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You will be hungry to have more luxury in your life and your living spaces once you cast eyes on these two exquisite Turkish villas, each visualised by Jasmin Kodzha. Walnut wood and travertine shape bespoke furniture and bathroom features, and seamlessly cover both floors and walls. Golden lustre dances through both of the home designs via high-end designer light fixtures, door hardware and home accessories, as well as a shimmering satin gold kitchen island and a rich patinated brass fireplace design. These homes are set on a large footprint and impressive concepts are employed to fill that space. You’ll find lavish living rooms, magnificent bathrooms, and one simply stunning courtyard that gives the first villa a cherished living heart.

Inherited from the homeowner’s grandfather, this property allowed the young family to leave the busy Istanbul megapolis and become closer to nature. A fruitful and beloved perennial walnut tree grew on the spot where the villa was to be built, and so it was lovingly encapsulated into the luxury living room.

The live walnut tree inspires many elements of the contemporary living space, influencing texture and colour choices. A criss-cross pattern fills the rug, like the great intertwined limbs of the tree, and a modern chandelier branches out above it. A patinated brass fireplace strikes a lavish note beneath walnut wood media cabinets.

Walnut and oak trees surround the beautiful lot in the area of Rishadie, which is on the outskirts of Istanbul next to the forest.

The same criss-crossed rug design provides a soft landing spot for the dining room on the opposite side of the courtyard.

A imposing dining room chandelier arcs widely across the racetrack dining table.

The dark stain dining chair design looks like a stylish armless version of the Easy Chair

A metallic kitchen island gives the room a huge dose of wow factor. See more inspiration for gold accents in interior design.

A minimalist kitchen faucet and a linear light pick up on the lustrous theme. A short glass vase holds a chic botanical arrangement.

The staircase design features a spiralled balustrade that curves in harmony with the twisted trunk of the walnut tree.

A bench seat is positioned in the walkway so that the majestic courtyard can be admired for a while in comfort.

LED ribbons illuminate each wooden stair out of the shadow of the solid veneer balustrade.

A sophisticated bedroom scheme is filled with high-end designer touches, like the Pierre Jeanneret Easy Chair.

The bedroom pendant light, wall sconces and bedside lamp bring in rich gold accents that lustre against a unique travertine headboard.

A minimalist home office fits into an alcove by the bed. Soft LEDs glow around an open shelf, highlighting it against a dark walnut backdrop. An arched stool makes a quirky partner for the simple desk.

A wide fireplace fills the remainder of the wall, warming the bedroom lounge area.

An ensuite bathroom waits around the corner.

There is a coffee bar integrated into the walnut walls of the bedroom, so there’s no need to leave the bedroom snug in a hurry.

Huge walnut panels above the fireplace slide away to reveal a large TV and a tower of bookshelves.

Gold kitchenware and unique coffee mugs fill the bar, along with some delicious turkish figs.

On the bedroom coffee table, a glass vase echoes the unusual shape of the arched desk stool.

Inside the ensuite luxury bathroom, a sunken bathtub reclines into the floor.

Smooth travertine texture washes over the bespoke tub and an exquisite double sink set.

Freestanding taps fill the modern pedestal basins from opposite sides, creating a balanced aesthetic. Vanity mirrors descend in front of a huge window on long golden stems.

A luxury kid’s room is lit by the courtyard during the day and a spectacular chandelier during the night.

The kid’s study space looks out to the courtyard greenery.

Our second luxury villa features a sweeping modern sofa design that dominates much of the living room.

A square coffee table sets contrast with the curvaceous couch and a pair of rounded lounge chairs.

The space is an open plan living room dining room combo, which is linked by one long green panorama of a lush tropical garden.

Apricot throw pillows add a touch of sweetness to the pale off-white sofa.

A modern chandelier expands a gold accent above the dining table.

Gentle beige decor promotes calm and tranquility.

The small kitchen is walled in by its own U-shaped cabinet arrangement and a compact kitchen island.

A minimalist gold tap adds an eye catching accessory to the plain island volume.

Artwork fills the top of an unusual zig zag console table. Chevron flooring vibes with the angular outline of the piece.

Moving into the master bedroom, we’re met with peaceful decor that promotes rest and relaxation.

Duckbill shade wall sconces attach to a modern winged headboard concept.

A bedside table flanks each side.

Opposite the foot of the bed, double doors open up to give entry to a beautiful ensuite bathroom. Inside, a double sink bathroom vanity arrangement flanks the entryway.

A gold tap accessorises each travertine vanity.

The central feature of the bathroom is a freestanding bathtub, which creates a wonderful viewpoint from the bedroom when the double doors are left open.

A modern wall sconce lights the area around a cosy lounge chair in the bedroom, making it into a comfortable reading spot.

Perimeter lights paint an atmospheric glow down travertine textured walls.

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