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Small furniture comes in handy because it can fit in tight spaces, of course. But even if you have all the room in the world, sometimes an itty-bitty table—say one that stands at sofa height with a surface just big enough to rest your dirty martini on top—is a clever convenience. (Who wants to bend forward to reach their coffee table for every sip?) Charmed by these cutie-pies of the furniture world, we conducted a deep dive into the best martini tables on the Internet. With a table diameter that’s often no larger than 15 inches, we think of them like little pedestals, ideal for keeping your favorite libations within reach or topped with a bud vase or planter pot when not on drink-support duty. While the chic yet useful platforms have been around since the 1920s, martinis are enjoying some time in the spotlight—so we suspect their furniture counterparts will follow suit. Here’s where to start. 

Glass for Your Glass

Bringing in glass is an easy way to add a touch of shine to a space. Plus how often do you come across amber glass furniture

A Perch With Patina

Heavy metals like iron and brass mean you won’t need to worry about a guest who has possibly had one too many accidentally knocking over the table. We’re crushing on Visual Comfort’s hand-forged, aged-iron design, which looks like it’s straight out of an antiques shop.

Wood Works

If you’re looking for a warmer martini table aesthetic than what metal and glass styles afford, see our selection of smooth wood designs, nestled below. There’s walnut with dipped white legs, lacquered black spindles, and even a scalloped pedestal boasting a textured finish.

Alfresco Optional

The only thing better than drinking inside is drinking outside, so if you can get a table that does it all, you’re winning. These slim options look anything but heavy-duty, and a matte powder coating is forever chic.

Martini Glasses to Perch Atop Your Martini Tables

Because what’s a ‘tini table without its namesake vessel?

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