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Dark living room decor is a daring choice. It makes an instant impact and exudes a self-assured personality. Dark furniture silhouettes emerge subtly from the shadows, whilst more colorful accents seem to gain an electric effect. Home lighting takes on a new level of importance, offering not only general illumination but precise highlights, elaborate spotlights, and visual warmth. This saturated approach creates a cozy cocoon that feels like a hideaway from the outside world. A place in which to retreat, relax, and recuperate. In this collection of 40 inspirational modern living rooms, we’ll explore an assortment of dark decor palettes with bright statement pieces, textured focal points, and exquisite design.

Visualizer: Alexey Savchenko  

Highlight the main event. A glowing fireplace used to be the main event in years gone by but now we gather couches and armchairs around the TV. Make a black TV mount and media unit stand out against a black wall by installing LED strips around their edges.

Visualizer: Abbas Abbasov  

Add a buzz of energy through a black living room design with electric blue accents.

Visualizer: Nastia Perchyk  

Another electrifying dark living room decor scheme with bright blue accent pieces. See more exploration of the electric effects of color in dark spaces here.

Visualizer: 半山空间  

Dark design schemes lead to projector-friendly living rooms. Darkly saturated surroundings build a home cinema experience where all eyes are guided to the movie.

Visualizer: Alexandr Kishlari  

Interrupt a dark and shadowy living room decor scheme with an uplifting flourish of living greenery. Grow a small tree or shrub from a built-in plant bed to conjure a bespoke, courtyard look.

Visualizer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

Green courtyards add a sense of zen to a dark living room design. See more of this zen-inspired home interior with strong stone accents here.

Visualizer: Andrey Vladimirov  

Break out of the darkness with a pop of red. Whether you opt for just a few ruby red scatter cushions or a pair of modern lounge chairs in red upholstery, this color inclusion will completely shift the look of an all-black living room scheme.

Visualizer: Tamizo  

Alternatively, create an island of red at the core of your black living room with a red living room rug, red modular sofas, and a matching red coffee table design.

Visualizer: Highlight Design  

Shape an elegant aesthetic with a large and luxurious chandelier. Fine details will sing out against the dark backdrop.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Play with texture. This long and linear dark living room design is offset by a lighter, textural feature wall. A textured area rug complements the focal wall.

Visualizer: Design Rush  

Say yes to yellow accents to instill a feeling of warmth and joy into a black living room. Go big with a designer sofa, yellow ottoman, and matching lounge chair.

Visualizer: Nom Bureau  

Create zoning with areas of light. This black living room draws eyes to the sitting area with a light gray couch, whilst the black kitchen design employs a highlighted backsplash wall.

Visualizer: MV+  

Go gothic with deepest black boiserie walls and a blood red tufted couch. Hang a classically inspired chandelier, wall sconces, and gilded picture frames to finish.

Visualizer: Serge Somkin  

Defy the dark with ruby red accents, like the bright glow of this mysterious modern fireplace.

Visualizer: One Tone  

In this red couch living room, tall windows and wide open spaces balance out the visual weight of a dense black background.

Visualizer: Highlight Design  

Balance dark decor with soothing beige elements, This beige modular sofa arrangement gives the black living room a light heart, held gracefully in place on a round rug.

Visualizer: buro511  

Don’t underestimate the warmth of wood. A wooden floor treatment, a single wooden coffee table, or an attractive log storage area for a wood-burning stove will ignite visual warmth in a dark decor scheme.

Visualizer: IQOSA  

A wood-clad ceiling fashions an all-encompassing wooden canopy.

Visualizer: ZARYSY  

Dark green elements grow a rich and captivating aesthetic that works particularly well when applied in proximity to a glorious green garden view.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

Conjure up rich red and green contrast with punchy red decor accessories and a plethora of healthy indoor plants.

Visualizer: Evgeny Shkilniuk  

Hang the moon in the darkness of your living room decor with a spherical pendant light.

Visualizer: Omega Render  

Highlight the beauty of dark wood tone wall cladding and built-ins with a concealed ribbon of LEDs.

Visualizer: Mustafa Emnaina  

Strategically placed floor lamps and table lamps transform a dark room.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Go oversized with ceiling lights to install awesome impact.

Visualizer: Buro511  

Warm a dark decor scheme with cozy rustic accents. See more rustic living room inspiration.

Visualizer: Samir EL-Nagar  

Reflect natural light into your dark space with custom-cut wall mirrors.


This mirrored wall is situated directly opposite the wall of windows to maximize natural light. It also doubles the perception of space.

Visualizer: Darya Trishkina  

Industrial style decor goes hand-in-hand with a moody palette.

Visualizer: Yana Prydalna  

Make characterful imperfections your best friend. See more wabi sabi interior design.

Visualizer: Metod Kulčar  

Be minimal and mindful with your layout.

Visualizer: AM Design Studio  

Half-and-half. If you’re not ready to go all in with a dark aesthetic, split your living room palette down the middle with lighter wood tones and wall stucco.


A light-filled, glass wall living room presents an ideal opportunity to indulge in darkness.

Visualizer: Oktobianto DP  

Sweeten dark gray and black room decor with splashes of delicious tangerine.

Visualizer: Jonathan Nicholson  

Curate a restrained living room design with a statement couch color, designer chairs, elegant artwork, and a chic living room chandelier.

Visualizer: Aglaia Interiors  

Jump on the muted greige color trend to soften stark black and charcoal decor.

Visualizer: Diff Studio  

A neoclassical living room design soaks up a black decor scheme. Add the luster of gold for a luxurious high-end appeal.

Visualizer: Alexandr Kishlari  

Concrete tiles add a cool factor to shady gray decor schemes.

Visualizer: Mihail Grinceac  

Carve out boxes of tonal interest with black, white, and gray elements.

Visualizer: HotWalls  

Install a stone feature wall for a rugged wow factor.

Visualizer: Dzhemesyuk Design  

Add a slice of glamor with a pale gold focal point.

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