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There’s nothing quite like the convenience of flopping out of bed and straight into your very own ensuite bathroom. Or, taking long and relaxing late-night bubble baths right alongside your bed. Modern ensuite bathrooms are becoming more and more integrated with the bedroom space, whether by free-flowing open plan arrangements, wide arched doorways, or via glass wall designs. This special selection of 40 ensuite bathrooms shows you how to style fabulous ensuite bathroom spaces that you’ll love looking at from under your duvet. From extraordinary rustic and rock-lined interiors to modern sleek marble marvels, both luxuriously large and cosily compact, this inspiring collection has it all.

Visualizer: Selami Bektaş  

Well rounded design. Okay, so not everyone has a cylindrical mansion in the mountains but we had to include this spectacular ensuite as inspiration for unique bathroom picture windows. This rounded floor-to-ceiling vista makes a magnificent setting for dreamy bathtimes.

Visualizer: NT viz  

Back to nature. Bathing takes humans down to their natural form, so a nature kissed ensuite bathroom scheme seems especially fitting. Install a vertical garden to envelop your space with greenery. Stepping stones can form a garden-like pathway to the tub, whilst pebble-shaped rugs and poufs take the aesthetic into the bedroom area.

Visualizer: Align Studio  

Lime washed bedroom walls will complement a marble ensuite bathroom decor scheme. Continue the stone inspired palette with a soft grey bed set and matching rug.

Visualizer: Sensory 3D Studio  

This round rug reflects the outline of a spectacular skylight. The ensuite bathroom tub nibbles at the edge of the woven mat, alongside a grouping of wicker planters.

Visualizer: Line Architects  

Create pause. A rustic timber column causes a brief visual pause between this sleep space and ensuite bathroom. The column, which supports the edge of a glass partition wall, is just interesting enough to cause the eye to stop without becoming a dominating distraction.

Designer: Nildo José  

Glass boxes and greenery. Generous ceiling heights can be enjoyed as a whole or split to suit. In this case, an open plan bedroom and glass ensuite bathroom volume has been formed below the ceiling line so that an indoor garden can be installed above.

Visualizer: 杨先森i  

Cut through it with colour. A huge bedroom suite can contain many areas, from the sleep space and a bedroom lounge to a reading nook and a workspace. An open plan ensuite bedroom can get lost in the mix, so why not make it stand out from the crowd with a show-stopping ruby red glass bathtub?

Visualizer: Eloisa Conti  

The headboard wall makes an ideal point at which to make the split between sleep space and ensuite bathroom. In this neoclassical example, decorative wainscotting flows between both spaces to maintain the aesthetic flow.

Visualizer: Bennasr Dorra  

An alternative way to split your bedroom space to include an ensuite bathroom is with a dual aspect fireplace. Situate the fireplace at the foot of the bed to warm your toes and the tub.

Visualizer: Trinity Form  

Modern and marble-clad. This white marble beauty is given a modern twist with a black tripod floor lamp instead of a typical bathtub chandelier.

Visualizer: Vic Nguyen  

Flexible industrial backdrops. Exposed brickwork suits both industrial style bedrooms and humid bathrooms, so works superbly in a close-quarters bed/bathtub setup.

Visualizer: Semsa Bilge  

Love spas? Love books? Combine the two to make your dream ensuite come true. The only problem we can see is that you may never want to leave your ensuite ever again!

Visualizer: Albert Mizuno  

Bathroom building blocks. If you have the floor area, consider fragmenting your bathroom facilities into separate blocks that loosely complete the whole picture. This abstract layout gives couples more space to comfortably share the facilities without feeling crowded, and without cutting off into two separate bathrooms.

Visualizer: Vizline Studio  

Another successful bedroom/bathroom split by a modern fireplace. This time, the fireplace wall is also utilised as a toiletries storage chamber to serve the tub.

Visualizer: Iqosa  

Create balance. Marble clad ensuite bathroom spaces can make cool contrast with warm wood-clad bedroom designs. Aid the amalgamation by introducing areas of cool stone into the bedroom scheme.

Visualizer: Omar Saad  

This bedroom interior balances out its glass wall ensuite bathroom design with a stone grey area rug, which tonally echoes a bed of stones beneath the freestanding bathtub.

Visualizer: Jasmin Kodzha  

Mirror image. A centrally situated doorway into an ensuite offers an ideal opportunity to create mirror image vanity areas.

Visualizer: Jasmin Kodzha  

Solve window wall conundrums with ceiling mounted vanity mirrors and freestanding pedestal sinks.

Visualizer: Zeworkroom Studio  

A mini partition wall makes a subtle visual stop and a useful mount for bath faucets.

Designer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

Complement a rockface headboard feature wall with a bespoke stone bathtub.

Visualizer: 画图小哥  

Pull a boldly colourful bathtub design into the bedroom decor scheme, without reducing its impact, with a single matching accent cushion.

Visualizer: HI0000 DESIGN. Vizion  

This blue glass bathtub tricks the eye into seeing an ocean panorama at the window.

Visualizer: Magdalena Marczak  

Amber glass bathtubs create a sophisticated mood. Team with smoked glass shower screens and dark metals.

Designer: Andrew Stepanenko  
Photographer: Andrey Shurpenkov  

Scandinavian simplicity. Don’t let a small bedroom put you off, if there’s room for a tub then your ensuite vision can come true. Stick to a simple white bathtub and tiles, with clean Scandinavian styling to maximise a feeling of space.

Visualizer: Anna Pisarenko  

Visually anchor an open concept bathtub area with arch decor. A recessed arch also makes a decorative spot in which to install useful bathroom shelves.

Designer: Philippe Starck  

You could literally roll out of the bed and into this sunken ensuite shower without even opening your eyes.

Designer: Hannah Smith and Jeremy Witt  
Via: Dwell  

Want to enjoy the garden view but too afraid that the gardener might show up unannounced? A small privacy screen will have you covered.

Designer: HD m2  
Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko  

Mark the change in function between an open plan bedroom and bathroom with a change in ceiling texture, like this attractive wood slatted finish.

Designer: SAOTA  

Place one area onto a platform. Whether it’s the bed or the bathroom, placing one of these areas onto an elevated platform floor will create clear zoning.

Designer: AT Design  

Laze away in a hammock bathtub.

Visualizer: Massimo Colonna  

When a bathtub is uniquely beautiful, just let it shine.

Visualizer: vizn studio  

Mood lighting can serve both bedroom and bathroom through a glass partition wall.

Visualizer: Maxim Stavskiy  

Visually anchor a freestanding bathtub with an attention-grabbing light fixture, like this sculptural modern sputnik chandelier. The rugged stone base beneath the bath is super cool too.

Visualizer: A1 Vision  

Bathtubs that blend. If you don’t want your tub up front and centre, choose a piece that blends with your bedroom decor palette and create a matching backdrop.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

A tint of pink. Neutrals are nice but the colour theory that surrounds pink speaks of soothing and intimate qualities. Sounds pretty perfect for a private ensuite.

Visualizer: Aleksey Samohvalov  

Transparent transitions. This glass shower screen is echoed by a glass headboard feature wall to achieve one transparent flow.

Visualizer: Academy M6  

Where there’s the warm weather for it, utilise large balcony areas for bathing outdoors in the invigorating fresh air…

Source: Roche Bobois  

…Or take the whole kit and caboodle outside with a cabana design.

Via: About Decor  

Sliding doors provide the flexible option of open plan and private bathroom usage.

Designer: BCJ  

Half-height partition walls avoid difficult ceiling shapes.

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