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If there’s anything that gets us excited every day it’s the prospect of new and interesting DIY projects that we can discover and share with you guys. Today we’ve put together a big list of cool DIY wall decor ideas because every space needs a dose of charm and customization in order to truly feel like home. This type of projects is really great because they don’t require you to use any big and scary tools and focus more on developing one’s creativity. They inspire and they make our homes and our lives more beautiful and more enjoyable. They’re also simple, so simple in fact that anyone could make them.

Art can take infinite forms and you don’t need to be extremely talented in order to create something beautiful and eye-catching that you can display on the walls in your home. An abstract painting could be the perfect answer in this case. Try making something using white poster boards, picture frames and leftover paint. Foam paint brushes are ideal for this task and minimalistic frames are best because they don’t steal the attention from the actual painting. DIY wall art such as this can be customized in lots of different ways.

Next time you see some cute little woven baskets in a store, go ahead and buy a set. You can definitely do something cute with them. Our favorite idea is to turn them into wall basket planters. You don’t need much for this project: woven baskets in whatever size and shape you like, scissors, a large needle, cotton or yarn and plants. Air plants would be best suited for this project because they don’t require soil and instead absorb water and nutrients through their leaves

If you find traditional vases to be too mainstream and boring, why not make one that isn’t? A cool project idea could be this 3D fake flower wall art piece made with canvas, lots of paper straws, foam board, faux flowers and tissue paper. What’s nice is that you can choose your own favorite color palette for this project in order to customize it to your liking.

Floral wall art can take lots and lots of different forms. One of our favorite project ideas involves tree branches and silk flowers. When put together they create a bohemian decoration that’s actually really easy to make. The flowers are hanging on white tulle strips and look lovely and delicate plus this particular branch is really thin and delicate as well.

Temporary wall art projects are really cool too. They’re special because they don’t stay up much time and usually they’re meant to follow certain specific themes. For example, you could make something beautiful for Valentine’s Day using flowers. You can use both fresh and faux flowers as well as greens, berried and other things that would fit in your design. Check out this heart-shaped floral wall art and use it as a source of inspiration.

Have you ever made tissue paper flowers? It’s pretty easy and quite fun. All you need is tissue paper folds in various colors, twine or yarn, scissors and painter’s tape. You can have these flowers displayed on a wall and this can either be a temporary or more permanent decor solution. Create a colorful backdrop for your workspace, hallway or living room or use the flowers as party decorations whenever you’re planning a fun celebration.

Any leftover yarn that you may have from previous projects could be used to make colorful string wall art. The outcome will depend on the type of yarn that you decide to use, the colors and also any other alterations that you may choose to make along the way. In addition to all the yarn you’re also going to need a wooden dowel. Put your new creation on display and enjoy the cozy vibe that it imprints onto the entire room.

Speaking of string art, there’s another strategy that you can use and this is quite popular. You’ve probably seen this sort of projects around before. It’s about time you did one yourself. Create custom string art using a few simple things: a piece of wood . or plywood, lots of small nails, lots of string, a hammer and a piece of paper and a pencil. Sketch your design on the paper, nail it in place onto the wood, then add more nails all around the outside edge. After that the most time-consuming part of the project begins: wrapping all the string around the nails.

If you like the idea of custom string art but you’re not sure what design you should try, how about a map string art project? You could create the outline or your country, state or city or you can choose places that you visited. In any case, it should be a fairly simple project but of course the difficulty and duration depend on the type of map that you choose. The materials you’ll need remain the same: a piece of plywood, string, paper, nails and a hammer. You can also paint the plywood if you want to.

Canvas wall art is fun to make and can be personalized in all sorts of cool ways. To make things easier you can use colorful cardstock or paper instead of painting the canvases. Either draw the design on or use a printer, then cut out the shape out of the canvas piece. When you slide colored cardstock behind it, the design will show through. You can find out more details about this DIY wall art project on diys.

Something else that’s really easy to pull off is a confetti wall. All you need is a circle cutter, cardstock in various different colors and double-sided tape. Put a piece of tape on each circle and attach it to the wall. Repeat until you randomly tape all the circles. they’ll look like giant confetti and your wall will look amazing. You can then easily take them off whenever you want without damaging the wall. Check out diys in case you need additional details.

As you’re probably aware, there’s a ton of cool DIY wall art projects that you can do for the living room, bedroom and other major spaces. However, areas like the kitchen are a bit more difficult. There’s one project in particular that we think would be absolutely perfect for this room: shadowboxes filled with faux fruits. You can have a few of these displayed on the kitchen wall. They’ll add color to the room and they’ll look fresh and cheerful. You need shadowboxes, fake fruits (or veggies), burlap, a hot glue gun, scissors and a hammer and nails. You can find more details about this on diys.

If you want to try your hand at something a bit more…artistic, check out this cool pixelated painting. There’s actually no painting involved in this project. Instead it’s all made using paint chips in a variety of different colors. You can recreate any image using this technique. Apart from the paint chips you also need kraft paper, painter’s tape, scissors, glue and a pixelated printout of a painting or an image that you want to recreate. This is the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer. If you prefer something more contemporary maybe you can try a Minecraft-inspired design. Check out diys if you need more info.

This is a project that focuses on a lot of texture and color. This wall art piece is made using lots of yarn in different colors, floral wire, macrame cord, and a big needle. There’s a horseshoe design going on here but its not necessarily the main theme of the project. You can also create patterns if you want to and combine the colors however you see fit. You can find all the details of this project on aprettyfix.

Memo boards can definitely be useful but they don’t always look that great. You can remedy that with a simple DIY project. Make your own custom memo board and make it special. A cool idea is to use wire to do so. You can bend a long piece of craft wire using pliers and you can turn it into a lovely “remember” sign that you can attach notes and other things to. It’s all described in detail on craftifymylove.

Picture frames are not as popular as they used to be now that everyone keeps their favorite photos on their phone or their laptop. Still, that doesn’t mean you can use a bunch of old picture frames to make some modern wall art. The transformation can actually be super easy. These paint-dipped picture frames can give you a hint as to what the project is all about. You need masking tape and paint in order to create something similar.

In case you find the idea of a custom, handmade memo board interesting but you didn’t really resonate with the wire one we featured earlier, check out this other cool project that we found on handmadeweekly. This memo board is a bit more robust and better-structured. It has this cute little grid that you can attach notes and other things to. You can also use this as a decoration for your home office.

Hexagon-shaped wall shelves are very trendy right now and they’re often combined into groups creating honeycomb-inspired patterns. But this particular shelf is not like the others. As you can see, it’s made of popsicle sticks. It’s also small and that gives it a really cute vibe. You can easily make something similar if you want to and all you need is glue, wood stain, a paintbrush, a hexagon template and lots of popsicle sticks (about 100). You can find all the details on makeanddocrew.

If you’re into abstract artwork and geometric designs you might also like this DIY diamond ripple wall art idea from classyclutter. It’s not as complicated as it may seem. It’s important to find the right size painter’s tape in order to get a design that you’re happy with. You’ll need two types of tape: wide and narrow. You can also choose to use paint in any color or colors you want and combine them however you see fit. Your final result could thus be very different from the one that inspired you to do this project in the first place.

Here’s yet another cute project that you can do with popsicle sticks. For this one you need around 95 sticks which is enough to craft three geometric hearts. You can paint each one in a different color andintertwine them as you progress with the project. In addition to all the popsicle sticks, you should also buy some wood stain, acrylic paint, paintbrushes and glue. You can make the heart template yourself or look for one online.

Rope is another nice resource that you can use in your DIY projects and crafts. You could use some jute rope to make a beautiful sign which you can display in your bedroom or up on a wall anywhere you see fit. It’s all described in detail on hymnsandverses but here’s the quick version: using a combination of corn starch, water and glue you soak the rope and then arrange in the shape that you want it to take. Let it dry, the hang it.

Polaroids are still a thing and have actually seen a comeback lately since they look so similar to Instagram posts. Here’s a cute frame that you can make so you can display all your favorite ones. The frame itself is not special so you can just repurpose an old one as long as it has the desired size and shape. Then just add a few layers of twine and hang the pictures using mini clothespins. Check out mylittleartichoke to find out more about this project.

Here’s something cute that you can make using leftover wood from previous projects. It’s a decoration that you can hang up on a wall or display on a shelf and it has a star-shaped cut out at the center. Getting this shape just right takes some planning and precise measurements so take your time and do things right. We really the look of stained wood but of course you can also choose to paint it instead or to leave it unfinished. Additional details about this project can be found on thehappierhomemaker.

I’ve always wanted to use branches in a DIY project. If you too find them interesting and worthy of becoming decorations in your home, check out this cool project idea featured on emoriekidder. It’s not a difficult project and the trickiest part would actually be to find a bunch of branches with nice shapes. Maybe you can find some in your own backyard. If not, take a trip and gather some.

There’s also one more project idea that we want to share with you today. It comes from thediydreamer. The project shows how you can make wood arrows which you can turn into wall decorations for your home. The combination of colors chosen here is really beautiful and we love the contrast between the arrows and the background.

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