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I shared a DIY art display ledge project earlier this week but what I forgot to mention was that the backdrop was an inexpensive swirl peel & stick wallpaper that I found on Amazon. I’ll be honest, after looked at it I decided I’m not totally thrilled with it. It lacks the impact I was going for, the stripes are a little too subtle so I went looking for something new to replace it.

Subtle patterns in neutral hues are great for those just dipping their toe into the world of wallpaper. The prints are less bold and since they’re peel and stick they won’t be a headache to remove down the road if that day comes. Today’s lineup is for those who seek something softer or minimalist as a backdrop in any space. Might I suggest any one of these twenty subtle pattern peel and stick wallpapers.

moroccan wind


blue botanical

green leaves

make it rain

grey dandelion

watercolor circles

warm grey waves

gold origami

sketched botanical

neutral terrazzo

slate blue leaves

grey leaf botanical


black twigs

grey grasscloth

soft gray floral

blue stripes

white leaf botanical

neutral batik

minimalist lines


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