dethier Architectures  

This bright green bathroom design incorporates a curved ceiling profile to turn the narrow room proportions into a positive feature.

Visualizer: Eugene Zjuba  

Contrast green bathroom decor with the opposite side of the color wheel. Red mirror frames and towels add bold contradiction.

Visualizer: Kupinskiy Architects  

This standalone red vanity unit has a transformative effect on a dark green and white bathroom.

Visualizer: Ngọc Thủy  

Use green tiles to create an expanse of color around the wet zone, while the rest of the room fades into the background in shades of gray.

Visualizer: Nika Vorotyntseva  

White, metal-framed furniture places crisp outlines onto this green bathroom background.

Visualizer: Zarysy  

Combine different shades of green to create defined areas of light and shade.

Designer: MOPS Architecture Studio  
Visualizer: ONI Render.  

A green-tinted shower screen adds just a hint of color without causing visual overwhelm.

Visualizer: Izabela Gajewska  

Paint a band of color to pull a large bathroom scheme together.

Visualizer: Black Razor  

Select key areas of your bathroom to highlight with green tiles. A focal point behind the vanity unit or across a toilet cistern concealment wall works well.

Visualizer: BODES Studio  

Install natural wood shelf inserts into a green cistern concealment wall and wooden countertops onto a green vanity unit to enrich the aesthetic.

Visualizer: Andrey Kabanov  

A black and white floor tile pattern creates bold balance for a solid green bathroom ceiling treatment.

Visualizer: ANTI- Architecture  

Let plants grow all the green accents for you.

Visualizer: Qusay Abubaker  

A vertical garden wall makes a deeply textural green focal point.

Visualizer: Pixelverse  

Swap out floor tiles or wood planking for naturally green ground cover.

Visualizer: KUT Studio  

Botanical wallpaper builds up a natural theme with or without indoor plants. Add gold, brass, or bronze accents to add a rich and regal air to the space.

Visualizer: TOTL Studio  

This botanical feature wall is accentuated with a pink vanity unit, while a pink bathroom sweetly contrasts emerald green bathroom floor tiles.

Visualizer: Proxy  

Doors often go overlooked when changing up a decor scheme, but painting the bathroom door a coordinating color elevates the room.

Visualizer: Alexander Shepard  

Use dark green wall paneling to construct a sleek, tailored perimeter. A solid white floor, vanity unit, and ceiling prevent a small space from becoming dreary.

Visualizer: Elizaveta Ivanova  

Choose green tiles with shade differences to construct a green feature wall with tonal interest. This one is dressed with chunky wood accent pieces to achieve an earthy appeal.

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